Exploiting Norway’s Terror

Mr. and Mrs. Sikorski’s War on “Dangerous Emotions”

By Maidhc Ó Cathail
August 29, 2011

In the wake of any major terrorist event, it’s generally worth noting who is especially quick off the mark to exploit the tragedy.

Within hours of planes striking the World Trade Center on 9/11, the then former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak was in the BBC’s London studios calling for a “war on terror” against “rogue states” which just happened to be enemies of Israel (none of whose agents, unlike Israel’s, were seen filming and celebrating as the twin towers collapsed into their own footprint). And soon after ICTS International, an Israeli security firm established by former intelligence officers, allowed a young Nigerian without a passport to “slip through” Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to board Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day two years ago, former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, the son of a suspected Mossad operative, was on CNN touting one of his client’s full-body scanners as the answer to America’s airline security problems.

In the case of the July 22 twin terror attacks in Oslo and on Utøya Island, however, some of Israel’s more provocative propagandists appear to have been wrong-footed by Anders Behring Breivik’s apparent admiration for their Islamophobic rants. While the likes of Bat Ye’or, Daniel Pipes and Pamela Geller were seen scrambling to distance themselves from Breivik, Norway’s massacre has indeed been seized upon by others with their own, albeit less transparent, ties to the Jewish state.

During visits to two European capitals over the following week, Poland’s staunchly pro-Israel foreign minister, Radoslaw Sikorski, appeared to be particularly exercised by the tragedy. While in London for discussions about the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the EU’s Eastern European policy, Sikorski took a swipe at some of his critics in Poland, where he claimed “there is no lack of people who think like Behring Breivik, a man who shot at his own people in order to bring down a government he believed had lost its political and legal right to govern.” The foreign minister, one of the highest-ranking Polish leaders not on board the plane that crashed killing much of Warsaw’s political and military leadership last year, said that his country also has “groups who believe that the democratically elected president and government are traitors who have no real interest in Poland or the Polish people. These are very dangerous emotions which, if stoked, could have unpredictable consequences.” As an example of such “dangerous emotions,” Sikorski cited an ongoing court case in which he is suing a couple of Polish newspapers for failing to remove readers’ anti-Semitic comments about his wife, Anne Applebaum.

Later in Brussels, before an emergency meeting of counter-terrorism officials on how to combat attacks such as Norway’s, the Polish foreign minister repeated his allegations during a press conference with his British counterpart, William Hague. Claiming that “certain political parties had expressed their approval of the terrorist,” Sikorski went on to cite the internet as “a potentially sinister tool for those bent on propagating agendas of hate.” Referring again to the remarks made online about his wife, he described the net as a “cesspool.”

The Polish foreign minister’s legal crusade against “dangerous emotions” had already received a significant endorsement in a May 11 op-ed piece in The Economist magazine from someone writing under the pseudonym “E.L.,” who described Sikorski as “an old friend of mine.”  Reproducing one such comment in Polish which was considered “simply too unpleasant to translate,” E.L. cited “another rather milder one” which “merely accuses Mr Sikorski of being the ‘husband of an orthodox Jew, an enemy of Poland controlled by his father-in-law,’ bent on the ‘the destruction and destabilisation of Poland’ and a ‘hidden, ruthless traitor.’” Having disclosed that Sikorski was an “old friend,” E.L. somehow neglected to mention that the Polish foreign minister’s wife accused of betraying Poland to foreign interests is a former editor of The Economist. As for the op-ed writer’s own identity, it may be more than a coincidence that the name of the holding company owned by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, which manages its investments in The Economist Group, owner of The Economist magazine, is E.L. Rothschild.

Sikorski’s allegedly influential father-in-law, Harvey Applebaum, is a partner in Covington and Burling, an international law firm which advises multinational corporations on significant transactional, litigation, regulatory, and public policy matters. Among its more controversial clients are Chiquita, the first major U.S. corporation to be convicted of financing terrorism; and Halliburton and Xe Services (formerly Blackwater), two of the biggest beneficiaries of the “war on terror.” Its current and former attorneys include such proficient pro-Israeli warmongers as John Bolton, senior fellow at the neoconservative American Enterprise Institute (a former employer of both Mr. and Mrs. Sikorski); Stuart Eizenstat, Special U.S. Envoy for Holocaust Issues during the Clinton administrations; and the aforementioned Michael Chertoff.

