By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor,

(veteranstoday.com) Former President George W. Bush planned to invade Iran in 2007, even though America’s military was exhausted and overstretched by two unsuccessful wars.  His own popularity, at a real 8%, was the reason, that and the economic collapse that he was trying to push back until he left office.  He believed a war would have saved his presidency, buried the $3 trillion dollars stolen by his friends and given him a legacy to be proud of, even if every family in America suffered.

Bush brazenly admits prettymuch exactly these things in his ghost written autobiography, an incoherent rant, that rambles between blithering and megalomaniac delusion .  The only thing that stopped this disaster was the National Intelligence Assessment, (NIE) that proved categorically, that Iran had no nuclear weapons program whatsoever.  Even then, Bush tried to hide this report and demanded that falsified intelligence be created as he had done for 9/11, Afghanistan and Iran. However, as a lame duck and failed president, nobody listened.

Integrity won out over insanity, greed and corruption this time.  It wouldn’t last.


Talk of war helps everyone,  It takes focus off the fact that both Russia and China dropped the dollar as a trade currency today.  Pushing that out of the news is important as it is real news.  Real news points fingers at real problems.  Instead, everyone is having fun with North Korea and Iran but 90% of the abuse isn’t toward the countries themselves.  No, its against the English language.

Joseph Schuman of “AOL News” call the centrifuges in North Korea “ultra-modern.”  Do they have fins?  Are the deco?  Is there a post impressionist aspect about them?  We also read the glowing description, “astonishingly modern.”  Did Picasso design them?  Is there a touch of Matisse?


More words are bandied about, “potential” and vague reference to, perhaps another facility, with even more “ultra-modern” or, perhaps “spectacular” or even “fabulous” centrifuges.  Schuman even describes them in the most fearful terminology of all, as resembling those from “Iran.”

All of the talk about uranium enrichment and “weapons grade” is purposefully vague.  The most dangerous possible materials either nation is capable of producing would be unable to duplicate the nuclear carnage America has wrong on Iran and Afghanistan.  Oh, you don’t know that, someone told you that DU, Depleted Uranium, another abuse of language, is harmless?

Worse yet, Depleted Uranium, which is “partially” depleted like being “partially” dead or “partially” pregnant, is one of dozens of radioactive compounds used in every American weapon system from penetrator rounds for the ancient M-2 .50 cal. machinegun to the bombs we drop every hour, many carrying “potentially” lethal doses of “murderous” uranium oxide.

Isn’t language fun?


North Korea is backward and dirt poor.  South Korea has an economy 300 times larger, if you don’t get that number correctly, picture one car in a restaurant parking lot and 300 cars.  One lot says long lines and great food, the other….food poisoning and no staff.

That’s North Korea, “food poisoning and no staff.”

They also have no money, no exports, no foreign currency, no economy, no technology to export, no money to buy technology but they have missiles, fancy new German built submarines and, supposedly have exploded two nuclear weapons so far, two vastly different weapons, two extremely strange weapons but certainly not two “ultra-modern” nuclear weapons.

Back in 2006, North Korea created a nuclear “fizzler.”  This is an explosion that has a nuclear signature but no fission or fusion reaction has occurred, no “chain reaction” like with a nuclear weapon.  Even stranger, the explosion itself, actually thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, enough to stimulate food production in North Korea and end their eternal famine.  Instead, North Korea put a plutonium “pit” from an unserviced and aged hydrogen bomb on a ship load of fertilizer and blew the whole thing up.

The United States had “misplaced” 3 or more hydrogen bombs back in 1991 off the coast of Somalia, weapons that were recovered by arms dealers that were part of a South African, Rhodesian, Israeli nexus that helped fuel, not only “Iran/Contra” but armed both sides of the Iraq/Iran war.

For those of you who don’t know, a hydrogen bomb has a Plutonium “pit,” small in size that is stimulated by a Uranium 235 “sparkplug,” essentially two separate weapons that, when used together, produce a fusion reaction, many times larger than that of a simply atomic bomb.  Oh, I forgot, there is a canister of tritium gas that helps fuel the reaction, an extremely rare gas that needs to be replaced often.  Old hydrogen bombs don’t work.

