Libya rebels demand Algeria return Gadhafi family

President of the Libyan National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdel Jalil attends a press conference with Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini (not in picture) on April 19, 2011 in Rome, Italy. Italy welcomed Abdel Jalil Mustafa in his first official trip to Italy since the start of the conflict in Libya and he is due to meet Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi later today.
Overthrown Libyan leader’s wife, two sons, and daughter apparently fled to Algeria on Monday; rebels say son Khamis killed in clash outside Tripoli.

Libya’s rebels accused neighboring Algeria of an act of aggression for admitting the fleeing wife of Muammar Gadhafi and three of his children, but the whereabouts of the former strongman himself remain a mystery a week after his overthrow.

Algeria’s Foreign Ministry said Gadhafi’s wife Safia, his daughter Aisha and his sons Hannibal and Mohammed had entered Algeria on Monday morning.

The development threatened to create a diplomatic rift just as the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) worked to consolidate its position as Libya’s new government.

An NTC spokesman accused Algeria said the council would seek to extradite the Gadhafis.

A senior rebel officer also said Gadhafi’s son Khamis, a feared military commander, had been killed in a clash outside of Tripoli. The report could not be independently confirmed.

Meanwhile rebel forces converged on Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte from east and west, intent on seizing one of his last bastions of support either by force or by negotiation.

Gadhafi’s whereabouts have not been known since the rebels captured Tripoli and his 42-year-old rule collapsed a week ago after a six-month uprising backed by NATO and some Arab states.

Algeria’s acceptance of Gadhafi’s wife and offspring angered the rebel leadership, who want him and his entourage to face justice for years of repressive rule and who fear that he could orchestrate a new insurgency unless he is captured.

“We have promised to provide a just trial to all those criminals and therefore we consider this an act of aggression,” spokesman Mahmoud Shamman told Reuters. “We are warning anybody not to shelter Gadhafi and his sons. We are going after them … to find them and arrest them.”

“We have heard that Algeria will harbour them till they go to another country. They are trying to go to another country, possibly an east European country,” he said.

NTC chairman Mustafa Abdel Jalil called on the Algerian government — which has not recognised the council as Libya’s legitimate authority — to cooperate with it and hand over any of Gadhafi’s sons on its wanted list.

Asked if he knew where Gadhafi senior was, he told al- Jazeera TV: “If we knew where Gadhafi was now our revolutionaries would be on their way to capture him. We have no information that Muammar Gadhafi is in Libya or in any other place.”

Jalil appealed to NATO to keep up its air campaign in support of the rebels, saying Gadhafi was still a threat.

NATO warplanes have struck at targets near Sirte, on the Mediterranean coast, in recent days.

Whether or not Gadhafi is hiding in Sirte to make a last stand, the city would be a strategic and symbolic prize for Libya’s new rulers as they tighten their grip on the vast North African country.

Rebel forces were advancing towards Sirte from east and west even as negotiations continued for its surrender. Their eastern column had pushed past the village of Bin Jawad and secured the Nawfaliya junction by Monday.

Marwan Mustapha, an ambulance worker at Nawfaliya, said: “God willing, the rebels will enter the city without bloodshed and the negotiations will have succeeded. But if they have to enter by force, there will be blood.”

In the desert to the south, Gadhafi loyalists were also holding out, notably in the city of Sabha.

But the death of Gadhafi’s son Khamis, if confirmed, would be a serious blow to any chance of a military fight back.

Colonel Al-Mahdi Al-Haragi, chief of the rebels’ Tripoli Brigade, said he had confirmation that Khamis was badly wounded in a clash near Ben Walid. He was taken to hospital but died and was buried in the area, Al-Haragi said.

Rebel military spokesman Colonel Ahmed Bani told Al Arabiya TV that the rebels also believed Gadhafi’s intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi was killed on Saturday along with Khamis,

“We have almost certain information that Khamis Gadhafi and Abdullah al-Senussi were killed on Saturday by a unit of the national liberation army during clashes in Tarhouna (90 km southeast of Tripoli),” Bani said.

