They Invented a Religion to Steal a Land from Its Owners

Jihad el-Khazen

I previously proposed in this column the idea that Muslim scholars should attempt to differentiate between the prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran and the prophets of the Jews who are mentioned in the Torah, since any history student in any major Western university (but not an Arab university) will learn that Jewish history is only an amalgamation of biblical myths about prophets, kings and kingdoms that never existed.

In the simplest possible terms, the Israelis have been looking for their “traces” in Palestine for the last 62 years without finding anything so far, to the extent that Israeli archaeologists have stopped looking in Jerusalem. Moshe Dayan, an amateur archaeologist himself, looked for 13 years in the Sinai for the traces of his “ancestors”, but found nothing whatsoever related to Moses or the Wandering Years.

I am well aware of the sensitivity of this subject, and it is for this reason that I only propose an idea and let the Muslim scholars – and I mean Muslim archaeologists and historians and not theologians – to confirm or deny what I and my son studied, in an American and a British university respectively.

Israel’s advocates are so insolent, meanwhile, or obscene, that they actually forge and falsify a modern history that we have lived and seen ourselves. It is thus no wonder that they invented a religion to steal a land from its owners. Recently, I followed four episodes on a U.S. Likudnik website which relied on a French Likudnik website as its source, and which concluded that the child Muhammad al-Durrah was not shot dead by Israeli soldiers while in his father’s lap in Gaza in 2000 and that the footage that the French television and the world media carried, showing the child and his father, was not true.

I suffice myself with the above on that subject, and move on with the Israeli peace advocate Uri Avnery, and his article published on August 16, 2009, which was inspired by a dispute between Palestinian residents of Acre and the Jews there, following a decision by the government to remove all Arab names and keep the (fabricated and falsified) Jewish names which are to be written in Hebrew. Thus, for example, Jerusalem became Urshalim. In Acre, the Jewish-dominated municipality threatened to destroy the monument of the Muslim diver Issa al Awwam who fought with Salah al-Din…But then if Muhammad al-Durrah did not exist in 2000, then why would they acknowledge Issa al-Awwam who lived 800 years before him?

Avnery cites the Book of Joshua in the Bible, describing it as being ‘genocidal’, which is true, since the book mentions that the Lord told Joshua to kill “both man and woman, young and old”. But despite the events of the Book of Joshua, Avnery says that Acre remained a Phoenician city like the rest of the coast of Palestine.

The writer wonders who came to the land of Canaan first, and replies that the Arabs had conquered the land which they called Jund Filistin (military district Palestine) in 635 A.D, and that they ruled it since then without interruption except during the Crusader period. On the other hand, the Zionist version claims that the land belonged to the kingdoms of Judea and Israel, although the coast was Phoenician. Avnery carries on by saying that despite all the unrelenting efforts over a hundred years, no archaeological evidence has been found that there ever was an exodus from Egypt, a conquest of Canaan by the Children of Israel, or a kingdom of David and Solomon.

The article after that speaks of the “legends” of the Torah about Abraham in Iraq and the exodus from Egypt, the Conquest of Canaan, King David, and the other legends of the Bible, “which are taught as actual history”, and then the destruction of the Temple and the “exile” of the Jews and their persecution.

Uri Avnery is neither an Arab nor a Muslim. He is an Israeli who served in the Israeli army before becoming a prominent peace activist, and is also a researcher and an authority on the history of the entire region.

I do not ask the Arabs and the Muslims to approve of anything I said above, but only to ask their scholars to study the subject and then enlighten us all.

If they fail to do so, we might find ourselves reading a history where Muhammad al-Durrah was not killed, where Jesus committed suicide (I cannot even insinuate at what the Talmud says about the Virgin Mary), and where Muslims attacked the Jews in Palestine in 1948 to uproot them from their own country. A history where there were and there are no Palestinians (recall what Golda Meir and other ultra-Zionists said), where Egypt attacked the Negev in 1956 instead of Israel attacking Sinai, where Arab armies attacked Israel in 1967 and so Israel had to respond in self-defense (I swore that I read this in their writings as I read that the United Nations is ‘Muslim’), where Hezbollah invaded Israel in the summer of 2006, and where Hamas attempted to invade Ashkelon two years later. We might also read that Israel did not kill 1500 Palestinian minors in this decade alone, compared to 135 Israeli minors, that B’Tselem’s figures are false and that it is infiltrated or that B’Tselem lies like all peace activists around the world, including Jews, and maybe even that this article itself does not exist except in the readers’ imaginations.