Thus, someone who bought such a weapon somewhere would need to have it serviced by a super-power or buy a “trigger.”  During the 1990s, the CIA led by Valerie Plame, and aided by Pakistan’s A.Q. Khan, offered such “triggers” for sale in order to locate and recover these missing weapons.

You now know a big secret.  You also know that, if one of these weapons harms someone, former Vice President Dick Cheney, the man who undermined this vital CIA mission, is responsible, not “Scooter” Libby, the “fall guy.”  With all the leaks around, you might wonder how all this was kept out of the papers?  Who owns “the papers?”  Who owns the news?

The signature of the Plutonium was odd.  The cover story is that North Korea got Plutonium, not by producing it, but “found” it inside centrifuges they bought from Pakistan.  This is the rough equivalent of finding enough spare change under the cushions of your couch to buy a new Ferrari.

North Korea does not have the technology to create, mold or machine Plutonium, almost no one has.  Breeder reactors create Plutonium but it is impossible to machine or mold without using special alloys which, of course, are traceable during any nuclear explosion.  North Korea has had two “nuclear” explosions and both have been traced.

Not one ounce of “North Korean” material was ever involved.

The 2006 explosion did have a nuclear signature, a North Korean explosion but an American nuclear signature.  That there wasn’t something worse, an implosion based explosion or, worse, a thermonuclear device demonstrates a partially successful CIA operation with Pakistan’s A.Q. Khan and Valerie Plane to thank, heroes the Bush administration tried to hound to death.  Why?


Then it happened, or did it?  North Korea built a nuclear weapon and exploded it, an 18.2 kiloton “Hiroshima” type “gun” weapon they built themselves?  This was May 25, 2009 when a country incapable of enriching uranium to “weapons grade” exploded the impossible nuke, or did they?

Yes, there was an explosion, North Korea theoretically became a nuclear state but, funny thing, the world never treated them as such.  Why is that?  What was the secret?  Why was this so quickly forgotten?

The answer is simple, North Korea bought a nuclear weapon, one identical to one exploded in 1979 by Israel and South Africa, one with a history.  Identifying the weapon was easy, the size and design said “Arms Core” and “Pelandaba.”  The technology was American, the designers and builders Israeli but the uranium signature was South African.

South Africa built 10, no, not the 6 spoken of, but 10 nuclear weapons.  The rogue regime in South Africa was aided by Israel in building nuclear weapons, an arrangement that begun in 1975, one violating every international law, perhaps the single most serious crime of its type in our century.  South Africa had used germ warfare in Africa, chemical weapons, spread anthrax, plague, small pox and now, with the help of Israel, had nuclear weapons.

But, South Africa was collapsing and was going to be forced to release Nelson Mandela from prison and turn the government over to him.  They weren’t going to give Mandela 10 nuclear weapons, though.  Britain and the United Nations were approached to dismantle the program in 1990.  Specialized equipment was designed to hold the weapons in 20 foot containers and the 9 remaining weapons, after one was tested on September 22, 1979, were to be shipped to the United States to be dismantled.  6 came to America.  3 were sidetracked by Margaret Thatcher in 1991, purchased for 55 million pounds and shipped to Oman to be kept as “blackmail” to frighten Saddam, or so it was explained.  In reality, Britain hired the same arms dealers that were responsible for Iran/Contra to move the weapons.

Dr. David Kelly, once considered a suicide, now known to be a murder victim, oversaw the project.  The bombs were stolen, Kelly knew and kept his mouth shut, for awhile at least, and then threatened to go public, not just about the bombs but about a 17,8 million pound “kickback” (backhander) paid by the bomb thieves to certain prominent British politicians.  Kelly was murdered, “they” tried to cover it up and now someone in Britain is going to jail over it, probably a “patsy.”

