Muslim Solidarity in the Middle East and the end of Jewish Serial Wars–The Real “Iranian Bomb” Israel Fears More Than Anything Else

2011 Mark Glenn

As should be PAINFULLY obvious now to all (and particularly for those in the West going broke fighting her wars for her) Israel’s woes are never hers alone…

No matter what it is–a stubbed toe, broken fingernail, offended dignity or a big, hairy, fleshy wart on the end of her nose preventing her from grabbing the gold at a beauty contest rigged by Uncle Shlomo–her burdens and boo-boos eventually (and inevitably) become those of the entire world.

Being that she is (by her own militant insistence, mind you) THE JEWISH STATE, and with it all the accompanying ‘Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ business, she’s just like that…The ultimate drama queen–Lady Gaga with nukes, banks, TV networks, and a chorus line of presidents, prime ministers, popes, priests, preachers, pundits and professors on the payola sheet…

In a verbal portrait–self-obsessed, self-absorbed, unplugged, pathologically-narcissistic and unable to care a pimple-on-a-rat’s-rear-end about anything except the latest noise buzzing ‘round her like so many subatomic particles locked in dysfunctional orbit around the nucleus of some deadly radioactive element named J-tonium.

Famines, wars, disease, economic privation sweeping the globe like an epidemic and just about every other form of human suffering on a mass scale that would (should) occupy the headlines of every enlightened media outlet around the world…

But this is simply a discussion the rest of the world is not allowed to have…It lacks depth, gravitas and sobriety…Where is the “WOOOFF!” in it? These (meaning Gentile issues) are but passing things…transient, shallow, hollow and of nada consecuencia…

No, rather than being distracted with such petty issues, better that the rest of the world is instead forced to become intimately aware of (and heavy with heart over) the fact that a few Jewish gravestones in some remote cemetery in Lithuania are losing their lustre due to moss and chinch bugs.

And it is due to this narcissism–entirely, in fact–that the world has stepped off the stairway to heaven and now finds itself flying at break-neck speed down the highway to hell. Members of one tiny group of people with an over-inflated sense of their own importance in the mechanics of the day-to-day workings of the universe is the reason why apocalyptic wars are being fought and why nations–fiscally, politically, morally and socially–are going bankrupt fighting them.

And let us not engage in the all-too-common kindergarten-level polemics that Jewish interests are not involved in it all. Like wiseguys of yesteryear who for reasons of their own subterranean survival claimed with a collective straight face that the existence of the Mafia was a scurrilous fantasy, so to is passé  taking an eraser to the obvious lines connecting today’s major geopolitical issues (problems) with Jewish power politics. Easier making the case that the death of a 100-cigarette-a-day chain smoker was due to ‘bad health’ while pushing the embarrassing skeletons of his nicotine addiction back into the closet.

Not merely involved in it, Jewish interests were (are) the ignition key, spark plug, gasoline and pedal-to-the-metal mindset propelling the entire adventure. Take this factor–Jewish power politics–out of the picture and all that remains is a blank canvas just begging for a change of scenery.

Jewish interests wanted Iraq destroyed, and it was. Dittoes with Afghanistan, Libya, and on and on and on. Tens of millions of innocent lives destroyed because it was in the interests of THE JEWISH STATE and her people to see it done. Like some crime boss snapping his fingers and people dropping dead like flies in various places, when La Kosher Nostra has spoken it’s a done deal and God help anyone who gets in the way.

Simple logic tells us that there was (is) nothing of any benefit to the various surrogate nations of the West engaging in this program of Mutually Assured Destruction with the Islamic world. The only beneficiary collecting on the life insurance policies of the deceased will be THE JEWISH STATE and her people, a fact you can take to the bank.

