News You Need For March 31, 2011

Obama OKs Covert Support for Libya Rebels


Libyan rebels massacre black Africans


Assad vows to defeat foreign ‘plot’


Clinton: UN Resolution Gives US Authority to Arm Libyan Rebels


‘Obama more belligerent than Bush’


Are US Soldiers Using Rape, Murder, And Bombing Of Children As War Strategy?


Argentina denounces bombings on Libya


Assad Leaves State of Emergency in Place


Settlement building increased fourfold in 2010


Foreign Troops Kill Two More Afghan Civilians in Kandahar


Assad blames ‘conspirators’ for Syria unrest


Audit of Pentagon Finds $70 Billion in Waste


Russia: Coalition troops in Libya must stay within UN mandate


Gadhafi Forces Cancel Out Much of Rebels’ Weekend Gains


Iran welcomes closer ties with Egypt


U.S. dismisses Assad claim of foreign conspiracy feeding Syria unrest


Gadhafi not close to military breaking point, U.S. army chief says


Britain: Israel’s right to exist not up for discussion or compromise


Netanyahu: Allegations of improper funding are ‘baseless slander’


‘Police beat and spat on us’


Gaza kids visit Turkey, tour ‘Marmara’ ship

  1. #1 by Gary on 03/31/2011 - 9:34

    Given the statement of support for israel by the British government, I guess they treat the israeli terrorist attack at the King David hotel that killed scores of British serviceman and civilians with the same lack of interest that most Americans treat israel’s attempted massacre of the U.S.S.Liberty. Two countries that are israeli occupied territory

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