Feeling the Hate In New York

  1. #1 by Kathy on 03/05/2011 - 9:34

    What a lot of parroting useless selfcentered asses!

  2. #2 by Mahmoud El-Yousseph on 03/05/2011 - 9:34

    These retards scare me!
    Talking about radicals and etremists. These idiots knew no shame.
    If any one in America need to be investigated and put under servailance, you should look no further.
    Their loyalty and patritism is missplaced. I don’t trust those bastards after listening to what they have to say.

  3. #3 by Peter on 03/05/2011 - 9:34

    What a bunch of nuts!
    They all look like they just came out of a loony bin. Its not fair to allow these freaks out of their nut house to disturb us with their bullshit.
    Send them all back to the Jewish funny farm!
    I think the tramma of having their little dicks chopped off at such a tender age must do something to their brains, like shrink them!
    Just think, these are the freaks, New York Jews, who moved to Russia to join their fellow Jews and cause the bolshevek revolution which resulted in the murder of 66 million Russian Christians and millions of hard-working Germans, White Russians, who had been invited to Russia by Catherine the Great. These Jews are not only crasy, their also dangerous! One of the first laws passed was one that made it a death penalty offense to be anti-semetic, and they decided who was anti-semetic. Christian churches were commonly distroyed and priests/ministers were forced to sweep the streets, whereas Rabbis were treated with great respect. Jews were also responsible for the Ukranian massacares and that of the Armenians in Turkey: The Jews were jealous of the success of the Christian Armenians in Turkey so they used their influence on the Turks to have them murder one and a half million Armenians.
    We often hear of the Hungarian revolution that was finally put down by the Russians. The Hungarians were not fighting against Communism, they were fighting against the Jews who had all the best jobs. Remember, communism = Jews.
    The Jews in this video seem to forget that Palestinians have lived in Palestine for the past two thousand years. If Jews still have the right to reclaim Palestine, I guess the Greeks and/or Romans can retake Turkey and North Africa. Hell, I can retake Europe, after al,l I’m a Celt!
    Furthermore, 90% of the Jews are decendents of the Kassars of Central Asia who converted to Judaism. They have no genetic relationship to Palestine. Their ancestors were a bunch of barbarians who worshiped the penis.
    I think were better off without anything from the Middle East or Central Asia. Lets look to our European roots, and to hell with these foreigners!

  4. #4 by mark from kentucky on 03/05/2011 - 9:34

    I have seen this video before. These people are dangerous and scary! When I went to the 5 anniversary of 9/11 I was talking to some local 9/11 Truthers about the Israeli ties to the terrorist attacks. One gentleman who took some pictures that day by using a disposable Marlboro camera (the kind you get when sending in cigarette coupons) did not dispute me. But you could tell he was uneasy with the topic and said something interesting to me. After I bought up the fact about the Israelis were filming the event in Liberty Park. That’s when some other person got kicked out of this sit down rally Alex Jones was having for his loyal truthers. Because he bought up the subject of WING TV (who at that time were really getting into the Israeli connections) and Dylan Avery (of Loose Change fame) who was speaking at the time looked at the man from the podium and said ” I know the Jews did it all!”
    Then the man was jeered out of the auditorium. I told the man who took the pictures that the man getting thrown out was right. Then came the comment that almost made my jaw drop! He looked at me with a sad look on his face and said “Well somethings hit a little to close to home.”
    The point of this story is. That N.Y. City is scared to death of the Jews and they got that town wrapped around there finger and it makes sense because it’s the Media hub of the USA and what a perfect place to have the biggest terrorist attack on American soil than where you own the sources that all the people get there news from. But not only that! You control Wall Street to! And the the local Government!
    When only 10% (because N.Y. has the largest population of Jews of any other city in the US) control the News all the way down to the Diamond trade. You have a scarred populace and a great way to cover up your crime and if it starts to fail. Just hurry up and go to Israel so you can be with your other Brethren in crime.

  5. #5 by galwayspaniard on 03/05/2011 - 9:34

    I give credit to film crew. I get to see other countries (here Israel) and listen to questions posed by man interviewing. Again, I give them a lot of credit. I guess it is that they are Jewish that they can even gain entry, and I have to be grateful that they care enough about sanity and decency to go out and about and try to make others look at the actions of the warmongers, etc.
    The more sedate Israeli youth brought up their points but does the mutilation and death of body and mind from war cross their minds. As Solzhenitsyn said “…what if it were you” (that is, the students whose homes and lives were being destroyed). I guess almost everyone gets indoctrinated when they are young.

  6. #6 by Lydia D. on 03/05/2011 - 9:34

    What a conglomeration of despicable and dangerous individuals. And that only scratches the surface of what plagues the western world.

    The hag that appears in the video that demands “send us the money” truly looks like a banshee of death. It’s in her eyes.

    “Land of the free, home of the brave?” Not when these Bolsheviks have their way. The ungodly triangle of NYC, Washington DC, and Tel Aviv have reeked havoc over us, and the American sheeple are paralyzed as to do anything about it.

  7. #7 by Amy Aremia on 03/06/2011 - 9:34

    It’s time that our government stop sending the people’s tax money in the Billions direct to all countries as “Foreign Aid.”
    The American people became careless generations ago, still thinking that our rulers were honest, before realizing that they have become corupt, as our essential rights have been going downhill ever since. The people have been forgotten, their rights disregarded by those we have sent to Washington to represent us….while their sole faculity has been turned to making themselves rich.
    To rid our governmnet of such greed, and the outsiders who are controlling our government, needs to begin in each Congressional District where the voters there, can find true patriots who will return to the Constitution that gave the USA a Republic—not a Democracy–this country will be free again. This action will take more work and attention than money…becasue then the local people can readily see who is being bribed, and who are the outsiders they can turn away…
    Due to this outside influence we have become aggressive..entering countries where we have no businiess to be….and installing military around the world…all under the guise of spreading “Democracy and Freedon.” Two words that are in variance with each other.
    We need to bring our military home…where we need the protection at our own borders; besides this will save Billions of dollars that can be cut from the deficit budget. And not to forget the Billions and Billions that will be saved by cutting out all foreign aid; including military supplies that cost Millions and Millilons of dollars while payment is “forgiven”.
    This will not only cut the deficit in huge amounts (instead of looking to cut aid to our own), it will also help to stop the unrest of riots, chaos, and revolutions around the world…lelt each country take care of itself…besides most are not ready for western ways….

  8. #8 by galwayspaniard on 03/08/2011 - 9:34

    way to go amy- it has to be at lowest levels- congressional levels but they have to be made scared, that is, hit them in the wallet—if they don’t do the people’s will, get rid of them and then there goes their paychecks and status

    people sit back in usa- addicted to their TVs- bread and circuses gets them by

    while soldiers and Marines who don’t know any better land on IEDs and …life goes on as usual and the maimed are all over Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and those from USS Liberty 1967

    decent people get mutilated;

    US outsources as much work as they can, and they can still call thisl a “country”

    Well- them man who ran to Israel in 1990 to join the IDF for the Gulf War is now the mayor of Chicago- his father, the gentle pediatrician, was a member of Irgun and enjoyed torturing Palestinians

    try goin to patch companies and getting palestinian flags, patches- only a few places sell them

    and finally the number of testicles removed from US military men blast victims in afghanistan increased last year

    but why bother…it’s not us…please put the TV on “I want to see what’s happening in american idol…ho hum
    doesn’t Palestine exist antmore?

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