The Palestinians–Following in the Footsteps of the American Revolution

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  1. #1 by spktruth on 12/27/2010 - 9:34

    Just as America was invaded, occupie and slaughtered all the native americans, so did Israel invae, occupy and slaughter the indigenous people. The blue coats ride in the middle east just as they still ride in america. Native americans are the poorest people in this country, live on reservations without electric or water. Just like the terrorization delivered to Palestinans every day, so are the native americans living in rural areas in america. These crimes against humanity need to be dealt with by a civilized world, unfortunately America has been taken over by AIPAC and other zionist organizations who control the senators and congress. We ask our veterans to do one more duty, help us end AIPAC and their control over America and send the Israelie firsters to Israel where they belong.

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