And now, without so much as even an ounce of regret or remorse for the apocalyptic trouble she’s caused the world viz a viz Iraq, Afghanistan. Libya, et al, Lady Gaga is again in motion, twirling and whirling like some maniacal, Judaic dervish in conjuring up YET ANOTHER magic spell for her mostly-Christian audience of war-porn addicts. Sometimes singing, sometimes shrieking, sometimes clawing her face, gouging her eyes, pulling her hair and touching herself in otherwise private places, the witch doctor cometh again, hissing and hexing against Iran, and all because our would-be beauty queen is once again prevented from grabbing the gold at that aforementioned contest for world domination.

Like the many personality layers not atypical with paranoid schizophrenics, so too are diverse and perplexing the reasons for Israel wanting Iran destroyed.

Some are religious in nature, in that Israel–founded as she is on Judaistic religious thinking–maintains with fanatical dogmaticism the notion of unavoidable, perpetual war between the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds. The most obvious proof thereof lies in considering just a few of the various conflict-oriented religious feasts celebrated yearly, both in Israel and throughout the Diaspora. From Passover to Purim, the theme common to them all is the dramatic defeat of Gentiles who “got in the way” of Jewish designs and paid holy hell for it.

The other reason an otherwise peaceful, productive world is now subjected to the ear-splitting tsunami of Zionist screeching for Persian genocide is a bit more complex and chameleonesque in its camouflage but really very easy to grasp once the mental illness known as the Zionist dialectic has been diagnosed and then decoded, a process that begins with understanding that different words mean different things to different people.

The first thing to remember is that Israel–being THE JEWISH STATE–is the physical embodiment of religiously-inspired fantasy. A cult compound with diplomatic status, it differs from other ill-fated ventures such as Jonestown or David Koresh’s Branch Davidians only in size and the fact it is armed to the teeth with nukes and biological weapons. Her narrative is simple–A petty, wrathful, vengeful, racially-conscious god favors one tiny blob of human DNA over everything in all creation and has given the members of this tiny blob the green light to go about the world making war and getting their hands on as much booty–financial or otherwise–for themselves as diabolically possible.

Therefore, when decoding what Israel is saying at any given moment, it’s necessary that rational thinkers understand that everything coming out of her mouth passes through this Judaic filter of sorts and that they are listening to an individual who is–for all intents and purposes, mad beyond anyone‘s wildest dreams.

Like schizophrenics whose personal delusions of grandeur paint personal portraits of themselves as kings, queens and movie stars being chased by monsters that only they themselves can see, so too should a sane, rational world understand that the policies of global war and global peace are being formulated by victims of a type of radioactive, religiously-inflicted mental illness thousands of years old in its fermentation/distillation/enrichment process.

This being the case, we must remember that rarely if ever does Gaga speak plainly (honestly) about why she wants certain things, minus of course her demands for money, in which case she is always Kristol clear. Everything else (as a matter of principle, it seems) is shrouded in mystery and confusion in deference to the motto of her intelligence agency Mossad–‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war…’

As the world is now all-too-aware, Israel’s stated reason for wanting Iran destroyed is that Iran’s nuclear program will one day lead to Israel being “wiped off the map”…

Amazingly enough, there is some truth to what she–a consummate, established, pathological liar–is alleging. Indeed, a deeper examination of Israel and her long-term objectives in the region reveals that Iran DOES pose an existential threat to the continued survival of that “great experiment” in Jewish self-rule in Palestine, and indeed it is “nuclear” in nature, but not in exactly the manner the world has been told.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the Jewish state–by her very nature–cannot sustain herself in a fair fight on even terrain–EVER. Whether it is Israel’s financial, informational, or cultural/geographical/political strangulation of entire nations, the ONLY way Gaga can maintain her place on the proverbial catwalk at the political Miss Universe pageant is through subterfuge, deception, duplicity and plain old black magic. For matters of her own survival she must constantly blow pixie dust into the eyes of all those around her, keeping them doped up, dumbed down, and–as former Mossad wiseguy Rafael Eitan once quipped–“scurrying around like drugged cockroaches”. Being that she has permanent residency status on Fantasy Island, with her as the epicenter of the universe and with all inanimate celestial bodies revolving ’round her in some type of religio-ethnocentric orbit–so too must everyone else live in that place as well.

