Jonathan Pollard–The Unthinkable Implication?


By Perry Lombardi,

The criminal spy Jonathan Pollard is back in the news again as Jews and their boot licking lackeys in the US Congress as well as their masters in Israel are clamoring for his release once again. Most people in the United States have only a cursory knowledge at best of this Jewish criminal. However the implications of the details of “the Pollard affair” may be the most profound of all of the issues facing the people of the western world.

One of the most important details, in my opinion, is the theft and selling of all the planning documents related to a nuclear war with the USSR. Virtually the entire WWIII “play book” was forwarded from Pollard via Israel to the then Soviet Union. Unfortunately there’s no indication that our “allies” in the middle east had one of their worms in Russia return the favor to their bestest friends in the whole world the USA…no “Soviet play book” for US. So let’s review, in 1985 the Soviet Union had the entire planning guide of the United States related to all aspects of a potential nuclear war and the United States had…Jonathan Pollard…”such a deal”.

Having grown up being told by the authorities at school to “duck and cover” on a regular basis I’ve made it a life long “hobby” to keep a close eye on the nuclear policies and practices of all of the potential players in WWIII. Having this knowledge I must say the implications given the current state of affairs are truly horrifying beyond imagination. I’ll try to enumerate why…

Most people, because of what they’ve been told by the media over the last twenty years, think that the threat of nuclear war went away when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991…like all the nukes just disappeared or something. Sure George H.W. Bush signed the START treaty (the one just re-ratified) which promised to reduce “strategic” nuclear stockpiles in conjunction with Russia and the former Soviet States. Bush also promised no NATO eastern expansion and we know how that went. Guess how the START plan went. It didn’t! The Russians in the 1990′s couldn’t afford to dismantle their own nukes let alone pay for inspections of the US nuclear arsenal and the whole thing was “deferred” meaning no significant reduction of the opposing stockpiles occurred. Still plenty of nukes to have a big ol’ war kids.

What has taken place regarding the infrastructure of the United States since Pollard the puke was captured in 1985? Do you think it is just bridges and railways and roads falling apart? The real bad news is that nuclear weapons, just like roads and bridges, need maintenance to be reliable. The nuclear material of the bomb decays over time, meaning it looses mass and density, and if this decay reaches a certain threshold the probability is the bomb will be a dud. Is it possible the USA holds a bunch of dud nukes? It certainly is not beyond imagination.

While Russia was certainly on the balls of its collective ass in the 1990′s by 1999 they had weathered the storm and with the election of Vladimir Putin a leaner more efficient Russia began to emerge. Flush with cash from the rise in oil prices (Russia is the #1 world oil producer…not the Arabs) and prompted by aggressive moves from the west (continuous NATO expansion, “missile defense” in Poland, a war on Serbia etc. etc. etc.), Russia has recently put the shine on their “strategic” arsenal complete with several new missile delivery systems in fact they have just recently introduced an ICBM with 24 individual, separately targeted, warheads of the 60 to 150 Kiloton yield range

Before we go further let’s clarify that there are two classes of nuclear fission weapons differentiated by their deployment/delivery system, intended use and deployment theater. “Strategic”nuclear weapons are the “city killers” delivered via Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) in multiple warhead payloads. “Tactical” nuclear weapons are “field use” weapons deployed to the actual battlefield for use as anti-personnel artillery. These are generally smaller portable single warhead systems delivered either by bomber, naval launched cruise missile or even the old 1950′s “nuclear cannon” (as well as drones I suppose).

There have been several nuclear policy changes since 1985 which significantly impact the discussion of the implications of the “Pollard affair”. The most significant, in my opinion, is that first the USA and then in response Russia since 9-11 have officially switched their overall policies from strictly defensive (as in no first strike) to overtly offensive (as in “we” reserve the right to strike first at our prerogative). Even more disturbing is that both countries nuclear policy has been expanded to include non-nuclear countries (like Venezuela for instance) as potential targets of nuclear weapons. This bilateral policy shift has for all intents and purposes placed us in a perpetual “Cuban Missile Crisis”.

