The Ugly Truth Podcast Jan 30, 2011


We are joined by David Rosser Owen, president of the Association of British Muslims to talk about the rising tide of Islamophobia in England and Europe and who is behind it all.

Listen Here

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  1. #1 by kenny callow on 01/30/2011 - 9:34

    has anybody ever commented on the fact the british flag is more evidence of the sun temple cult. if you look at it its the same sundial found at the vatican. the vernal, spring, fall equinoxes and sunrise and sunset on the longest day of the year and sunrise and sun set on the shortest day of the year. well, well.

  2. #2 by B.Benhamid on 01/30/2011 - 9:34

    Mark, you’ve got it down to a tee.

  3. #3 by Tyler Vincent on 01/31/2011 - 9:34

    You are one of the greatest voices of truth on this planet, but I could only make it about 7 minutes into this show before I had to turn it off. Sending you my love brother, you are a good man… I think you give Israel too much credit. It goes without saying that they will try and co-opt this revolution, but as the fever spreads we need to keep our hopes up, and focus on how we can succeed. Maybe people have gotten so used to failure they have forgotten change was actually possible… don’t lose hope and please Mark… Keep the faith. 🙂

    That’s the problem, the cult of powerlessness. Here is a real leader… Mike

    Part 1

    Part 2

    –note from me, MG–I share your appreciation and affection for Mike Rivero, and to be honest, I have not listened to what he has had to say on the Egyptian situation.

    However, FACTS ARE FACTS, and in this case, the facts are that this ‘revolution’–beginning first in Tunisia and then spreading to Egypt–is no different than the “revolution” that took place the 2nd Tuesday in November, 2008 when the Americans “overthrew” Bush and co and instead elected Barack Obama. Was/is there discontentment? YES. However, those whose business is to monitor what the herd is thinking and planning to do knew this and made contingency plans.

    And as I have repeatedly said, I hope I am 100% wrong in my assessment and predictions as to where it is likely to go. However, experience tells me that it is a better gambit than not that in the end it will NOT wind up like Iran in 1979 but rather America in 2008.

  4. #4 by MJ on 01/31/2011 - 9:34

    Enjoyed the interview! Thanks!

    Re: Prison break in Egypt

    GrandeStrategy Staff

    “Bismillaharrahman arraheem. The large scale looting and arson taking place in the streets of Egypt is rumored to be a strategy being pursued by the estranged establishment. Hosni Mubarak is trying to hold on to power by the very finger nails. He has set loose the worst characters out of prison and reinforced them with the battagi, or thugs of the regime; her secret police in conjunction with the newly released criminals from prison. The strategy is to cause such chaos that the army can then be used to brutalize the Egyptian uprising and claim the rationale of protecting Egypt.”

    Go To:

  5. #5 by Tyler Vincent on 01/31/2011 - 9:34

    “this ‘revolution’–beginning first in Tunisia and then spreading to Egypt–is no different than the “revolution” that took place the 2nd Tuesday in November, 2008 when the Americans “overthrew” Bush and co ”

    “And as I have repeatedly said, I hope I am 100% wrong in my assessment and predictions as to where it is likely to go.”

    Tanks on fire, rioting in the streets, 100 people dead and counting… the presidents fleeing, members of their families detained… 5000 prisoners broken out, top generals killed and kidnapped, embassies taken over, many members of the Egyptian army joining with the protesters… this ousting seems quite different than the smooth transition of Obama appointed by his largest financial campaign contributors… the Rothschilds. Consider the possibility that if they do get another Rothschild in place they will still have the smell of blood fresh in their minds, and the courage to take them down once again, if need be.

    I personally will not jump to dire conclusions just yet, because it isn’t history yet, and only time will tell. I think this will be a global revolution and the final push for a fascist dictatorship and the depopulation of large segments of the population by turning everyone against each-other. Every revolution will have its share of shills and co-opted Zio-Cockroaches who turn their back on humanity and stick their tendrils into every single crevice to suck the life blood of everything good in this world, whether they are aware of it or not at the time. What is happening in Egypt is our problem as much as theirs… we must unite against our common enemy, Zionism and Usury and create a better world for our children.

    I hope you get a chance to hear Riveros show, its quite a gem.

    Take care Mark.

  6. #6 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 01/31/2011 - 9:34


    One HEAP OF FOUL GARBAGE I just saw a few seconds ago on the Association of British Muslims (AOBM) is the promotion of the “HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY” with all its accompanying mendacious propaganda statements.