A U.S. official said Washington could not independently confirm Khamis’ death but similar information was being received from “reliable sources.”

Khamis has already been reported killed twice during the uprising only to re-emerge.

International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said he may apply for an arrest warrant for Khamis.

Human Rights Watch said members of the Khamis Brigade, which he commanded, appeared to have carried out summary executions of prisoners whose bodies were found in a Tripoli warehouse.

A report by U.S.-based Physicians for Human Rights said in a report it had found evidence of crimes including “murder, torture, rape, forced internment and disappearance” carried out by Muammar Gadhafi’s forces during their siege of Misrata.

The Hague-based ICC has already approved arrest warrants for Muammar Gadhafi, his son Saif al-Islam, and Senussi on charges of crimes against humanity.

The NTC, recognized as Libya’s legitimate authority by more than 40 nations, was working to establish control in Tripoli after days of chaos
and clashes with diehard Gadhafi loyalists.

The council, whose leaders plan to move to Tripoli from their Benghazi headquarters this week, is trying to impose security, restore basic services and revive the economy.

Gunfire echoed occasionally across the city but aid agencies reported medical and other services were beginning to function again.

Residents, hit by shortages of food, fuel and water, ventured out to shop amid the stench of garbage before the Eid al-Fitr festival which follows the fasting month of Ramadan.

  1. #1 by DR.NUR on 08/30/2011 - 9:34

    NATO commits massacre at Sirte razing the city to the ground “Neither women, nor children are allowed to leave. “Men, captured attempting to leave the town together with their families, are shot. “Their families are sent back into the city under bomb

    Tuesday, August 30, 2011
    Grozny, said to be like Sirte.

    NATO commits massacre at Sirte razing the city to the ground

    Posted: 29 August 2011 at Mathaba. Originally from

    “For the third day in a row, NATO aircraft are conducting massive
    missile and bomb strikes on the city of Sirte, home town of Muammar
    Gaddafi, not allowing anyone to escape.

    “The city perimeter is surrounded by rebel check points, behind which
    there are special forces units from Britain, France, Qatar and United
    Arab Emirates.

    “The exit from the city is completely blocked.

    “Neither women, nor children are allowed to leave.

    “Men, captured attempting to leave the town together with their
    families, are shot.

    “Their families are sent back into the city under bombing.

    “The situation resembles the terrible winter of ’95 in Grozny,
    Chechnia, when there was bombing everything that moved.”


    Libya rebels pledge assault on Gadhafi stronghold

    “Col. Roland Lavoie, a NATO spokesman, said it’s possible Sirte might
    surrender without a fight.

    “Lavoie appeared to struggle to explain how NATO strikes were
    protecting civilians at this stage in the conflict.

    “Asked about NATO’s assertion that it hit 22 armed vehicles near Sirte
    on Monday, he was unable to say how the vehicles were threatening
    civilians, or whether they were in motion or parked.”

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    Labels: Libya, NATO, Sirte
    The Algerian daily Al-Khabar asserted that young children have been
    kidnapped from Algerian cities, transported to Morocco, and then sold
    to Israelis and American Jews who have then harvested their organs for
    sale on the black market.

    On 29 August 2011, reports that:

    ‘Al-CIAda’ is wasting no time – It is expanding the Imperial War into Algeria

    Col Gaddafi’s wife and three children have ‘fled to Algeria’‎, so
    Algeria must be a bad country, according to the propaganda.

    And al Qaeda is at work in Algeria; al Qaeda claims responsibility for
    the 26 Agust 2011 Algeria attack

    “Al Qaeda’s North Africa wing has claimed responsibility for a suicide
    attack on a military academy in Algeria, accusing it of supporting the
    regime of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi.

    Civilians were killed in the attack.

    According to the Mossad-CIA-al Qaeda:

    “On the night of the 27th of this holy month, and while the Muslim
    Libyan people were completing their victory over the dictator Gaddafi
    … the mujahideen in Algeria pursued their blessed attacks against the
    Algerian criminal regime, an ally to Gaddafi.”

