Concerns in Pakistan that USAID Officials Are CIA Spies

In the Wake of Raymond Davis, Suspicion Abounds
by Jason Ditz
Raymond Davis was presented to the Pakistani government as a technical support worker for the US Consulate in Lahore, so it came as quite a surprise when, in the wake of his arrest on double-murder charges, he turned out to be the de facto CIA head for Pakistan.

He wasn’t alone. The Davis fallout led Pakistani spy agencies to determine that the US indeed had hundreds of active CIA operatives working in the nation above and beyond the officially reported ones working with the government.

Now, Pakistan’s National Accountability Bureau has turned its eyes toward USAID, the official US government aid agency. There is concern, according to reports, that the various USAID “corruption” scandals surrounding inefficient projects are evidence that the agency is being used as cover for CIA activities.

The US has denied the allegations, and surely a US government agency needs no ulterior motive to be monstrously inefficient. Still, it brings more unwelcome attention to the agency at a time when it is arguing that its programs are “vital” to the war effort in various nations, and a time when its funding is under growing scrutiny.

  1. #1 by Diane Conti-Tuncay on 04/30/2011 - 9:34

    Could be Cia spies? They know they are! Don’t be coy!

  2. #2 by funky d on 04/30/2011 - 9:34

    the people of pakistan, as well as people like myself whose families are originally from pakistan, do not have concerns that usaid workers may be cia spies. the fact is WE ARE AND HAVE BEEN FULLY AWARE FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS THAT THEY ARE CIA/MOSSAD TERRORISTS in PAKISTAN TO MURDER CIVILIANS AND DESTROY THE NATION. they are doing this by creating their own false front organisations to carry out their bombings supposedly in the name of islam. if it was in the name of islam then why are they bombing and killing innocent muslims. it is because they are not done in the name of islam but in the name of usa/jewish hegemony.

    raymond davis is only the tip of the iceberg. there are thousands more doing this sort of work.

  3. #3 by gator. on 05/01/2011 - 9:34

    Ive known about this for years, come on people, wakey,wakey hand off snakey.

  4. #4 by Doug on 05/01/2011 - 9:34

    The first question I asked myself, when the “War On Terror” started, was this:

    Why are these so called Jihadist, bombing and killing their own people?

    That was the best question I ever asked myself. It was a revelation for me.

    Why don’t more westerners ask themselves that same question?

  5. #5 by Ingrid B. on 05/01/2011 - 9:34

    As I said in an earlier comment re: Libya. Who in their right mind would want the sort of “aid” that the US forces on people?

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