Arlington mosque vandal pleads to hate crime charge

Henry Glaspell

Henry Glaspell entered a guilty plea Wednesday to charges that he vandalized an Arlington mosque last summer.



ARLINGTON — According to court documents, the man who vandalized an Arlington mosque last July told investigators he did it because he hated Arabs and people of Middle Eastern descent.

Prosecutors charged 34-year-old Henry Glaspell under federal hate crime statutes that could have sent him to prison for 20 years.

But Glaspell cooperated with investigators and pleaded guilty Wednesday morning in exchange for a 14-month sentence.

“I just want to wish him all the best, even though he wished us all the harm,” said Jamal Qaddura, the former president of the Dar El-Eman Islamic Center in south Arlington, which is not far from where Glaspell lived.

Investigators said Glaspell admitted shouting racial slurs at worshipers and throwing used cat litter at the front door.

Surveillance video shows him painting anti-Islam obscenities on the mosque parking lot and setting the playground on fire.

Investigators with Arlington police and the FBI quickly identified him using photos of Glaspell and his pickup truck.

“Today is proof that due process is blind and it applies to everyone,” Qaddura said.

The vandalism happened during the emotional fight over a proposed mosque near the site of the September 11 attack in Manhattan. There’s no reference to that in court documents, but they do reveal Henry Glaspell was in treatment for alcohol abuse.

His plea agreement forbids him to drink alcohol and requires him to undergo anger management counseling in Virginia, where he now lives.

The Justice Department issued a news release saying, “Hate-fueled incidents of this kind will not be tolerated in our country. The Justice Department is committed to vigorously prosecuting hate crimes against all persons.”

A federal judge in Fort Worth will formally sentence Henry Glaspell on July 11.


  1. #1 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 02/25/2011 - 9:34

    “Henry Glaspell entered a guilty plea Wednesday to charges that he vandalized an Arlington mosque last summer.


    ARLINGTON — According to court documents, the man who vandalized an Arlington mosque last July told investigators he did it because he hated Arabs and people of Middle Eastern descent.”

    Ghyslaine ROC: Is it not scary to see Mosques being burned?
    BAFS: Well, people have short memory. Don’t you remember, not so long ago, when Black Churches were systematically burned down, and Black people lynched and hanged or crushed in garbage trucks?

    GR: Yes, and today those same Black people (Christians and others) have ganged with the White Arsonists to bomb and burn down mosques in Iraq and Afghanistan and committing all sorts of atrocities on the defenceless population.
    BAFS: Books are being sold in the UK inciting to hatred against Islam and Muslims and violence. The burning down of Islamic places of worship is also promoted. When one day two Police officers visited me at my request after I had witnessed Black Christians attacking Muslim youths, I showed them the hate literature they were selling in the Hackney Marsh Sunday Market (Jewish controlled or owned) here in London. One of the officers told me: We are in England here and we have freedom of speech.

    GR: Were you not helping at the local Islamic Book Shop and Da’wah Centre when arsonists tried to burn it down?
    BAFS: Yes, it was several years ago, just minutes after British television had incited the viewers to hatred and violence against Muslims in their documentary “The Koran and the Kalashnikov”. Some Black persons were seen trying to burn down the shop minutes after the documentary ended.

    GR: Your grand daughter attend mosque here in London.
    BAFS: Yes.

    GR: Is it not scary?
    BAFS: I always said I had only one life and I will apply the Law when the time comes. NOBODY touches a single hair of my loved ones! This has been my pledge all my life!

    GR: What do you mean?
    BAFS: Such things are simply done and never talked about!

    GR: What would you advise the Muslims to do?
    BAFS: Go back to their damn Book, stop being hypocrites and chickens, and OBEY GOD’s Orders!

    GR: For example?
    BAFS: The West will never accept real Muslims anywhere in the entire world. So, why pretend to be their friends and collaborate with them?

    GR: But, not all of them are bad?
    BAFS: Of course, not all the people! But, most of the leaders are bad and Satanic! They will never accept Islam or Muslims living in their midst or in their client-states! Remember what Catholics did when they took Spain from the Muslims who had LIVED there for 700 years?

