The Aljazeera, Palestine and Israeli Deception

  1. #1 by B.Benhamid on 02/27/2011 - 9:34

    Sheikh Imran Hosein has great wisdom and says what he means, and means what he says.

    Hajj Malik Shabazz ( Malcom X ) was a genius and a very brilliant speaker and Sheikh Imran Hosein has seen the good qualities of this great Muslim. pbuh.

  2. #2 by Ramze on 02/27/2011 - 9:34

    Imran Hosein is a moral and wonderful human being i advise people to watch this whole lecture .The lecture was conducted in 2003 and is relevant in the year 2011 ..

  3. #3 by ahmed on 02/27/2011 - 9:34

    fantastic blog..great info brother..keep going on..there are always people who will support truth at any cost..

    thanks for sharing and making this blog to inform the people and exposing real terrorist like Israel, America.

  4. #4 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 02/27/2011 - 9:34

    I know of only one man who has ever said and written that ALJAZEERA was a CIA-ISRAELI FRONT since I SAW one Dick Cheney (check this one!) walk into ALJAZEERA in the company of its main shareholder (the CIA Emir) who ORDERED ALJAZEERA not to broadcast Sheikh Usama Bin Ladin video interview regarding 9/11 and in which he said HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

    ALJAZEERA complied and the interview was not broadcasted and was a couple of months later replaced by a CIA FABRICATED interview (they said they found waiting for them in an Afghan house they just blew up in November 2001) in which a Black actor with a flat nose was cast as Usama (the sound track was doctored) with all the flaws the CIA is accustomed of. Buy, this did not matter. The CIA could have asked a six-legged pig to play Usama and the world would still buy it ans say yes it is Usama like mass murderer Tony Blair said!


    So, Sheikh Imran Hossen is confirming in 2003 what I knew, said and wrote all along, but did not find said or written anywhere although many others would have known about it. I was even kicked out of a website for saying Usma died in December 2001.

    Sheikh Imran Hossen is quite unique in his analysis, a great orator, a charismatic and very credible person, although I may not share all his views regarding the religious side of the story.


  5. #5 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 02/27/2011 - 9:34

    “The Aljazeera, Palestine and Israeli Deception”


    I started to love America despite all its horrendous past of well documented genocidal history because of the MAN John Fitzgerald Kennedy who I read was genuinely offering America a chance to be governed by the PEOPLE and not by the SECRET SERVICES which he vowed to dismantle as well as the Jewish Federal Reserve that was taking America to bankruptcy and the Jews to Heaven with their pockes full of Shekels.

    Having allowed the CIA and FBI to continue run America with TOTAL JEWISH CONTROL and that of the JEWISH MAFIA, I felt only utter disgust for anything American. Not only was I disgusted with their RACISM, but also of all the Jewish immorality of Europe being imported into the Christian country.

    While Jewish Hollywood was showing one huge false picture of America and Christianity, the real picture on the streets and in the industry and businesses was one of corruption, gambling, violence, crime, drugs, pornography, prostitution, and wars of invasion and destabilisation of all countries that sought freedom and justice, happiness and prosperity, morality and GOD.

    However, I am aware that America has millions of GOOD AMERICAN MEN AND WOMEN who have already told the world what happened to them because of the Mafia government behind the “elected” government, selected by Jewish power for nearly FIFTY YEARS. I have not known one single US President who was not working for the JEWS after the assassination of JFK with direct complicity by LBJ and his Jewish wife and mistress (es)!


    As WE clearly saw how the CIA and FBI DESTROYED vital evidence and FABRICATED evidence in the JFK murder, we saw this DECEPTIVE practice being systematically carried out in all other political assassinations, wars of invasion, false flag operations like the Oklahoma, 9/11, 7/7, and other explosions, and even most of the so-called suicide bombings, and the use of deadly viruses made in US and Israeli laboratories, and weapons of mass destruction.


    Yet, those American fools have been waging and supporting endless wars against Islam and Muslims while worshipping THE JEWS, their real enemies!

    The entire Western world is run on DECEPTION!


  6. #6 by Avenzoar on 02/27/2011 - 9:34

    Documentary: Malcolm X – Prince Of Islam

    Download Size [267 MB]:

    Right click on the above link and “save” option to save the file.


    MALCOLM X- PRINCE OF ISLAM is the EXPLOSIVE and GRIPPING documentary that shows never before seen footage of al-Hajj Malik Shabazz, a truly Islamic hero.

    Islam stands for change. It seeks to change the individual and the society. This change covers every aspect of human life from personal morality to business, economics and politics. It is only natural that Islam should be fought by those who want to keep the status quo. This is the way it has always been throughout history: from Adam to Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa. Isa, and Muhammad (peace be on them). It will happen to anyone who wants to stand up and proclaim the true message of Islam to the world.