  1. #1 by poorrichard on 01/03/2011 - 9:34

    Mark.. I posted this monster from your site onto mine.. I gave you a H/T

    This article has legs.. Good find..

  2. #2 by spktruth on 01/03/2011 - 9:34

    The rewriting of history will continue. As there is oil off the Gaza Coast, and zionists are using slanted drilling to steal gas oil and gas. We wonder why Wikileaks holds back or hasnt delivere documents they most assuredly have on Gaza and apartheid Israel and even cables from the US to Israel. So why did Wiki rely on the same worldwide media owned by zionists and kept the cables secret? We urge Wiki to publish everything they have on this “genocidal affair”, or Wiki as some say are a Mossad operation, to make Israel look good, when the world know they are parasite bent on destroying the world economy all for the Greater Israel.

  3. #3 by restinpieces on 01/03/2011 - 9:34

    Ich war nur Befehle befolgt!
    كنت أتابع فقط أوامر
    אני רק ממלא פקודות

  4. #4 by Perry L on 01/03/2011 - 9:34

    The “Jews” history and justification for being what they are is of course made up nonsense now as it was when the Holy Qur’an was delivered. That is why the “Torah/Bible stories”, as well as the stories of most of the prophets are retold in the Qur’an…to debunk the “Jewish Myths”.

    David and Solomon are both in the Qur’an but all it says is that God granted them “great power in the land” but no mention of a physical, geographical “kingdom”. This is the same with Dhul Carnain who was granted power in the land sufficient enough to contain “Gog and Magog until an appointed time”…no “kingdom” just power over tyrants.

    It is also stated in the Qur’an that Solomon was granted dominion over the Djinn (demons) and that “Solomon did not practice black magic but it was the people who practiced it”…suggesting that the Djinn were manifest during the time shortly before the Babylonian captivity and the “Jews” decided to follow them. Once in Babylon they didn’t repent they went “hell bent for power” on a quest they are STILL pursuing (along with most of the sheeple).. BTW if you know your Occult (Freemasons, Wiccans, modern Pagans etc.) folklore you will know that they all claim that Solomon was a “Warlock” or Wizard” or “Witch” even today.

    I suspect the reason “Islamic scholars” have not tried to refute every single Jewish lie and revision of history is because most of the answers and clues to the truth are in the Holy Qur’an for anybody to read AND they are smart enough to not go chasing a string like a kitten which is being dangled by Jewish liars and Satan’s cohorts.

    We can “debate” all of the finer points of everything till the cows come home but the Holy Qur’an ALSO states that “everything about which you argue will be answered on the Last Day and God will inform each of you of your works”. So perhaps we should all stop chasing Jewish kitty strings and agree to help each other “side step” whatever genocidal plans they have for your wife and daughters.

    No “men” they don’t want your “property”, guns, gold, boat or big screen TV or even your “freedom” so much as they want your Women and Children DEAD or sterile NOW would be good. They also would really like all you macho morons to come on out for a good ole street fight (or did you not question why they sold you a butt load of guns and ammo since 2008?)

    Anyway I wrote another “article” here…sorry Mark

  5. #5 by Sam on 01/03/2011 - 9:34

    But the most profitable invention is, of course, the hollow coast, if you catch my drift!

  6. #6 by kenny callow on 01/03/2011 - 9:34

    and if you dont believe their interpretation of history, there is going to be a violent temper tantrum with all kinds of hysterics, things being smashed and dead bodies everywhere. we have been at the recieving end of this synagogue so long our pathology is a mixture of beaten wife syndrome and stockholm syndrome.

  7. #7 by RickB on 01/04/2011 - 9:34

    They are the best liars the world has ever seen. They are liars par excellence.

  8. #8 by MJ on 01/04/2011 - 9:34

    Perry, here is the Quranic recitation pertaining to that which you have written.