    GR: Yes, they committed the worst of atrocities against the Muslims and it was recorded that there was not left a single Muslim to even give the Adhaan or conduct prayer! Many Jews pretended to convert to Christianity and others fled to Muslim and other countries!
    BAFS: Bettany Hugues did a beautiful documentary film on the subject “WHEN THE MOORS RULED IN EUROPE”. Let me give you a quote in the opening of the documentary:

    “After the Catholic monarchs took over the City of Grenada (1492), they began to destroy all evidence that the Muslims had ever been in Spain. In the following century, the Spanish authorities persecuted and expelled 300,000 Muslims and burned as many as a million Arabic books. This was an astonishing act of ethnic cleansing. It put an end to a civilisation which had flourished in Spain for seven hundred years. These people have become known as the Moors. Propaganda sparked by the Crusades have given us an enduring image – the Diabolical Moor, a dark skinned savage alien animate, but this character is a complete invention and tells us nothing who these people really were!”.

    GR: Yes, Islam and Muslims took Europe out of their Dark Ages and they have never shown any gratitude whatsoever!
    BAFS: Gratitude? They repaid the Muslims back by slaughtering some 150 million of them!

    GR: Why such cruelty?
    BAFS: Bettany Hugues quotes Freemason Rudyard Kipling in her documentary. It is quite revealing:

    “OH, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,
    Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God’s great Judgment Seat;
    But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth,
    When two strong men stand face to face, tho’ they come from the ends of the earth!”

    Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) in “The Ballad of East and West”.

    GR: The situation is getting worse.
    BAFS: yes, and you see all these so-called revolutions. They are all engineered because the USA, France, England, Israel and Europe are now moving fast to realise the next phase of their master Plan.

    GR: But, is there no way to stop them?
    BAFS: There is one way. Muslims can stop both this Crusade and Jewade against Islam and Muslims! Before they get slaughtered one by one they must START A REAL REVOLUTION in all the spheres of life no matter where they live! I have started it and have been part of it more than a decade ago. For this reason I hardly get on with people (including Muslims) because they are happy with their lives even if they live like slaves in the midst of absolute immorality and at the cost of millions of innocent lives! I told them a long time ago that when Sarajevo will come to their town or village, it will be too late!

    GR: I know you have been advocating a revolution since you started writing some 12-13 years ago on and
    BAFS: But, unfortunately nobody listened; not one soul! The only body that could have brought about that revolution in England was the Muslim Parliament, but when Dr Kalim Siddiqui passed away, may GOD be pleased with him, his successor sold out to the government! Hizb ut Tahrir is another group that has been working very hard to re-establish the Caliphate in Muslim countries!

    GR: Have you noticed that the West has been at war against Islam and Muslims very overtly since the so-called Gulf War?
    BAFS: Since the Crusades, you mean? But, it has worsened since the destruction of the Caliphate in 1924. With the stealing of Kashmir and Palestine, they sent the Muslims of the whole world a very clear message, but what can unarmed colonised people do?

    GR: I think the picture is crystal clear.
    BAFS: Yes. In more recent times we have seen genocide after genocide in mainly Muslim lands: Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo, Algeria, Palestine, Kashmir, Hindustan, but Muslims are very slow in taking the right decision! They are too afraid! They have no trained defensive armies, no weapons, no freedom….

    GR: What about Henry Glaspell?
    BAFS: If there was such a thing as justice, I would let him go free, but make him pay for the damages and promise not to do it again! He is just the victim of the media, of State propaganda, and of the War on Islam and Muslims (“War on Terror”)!

    GR: The Justice Department said: “Hate-fueled incidents of this kind will not be tolerated in our country. The Justice Department is committed to vigorously prosecuting hate crimes against all persons.”
    BAFS: This is despicable nonsense! “Hate crimes” benefit only the Jews! Ashkenazi Jews-Talmudists hate all Arabs and people of Middle Eastern descent (and Muslims) and they have the best jobs in the US and finance the bastard entity known as Apartheid Israel to EXTERMINATE Palestinians and steal their lands!

    GR: Your last words!
    BAFS: These attacks will continue and worsen until and unless WE stop them, Muslims, Christians and others.

  2. #2 by Vickie Jacobs on 02/25/2011 - 9:34

    You know, a few months before this incident and not too far from there, arsonist set fire to surrounding christian churches(Henderson and Smith countys) and burned them completely down.
    They caught two young men, Jason Robert Bourque, age 22 and Robert George McAllister,age 20.
    January 1, 2010 of the burning down of Little Hope Baptist Church in Canton, Texas.
    February 4, 2010 of the burning down of Russell Memorial United Methodist Church in Wills Point, Texas. Plus the burning down of churches in Canton, Lindale, Athens and Tyler, Texas all in weeks of each other.
    This wasn’t done because they hated Muslems.
    It’s because there’s alot of hatred of all kinds in this world.

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