The Piper Report July 25, 2011

MCP discusses the latest terrorism in Norway and how the White Nationalist community was warned years ago that something like this was invitable if they hitched their fortunes to Jewish interests in jumping on the anti-Islam bandwagon.

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  1. #1 by John Friend on 07/27/2011 - 3:23 am

    Mr. Piper, you certainly do not think this one man could have accomplished this horrific act all on his own, do you? The position you took in this podcast seemed to imply that….

  2. #2 by germaniajimJim vonBeker on 07/27/2011 - 8:05 am

    there was a witness who stated that two gunmen were evident, and now it appears, tho we cant be sure as the media lies like hell , that the gunman admitted he was not alone in this deed. Still, we must all Boycott Israeli goods.

  3. #3 by Concrete man on 07/27/2011 - 8:31 am


    I have not followed all the minutiae of the Oslo insanity but willing to consider both sides of the matter.
    1. What happened is just what George Bush said, Them MOozlims hate our freedoms;
    2. This Norwegian chap carried out the entire operation on his own (according to a Swede I know, Norwegians all spend time in the military and are very smart! Although this Swede also believe the official 911 version, ha.)
    3. As you say, a sound theory and very plausible in some respects, the guy was just brainwashed
    carrying out the Jewish Agenda.

    4. My last point Mike is something I discovered and then sent to you, which happened just before the earthquake struck Japan in March 2011: being, Kevin MacDonald was on Tom Sunic’s show where he stated that he did not give a fuck about the Palestinians as long as we get those goddamned Moozelims out of Europe. This seems like a somewhat minor or academic point, but just as you stated in your broadcast, the Norwegian chap with all his military might may have been just putting into action the Kevin MacDonald Plan into real world results. Support/Make an unprincipled and cowardly concession with Israel hate the Muslims.

    As a last note, it does seem unbelievable that one lone nut could carry this out, maybe he was supported by similar Norwegian nuts or it was indeed some sort of deeper Mossad operation, just like Oswald was put out there as a patsy but Oswald was a pretty creepy guy himself.

    Concrete man

  4. #4 by Concrete man on 07/27/2011 - 8:40 am

    One clarification (sorry, it is the cocktail hour here and this is a complex topic), if the Norwegian chap were carrying out his mission to “hate them Moozlims” then he carried it out in a rather odd way, by killing his blonde and blue eyed fellow country men, in the most evil and despicable manner one can even imagine. It obviously seems more logical that he would have attacked the Moozlim population in Norway than those youths in one sense. But as another strategy, if he thought their anti Israel stance was at the root of it all, it would have been more logical, from his depraved point of view, to kill the disease at its source. But even that is BS given that he should have perhaps bombed (not that I am advocating this or any violence!!!) the government immigration office, just as someone did to the Texas IRS office!

  5. #5 by Mark Propheter on 07/27/2011 - 8:51 am

    LOL! I liked Amy Winehouse to!

  6. #6 by B.Benhamid on 07/28/2011 - 9:12 pm

    Thanks Brother Michael Collins Piper for sharing your knowledge and informing us with the unbiased truth.

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