    Two recitations from the Holy Qur’an by
    Salmaan bin ‘Ali ‘Utaybi

    (i) Surah Baqarah verse 102 – reminder about the dangers of “sihr” or black magic

    (ii) Surah Hadeed verse 12 to 16 – these ayahs are a reminder for the not just the disbelivers to change, but the sinning believers…

  9. #9 by Amerikagulag on 01/04/2011 - 9:34

    Well well! Nice to see that fact is catching on. The biblical fable is just that: a FABLE.

    The Jewish book of LIES, once it is debunked and proven to be no more than a collection of folklore, wishful thinking, fabrication, forgery, fiction and LIES with only a small smattering of actual history, will crumble under the weight of its own lies, just as the Catholic church is doing today. Belief in men parting oceans to walk across, or floating up into the sky is, quite simply, adult fairy tales. The belief that that man will come floating back down out of the sky, after 2000 years, is beyond childish; it’s insanity; mental moonshine; mass moronism. When the world finally understands that there was no Exodus, no parting a Red Sea, no great kingdom of David and that Genesis is simply an allegory loosely copied from pre-existing religions, then and only then can we move toward peace. When they understand that one human death cannot possibly alter the order of the cosmos; that one human cannot possibly contain all the power of the universe without blowing the fuse; then we can begin to reclaim our minds. When the world blindfolds come off and they see the complete absence of even the smallest grain of logic in the belief that “God became man so that He could die so that He could forgive us”, perhaps we can have a measure of real peace.

    Israel is a fake country set up on a bribe, completely illegal and unjustifiable. England had no more right to give Palestine to the Zionists than the US has to give Ireland to Japan. It is the seat of the Rothschild global cabal.

    Israel’s only, ONLY claim to validity is that old Jewish book of LIES. Once the book is trashed and sent into the scrap heap of myth along with Adonis, Bacchus, Romulus and Venus, then and ONLY then can the world move toward a more loving existence; a humanity that knows of and embraces it’s ONE-ness; a humanity that has no ‘chosen ones’ over any others. The Jewish book of Lies (more affectionately known as the bible) must be exposed and discarded before humanity can move forward. The biblical god is an invention of corrupt, greedy and hateful humans. It is no “God” at all. It is evil. It is Molluch. For 2000 yrs. the jewish/christian lie has held sway over the collective psyche of the human species. It’s been nothing but a business. The business of Lies.

    It’s very nice to sea “they invented a religion….” That’s a beautiful start. This idea MUST go forward because it’s truth.

    If you’re still convinced the bible is God’s word then you must do some reading outside of it. You must read, “Is It God’s Word?

    Keep up the good work…..”they invented a religion”…… I LOVE IT!

  10. #10 by Kyle on 01/04/2011 - 9:34

    @ Jihad el-Khazen,

    Yes the fables never end indeed. Not only is their ancient history a fable but even their modern history is a myth.

    Other Jewish Myths:

    #1. Today’s Jews in Palestine are not descendents of ancient Israelites and have no racial, or cultural connection to that area. It was stolen by European Ashkenazi Jews.

    #2. The Talmud is their source for religious guidance. The Talmud is satanic and blasphemous.

    #3. The Wailing Wall was not part of Solomon’s Temple but rather an old Roman Garrison.

    #4. The Star of David is a Pagan symbol associated with the red star of the European Ashkenazi Jewish Rothschild.

    #5. The Jewish Holocaust numbers were inflated to garner sympathy from the west to help procure the land of Palestine.

    #6. President Truman was given 2 million dollars in bribe money to recognize Israel.

    If anyone has more myths they would like to add that would be great!


  11. #11 by Here is the Truth on 01/04/2011 - 9:34

    Research Jam/Jamshid and his story of receiving instructions from God and then compare it to the story of Noah. Even if both are fable then who wrote the first story and who fabricated the second one with minor tweeking.

    Here is a brief story of Jamshid:

  12. #12 by Amerikagulag on 01/05/2011 - 9:34

    Yes, the Noah story is also stolen. The biblical authors were skilled at nothing except plagiarism. Even the New Testament – also of Jewish authorship is a recounting of ancient God-man myths from surrounding civilizations.

    Osiris has 2 sisters Meri and Merti Osiris was also called Azarus. Osiris was brought back from the dead.
    Add an “L” to Azarus and you have the story of “Lazarus”. The sisters Meri and Merth are Mary and Martha. More plagiarism.

    It’s what they do. The whole book is a theft.

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