One of these weapons exploded in North Korea, an Israeli built nuclear weapon.  It passed through the hands of South African and Saudi arms merchants, one notorious Rhodesian and, we are told, into the open arms of those who built the weapons originally, the bomb designers from Dimona.  The scary part, of course, is that these weapons are “unattributed.”  Whoever controls them, and that is Israel according to reliable sources, is now capable much “evil doing” with these weapons:

  • One could be sold to a nation such as Iran or, as we have learned, North Korea, in order to foster international instability and peddle arms to both sides.  Today, Israel is one of America’s largest arms suppliers and the not so secret supplier for all armaments North Korea currently has in its arsenal, from American cluster bombs to German built submarines.  Israel’s primary business has always been selling weapons to rogue nations and North Korea is now customer #1.
  • With “secret” missing nuclear weapons, Israeli intelligence can tell America:
  1. Saddam has them and is “prepared to use them in 45 minutes” or ship them to Syria “by ambulance.”  Israel told the Bush administration both stories.  They believed the “Saddam” story but rejected the “ambulance” tale.
  2. Iran has them and has put them in shipping containers for a false flag attack on the United States.  Israel has informed the United States of exactly this.
  3. These weapons were shipped to Syria then to Lebanon where they were kept in a hospital X-ray room and that Hizbollah is planning to move them to Gaza where they can be smuggled by tunnels into Israel and used against the port of Haifa.  America would be forced to send in the Army Corps of Engineers to build a wall around Gaza and to support Israeli military incursions as being justified as searches for these weapons that Israel has had all along, one of which Israel sold to North Korea.
  • One of these weapons could mysteriously explode in an American city unless Israel, not only received the cash payoffs it normally gets but billions of dollars of munitions, shipped to Israel by the Pentagon, which Israel is allowed to sell, according to a highly illegal secret protocol, to, well, North Korea or anyone else.  These shipments are made regularly and if the weapons stores were actually kept as the public is told, Israel would be a bomb warehouse from one end to the other.


America is now, officially, two camps.  Fox News viewers, America’s most conservative and typically, most volatile “news junkies” are now being told that the 9/11 investigation was a coverup and the Building 7 demolition is proof of a massive conspiracy.  For America’s #1 news source to go this far, not on one show but two of their top rated journalists, Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera, has been a serious blow for all those who supported the Bush administration and believed in the “war on terror.”

No other network, no newspaper is touching this story, this “third rail” which debunks two wars, debunks “Osama bin Laden” and makes the case for America being a nation of dupes.  It doesn’t just stop at America.  Most of the world got “sucked in” on 9/11, buying in on an even that now has gone from historical milestone as a disaster to the greatest scam in world history.

Bush admissions, though it is doubtful he understand the nature of such admissions and the criminal implications, over Iran and his willingness to send Americans to a hopeless war for his personal aggrandizement are only part of a pattern of which 9/11 itself was a part.  If, as Fox News claims, Building 7 was a controlled demolition, then all of 9/11 was staged.  Any other assumption is insane.  The only questions are whether to leap to blaming Israel as so many are willing or to see Bush himself as a prime mover.  Neither choice is likely to be promoted by either a government in bed with the Israel lobby, AIPAC, or still led by those who likely to be prosecuted.


The media has started in, on Iran and North Korea.  Again, Iran is “5 minutes away from being a nuclear power” and North Korea is ready to invade the South, armies on the move, donkeys fueled up, starving troops armed to the teeth.

Both nations, friendless, easy targets for American military technology, easy targets for the carefully orchestrated world press, serve one real purpose, to deflect attention from the thieves, the torturers, the drug barons, the ethnic cleansing in Gaza, from a dozen stories, especially from the ticking time bomb of 9/11.

With the world coming down around America, Afghanistan a hopeless quagmire, even by “Vietnam” standards, the dollar in free fall, AIPAC spying openly revealed in civil proceedings and Americans, by the million, abandoning traditional news media, the “nuclear option,” an attack on an American city by, well, Americans themselves, with or without Israel, becomes more likely.