In sum, the only way possible for her to function, integrate and then eventually subdue her victims is to alter reality (or rather, the perception thereof) in such a way that the world as it appears is not the world as it is.

Secondly, and most importantly, it must be understood that Israel not only THRIVES on conflict and chaos, but indeed must have it in order to survive. Like a diabetic who needs insulin or some freaky chick with weird appetites and disturbing fantasies, she simply can’t engage in normal, mutually-beneficial intercourse with other nations.

Rather, she has to have them tied up as her personal prisoner while she cracks the whip and barks commands…In plain terms, the Jewish state must–MUST–live in an environment of surrounding instability and chaos if she is to hold together an organically-fractured dystopian society. The absence of enemies (and more importantly, enemies who cannot effectively fight back) would lead immediately to the dissolution of the Jewish state.

The first (and most important) component to creating this chaotic situation is for Israel to keep those around her–“friends” and enemies alike–mentally impaired so that they cannot think or behave rationally.

As far as her Arab neighbors go the greatest weapon Israel has (and must continue to possess if she is to survive) is the ability to keep them drugged and “scurrying around”. Remaining divided, confused, squabbling, distracted, chasing after shadows and allowing themselves to get ‘lost in the moment’ (as we see taking place right now with the “Arab Spring”) is the single most important weapon Israel has in her arsenal. It is no different in essence than a 90-pound wimp who couldn’t kill a fly if he fell off a chair and landed on it getting into the boxing ring with a heavyweight champion who was drugged 15 minutes earlier and now couldn’t kill a fly if he fell off a chair and landed on it either.

By contrast, the moment that the effects of this Kosher-concocted pixie dust wear off and her Arab neighbors cease scurrying around and are able to focus, organize, and get their shinola together in forming rational policies for their various nations, THAT is the day a war-weary world can begin the countdown to the dissolution of the Jewish state…

…thus, enter into the picture the Islamic Republic of Iran…

Not an Arab country, and not Sunni Muslim as most of the Middle East, but close enough. What counts as far as Israel and her professional worry-warts are concerned is that they–the Iranians–accomplished in 1979 what the Arabs could only hope for up to this point, meaning they fought AND WON a revolution against the same occupying Western powers making life a living hell for 300 million Arabs today.

What’s worse is that at this very moment, Iran remains independent, confident, and above all else–RATIONAL–as she, in cool-as-a-cucumber fashion, formulates both her foreign and domestic policies in ways that best suit her interests, and in so doing, gives a big middle finger to Israel and the West on a daily basis and (worse, as far as Israel is concerned) gets away with it.

As demonstrated over the last decade, of all the players in this little shop of horrors drama known as the Middle East conflict, Iran is the only rational character on stage. There are no overblown displays of screeching, hair-pulling, eye-gouging or fist-pounding on her part. She does not engage in bombing runs of other nations, does not assassinate scientists working for her enemies or resort to Mafia tactics in projecting her foreign policy goals in the region. Through her president, Ahmadinejhad, and the ruling council behind him, she speaks quietly and rationally, believes in the value of open debate and free speech and is always open to dialoguing with others…

In other words, the danger from Iran as far as Israel’s continued existence is concerned is that through her cool, rational demeanor she provides stark contrast to the delusional, erratic, schizoid, mad-dog behavior displayed by Lady Gaga Israel on a daily basis.

By default then, she provides the Arabs with a model to follow. That she is Persian and not Arab eventually will not matter. That she is Shia and not Sunni will not matter either. What matters is that she has found the means of freeing herself from Western/Jewish control and does not have foreign armies occupying her soil and oppressing her people. She cultivates alliances and friendships with other world powers who give her a place of respect at the table of nations and does not have to prostitute herself in anyway to do this.

