Rabbis of the Devil


By Khalid Amayreh

Imagine, just imagine, the outcry that would follow an imagined call by a European Muslim or Christian religious leader suggesting sending hundreds of thousands of Jews to concentration camps.  The Sheikh or priest or  bishop would be lambasted  beyond imagination, and his  denomination  or church  would immediately distance itself from his foolish remarks.

Political authorities would also declare that Nazi-minded Sheikh or bishop has no place in modern Europe and that governments would nip the hateful and racist elements in the bud. In short, he would be looked upon  as a pariah, to say the very least. He even might be forced to commit suicide under public pressure.

 As to Jewish circles, their protests would be clarion and omnipresent.

But how would things look like if such a call took place in Israel and was made by a popular rabbi, with hundreds of thousands of followers?

According to a weekly Hebrew magazine, several rabbis, including the rabbi of Safad, Shmuel Eliyahu,  recently proposed  the establishment of death camps for the Palestinians.

The magazine indicated that the creation of these camps would be the duty of all devout Jews.

The Yedeot Ahronot’s YNet on Saturday, 15 January quoted the rabbis  as stating that the Torah requires Jews to wipe out any trace of the so-called Amalek in Palestine . Many religious Jews refer to their perceived or real enemies as Amalek.

The YNet quoted Jewish intellectual Audi Aloni as saying that calls for the extermination of Palestinians are openly made in the synagogues as the genocidal idea has become a practical option.

“No one objected to Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, chief rabbi of Safad and Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, Chief Rabbi of Beit El, who undersigned the advisory opinion, which suggested approval for their opinion.”

I realize that these evil men don’t represent Jews everywhere, nor do they even represent the entire rabbinic community. There are many esteemed rabbis who reject outright the satanic mindset permeating through the landscape of the sick minds of people like Elyahu,  his cohorts and evil colleagues. 

The Torah, after all, was supposed to be a light upon humanity. But when it becomes, thanks to those rabbis of Satan, a tool for genocide, there is obviously a huge catch-22 hanging over Judaism’s conscience.

Again, the fact that these nefarious rabbis don’t represent the entirety of Judaism is no guarantee that their damage will be limited. A fool man’s fire could frustrate a thousand wise men who wouldn’t know how to put it off.

Isn’t this the way the holocaust started? It didn’t start with concentration camps, or even with Kristalnacht.  Such death camps as Auschwitz , Treblinka, Mauthauzen and Bergen Belsen became only known much later.

The purpose of this small piece is not to vilify or demonize Jews. Nor am I particularly enthusiastic about hurling Nazi epithets at Jews. However, nothing should be further from truth.

The call for sending millions of Palestinians to concentration camps means that a sizeable segment of the Israeli Jewish society is capable, at least mentally, of embarking on the unthinkable. It means that a real Jewish holocaust against the Palestinian people is not outside the realm of imagination.

This matter is well known, even known too well for us who live in this part of the world. After all, Israel demonstrated two years ago, during its Nazi-like onslaught on the Gaza Strip, that it could do the unthinkable.

And that was not the first time Israel behaved manifestly nefariously. In 2006, during the Israeli aggression on Lebanon , the Israeli air force dropped more than 2,000,000 cluster bomblets on South Lebanon civilian areas, arguably enough to kill or maim at least  2 million Lebanese children.

The scant media coverage of the latest diabolic statements by the rabbis of evil in no way lessens their gravity and seriousness. After all, these are not marginal or isolated figures in society.

In fact, paying not sufficient attention to this phenomenon is tantamount to encouraging it. If Germans and others had not kept silence in the late 1920s and early 1930s, many things wouldn’t have occurred.

I would want to be cautious drawing historical analogy between every thing happening in Israel today and everything that happened in Europe several decades ago.  However, there are certain parallels that shouldn’t escape our attention, and the latest outrageous statements by these diabolical rabbis are one of them.

Let no one say that words are innocuous and can’t kill; nay, words can kill and do kill. A few years ago, a Jewish immigrant from France decapitated a Palestinian cabby from East Jerusalem after the taxi-driver gave the killer a ride to his home north of Tel Aviv. And when the murderer was eventually arrested and interrogated by the police, he said he heard his neighborhood synagogue rabbi say that the lives of non-Jews had no sanctity.