    Then, I was again HORRIFIED by the agenda of the AOBM which followed when they were defending an Iranian suspect of SODOMY who they claim is “INNOCENT”. I quote:

    “A 19-year-old Iranian man is facing imminent execution on charges of attempting to rape another man (sodomy or lavat), even though the allegation was withdrawn by the accuser. There is no evidence that the accused youth is gay.

    Ehsan was 17-years-old when he was arrested in late 2008 in Shiraz, in the province of Fars, after a man pressed charges against him and two other youths, alleging that they attempted to rape him.

    Under torture that may have lasted over a month, only Ehsan, who is the youngest of the three accused, confessed to the charges. The Fourth Branch of the Criminal Court of Fars province, in Shiraz, found him guilty of lavat and sentenced him to hang. Ehsan has since withdrawn his ‘confession’, saying that it was extracted under torture.”

    The execution of Ehsan is opposed by a coalition of Muslim organisations from across the world: the Association of British Muslims (AOBM), Faith Matters, Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV), USA and Canada, Canadian Muslim Union (CMB), Members of The Royal Order of Noor of Buayan, Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) and el-Tawhid Juma Circle.

    “We appeal to the Supreme Leader and Chief Justice of Iran to show mercy by revoking the death sentence and releasing Ehsan. The evidence against Ehsan is weak. The accuser has withdrawn his allegations. It is unIslamic to sentence a person without 100% proof of guilt,” said Paul Salahuddin Armstrong, Co-Director of the Association of British Muslims.”

    Those guys of the AOBM do not seem GENUINE to me! If MI5, MI6 or any suspect creature knocks at my door in the near future, I’ll let you know!

    I’ll make it a duty to listen to that broadcast and come back to Mark about it.


  7. #7 by MJ on 01/31/2011 - 9:34

    On Suspicion:
    Qur’an 49:12
    O ye who believe! avoid suspicion as much (as possible):
    for suspicion in some cases is a sin:
    and spy not on each other nor speak ill of each other behind their backs.
    Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? (<reference to gossip)
    Nay ye would abhor it…but fear Allah:
    for Allah is Oft-Returning Most Merciful.

    David Rosser Owen I do not know you. I understood from the interview that you are helping address Islamophobia in Britain. May Allah reward you for your good intentions. God willing.

  8. #8 by David Rosser Owen on 01/31/2011 - 9:34


    It’s not really fair of you to go off like this on Mark’s blog. Take it up with us on our website. But having done so, I should address certain of your points. The AoBM is as we have described it to the best of our abilities on the website.

    “For the past 20 years, I have met with only two genuine Associations of British Muslims. One vanished when its leader passed away. The other one was labelled a “terrorist organisation” which the Fascist British establishment has repeated said they were trying to ban! They were the best Muslims I could find here in the U.K.

    Where does this ABM come from? Is it not another government (MI5, MI6) stooge that pretends to represent British Muslims?”

    Perhaps you could enlighten us as to the identity of these two organisations? Is the first the “Muslim Parliament” of Dr Kalim Siddiqui, which is now run by Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui (no relation) in Fulham Palace Road, otherwise I’m at something of a loss to guess at which they could have been?

    The AoBM does not now, and as far as I am aware none of our predecessor organisations and their personalities all the way back to Abdullah Quilliam, have anything to do with the intelligence organisations you cited.

    As for me, I am who I said I am. If you were engaged enough with the UK Muslim communities you could easily verify my bona fides even from my detractors. You clearly have issues with the British Empire, to which I can only say that history happened, for good or ill, and we can’t make it unhappen. I and my family participated in it, and we did what we did, for which we will give account to the Almighty. I am hopeful that what we did for good outweighed what we did that was bad.

    “I have a simple question to “David Rosser Owen”:


    And, I want a YES or NO answer!”

    You must be aware that it is impossible to give a Yes or No answer. The best you can get is that it is highly unlikely that the four (or five) characters identified by the authorities could have carried out the explosions, although they may well have been involved in what they thought was an exercise. Perhaps you should read what Nick Kollerstrom has written on ‘7/7 Terror on the Tube’?

    As for going off the deep end about homosexualists, you are probably aware that under the Shari’ah what people do in private is between them and the Almighty and it is not for us to anticipate or speculate what they are up to. It is when these practices are brought out into the public realm that the Shariah takes a position and that is the same as it does about the public flaunting of sexual practices by heterosexuals or even married couples. This is the AoBM’s position.

    “Another question to “David Rosser Owen”:


    YES OR NO?”