In short, Iran does not bow down before the beast and does not kiss the ring of the commission members of la Kosher Nostra as other nations around the world must if they are to remain “free”. And what makes all of this unbearable (and dangerous as far as Israel’s continued de-stabilizing presence in the region is concerned) is that at one time, Iran was no different than any other Middle East country with great natural resources that had Western/Zionist handpuppets ruling her and oppressing her people. At one time she was as politically-occupied as the rest of the Islamic neighborhood until she herself (without outside “help” from groups such as the National Endowment for Democracy et al) fomented a slave rebellion and set up a modern, viable, functioning political system based upon the republican government model. Today her men, women and children are free, the very existence of which festers like a sore in the delusional Jewish narrative where Arabs must be kept mentally chained up and ‘scurrying around like drugged cockroaches’.

And therefore, to the 300 million Arabs–both Christian and Muslim–watching all this take place and residing in a part of the world where the divine will of Allah features prominently in all facets of life, the subconscious conclusion a great number of these people in the region must inevitably arrive at is that Iran has been touched by God and tasked with leading the oppressed out of bondage and into the promised land of freedom…

And how long then will it be that Iran remains like this, acting as magnetic north for all the other political compasses in the Middle East? How long before things REALLY begin to fall apart for Israel and the narrative she maintains for everyone else in the region,  before REAL revolutions and REAL “Arab Springs” take place along the lines of what took place in 1979 and then, one by one, Arab countries cease scurrying around like drugged cockroaches, replace their corrupt leaders and establish new political systems where no “deals” are made with Israel and the West?

And THIS, fellow war-weary inhabitants of planet earth, is the real “Iranian nuclear weapons program” Israel fears more than anything else–that Iran eventually becomes the nucleus around which the various Arab (and non-Arab) countries orbit harmoniously like political neutrons and electrons in some type of sub-atomic confederacy. That the Arabs will cut all economic, political and military ties with the West and–using Iran as the middle man–instead opt for economic sponsors such as Russia or China and possibly form military alliances with a nuclear-armed Pakistan.

The secondary effects of all this are not difficult to imagine. With American money no longer being taken by crooked Arab leaders and America no longer able to militarily dictate foreign and domestic policies in the region that benefit ONLY the Jewish state, the environment would thus be detoxified of the intoxicating pixie dust Israel has used now for half a century in keeping the Arabs doped up and dumbed down. Stability would return to the area and thus its natural byproduct–peace and eventual prosperity. America and other Western countries would bring their troops home and, given the kinds of economic, political and social problems existing today resulting from fighting Israel’s interminable wars for her, the new cry in the West would be NEVER AGAIN when it comes to these countries allowing their valuable resources to be urinated away by repeating the disaster that has now brought them to the brink of destruction.

The eventual (and inevitable) result of all this is clear, namely that Lady Gaga, the self-absorbed, pathologically narcissistic wicked witch of the Middle East, grand dame of the ball known as planet earth and talk of the town, would become passé, truly her worst nightmare…The narrative she has forced upon the world over the last half century, specifically a Judeo-centric universe with the entirety of God’s creation worshipfully orbiting ‘round her would dissolve and disappear entirely. With Miss Universe Wannabe booed off the catwalk and shown the exit door, the religio-ethnocratic fantasy upon which her entire self-identity is based would return to becoming hers and hers alone. The rest of the world, tired of her antics, would get back to the business of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and in the process, the Jewish god of war–a deity of despoilment and debasing of the Moral Majority (meaning almost 6 billion Gentiles on earth) would be made into the monkey it is and never again seen as anything besides a dark fantasy created in the most unenlightened and undeveloped corners of the Jewish supremacist mindset.

It is therefore in the interests of all men, women, and children of good will, rather than fearing this thing known as ‘nuclear Iran’ to instead strive earnestly for it and for all the immediate and long term benefits that are sure to follow, because the alternative–a nuclear Israel, with all the radiation poisoning that it’s main component, the deadly radioactive material known as J-tonium and the political, economic, social, moral and cultural fallout it has brought to man, is something that is, in a verbal portrait, simply unsurvivable.

2011 Mark Glenn

  1. #1 by Vickie Jacobs on 10/24/2011 - 9:34

    ………and of course, winners always write the history books just like they did when the South lost the civil war in America. Nobody knew the truth of that event till a few generations later. Pray that doesn’t happen.