    Algeria has denied backing Gaddafi. also reports on The dangers
    lurking in the Arab spring

    According to therearenosunglasses:

    Disaster has come to Libya, Syria and Iraq and will come soon to Lebanon.

    There are tensions between Sunnis and Shiites.

    “The CIA master manipulators should have the real regional conflict on
    their hands that they have been so diligently seeking.

    “Massive saturation bombing campaigns will get underway.

    “By then, Iran will clearly be Public Enemy Number One…

    “Selective nuke strikes would then become an acceptable solution…”

    The USA wants oil, military bases and a chance to frustrate China.

    Israel wants Sunnis and Shiites destroying each other, rather than
    opposing Israel.

    Sunnis in light green. Shiites in dark green.

    According to Vali Nasr, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution,
    (The dangers lurking in the Arab spring):

    “Throughout the Middle East there is a strong undercurrent of
    simmering sectarian tension between Sunnis and Shiites…

    “Shiites and Sunnis live cheek by jowl in the long arc that stretches
    from Lebanon to Pakistan, and the region’s two main power brokers,
    Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia, are already jousting for power…

    “The struggle that matters most is the one between Sunnis and Shiites…

    “Shiites clamor for greater rights in Lebanon, Bahrain and Saudi
    Arabia, while Sunnis are restless in Iraq and Syria…

    “Saudis saw Iran’s hand behind a rebellion among Yemen’s Houthi tribe
    … that started in 2004.

    “Iran blamed Arab financing for its own decade-long revolt by Sunni
    Baluchis along its southeastern border with Pakistan.

    “And since 2005, when Shiite Hezbollah was implicated in the
    assassination of Rafik Hariri, a popular Sunni prime minister who was
    close to the Saudis, a wide rift has divided Lebanon’s Sunni and
    Shiite communities, and prompted Saudi fury against Hezbollah…

    “In March, fearing a snowball effect from the Arab Spring, Saudi
    Arabia drew a clear red line in Bahrain, where a Shiite majority would
    have been empowered had pro-democracy protests succeeded in ousting
    the Sunni monarchy…

    “The turn of events in Syria is particularly important, because Sunnis
    elsewhere see the Alawite government as the linchpin in the Shiite
    alliance of Iran and Hezbollah.

    “The Alawite-Sunni clash there could quickly draw in both of the major
    players in the region and ignite a broader regional sectarian conflict
    among their local allies, from Lebanon to Iraq to the Persian Gulf and

    “The specter of protracted bloody clashes, assassinations and
    bombings, sectarian cleansing and refugee crises from Beirut to
    Manama, causing instability and feeding regional rivalry, could put an
    end to the hopeful Arab Spring.

    “Radical voices on both sides would gain. In Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria
    and Iraq, it is already happening…”

    Posted by Anon at 8:00 AM 7 comments
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    Gaddafi in Detroit

    Video found at: Facts not Fairies

    “The drugs don’t work”

    Libya: The Greatest Betrayal


    Posted by Anon at 6:16 AM 0 comments
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    Monday, August 29, 2011

    “In the last several months there have been reports about Libya that
    have turned out to be part of the stunningly foreign-orchestrated
    regime change agenda…

    “One example that comes to mind is British foreign secretary William
    Hague’s claim in February that Gaddafi was on the run and on his way
    or in Venezuela.”

    The Zimbabwe Review: The Gaddafi-in-Zimbabwe hoax

    “Reports from Zimbabwe suggest that Gaddhafi has landed there,
    transported by the Zimbabwe Air Force.

    “People in the country claim seeing the dictator’s female bodyguards
    securing and patrolling the grounds of a mansion in Harare, Zimbabwe.

    “A spokesman for Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change announced
    that, ‘There’s no doubt that Gaddafi is here as a unique guest of

    “In what may be a related development, the Libyan ambassador in
    Zimbabwe and his staff were expelled from the country on Sunday after
    declaring allegence to the rebels last week.”