During the last fifteen years the USA and Russia have taken divergent paths in internal nuclear policy and planning. Russia has essentially stuck with the Strategic ICBM exchange model in both weapons development and contingency planning. While neither country has developed (at least publicly) any new fission type warheads (DU artillery doesn’t count in government bizzaro world) Russia has utilized technologies gained from the joint venture ISS program to develop new more sophisticated delivery systems. In keeping with planning for a Strategic nuclear exchange Russia has also maintained its Civil Defense programs of education of the populace (what to do in a nuclear war) and infrastructure of bomb shelters as well as localized civil response planning (food stores, medical response and water). THEY plan on “picking up the pieces” and continuing on after WWIII and always have in a pragmatic way.

The United States on the other hand has shifted away from the “Strategic” model of nuclear war to “Tactical” weapons development and deployment, developing smaller more rapidly and diversely deployable “field nukes” (frighteningly) under the direct control of the Commanders in the field of battle. Indeed under the guise of START treaty compliance much of America’s Strategic arsenal WAS dismantled and refashioned into “field nukes” as per the revamped policy. The United States also has not developed a new missile system since…well…1985 when Pollard the Puke was caught. The last national coordinated civil defense drill in the context of a nuclear war scenario was in the Spring of 1990. Virtually all civil defense planning has been dropped and all civil defense infrastructure has disappeared (go ahead try and find a public bomb shelter!) while the sheeple have been fed a steady stream of POST-apocalyptic Hollywood fairy tales and been brainwashed to believe “everyone’s going to die anyway so why even THINK about it” so they don’t question the disappearing civil defense measures. BAD NEWS people “the bombs” aren’t going to kill most of you it WILL be from starvation, lack of water, lack of shelter and lack of medical care that most will enter the next life after WWIII…because, well, we didn’t plan now did we kids? It appears our response to Jonathan Pollard giving our entire nuclear play book to Russia via our “good friends” Israel  was “Bummer…well I guess we don’t have to spend money on that any more we’ll have to do it the old fashioned way with ground troops and NATO expansion east”…in other words we have NO PLAN regarding a Strategic based WWIII scenario so I guess the stuff the Soviets got in 1985 is irrelevant in some twisted “logical” way.

So what does all this have to do with Pollard? I believe, based on my research and observations, that the “Pollard affair” is a small part of a much larger and longer running (like centuries if not millennium) plan of which WWIII, including a nuclear exchange between Russia and the USA, is also a part. The plan for the USA is “total wipe out of the population” and that is why the vast majority (90% plus) of the sheeple have been herded economically (as well as socially) into nice little target zones called cities while 99% of the actual landscape is either “protected” or significantly regulated so as to “preserve” it, not for the animals stupid, but, for the MASTERS…they want a nice “hunt club”/resort/vacation paradise called North America…no waiting at the ski lifts and just enough “waiters” to keep them happy.

The “unthinkable implication” is that the USA has been set up, intentionally, for sudden complete destruction via nuclear war and that Jonathan Pollard was just one of a multitude of players in making this ultimate Jewish Dream come true. After all “they” can’t have their Jew World Order with the USA or Russia in existence in any significant way. The big bonus for “them” if our Jewish friends manage to manipulate the USA and Russia into nuking each other out of existence is that “they” (meaning Israel) will be THE nuclear superpower.

  1. #1 by Save The Goyim on 12/27/2010 - 9:34

    “The Jewish War Against Gentiles” (new Yahoo! forum) ….

  2. #2 by kenken on 12/27/2010 - 9:34

    The candle burns wild at its end. The evil race of satan has been burning for too long and it has been extinguished from too many nations too many times, the latest from Germany, and the coming is from Palestine.

    Their final end is coming from a sleeping giant who is awkening slowly but surely, with seven million suicide freedom fighters who love to die for their holy lands and rights more than the Jews love to live, and that is only less than 0.5% of the 1.5 billion Muslims who are, with the rest of the world, are watching furiously the crimes of this evil race. Just wait and see. Not even their Samson Option will help them; there will be at least one billion muslim survivals who will wipe their dirt to the see.

  3. #3 by Doug on 12/30/2010 - 9:34

    I am not opposed to limited nuclear war. If they hit Frisco and the complete eastern seaboard, including the gated communities in Florida, that will be fine. I have my Hepa filter ready as well as gas masks for me and Mama.
    I am totally serious. It’s comming, so why not pick your favorite spots? I call it my “wish list.” Besides, it’s about time to build a new Peoples House. The old one is haunted with Demons.

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