Having covered the demise of the Soviet Union as a Warsaw-based correspondent for The Economist during the late 1980s, Anne Applebaum has long been one of the most prominent anti-Russian advocates of economic and political “liberalisation” in the former Soviet Bloc and beyond. In a 2004 op-ed in The Washington Post, she dismissed as “Freedom Haters” those who saw “insidious neocon plots” behind the supposedly disinterested “democracy promotion” of George Soros and what she sarcastically referred to as “the evil triumvirate” of the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute and Freedom House, which she praised for “diligently training judges, helping election monitors and funding human rights groups around the world for decades, much of the time without getting much attention for it.”  Prefiguring her husband’s current concerns, Applebaum bemoaned “the international echo chamber that the Internet has become” in which such cynical ideas “have traction.” 

In the wake of Norway’s terror, Anne Applebaum’s response was as swift as it was revealing. Within 48 hours, she had an op-ed piece in The Washington Post entitled “Norway massacre and anti-government obsession.” Sounding a similar note to Sikorski, she opined that Breivik’s obsessions “sprang from an insane conviction that his own government was illegitimate.” Applebaum, however, seemed more concerned about Americans who might think like Breivik. Coining the term “illegitimists” to describe Breivik’s supposed American analogues, she cited Birthers, who claim that Barack Obama isn’t American-born, as the contemporary right-wing manifestation. “It is not accidental,” Applebaum observed, “that the one note of sympathy for Breivik in the U.S. media came from the birtherist and illegitimist Glenn Beck, who helpfully compared the young Norwegians murdered by Breivik to Hitler youth. Presumably if they are Hitler youth, then they deserved to die?”

It is hardly accidental either that Applebaum, who has lauded Daniel Pipes as “one of the best” American analysts of the Middle East, omitted to mention that the Birther movement is spearheaded by Orly Taitz, a Soviet Jewish emigré and pro-Israel activist who had lived in Israel for years prior to her inciting Americans against their president; or that Glenn Beck — whose over-the-top exposés of influential figures such as George Soros conveniently serve to discredit more measured critiques — is engaged in a mutual love affair with the Israeli right-wing, whose backing has been crucial to his lucrative career of demagoguery.

After the Norway massacre, of course, it’s going be even harder for genuine critics of government to publicly express their displeasure. From now on, anyone who questions the bona fides of such avid “freedom lovers” as the Sikorskis and their powerful transnational associates risks being labelled a potential “Breivik” whose “dangerous emotions” need to be kept in check.

Maidhc Ó Cathail is an investigative journalist and Middle East analyst.

  1. #1 by Henry on 08/29/2011 - 9:34

    Hello. I am an associate of AVA Investment Analytics, an investment research firm headed by Mike Stathis, our Chief Investment Strategist and CEO. I have chosen to discuss this issue here because I have been unable to find your email.

    I was informed that someone told Mr. Glenn of Mr. Stathis, pointed to some articles on our website http://www.avaresearch.com which discussed the criminal zionist Jewish mafia.

    The individual recommended interviewing Mr. Stathis, but Mr. Glenn stated that he found no contact information on our website. This is very suspect, as contact info is clearly shown on the menu. Perhaps there is more than meets the eye, as Mr. Stathis has already exposed Brother Nathaniel, which Mr. Glenn appears to be close to.

    Mr. Stathis has also experienced being banned by Michael Rivera, who is more concerned with boosting himself rather than having unbiaed experts like Mr. Stathis expose the truth.

    The question I have is this. Mr. Glenn, are hiding something? If so, one hint will come if you decide to delete or not approve this post, although approving it will not be taken as an expression of your motives.

    You know how to contact us. Our email is on the website under “CONTACT” in the menu.

    As well, I also entered it when the comment was posted.

    –note from me, MG–Put a leash on your paranoia, “Henry”. If I said I could not find any contact info, then I could not find it. If it happens to be there now, so be it.

    For the record, I am not conversant on economic matters even mildly, which is why after reviewing Mr Stathis’ website this evening I would at this point avoid doing a program on it.

    As far as me being close with Br Nathanael, I have not spoken to him in almost a year, so best get your facts straight before hurling accusations and innuendos. IMO, individuals such as you who engage in this type of behavior are the ones we all need to watch out for, as experience has proven time and again that you are the ones who wind up blowing a gasket and doing something stupid that winds up harming the cause of truth for everyone.

  2. #2 by Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg on 08/30/2011 - 9:34

    Let me express my displeasure. I’m sick and tired of PREDATORS and PARASITIC economic entities. They induce economic slavery; they create population reduction by global death; they pollute the planet in the name of money, money, f*cking money! Please take these elite banksters, tie a millstone around the neck of each one, and toss them into Annihilation and Oblivion. Our planet does not need such filth in leadership.

