EU member states to impose arms embargo on Syria in response to brutal crackdowns

European Union member states reach preliminary agreement to impose embargo; at meeting EU ambassadors ask EU experts to prepare plans for possible travel bans and asset freezes that could be imposed on Syrian leadership.
European Union member states reached preliminary agreement to Friday to impose an arms embargo on Syria and consider other restrictive measures in response to Syria’s crackdown on protests, diplomats said.

At a meeting in Brussels, ambassadors of EU governments gave a preliminary green light to the arms embargo and a ban on equipment used for repression, which will have to be formalized in the coming days.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton.
Photo by: Reuters

They also asked EU experts to prepare plans for possible travel bans and asset freezes that could be imposed on the Syrian leadership.

“There was political agreement for an arms embargo,” one EU diplomat said. “They also agreed to prepare for individual sanctions.”

A spokesman for Hungary, which hold the bloc’s six-month rotating presidency, said preparations could move quickly.

“(EU governments) understood the grave situation in Syria. The presidency made it clear that as soon as we have a proposal on the table, we will start working on sanctions,” he said.

The preliminary agreement comes on the same day that the Obama administration announced that it would be imposing sanctions on Syrians involved in government crackdowns, and the United Nations Human Rights Council passed Resolution S-16/1, condemning the Syrian government’s violent reprisals against its citizens.

The U.S. sponsored sanctions were leveled against two relatives of President Bashar Assad, Syria’s intelligence agency and its director, and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – Qods Force in response to their part in crackdowns on Syrian protests.

Assad was not among those targeted for the sanctions, which will include asset freezes and bans on U.S. business dealings, but he could be named later if violence by government forces against pro-democracy protesters continues, the officials said.

Obama said in the executive order authorizing the sanctions that they were being leveled as a result of the “government of Syria’s human rights abuses, including those related to the repression of the people of Syria, manifested most recently by the use of violence and torture against, and arbitrary arrests and detentions of, peaceful protestors by police, security forces, and other entities that have engaged in human rights abuses.”

The U.S. president said that these actions pose “an unusual andextraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States.”
One official said the White House is “not ready” to call on Assad to step down because President Barack Obama and his aides “do not want to get out in front of the Syrian people.”

The UN Human Rights Council expressed similar sentiments to the U.S. president, condemning for using deadly force against peaceful protesters and launched an investigation into killings and other alleged crimes.

Human Rights Council Resolution S-16/1 expressed “deep regret at the deaths of hundreds of people in connection with the recent and ongoing political protests in Syria, and grave concern with respect to alleged deliberate killings, arrests, and instances of torture of peaceful protestors by the Syrian authorities.”

The resolution reiterated UN Chief Ban Ki-moon’s recent call for an independent and transparent investigation of the situation in Syria, calling on the Syrian government to put an end to killings and allow freedom of expression.

It noted the Syrian government’s stated intention to take steps for reform “urging the Syrian Arab Republic to take urgent and concrete measures to meet the legitimate demands of its people, including by enlarging the scope of political participation and dialogue, following through on the abolition of the High State Security Court and the lifting of measures restricting the exercise of fundamental freedoms.”

The resolution fell short, however, of calling for international intervention, and reaffirmed that all UN members should refrain from breaching “the territorial integrity or political independence of any state”.

The human rights body, like the U.S. president, refrained from overtly calling on Syrian President Assad to step down.

The U.S. – sponsored resolution condemned the use of violence against peaceful protesters by Syrian authorities, calling on the Syrian government to allow all its people access to medical treatment and put an end to all human rights violations.

  1. #1 by John Kaminski on 04/30/2011 - 9:34

    Everything that is said by the Jewish-controlled Western powers about any situation in Arab countries is always predicated on false information. The U.S. government, permanently run by the Jewish neocons, cannot be trusted about anything it says. Examples? CNN reports 50,000 discontented Libyans protested in Benghazi. Videos of the same event show 200 thugs setting fires and throwing gasoline bombs. Obama says we’re there to protect Libyans, but the outlaw thugs he hired are mutilating loyal patriotic Libyans. That’s what the Jewish USA means by protecting Libyan citizens. Same in Syria. Video after video shows the Syrians firmly in support of Assad, but the European press runs all these stories about atrocities that have not happened. It’s the same formula the Jewish USA used in Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia and also those other places the Jewish USA decided to plunder. Americans should be so ashamed that they let these lies pass and let all those innocent people be killed. And Americans are so stupid that they can’t even acknowledge the same thing is happening to them, right in their own country. Americans are too stupid and too cowardly to even challenge the obvious lies that result in their own deaths. Zombie America, as you may know, is a wholly Jewish production. But of course, most Americans refuse to admit this, because they’ve been taught it’s anti-Semitic to say so.

  2. #2 by Franklin Ryckaert on 04/30/2011 - 9:34

    Syria has always been on the “to do” list of the zionist neo-cons,right after the successful false flag operation of 9/11.But a “justification” was missing.Now they seem to have found one.What we will see now is the all too familiar course of events: “spontaneous ” demonstrations of the people,”atrocities” committed by the governement (thanks to Mossad snipers),next the call for a weapons embargo and the freezing of foreign assets,then a no-fly zone and finally a “humanitarian intervention”.When Syria will be “liberated” it will be completely destroyed just like Iraq.But such things are not for nothing called the “birthpangs of a new Middle East “!

  3. #3 by funky d on 05/01/2011 - 9:34

    an arms embargo means that the syrians won’t have the means to defend themselves when the proxies/annexes of the VILE DISGUSTING DESPICABLE DEGENERATIVE RACIST TALMUDIST SUPREMACIST MURDEROUS PARASITIC TERRORIST HOLOCAUSTING REPTILLIAN ILLEGAL JEWISH MONSTROSITY OF A STATE launch their next murderous/holocausting assault on another arab/islamic nation.

    reminds me of the destruction of yugoslavia and murder of hundreds of thousands of bosnians. at the time there was arms embargo against bosnia but not serbia or croatia, thus allowing serbia and croatia to attack, destroy and steal large parts of bosnia without any real resistance from the largley unarmed bosnians. the reason given was that if they gave the bosnians arms to defend themselves then that would mean war in europe, but the attack and murder of 100,000s of defenceless bosnians was not war. WHAT A LOAD OF SICK DISGUSTING BULLSHIT. lest ye not forget, the british government , especially the iron bullshitting lady herself, stated that’we cannot have an islamic state in europe’.

  4. #4 by gator. on 05/01/2011 - 9:34

    Their all a bunch of scandalous scum bags,E.U U.S.A, the bloody lot ofam.A gang of 10 year old mischiefmakers,and all the brain dead people swallow their LIES hook line and sinker.

  5. #5 by Ingrid B. on 05/01/2011 - 9:34

    I never did trust the EU, right from the getgo, or the euro, both designed for control. The EU, in Brussels, decides what is best for this and that country and often cause grief by their decisions. A number of years ago, I was travelling by bus in the far north of Scotland and the driver pointed out an area where a lorry transporting cattle had gone off the road and ploughed through a copse of trees before toppling on it`s side. Many of the livestock which survived had to be shot. This was due to EU interference, which stipulated the number of cattle allowed in the sections of the transporter, this allowed the cattle to move around and when they all moved to one side, the driver lost control. I think the EU has had devastating consequences for the fishing industry as well. Surely each country knows best how to manage it`s own affairs, including Syria..

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