More to the point, it is abundantly clear that thousands of Israeli soldiers would rather heed and obey their respective rabbis’ homilies than their army superiors’ instructions when it comes to treating Palestinians. This fact was revealed during the Israeli onslaught on Gaza two years ago when Israeli soldiers knowingly and deliberately murdered innocent civilians, including children, by the hundreds.

But this is not the time for demonization; it is rather the time for action. Jewish leaders of all orientations should speak up as strongly as possible against those who are besmirching the good name of their religion.

The likes of Shmuel Eliyahu must be told that there is no place in Judaism for those who advocate genocide for non-Jews. In the final analysis, when Jews or anybody else think or behave or act like the Nazis acted, they simply become Nazis themselves.

Finally, Jews shouldn’t keep silent in the face of these abominations just because the media and public opinion in the West are more or less keeping silent. Well, since when a moral stance was decided by other people’s apathy or silence?   In fact, the immoral silence of much of the west toward what is happening in Israel these days is bad and dangerous for Jews and their future.

Anything that causes moral desensitization to occur is definitely bad, and this is putting it mildly. 


  1. #1 by Doug on 01/23/2011 - 9:34

    These rabbis are the direct linage of the pharisees from the time of Christ, and before. Their babaloneyic, talmudic maddness has been pounded into their heads from birth. Their greatest claim to fame is the murder of Jesus Christ. What else can we expect from them? I am not surprised that it is happening more and more frequently. They are emboldened and more brazen because they know that the jew world order is comming to fruition. Religious law is the basis for judaism and these mad men write the laws and call the shots. They truely are the synagouge of satan.
    People are amazed at the jewish network and how they organize their efforts so well. It all happens in the synagouges. I was listening to M. C. Piper last night and he counted off all of the synagouges in Tucson, Arizona. Multiply that by every town, city, and location in the world, and you can see why they organize and execute their plans so well.
    Get ready for more and more of the same. Afterall, they have been seething in pure hatred for two thousand years.

  2. #2 by Frank on 01/23/2011 - 9:34

    Read their talmud. It all written there

  3. #3 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 01/23/2011 - 9:34

    Khalid Amayreh

    “Political authorities would also declare that Nazi-minded Sheikh or bishop…”

    WHY do you insult the NAZIS?

    Why don’t you call a spade a spade? You surely meant JEWISH BOLSHEVIK-MINDED! So, please, stop peddling the term NAZI as everything EVIL under GOD’s sky? This is only a Jewish and Zionist weapon to terrorise the fools!


  4. #4 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 01/23/2011 - 9:34


    Do not forget that all we hear about the EVIL NAZIS comes from war propaganda of a Satanic Alliance between Jews (USSR), France, Britain and its Dominions, and the USA, all of them controlled by Jewish money and monopolies!

  5. #5 by Dr.Nur on 01/23/2011 - 9:34

    This gentleman is probably a muslim or christian arab and he is projecting his good will upon the jews but honestly he never either the thorah or talmud,the books of murder and fraud. Read them,that’s what they are. Jews are like the cuckoos. They are programmed to genocide and loot the rest of mankind,which they consider insects to exterminate without pity as their god requests or cattle to use and slaughter or rape. Nobody needs a value judgment: that is what a good jew has to do to be in HIS invented god’s favour unless he is stopped by force and his mafious behaviour is banned by law period. Why let them win by being silly? They are 10 or so millions and mankind-cattle-to-slaughter is 7 billions. The only humanitarian call to have is: finish at once with those perverted rats before they finish the rest of us because at the end they will finish one another off for lack of host to parasite. (please download “the conspiracy of Zion” by Douglas Reed).. I repeat this here because this most crucial data is essential to understand zionism and the fraud and farce that is behind the creation of the illegitimate “jewish entity”in Palestine.

    If you read the following in a previous comment skip it:

    This below is the heart of the problem and if we don’t know or
    understand history then we can not understand what is “Itsrealhell”and
    how and why it does what it wants. Christians and Muslims have a
    totally false zionized vision of history,so much so that we now have
    christian zionist and arab zionists. It is a planted”Trojan-horse”in
    thorat/bible, a false-flag-info from the 70 rabbis who falsified the
    thorat in 300 B.C.