    The “coalition” – which included the Canadian body you mentioned – was with other groups that were protesting against the cavalier attitude of the Iranian regime to the rule of law as understood by the Shariah. The accused, who they had no reason to think was a homosexual and whose accuser withdrew the accusation, should not have been condemned to death but should either have had a retrial or an acquittal. This is what we were lobbying about – it had and has nothing to do with the AoBM advocating a lifestyle choice that is not accepted as valid by the Shariah, nor endorsing the specific activities of those groups and their members. If those among the gay community feel that they can argue to the contrary, then let them do so to the best of their ability using Quranic exegesis and that of the Sunnah as all others have to do. However, providing people keep their private activities private they must be free to attend any mosque they wish and to offer their prayers there. I could easily speculate that a number of those who attend the same mosque as I are gay, adulterers, drunkards, usurers, or embezzlers – it is frankly none of my business, unless they choose to make it so by making a public display of their choices.

    As for the questions you have posted on the website, which either I or Paul Armstrong will get round to answering, there are two comments that I should make that are germane. Firstly, until very recently when the organisation became moribund, the AoBM used to participate in the Union of Muslim Organisations of the UK and Eire, which organisation did indeed frequently address the specific questions you listed and thus through its membership the AoBM participated. Secondly, which might seem to contradict that position, we in the AoBM have consistently taken the position that there’s no point in getting involved in things that we have no means of affecting when there is far too much to be done close to home. Sending off letters to, for example, “the Russian Government asking them for the recognition, compensation and other reparations for the Chechen Holocaust?” may give one a frisson of self-righteousness but is unlikely to achieve anything. We have however actively engaged with the Kosovar community in setting up their mosque under Imam Zymer.

    As for Bosnia, please don’t lecture me unless you like me were there.

    And please, BAFS, direct any further comments of the above nature to me through the AoBM website.

    All the best, wa as salamu ‘alaykum,


  9. #9 by Tyler Vincent on 01/31/2011 - 9:34

    Hey Mark. Just wanted to share these articles with you:

    PRESSTV: Israel to probe intelligence failure
    “The Israeli parliament has called for an investigation into the reason behind the failure of Israeli Intelligence services in predicting the Egyptian uprising in advance. ”

    PRESSTV: Dominoes falling in the Arab world
    “The powers that be who run the Western world have decided that it is no longer in their interests to support puppet rulers running authoritarian regimes in the Arab world. ”

    PRESSTV: Israel to West: Stop bashing Mubarak

    This information would appear to back up my hunches, that this is a real peoples revolution, and Israel was taken by surprise and the unpredictable is what we should be encouraged about. We must support peoples fever for revolution, like Mike Rivero, rather than assuming that Israel is the master of the universe, so to speak. That is giving these HIV viruses in human form too much credit… we need to support this exciting revolution and encourage our fellows to not stop till the devil drops, and to be careful who they replace these ogres with. Not like they will really want to be in power in such a volatile environment. I’ve always found it curious as to why Rothschild perched modern day Israel in the middle of Arab central, while murdering and torturing everyone, all around them. Seems to me a little naive and brazen. If you hear “I’m Israel’s bitch and so are you” often enough, you begin to believe it… heheh, you are far from it my friend, Israel is your bitch. Take care Mark.

  10. #10 by Eugene on 01/31/2011 - 9:34

    I agree with Mark Glenn regarding what happened here in 2008 by ousting Bush and installing Obama.

    At first glance it appears that the revolution in Egypt means hope for democracy but, those behind the scene and really in charge ,know what will happen next.

    Most likely, it was probably a staged uprising to give the people false hope. And yes, I fell for it too.

    Israel, with its massive intelligence gathering agencies, has sophisticated software that predicts uprisings and future events.

    So, no wonder Mubarak is asking Israel for help. That is disturbing news but I am not surprised.

  11. #11 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 01/31/2011 - 9:34

    MJ says:
    January 31, 2011 at 5:58 pm

    “On Suspicion:…”

    If you want to comment on what I have written, ADDRESS me, damn it!


  12. #12 by The avatar on 02/01/2011 - 9:34

  13. #13 by Paul Salahuddin Armstrong on 02/01/2011 - 9:34

    BAFS, with all due respect, the Association of British Muslims has nothing whatsoever to do with any intelligence agency. You are barking up the wrong tree entirely. You wouldn’t by any chance be among those who admire Hitler, would you? Jews, Communists, Roma, homosexuals and people of many other minorities suffered appallingly under the Nazis. If you wish to deny this, or to pretend it was all in someone’s imagination, that is entirely up to you, but I really don’t know what to say to that!