  2. #2 by Zainab on 10/24/2011 - 9:34

    It’s nice to have someone put your sentiments in words when you are not equipped to do so yourself. Thank you Mr. Mark Glen and May Allah continue to bless your abilities.

    Peace to You

  3. #3 by Salim on 10/24/2011 - 9:34

    An incredible article mark!


  4. #4 by paschn on 10/24/2011 - 9:34

    Assuming that all things will occur, one would hope the avenues of escape from the terrorist nation will be blocked to avoid re-infestation to lands who’s people are no longer able to carry the weight of parasites bent on the destruction/enslavement of all not a member of “the club”.

  5. #5 by Ingrid B on 10/24/2011 - 9:34

    Beautiful.. I have long been an advocate of Iran.. I believe that Iran will set us free, if we let it..

  6. #6 by Joe Cortina on 10/24/2011 - 9:34

    The author of this brilliantly executed piece is one of the finest human beings – REAL American patrioits and sharpest wits I have ever had the pleasure of knowing well.

    My once Godly beloved nation is literally drowining in it’s own filth – no less than a rat caught living in a toilet that is flushed away. The level of stupidity in our now occupied nation of feeders, imbeclies, hypocrites and stupified brain-dead worshipers of shallow childish nonsense like the Stupid Bowl, Nascar, demolition derbeys, dancing with idiots ,Porn stars, death cages, Sons Of Anarchy, food orgies and the rest of the rancid putrid blasphemous jew trash we have come to love – has guaranteed our demise on the trash heap of history.

    Unlike 99.99% of ALL American citizens – i had the opportunity years past to be in the State of IsraHELL as an insider. There I saw – heard and experienced what can only be TRUTHFULLY described as the epicenter of evil on this planet!

    Having traveled extensively – to five continents and some thirty nations – one of which to whom I held diplomatic ties for half a decade – i know what the hell I’m talking about.

    I have not PERSONALLY encountered a more deceptive evil wicked lying sadistic Godless hypocrite monstrous criminal immoral human scum than the creatures who call themselves jews and live in the Devil’s personal toilet on earth – called israHELL!

    These creatures are so genetically evil that they teach their children hate – arrogance – racial supriority and the most viral form of sadism and cruelty conceiveable to the human mind – from the day they are BORN! Jew children are taught to lie to – cheat – steal from – mock – deceive and to commit as much pain anguish fear and terror to ALL non-jews!

    This wasn’t something I read in a book or heard in a bar. I LIVED IT ! I SAW IT!

    For those of you who do NOT revere Christ or His ministry on earth – but at least love freedom and admit to still having some semblence of honor and ethics – all you need do is simply LOOK at FACTS. Look at the deeds of the jew throughout all recorded time!

    For those of you ( hypocrites need not read further) who in FACT do love and cherish and respect the Lord and and believe what He said – you need look no further than your Bible – which is replete with LEGION accounts of statements damning the jews of THAHT TIME. Perhaps the classic non-parable plain language damnation is in John 8-44.

    There Christ not ONLY condems the Devil as a murderer and the father of ALL lies – but He ALSO clearly collectively damns the jews as being the children of Satan. He FURTHER states that the jews will do the lusts of their father – the DEVIL.

    I have already paid my dues for being an American. I am no hero – but I have risked life and limb ( twice hospitalized for injuries during paratroop operations) during the periods when we had real enemies – the Communists ( ALWAYS freiends of the jews incidentally) I simply want my country back from the occupation and total control of jews – PERIOD!

    As a seasoned foreign policy analyst – I have concluded that Mark is 100% correct. The ONLY hope for world peace and world freedom for thos nations not yet destroyed by the jews OR by OUR OWN CRIMINAL IMPERIALISM are the brave people of Iran.

    They are the ONLY real ally decent Americans have left in the Mid-East. They are the ONLY people brave and noble enough to face up to the Devil and his children – the jews!

