“Anti-Semitism” tainting Occupy Wall Street

‘Emergency Committee for Israel’ publishes clip in which Jews are attacked and blamed for financial crisis and assistance to Israel

Several anti-Semitic incidents have been reported during “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations in New York as Jews were blamed for the turmoil in America’s financial markets. In addition, anti-Israel signs were raised against “Israel’s occupation of Gaza”.

The “Emergency Committee for Israel” has published a hard-to-watch clip in which Jews are attacked and blamed for the financial crisis and assistance to Israel. The committee is a neo-conservative body headed by William Kristol, the Jewish editor of the Weekly Standard, which aims to convince Jews to vote for a Republican presidential candidate.

It should be noted that the video is political in nature and seeks to tie President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to the protesters, urging them to “stand up to the mob”.

The White House, on its part, is trying to take advantage of the demonstrations against Wall Street while the anti-Obama camp is attempting to tie the protesters to the far Left and Israel’s enemies.

In the clip, a young demonstrator is seen arguing with an older Jewish man wearing a yarmulke. At one point, the young man says, “I work, earn seven dollars an hour. You have the money. You don’t speak English? You are from Israel? Go back to Israel.”

Another African-American protester accuses the Jews of taking over America. “The smallest group in America controls the money, media and all other things. The fingerprints belong to the Jewish bankers. I am against Jews who rob America. They are one percent who control America. President Obama is a Jewish puppet. The entire economy is Jewish. Every federal judge in the East Coast is Jewish.”

Among the signs that could be seen in the protest were, “Gaza supports the occupation of Wall Street”, “Hitler’s Bankers”, and a sign urging people to Google the following: Wall St. Jews, Jewish billionaires, Jews & Federal Reserve Bank.

In addition, the anti-Israel group Code Pink: Women for Peace was spotted as well as other Arab groups.

ADL Calls On ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Organizers To Condemn Anti-Semitic Remarks Made At Rallies

New York, NY, October 17, 2011 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today called on organizers, participants and supporters of the worldwide “Occupy Wall Street” movement to condemn anti-Semitic signs and comments that have appeared at some of the protest rallies across the country and around the world.

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

We are seeing some individuals holding anti-Semitic signs at the “Occupy Wall Street” rallies, and some videos posted on YouTube from the rallies have shown individuals expressing classic anti-Semitic beliefs such as “Jews control the banks” and “Jews control Wall Street.”  While we believe that these expressions are not representative of the larger views of the OWS movement, it is still critical for organizers, participants and supporters of these rallies to condemn such bigoted statements clearly and forcefully.

There is no evidence that these anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are representative of the larger movement or that they are gaining traction with other participants.  However, history demonstrates time and again how economic downturns can embolden anti-Semites to spread malicious conspiracy theories and promote stereotypes about Jews and money. As a consequence, these statements must not be left unchallenged.   

The League continues to monitor the tenor and messages at the demonstrations to ensure that they do not get hijacked by extremists or anti-Semitic elements.

  1. #1 by Ingrid B on 10/18/2011 - 9:34

    WOW! maybe America IS waking up to the truth.. The self- appointed “anti-semitic” police, certainly have their work cut out..

    “The League continues to monitor the tenor and messages at the demonstrations to ensure that they do not get hijacked by extremists or anti-Semitic elements.” :

    OMG, the Americans are being “monitored”, BY JEWS!!

  2. #2 by artashes2 on 10/18/2011 - 9:34

    Hey whats new, Jews have controlled everything. First off, these so called Jews aren’t even Jews, the ancestry of Abe Foxman, Ben Bernanke, “Lucky” Larry Silverstein, Richard Perle AD NAUSEUM is Khazar, a brutal people that even the Ottoman big shot Gengiz Khan had trouble with, they are NOT Semites, so this Anti-Semite stuff is rubbish, a bluff and a fraud. Arrest Abe Foxman of the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center.
    Israel did 9/11. Dr. Alan Sobrosky PhD, himself part Jewish, former Director of the US Military War College for 5 years has out and out said “IF AMERICANS EVER FIND OUT THAT ISRAEL DID 911 TEL AVIV WILL BE WIPED OF THE MAP”
    There are tons of Zionist Jews that control the Occupy Wallstreet Movement and its very clear. Visit IamtheWitness dot com, KeepTheTruthAlive dot com, and ZionCrimeFactory dot com. WAKE UP
    That’s THE UGLY TRUTH hmmm?????

  3. #3 by Steve Wiseman on 10/18/2011 - 9:34

    While it is true that the Jews are over represented in banking, particularly in International Banking, and on Wall Street, the fact is they are such a talented group of people that they are over represented in everything they do from being doctors, Hollywood stars, writers, journalists, book publishers, high school and university teachers, TV stars, …and they organize charities, protest discrimination, ..they do it all. Some of what they do is good, some of it is great, and some of it is not. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, FDR and other such criminals were not Jewish but Ben Bernake, Alan Greenspan, Henry Kissinger and Richard Pearl are, But Trotsky, Lenin, two not very nice guys were Jewish and even Hitler had a Jewish grand mother. What does it all this mean? Jews are just like the rest of us: some of us are bad and most of us are not. I would, however, be aware of those people who might attempt to destroy the OWS with “anti Jewish ‘ signs…false flags…

  4. #4 by Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg on 10/18/2011 - 9:34

    Ignorance today is propelled by the Media. Facts are very different from what we hear and read. It’s a very ignorant thing to say “Anti-Semite” because the LABEL “anti-Semitic” is absurd, because SEMITIC is a Race, and Jews come from all Races. Palestinians are Semite, but not most Jews today. So-called “Jews” are NOT MONOLITHIC; they are passionately SPLIT between Zionists (adventurists and imperialists) VERSUS anti-Zionists (who are ethical in terms of common law).

