Israeli Intelligence and Hollywood–Joined at the hip

A stunning new book by authors Joseph Gelman and Meir Doron documents in great detail, facts about the life of legendary Israeli Hollywood producer, Arnon Milchan. Facts that even his closest friends will find surprising: namely, that before Hollywood, Mr. Milchan was one of the most daring and productive secret agents that Israeli intelligence had ever fielded. Working through a mysterious and little-know intelligence unit, the LAKAM, and guided by legendary Israeli spy-masters Benjamin Blumberg and Rafi Eitan, Confidential, The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon Arnon Milchan describes a world of billion-dollar weapons transactions, secret bank accounts, and a web of front companies around the world established by Milchan for the purpose of obtaining the super-sensitive technology and materials for Israel’s nuclear weapons program, from the mid 1960’s to the 1990’s.

 “Arnon is a special man. It was I who recruited him…When I was at the Ministry of Defense, Arnon was involved in numerous defense-related procurement activities and intelligence operations… His activities gave us a huge advantage, strategically, diplomatically and technologically… In my present position as president, I am restrained from recommending any single individual for our highest defense-related honor, but undoubtedly, Arnon Milchan is worthy of such an acknowledgement, and that’s as close to a recommendation that I, as President, can give.”

Shimon Peres

President of Israel

Confidential, the story of a genuine Israeli James Bond, is published by Gefen Books, and is currently available for pre-sale at

  1. #1 by Anon on 06/22/2011 - 9:34

    Everyone in Hollywood is evil. They either are Jews directly, or gentiles, who instead of worshiping God, worship mammon… they spread the lies/propaganda/sex/pornography/immorality that their bosses tell them to. They help push any and all agendas through their “acting”. They make billions upon billions of dollars for those devils at the top. If you think those crimes are trivial, you couldn’t be more wrong.

    Society is a system, organic and dynamic. Pump all that garbage into it, and you’ll get whole nations full of degenerates and people who no longer care about being good (obeying God) and loving thy neighbor etc.

    This stuff isn’t new… though the latest incarnations are, it’s an age old scheme. Guess who is behind these organized criminal agendas: prostitution, slavery, “white” slavery, pedophilia, etc etc. Their father really IS the devil. I don’t just mean that metaphorically, though obviously that’s the case. They are also literal children of lies and murder.

    Television (movies/”entertainment” industry) is the single most evil invention in the history of the world. And that’s saying something.

    Hollywood actors have A LOT to answer for.

  2. #2 by funky d on 06/23/2011 - 9:34

    hollywood is another arm of the parasitic lying jew propaganda machine so this story is of no surprise.

  3. #3 by Ingrid B. on 06/23/2011 - 9:34

    @ Anon : I believe every word you write, and it seems there is no hope for a world which has been desecrated by these monsters, for so many years, but, if those of good heart, remain steadfast, and live their lives according to their traditions and values, then maybe the cancer can be destroyed, or rendered harmless.. we must keep faith..

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