    The Association of British Muslims recognises and upholds the human rights of every human being, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality etc. Allah has honoured every son and daughter of Adam and it is a duty upon every Muslim to practice, as best they can, this example of God and his prophets in their own lives. As David has said, “what people do in private is none of our business”, but the fact everyone deserves to be respected by us as human beings is something we can act upon and should.

    People shouldn’t be living in fear of their lives or being executed. When the world is in the mess it is in today, with the economic, social, political and other crises, why oh why are some people making such a fuss over the fact that some individuals are attracted to people of their own sex? Surely, that is besides the point and really none of our business? People certainly shouldn’t be executed for such things as their personal sexuality! Or is that something you’d advocate? In many of these countries with laws against homosexuality, it’s become routine for people to be accused of this “crime” then executed, even when they weren’t gay! Hence, no one is safe living under such a system, whatever their sexuality. That is clearly a gross injustice to all humanity, and the Holy Qur’an teaches us to always stand for truth and justice, while resolutely opposing injustice.

  14. #14 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 02/01/2011 - 9:34

    Paul Salahuddin Armstrong says:
    February 1, 2011 at 12:19 am

    “You wouldn’t by any chance be among those who admire Hitler, would you?”


    Answer the damn questions instead of reacting like those bloody Jews and Zionists who always use the HITLER card when cornered?

    I am a striving Muslim and GOD (or MUHAMMAD!) never warned us against HITLER but of THE JEWS in the Holy Qur’aan.

    Just like JESUS CHRIST never warned us against MUSLIMS or HITLER LOVERS but of THE JEWS!

    It is the custom here in the Jewish run UK to call people antisemites or racists when we are in disagreement over anything! Even the BLACKS call us racists and antisemites because they work for or with the JEWS when they outwardly run the government offices and do not allow dissent.

    I already made my point in the comments above and ALL GENUINE MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS can see this for themselves. Maybe you should read what “Saint” Paul said about the Sodomites!

    People like you are causing CHAOS within the Muslim Communities and constitute a Fifth Column!

    N.B. This is my last comment here.


  15. #15 by Paul Salahuddin Armstrong on 02/01/2011 - 9:34


    “Answer the damn questions” – excuse me, but who the hell do you think you are? Do you routinely boss people around like this? I take exception to that, it is bad adab (manners) and if you know anything of Islam, you’d realise that adab is an incredibly significant aspect of our din (religion). The Holy Qur’an may not specifically have mentioned Hitler, but it certainly does tell us to stand up against tyranny, and there is no doubt Hitler was a tyrant!

    Actually, if you read the Holy Qur’an, you’d realise it doesn’t warn us against the Jews at all, but simply warns us that there are bad people in every community including among the Ahl Al Kitab “Peoples of the Book” (Jews/Christians/Samaritans etc.). However, the Holy Qur’an also states that among them are pious people, who work for righteousness and no fear shall be upon them, neither shall the grieve (2:62).

    There is no racism in Islam, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, spoke out strongly against this evil on numerous occasions, most famously in his last sermon where he stated categorically, “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.”

    But then, these are points that all genuine Muslims would realise, so I’m sure I’m not highlighting anything you don’t know already… Needless to say, I have a somewhat different view on who is causing “chaos” within the Muslim community, but it certainly isn’t us!


  16. #16 by The Avatar on 02/01/2011 - 9:34

    “You wouldn’t by any chance be among those who admire Hitler, would you?

    i do and greatly.
    i am a Palestinian whose grandfather was killed ALONG with 27 members of my mothers family
    in deir yassin in 48.
    if you are the absolute representative of Islam, which i doubt, and love the Jews so much then tell me
    so i can become an atheist right now
    and i am ready to give you my address so you can come here to Venezuela and we can “talk about it”

  17. #17 by Bill In Ohio on 02/01/2011 - 9:34

    Egypt today is nothing like America in 2008.
    They are Evicting their government by any means necessary, albeit peacefully at the moment. But With the Military backing the people.

    What happens next and will determine or will be determined as in just how good the Mossad and CIA is.
    This undoes 5 decades of US/Zionist intervention and poltical manipulation and is a once in a century moment for the Egyptians.
    I dont think they will waste it, already the Muslim Brotherhood calls for war with Israel once the Zio Poodle Mubarrek is overthrown.

    Hold out some hope Mark.
    This is a galvanizing moment for the entire Middle East, which should be an inspiration to any lover of freedom.
    And now the Jordanian Puppet has recalled his entire government.
    There is Hope yet!

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