    Gaddafi has been much criticised for having dealings with Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

    “Following a 1998 Arab League meeting in which fellow Arab states
    decided not to challenge U.N. sanctions, Gaddafi announced that he was
    turning his back on pan-Arab ideas, one of the fundamental tenets of
    his philosophy.

    “Instead, Libya pursued closer bilateral ties, particularly with
    Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

    “It also sought to develop its relations with Sub-Saharan Africa,
    leading to Libyan involvement in several internal African disputes in
    the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Central African
    Republic, Eritrea, and Ethiopia.

    “Libya also sought to expand its influence in Africa through financial
    assistance, ranging from aid donations to impoverished neighbors such
    as Niger to oil subsidies to Zimbabwe.

    “Gaddafi proposed a borderless “United States of Africa” to transform
    the continent into a single nation-state ruled by a single government.

    “This plan was moderately well received, although more powerful
    would-be participants such as Nigeria and South Africa were

    Foreign relations of Libya – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    On 30 August 2011, it was reported that Colonel Gaddafi’s wife and
    three of his children had fled to Algeria.

    BBC News: Gaddafi family ‘flee to Algeria

  2. #2 by Ingrid B. on 08/30/2011 - 9:34

    Algeria spoiled their fun, they probably had plans to humiliate, torture and probably murder this family, the brutal thugs have not shown any sign of granting anyone a fair trial, so why would anyone believe them..

    “International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said he may apply for an arrest warrant for Khamis.

    Human Rights Watch said members of the Khamis Brigade, which he commanded, appeared to have carried out summary executions of prisoners whose bodies were found in a Tripoli warehouse.” :

    This stooge MAY apply for an arrest warrant, because the Khamis Brigade APPEARED to have carried out executions.. what sort of kangaroo court is this, and what does the stooge call the trail of massacre, from Benghazi to Tripoli by the rebel thugs?

  3. #3 by Lindsey on 08/31/2011 - 9:34

    Mark Glenn, how much longer is humanity going to have to endure this LITERALLY NEVER-ENDING TOREMENT forced-upon it by these psycho-sociopaths who ARE KNOWN BY THE WORLD FOR WHO AND WHAT THEY ARE?

    How much longer are we all going to be subjected to these horrors in-print, television, and radio media? At what point does humanity-at-large realize that WE ARE ALL COLLECTIVELY GOING TO BE IN THE SAME SITUATION AS LIBYA, AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, ALL OF THE “STAN” DICTATORSHIPS, etc., etc., etc., and on and on it goes. This may seem like a rhetorical question, but it is NOT because these f****ing monsters no longer HIDE THEIR INTENTIONS NOR THEIR ACTIONS–it is in plain-sight for everyone and everything to see and endure.

    When is it ever going to reach a threshold when enough-is-enough? Will God Incarnate’s Protocols have to be FULLY IMPLEMENTED before common-humanity realizes that by sitting back and doing and saying next-to-nothing they have ENSURED their utter destruction, and for those who survive, their utter enslavement?


    NB: I am genuinely physically SICKENED by what I see on a daily basis, and simply can not understand how things have reached this point, and will inevitably get much, much, much worse in the near future.

    –note from me, MG–Wish I could answer yourquestion bro. I wanted this thing to be over with yesterday. Gentiles are not cut out to deal with jewish madness. We are too geared towards living happy, productive lives.

    Rest assured however it will be over, one day.

  4. #4 by Ingrid B. on 08/31/2011 - 9:34

    @ Dr. Nur : thanks for the information and videos, I have no words to respond, it is all so tragic but will send it on..

  5. #5 by Vickie Jacobs on 08/31/2011 - 9:34

    Dr. Nur: yes, thank-you for the information and the videos. I too have no words except something in this country has to wake these people up and dear God what will it take? I know I refer to scriptures but to me it is those millions who are asleep and will NOT hear sitting in churches that could of put on the brakes to this.
    Isaiah 28:28:12,13….says God will put those brakes on them when He finally bends these people backwards and breaks them.
    These people in these others countries are beautiful people and I hope God doesn’t wait too long.

  1. Gadhafi Not Welcome Here: MDC-T | Dating

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