    In recent times we have the example of Brother Malcolm. He courageously stood firm in the midst of his enemies and was ready to sacrifice everything in the pursuit of seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt). In ‘Prince of Islam’ we learn about his childhood struggles through to him joining the heretical group ‘Nation of Islam’ to him finally accepting the true religion of Islam after performing the Hajj in Makkah.

  7. #7 by NOOR on 02/27/2011 - 9:34

    I have been sharing this video for ages. This Imam is charming, humorous, and brilliant. One of the best speakers ever. I have, since discovering this video, looked askance at Al Jazeera and questioned their motives whenever I have seen their work.

    Might I also add, everyone speaks of Haaretz as the great open Israeli newspaper. I would like to remind you all that there are TWO versions of Haaretz that are published both on line and in actual news print. You have the stories written for the Hebrew reading public and the same stories quite modified for the English speaking readers. Sometimes it might simply be the turn of a phrase, but more often it is just less Talmudic for the English. Keep that in mind also when you read their work…

  8. #8 by Avenzoar on 02/27/2011 - 9:34

    AlJazeera has been mentioning the legendary leader Umar al-Mukhtar repeatedly while covering the liberation of eastern cities of Libya by the “pro-democracy” protesters. There is a famous documentary on this personality.

    Title: Lion of the Desert (Umar al Mukhtar)

    Download Size: 700 MB

    Right click on the above link and select “save” option to save the file.


    Lion of the Desert is the dramatic action epic of the struggle of Omar Mukhtar, leader of the Muslim resistance in North Africa in the 1920’s and 30’s, against the imperialism of Mussolini and the Italian army. Despite the challenge of overcoming the fascist Italian war machine with only faith and wisdom, the Muslims led by Mukhtar maintained their resistance and refused to be conquered.

  9. #9 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 02/28/2011 - 9:34

    Avenzoar says:
    February 27, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    “MALCOLM X- PRINCE OF ISLAM is the EXPLOSIVE and GRIPPING documentary that shows never before seen footage of al-Hajj Malik Shabazz, a truly Islamic hero.”

    Although I am commanded to Call People to Islam, I spent more time Calling People to Christ because Muslims had nothing to learn from me – they know it all, young and old!

    My interest in Christians was because more than half of them were leaving Christ, like in France, although France falsely claims that 90% of the French are Christians, and were turning to Socialism, Communism, Atheism, Humanism, Darwinism, Feminism, Democracy, and other isms, and constituted the greatest danger to Muslims and Islam (and to humankind) in the world.

    That Muslims were practicing a distorted religion they still call Islam was to me only one of the many symptoms of a diseased Universal Nation. I left others to deal with those symptons and concentrated on the causative agent of the disease, the cancer, which in my opinion was the so-called Christians who had abandoned the JEWS because Jesus said they were wrong, then abandoned Jesus Christ for Paul, then abandoned Paul for Rome and Protestasntism, then abandoned Rome and Protestantism for Sodom and Zion and the New Age Movement, that is, for the WRONG JEWS again! The Satanic Circle was complete.

    But, as hard and as impossible it is to make dumb, deaf and blind Muslims understand, it is the same with dumb, deaf and blind Christians. The return of Christians to Christ was one hope I had to make Christians stop their respective governments from waging endless genocidal wars and using the Jewish weapons of mass destruction and deception to murder millions of the inhabitants of the Earth.

    BUT, it comes out that the day when Mankind was wiling and ready for religion and GOD has gone by. Mankind missed the tide, as Shakespeare (whoever he is) said in Julius Caesar!

    If I were a Hindu or a Catholic, I would erect a statue for Muslim Martyr al-Hajj Malik al-Shabazz and WORSHIP him one hundred times a day! He was one of the greatest minds of the past century – knowledgeable, brave, sincere, faithful and loyal to the end, one of the most courageous among men!

    Muslims pretend not to be idolatrous, but they have embraced a Way of life of sports, Bollywood, Hollywood, and other Western ideologies that have done much harm to them and to the credibility of Islam.


  10. #10 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 02/28/2011 - 9:34

    NOOR says:
    February 27, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    … there are TWO versions of Haaretz that are published both on line and in actual news print. You have the stories written for the Hebrew reading public and the same stories quite modified for the English speaking readers. Sometimes it might simply be the turn of a phrase, but more often it is just less Talmudic for the English.

    This is absolutely correct. In France they had published a French translation of the Talmud, for example, for strictly Goyim consumption and where the incriminating passages regarding Christians, Jesus and Mary (and other Talmudic filths) were removed.

    They do the same when they translate their modern Israeli Hebrew papers into foreign languages.



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  12. #12 by ISI on 02/28/2011 - 9:34

    A great hero in this days Norman Finkelstein who is banned by israeli zionist government..

  13. #13 by ISI on 02/28/2011 - 9:34

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