The mechanisms are there, spy organizations, controlled press, a quick and dirty “whitewash” investigation such as with 9/11 “in the can.”

“Black ops” and intelligence groups, now little more than criminal fronts, psychopaths, misfits and degenerates of every kind, exist by the dozen, funded with billions in taxpayer revenue, defense, intelligence and, of course, the flood of drug money pouring in from Afghanistan.

What is believed by those Americans that other Americans should revile and fear?  It is believed that the only way of “moving forward” is the extreme path, totalitarianism, more government, fewer rights, gun seizures and, perhaps even those FEMA camps that “internet nutcases” and “conspiracy theory” types talk about.

The remainder of the Bush/Cheney gang are slowly becoming hunted animals.  They see it even if many Americans don’t.  Hunted animals are capable of anything.

  1. #1 by frank on 11/25/2010 - 9:34

    Please explain: Why would Fox news allow Rivera to confirm a controlled demolition? I’ a little dense (and weary)

  2. #2 by B.Benhamid on 11/25/2010 - 9:34

    Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this post, and calling it brilliant, would be an understatement.

  3. #3 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 11/26/2010 - 9:34

    “Former President George W. Bush planned to invade Iran in 2007,…”

    But, the truth is that the US had planned to invade Iran at the time of Imaam Khomeyni with the help of Apartheid Israel, Iraq, France and the Europeans! The plan was to destroy both Iran and Iraq at the same time. They call it killing two birds with one stone! In time, they managed to kill one bird with depleted Uranium, and now are trying to kill the other one with nukes!

    Even after the fornicator Shah had to run for his life, abandoned by his Western masters because he wanted more independence from them and a better share from the sale of Iranian oil and other products, the US was training his son in the US Air Force to take over power after the Iranian Revolution, and the US has never stopped trying to destroy Iraniian sovereignty through so-called Iranian political movements for democracy and secularism!

    Benazir Bhutto tried to secularise Pakistan in order to please her US masters, but the US finally had her murdered! ALL the Arabs and Muslims who collaborated with the West have been finally betrayed and even murdered and their countries destroyed! It looks like betrayal is in the genes of the “White” Europeans!


  4. #4 by RickB on 11/26/2010 - 9:34

    Permit me to say the obvious. North Korea is part of the “terrorist” mix so it doesn’t look like the only “terrorists” are the ones that are Israel’s enemies. If that were the case, the stupid goyiim might get the crazy idea of having a less than sycophantic relationship with mother Israel.

  5. #5 by perkywa on 11/26/2010 - 9:34

    “Hunted animals are capable of anything.” and Jews have seen themselves as “hunted animals” (hunted by all us “anti-Semites”) and now they are starting to feel cornered thanks to the “Great Awakening” now in progress. They were going to nuke Portland, OR in 2007 but decided the time wasn’t right. They have been working full time since to get “all the ducks lined up” and we can only assume with the latest “news” about North Korea and Iran that “go time” is close.

  6. #6 by ROLF on 11/27/2010 - 9:34

    A VERY important article. If only one third of it is true, Israel is indeed
    the apocalyptic beast. Very disturbing reading and in its international
    mix and connections astounding and frightening.
    What a world we live in!

  7. #7 by naeime naeime on 11/28/2010 - 9:34

    thanks. this article brings nice(?) news, though i am not really up on heraldo and fox, so need to read up on transpirations of recent days. sounds way to good to be true anyway. but, i think the author needs a mouthpiece because he has some sort of writing handicap. no offense; it would just make his messages great instead of hardly followable. best, everyone!

  8. #8 by naeime naeime on 11/28/2010 - 9:34

    i saw the geraldo thing and i wish i would have stabbed myself in the head instead. please, anyone, let me know when geraldo spontaneously combusts from being so close to the hell plane of time-space. jesus why am i on this particular planet? racial profiling? immediately call local homeland security if anyone in town misses a shave? what the – crazy. jesus save me. hey, what is everyone else here doing about it? i don’t think i have come across that anywheres yet.