  5. #5 by artashes2 on 10/18/2011 - 9:34

    Ah Wiseman the Jew Shill gets into this mix. This OWS movement has been controlled by Jews too, why do you think these young folks are allowed to go around unmolested and the Meyer Lansky, Bugsby Spiegel Drug kingpins (making Al Capone look like a boyscout) gang haven’t touched them and anyway, these NYPD cops are trained by Mossadnicks, look at Rahm Emmanuel dual citizen and the tons of Jews disproportionately in the White House. Get a life man. Alan Sobrosky PhD (himself an Ashkenazim Jew) clearly demonstrates Israel did 911. 40 millions white Russians massacred by the Communist JEW Bolsheviks, Armenians genocided by Rotschild operatives like Taalat Pasha, Kemal Pasha, Ataturk (all Jewish free-masons at Salonika and calling themselves “The Young Turks” and “Donmeh” (www.JewishRacism.com) and the made-up lies about the Holocaust. Ashkenazim Jew David Cole examined the so-called Gas Chambers in Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau etc and found those had been constructed way after WW 2 and were fake.

    Of course there are “good Jews” but when push comes to shove they will grovel around Meyer Amshell Bauer’s counterfeit loot(AKA Rotschild)! These Jews changed their names sooo many times to make themselves sound like they weren’t Jewish, Jackie Mason the Comedian made a career out of criticizing fellow Jews and Jewliwood egged him on. He is funny though I’ll admit.

    Have you read the US Constitution man? Article 1, Section 8, Chapter 5: CONGRESS SHALL HAVE THE POWER TO COIN MONEY AND REGULATE ITS USE THEREOF. It does NOT say a PRIVATE CORPORATION and the Federal Reserve Bank IS a Private Corporation. Go to the San Francisco AT&T phone book, look in the Government Section for The Federal Reserve Bank (one of 12 in the US) GUESS what SURPRISE! Its NOT listed there, its listed in the BUSINESS Section in the same pages that list FedEx, FedCo, Federal Express, and Federal Reserve Bank?!!!

    Wrong on all counts Jew Wiseman, you’re not so wise after all huh?

    Obama (Obama IS Jewish, a dark Jew, I just heard that on Kevin Barrett’s site interviewing Christopher Bollyn on No-Lies Radio) Bush has Jewish roots and so has Bill Clinton(part Jewish) and the only one you had correct was Reagan correct; and most of the time that dude was doing his “actor” crap HOWDY DOODY stuff. Nixon hated Jews, he even admitted that to Rev Billy Graham!

    Go put on your Yamaka man or go back to live in Khazaria or live with the Rotschild money lords with all their stolen loot in Switzerland and God knows where else!

  6. #6 by artashes2 on 10/18/2011 - 9:34

    And by the way BOBBY FISCHER was not Jewish and NOT Circumcised. He wrote a letter to Encyclopedia Judaica “I am NOT Jewish and have never been one, and I am NOT circumcised” http://robertjamesfischer.blogspot.com/

    he was treated very badly, was robbed every which way, all his memorabilia, belongings, his life work, everything and he was exiled, even though he brought America onto the map in showing that Americans don’t only guzzle beer, watch soap operas and sitcoms and that they actually think. Bobby Fischer was my hero and if you listen to his 60 plus interviews you will learn a lot Mr. Un-Wise man

  7. #7 by Isaac on 10/18/2011 - 9:34

    The leeches do not like to hear the truth. They are like vampires they operate in the dark and hide in the sunlight.
    Many people are affraid of telling the truth because the Jews intimidate them for opening their mouth like the catholic priest in Argentina who got in trouble for telling the truth.
    I am glad that there are many people now who are not affraid any more.

  8. #8 by Frank on 10/18/2011 - 9:34

    OWS antisemitic? How silly. Everone knows Wall St and the Fed is controlled by the Irish

  9. #9 by Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg on 10/19/2011 - 9:34

    Yea, right. And chickens have lips!

  10. #10 by DaytonaGary on 10/19/2011 - 9:34

    Jews “ARE” the reason for our economic crisis.When 1% of any population controls 99% of the wealth and Finances and Banks and Media,there is no one else to Blame.

    Jews are the root of all problems in the US PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    USA….Israels Bitch.

  11. #11 by Feruz Atan on 10/19/2011 - 9:34

    I thought Wall Street was controlled by Osama Ben Laden from some cave in Afghanistan or Saddam from his Harem in Iraq.

  12. #12 by ajmacdonaldjr on 10/19/2011 - 9:34

    This Occupy Movement is a controlled opposition, US government intel operation, as was the Arab Spring. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBqBSrrTyzo&feature=player_embedded

  13. #13 by Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg on 10/19/2011 - 9:34

    If you think speaking out from your own individual PLACE OF PROTEST is a controlled opposition, then you work for the NWO seeking to control us all. Please, leave the protests alone. Please take your paranoia someplace else and flush it.

  14. #14 by DaftAida on 10/20/2011 - 9:34

    You can’t win the propaganda game with the masters in control. This faction thrives on opposition and any genuine attempt to speak and convey truth is so easily used to aid this function. Still, it’s a catch 22 because shutting up and putting up just isn’t an option any longer. It’s heading exactly where the scum want it to go and it’s going to be bloody, painful and long before the air clears on the culmination of century’s dedicated to ‘the great work’.

  15. #15 by forgetfulknot on 10/10/2015 - 9:34

    What is so wrong with being an anti semite? They hate Christians, practically everyone, so allow me the pleasure of being anti semitic. There are many good reasons behind it.

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