    I am so surprised that the alternative media,are time and again
    complicit in zionist fraud by not
    relaying the accurate historical and geographical facts. In fact many
    journalists write about jews and zionism who never read even a summary
    of Talmud,the book of fraud. Here are a
    few basic history facts one must know: 1. It is the official foreign
    policy (it was “officious since Ben-Gurion) of
    “Isrealhell”since the Ariel Sharon government that the
    “historical”borders of the zionist farcical invention are from the
    Nile to the Euphrates meaning Anatolia,Syria,the whole Arabian
    peninsula,Irak,and Egypt. That is why “peace”is a farce and Israel
    will not draw borders and whoever would just try like Kennedy or Rabin
    will be killed or “Lewinskied” like B.Clinton. Of course this has no
    basis in history at
    all but Palestine is partof it,that means that the “West Bank”and the
    rest are scheduled for further Nakbah or holocaust. American leaders
    are part and parcel of this comedy as they were/are with the broken
    treaties with their american indians and their still ongoing genocide and
    dispossession. 2. In fact, as we have demonstrated at
    http://www.altajdeed.blogspot.com and
    http://www.queen-of-sheba-university.org and also in the Haaretz
    article by Dr.Zeev-Herzog chief archeologist at Tel-Aviv
    University,and also by myself with Dr.kamal Salibi at
    http://Www.kamalsalibi.blogspot.com and
    http://www.kamal-salibi.blogspot.com and in the masterly free download
    pdf book and maps”QueenofShebaandIsrael”by Dr.Bernard-Leeman, that
    there never was any ancient “Israel”or even a “Jerusalem”in Palestine
    (except the one “invented”by the crusaders who confused the death
    place of one of the 3 Jesuses,see http://www.kamal-salibi.blogspot.com
    about the koranic Jesus, with the city of David and Solomon (at
    Arwa Salam villages near present day Tanumah) of the rainy saudi
    highlands-the ancient kingdom of Juddah near Yemen). (the ancient jews
    were mountain pirates preying on the incense caravans trade between
    India,Yemen,Egypt and Europe. They were of the “bin-Yamin”tribes or
    “sons-of Yemen”like modern day pirate Binyamin Netanyahu). They used
    to ransack,ransom, and racket the caravans,and pillage other arab
    (arab/hebrew are the same word/reversal of consonants)
    tribes-including the northern tribe of, Israel from the area of
    present Madina,prior to “unity”-piracy whereby their claimed gold and “wealth”,and for
    that reason,their hideout Jerusalem was sacked and 10000 of their
    aparatchik/leader“warrior-priests” brought captives by the king of
    Babylon-and they were freed 40years later by Cyrus king of Persia
    after his victory over Babel with the help of jewish
    traitors/informers from inside,and Cyrus used some of them as
    administrators to rule Palestine where he built a temple, by his order
    and money, as a one-sided “joint venture”of sorts since the false prophet
    “Ezra”or“Esdras”had told Cyrus that the Abraham/Ibrahim of jews is the
    same Ibrahim-Zeradust or Zarathoustra/Zoroaster of persians. Hence the
    small colony of jews of Palestine sentby Cyrus were known as
    “Pharisees”that is farsis or persians in the land of“Philistines”or
    Palestine as per semitic pronunciation. When Alexander the great of
    Greece defeated the persians 2 centuries later they invented their
    story and fraud about escape from Egypt in their frauded septuagint
    greek “Thorat” used to this day by christians,mormons ,and morons as
    well,so as to hide their past as persian enemies and keep privileges,
    by farce and fraud, with the new greek masters. In Roman times,after
    the greeks and the semi-autonomous Hasmonean “pharisean/macchabean”
    kingdom ,the city of Cyrus was called Aelia Capitolana. It was never
    jerusalem. The stones where jews come shaking their heads to put paper
    prayers are the public works of Justinian in 4th cent AD to stengthen
    the mount,nothing to do with temple of Solomon at all. Ezra was of the
    illegal zadokite priest caste (no blood line to David,or
    Moses/Aaron),not recognized by original jews,like
    samaritans,Hunafas,etc. He invented and started the talmud
    “master-race” propanda and its “chosen “people myth together with
    other jewish criminal fantasies.The temple of Cyrus story is related
    in any bible in the part called “book of Ezra” as such: “and the lord
    moved the heart of Cyrus by the mouth of Jeremiah,.and he ordered and
    put it in writing that a temple be built in that land..” So as they do
    now,they were doing then: appropriating the history of others,their
    lands and lives by lies ( Mossad’s motto:”by deception thou shalt make
    war..” : the oldest mafia in the world disguised as a religion …e.g
    USS LIBERTY,9/11,ETC.,)… Not long ago Shimon Peres praised king
    Cyrus on TV as the “first zionist”!..He knows the farce..!
    Note:At the time of the arrival of Islam 70% of arabs were jews of
    many original-now disappeared-and reformist denominations from prior
    to the zadokite “deuteromy”and Talmud fascist credo imposture(the
    original israelites were arabs unlike today’s turkish-hun khazar
    invaders of Palestine)and 25% christians. Both Islam and Christianity
    ARE reformed sects of judaism which the people could no longer accept
    as such because of its incoherence, inhumanity and racist genocidal
    primitivity but some criminals want to revive it today as a blueprint
    for mankind’s enslavment to a tiny orogenitally constipated
    frankensteinian mythomaniac mafia who should be banned and/or hung by
    their balls without ceremony wherever they can be found as they are a
    peril to mankind ,and to themselves of course !…