  9. #9 by naeime on 11/28/2010 - 9:34

    state-run media. state-run internet. where is safe?

  10. #10 by Henri Eze on 11/28/2010 - 9:34

    Fantastic stuff. This is the finest in investigative journalism.

    At the centre of this world malaise is America. The few ultra conservatives in America together with those Zionist co-conspirators in the Zionist enclave called Israel will destroy America first and the world will never be the same.

    Before that could happen I hope they will be stopped.

  11. #11 by robertvnik on 11/29/2010 - 9:34


    “Great Awakening’

    Sorry to disagree here my friend. The ‘great awakening’ is a figment of truth seekers imagination. Mention 911 truth or US Liberty truth or perhaps get real technical and talk about how the banking system works and nearly all people get a vacant look while eye balling you before they head off and tell their mates you’re just another conspiracy nut.
    Oh sure they all agree there is nothing but corruption everywhere but you explain just where and you’ve gone over the top.
    Add to the 3 subjects I just mentioned- truth about flouridation, vaccinations,AIDs pharmaceuticals, Montana, illicit drug trafficking, price suppression of silver, pastuerisation of milk, hollywood mind malipulation, monarch slaves,sex slaves in Israel and ohyeah how it’s mainly ashkenazi jews doing it all,….. then you’re a total dick head.
    Bet a lot of guys like Mark Glen or probably you could easily double that list too.(I could)
    Anyway my point is that this truth seeking world wide family is really very small, it dont include most people, they dont even want to know.

  12. #12 by Anthony Clifton on 11/29/2010 - 9:34

    But – Wait , There’s more. – Real analysis includes the Qfactor. The fact that some unknown factor intervenes, Call it the G*d thingy. The Zionist entity is anti-Truth, and anti-Justice, “They” don’t want the braindeadgoy to know how putrid their reality is. No Truth…No Justice. The Script writers are paid by the arseholes that PRINT CURRENCY and start wars…check out this CHUTZPAH..TEL ABIB, Talmudia – Talmudia’s prime minister said Monday that newly leaked zogling U.S. diplomatic memos provide clear proof that the “Arab world agrees” {is that funny or what?}.. with his TARERIST “country’s”…{prescripted} assessment that Iran is the chief danger to the Middle East…..uh.. since when, doc ? [See APFN,Emet Group]…and USSLIBERTY. ,, strawman…diplomacy..The documents also said officials in Jordan and Bahrain have openly called for Iran’s nuclear program to be stopped by any means and that leaders of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt referred to Iran “as `evil,’ an `existential threat’ and a power that `is going to take us to war.'”

    Although the concerns of Gulf Arab states about Iran are known, the leaders of these conservative countries rarely offer such stark appraisals in public.

    Netanyahu said it’s clear that other countries in the region share Talmudia’s assessment about Iran, “even if what they say in public is not what they always so in private.”

    If “leaders will say in public what they say in private there might be a breakthrough,” he added. “Leaders should be ready to tell their people the truth.”

  13. #13 by Here is the TRUTH on 11/29/2010 - 9:34

    you are right about your assessment of the public’s view but the best way to start these people is to mention and show them the way to research into the banking cartel. Everyone can relate to the financial problems. There are also some people who are getting the news slowly but unwilling to risk their livelihood so they don’t talk about it in public. Don’t give up. Forces of darkness never will, so why should you?

  14. #14 by Vickie Jacobs on 12/03/2010 - 9:34

    I have a question about the Shah of Iran that it may be just a rumor. I had heard about ten years ago that the Shah of Iran had built a pipeline in Israel that connected the Mediterranean Sea with the hope of obtaining oil near the Dead Sea. It was never used but an American company called Ness Energy(name has changed) had plans to drill in this area about fifteen years ago and wanted to use this pipeline to transport oil. The company ran out of money and the drilling was never done.
    As I said this was just something I had heard and it’s been so long since I had heard it but was never able to find anything concerning this.

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