  3. #3 by tryals Tony Ryals on 08/30/2011 - 9:34

    Dear Maidhc Ó Cathail,
    ICTS Europe,(the same as ICTS International),was also doing some
    ‘security’ work during the London subway bombings and also allowed
    both Richard Reid the shoe bomber to board a flight from De Gualle
    shortly after 911 as well as the Islamic crotch bomber Mutallab to
    board flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas 2009 and had a
    ‘security’ role at Moscow airport earlier this year when a supposed
    Islamic bomber killed over 30 people – I thought you would find it of
    some interest that according to ICTS’ own website,they also play some
    unexplained ‘security’ role in Norway as well.
    Because I respect and appreciate your investigative writing that has
    also been posted on Gordon Duff’s,et.al.’s,veteranstoday.con website I
    also wanted to bring to your attention the fact that their writer Gilad
    Artzmon appears to be a relative of both Menachem Atmon of ICTS infamy
    as well as Tzipora (Tzipi) Malka Livni of Israeli war crimes
    infamy.Gordon Duff appears himself connected to ex CIA George Tenet
    with all his ties to lies of 911 as well as to the CIA stock fraud and
    money laundering In Q Tel and Agora Inc of Baltimore,,(that may or not
    be related to Agora newspaper monopoly of Poland), which explains
    why Duff placed Agora´s Lila Rajiva as a staff writer until I raised
    internet hell about it.Certainly not your fault that they would use
    your good investigative reporting to bolster their credibility but in
    light of Gilad Atzmon’s undisclosed relations to the upper levels of
    Israeli fascism and to people who had direct roles in 911 and probably
    London subway bombings as well as Richard Reid the shoe bomber and
    Mutalab the Islamic crotch bomber and possibly a role in Moscow
    airport bombing earlier this year,etc,such as his relative Atzmon of
    ICTS International or ICTS Europe,it would be in all our interest if
    you investigated my contentions and verify for yourself.

    Contact ICTS Europe Systems
    http://www.ictseuropesystems.com/contact.html If you would like to
    receive further information about ICTS Europe Systems, or have us
    contact you in relation to … Norway, ICTS Norway S/A,

    ICTS Norway – [ Translate this page ]
    http://www.ictsnorway.no/ – Cached Marknadskommunikation med fokus på
    Internet och varumärken.:

    ICTS-International Consultants Wed Targeted Security has long been
    synonymous with air safety – Aviation Security. ICTS is a world leader
    in this area and has during the last two decades gained a prestigious
    reputation for its professional integrity, service, quality,
    innovation and commercial success in their various businesses.

    ICTS was formed in 1982 and has since become the market leader when it
    comes to safeguarding services within the aviation industry. Year 2003
    encompassed ICTS Europe for more than 700 000 flights.

  4. #4 by Jerzy Ulicki-Rek on 08/30/2011 - 9:34

    Please let me set it clear and straight:”Sikorski “and his wife are Jews.Poland as a country is under Jewish occupation since 1945.Occupation delivered on the bayonets of Red Army.
    Until 1989 the was some sort of balance of power in government mafia :some were Jewish bastards and some were “ours” .Same as in Moscow where was the decision center.
    In 1968 “our” bastards were strong enough to get rid of most of the Jewish bastards.
    People’s”Solidarity” movement ,was taken over from the beginning almost by Jews from “K.O.R. (Komitee to Defened the Workers)like J.Kuron,Geremek,Mazowiecki.
    Jews used the manipulated “Solidarity” as a tool to force “our’ bastards to share the power in the country.
    Real and honest people from Solidarity were force to emigrate.
    After 1989 (“round table agreement”) Jews have absolute power and are selling the country in bulk.
    Industry(shipyards,harbors) which were doing well even under wasteful “communism” system collapsed all of sudden.
    Poles are under Jewish occupation .
    Those who could create any danger to a status quo (A.Lepper,leader of “Samoobrona(“Self defence) -the last victim) are murdered by suicide.

    Jerzy Ulicki-Rek

  5. #5 by Ingrid B. on 08/30/2011 - 9:34

    Sarkosy.. Sikorski.. they are everywhere, and each and every one, has “clout.”

  6. #6 by Gino Santana on 08/30/2011 - 9:34

    This is just a preemptive strike against intelligent and moral reasoning. The bottom line is that no matter how lofty the arguments are from the “freedom lovers”, You can not rationalize murder.

    If rationalizing murder via war, genocide, culturecide, ethnic cleansing, and all of the other words used to justify it, then the authors of such thoughts are hopeless psychopaths and need to be dealt with the only Language that they understand. Punitive Action. There is no other alternative.

  7. #7 by Pro-Gentile on 08/30/2011 - 9:34

    If there is a jew in a position of power or is married to one, then you know they don’t have your best interests in mind.

    Vampires need to feast constantly…

  8. #8 by Ingrid B. on 08/31/2011 - 9:34

    @tryals Tony Ryals : thanks for the above information. I did wonder about Duff, his connections and backers. Someone once asked him how VT is funded, his reply : “we run on air.”

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