  6. #6 by Doug on 01/24/2011 - 9:34

    Dr. Nur,
    One of the three Jesuses? Did they all come back about two thousand years apart? If so, isn’t the fourth Jesus due back right about now? I think two thousand years is about as long as humans can get along without some sort of intervention.

  7. #7 by doctornur on 01/24/2011 - 9:34

    If you read the supplement to Dr.Kamal Salibi’s book at http://www.kamal-salibi.blogspot.com bottom page or kamalsalibi.blogspot.com you will know that the name Issa/Jesus was first an ancient south arabian god of abundance,second that there was an aaronic Jesus son of Mary who died at Madina in 300 b.c and a davidic Jesus who was crucified at Aelia (never called Jerusalem) and whose aunt, not mother,was a Mary. The confusion came from Paul who did not meet any Jesus but tried to make one only out of the three

  8. #8 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 01/24/2011 - 9:34

    doctornur says:
    January 24, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    If you read the supplement to Dr.Kamal Salibi’s book at http://www.kamal-salibi.blogspot.com “”

    Many thanks, but it’s alll in Arabic. Is it possible to have an English version? I read about this a long time ago, but do not remember where.

    It seems to me that Kamal has an unusual Arab name – SALIB (CROSS)!

    Basheer Ahmad

  9. #9 by Dr.Nur on 01/26/2011 - 9:34

    Dear Bashir Ahmad: you can find the english version at http://www.kamalsalibi.blogspot.com and in the last comments of http://www.altajdeed.blogspot.com (a must). I went to your website but could not find an email to send you are pictures on the ground, ebooks etc/also about the koranic Jesus it is below the arabic or the older posts/archives. Salibi is a druze christian by birth . He is not making a religious point and he is a great scholar of semitic languages and Thorat and a great historian. Best wishes. Dr.Nur

  10. #10 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 01/27/2011 - 9:34

    Dr.Nur says:
    January 26, 2011 at 5:36 am

    “Dear Bashir Ahmad…”

    Many thanks for the links. I’ll send Mark a request to send you my email.

    A scholar of Semitic languages; this is very precious. I have read some of your comments with great interest.

    Best wishes

    Basheer Ahmad

  11. #11 by john on 01/12/2014 - 9:34

    Peace to you. Have you ever studied the SHROUD of TURIN the Burial cloth of Jesus. The only artifact in the history of the world that is encoded with 3 Dimensional information. Obviously you all follow after fables. Islam is a replica of judaism, cleric=rabbi rabbi=cleric . The state of israel is what gog and magog have made it to be. Jesus came to end religion as we knew it with rabbis keeping people in bondage to their laws. Just as clerics keep people in bondage to the korans law. Under Jesus there is no jew or greek or muslim or slave or free, WE ARE ALL EQUAL in Gods sight. The Law of God still exists, Jesus transformed the physical law into a spiritual law, where now the Law of God is written on our Hearts. Love God and Love each other is the Law that we obey. Read the words of Jesus. As Jesus said “no greater love is this that a man lays down his life for another man”. It does not mean take a bullet for my buddy, but rather lay aside your fleshly WANTS and DESIRES so that your brothers needs are met, like food and water and compassion. When Jesus returns He will say, when i was thirsty did you give me drink? when io was hungry did you feed me? when i was sick did you visit me? The state of israel is man created not Gods creation. The jews who murder Palestinians are of the devil as Jesus said. The soldiers of the world will be destroyed as at His coming as it has written, ALL MEN OF WAR WILL BE DESTROYED. Love one another. Peace. Live Today with love not in yesterdays fables with hate.

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