Video: The On-Going Nakba of Palestine … 63 Years Later

  1. #1 by Noor on 05/15/2011 - 9:34

    Good film but for one thing. The photos move too fast so the full impact, to me, was just a blur of images, nothing in particular to remember. Call me a grinch, but some of us need time to focus. The intention was good, but please, next time make the images sit still for a little longer.

  2. #2 by galwayspaniard on 05/16/2011 - 9:34

    Great photos but too fast.
    Sad and sickening what was and is being done to Palestinians.
    But USA supplied Israel- still does.
    Irish were also to be exterminated by Brits beginning in 1400s.
    Israeli soldiers —so many many cowards and sociopaths —killing children and whole village populations—if they get nightmares then these soldiers brought it on themselves.
    And so USA continues to fund terrorist society while its own population sucks snot.

  3. #3 by funky d on 05/16/2011 - 9:34

    unfortunately noor, attention spans are very short in people in the west, so the only way to grab their attention is by these fast moving short videos. i do agree slwoing it down would make it eaier to see the images clearly.

    the video itself is very powerful. especially the images of murdered children from around 3min 50 seconds onwards. i found myself unable to watch the rest properly and actually had a few tears in my eyes from seeing those images.

  4. #4 by B.Benhamid on 05/16/2011 - 9:34

    Dear Noor you are in full control of the forward speed by clicking the arrow and you will be able to see the image as long as you wish. To proceed, please click at the same location and you may realize that the problem is solved and the show will go on.

  5. #5 by Ingrid B. on 05/16/2011 - 9:34

    I agree with Noor, I would have liked time to study the pics of Palestine as it once was. The music could have been better too..

  6. #6 by Udgiri on 05/26/2011 - 9:34

    Rising fury of Muslims against Israel only means increasingly AMERICANS too would face security problems along Israel.

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