    I salute and join them as a brother in spirit. I will NOT now or EVER sacrafice my personal honor to the stinking jews and those filthy war criminals who have so shamelessly betrayed my country for wealth power and position – from our imposter President on down. you putrid scum who you are – and so do all the REAL patriots left here!

    Young men – do NOT betray your country by having ANYTHING to do with our treasonous IsraHELL first military. That money is DIRTY with the blood of millions of murdered innocent human beings. If you do – you have sold your souls to the Devil – plain and simple!

    Just tell ANY demonic wicked Godless recruiters in your schools or your universities or your communities to GO TO HELL. They are EVIL creatures – serving wicked evil masters.

    I beg of all rreaders – as a former Special Forces paratroop commander – a patriot – a father and an American -restore our reputation as a leader of nations – not a terrorist State of mindless Godless sheep – NOW feared and despised by all civilized mankind.

    This is OUR country – TAKE IT BACK – kick our lying wicked jew masters and their evil useful idiots out of our once blessed land once and for all, as warned by our Founding Fathers.

    Joe Cortina

    May God’Allah preserve the brave and righteous poepl of Iran

    Throw off the bonds of ignorance – challenge the lies – defend the TRUTH. Be ‘warriors’ for peace – NOT WAR! – as the Lord will find favor in that. I KNOW that to be true – because He said so.

  7. #7 by amerikagulag on 10/24/2011 - 9:34

    Ditto here Ingrid. I believe in Iran too – and Venezuela as I did in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, until the chosen ones got hold of them.

    Mark, I don’t know how you keep doing it but you always continue to amaze with your crystal clear analysis of ‘those people’ and their deadly shenanigans.

    Speaking of self-chosen-politics and wars, Putin has recently told his generals to ‘prepare for Armageddon’. Not sure what that really means, but another article says NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist/TelAviv Organization) is preparing for all out global war. Perhaps the two are linked. Perhaps neither is true. But I do see that the world is awake. The Jewish scam is exposed and I do believe they’re in a panic move to take over before they are thrown out yet again.

    The torah and talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.

    Ya put yer haaand in,
    Ya take the money out,
    and if they caaatch you,
    then ‘the holocaust’ you shout.
    The Jewish hokey-pokey is the biggest scam around.
    That’s what it ALL ABOUT.

  8. #8 by Jean on 10/24/2011 - 9:34

    So many people have been brainwashed for so long even when the truth is put before them they
    will not believe it. The Christians who are dumb enough to believe there is such a thing as Judeo/Christianity which I hear on a regular basis from the Christian Zionists is what is blocking the truth. So many people are truly sheep. They go to Church, they listen half heartedly
    to the preacher, go home and have no Idea what the service was about but it was a great place
    to be seen. The Preacher never teaches anything to hold their interest and will not even mention
    the evils of Israel. But here in this article is the truth. Who of those I mentioned will allow them selves to believe it after years of brain washing. Few, I fear.

  9. #9 by ruby22shoes on 10/25/2011 - 9:34

    Nice work, though I object to your feminization of such a patriarchal collection of misogyyny–from the morning prayer of thanking god that you’re not a woman to calling Christ’s Mother a whore – I don’t blame you for shunning male pronouns but couldn’t ‘it’ suffice?
    I admit I’m anal about words.

  10. #10 by John Friend on 10/25/2011 - 9:34

    Great stuff Mark, phenomenal article!

    “In sum, the only way possible for her to function, integrate and then eventually subdue her victims is to alter reality (or rather, the perception thereof) in such a way that the world as it appears is not the world as it is.”

    They are having major issues with this right now because of all the hard work you and others have been doing over the years. Keep it up!

  11. #11 by Ingrid B on 10/25/2011 - 9:34

    @Jean: that`s why I stopped going to church at age 18..

    I am hoping, that countries like Russia, and China, have seen what was done to Libya, and are concerned enough to fully stand behind Iran and her allies, but there is no telling with Russia, they just may be part of the problem..

  12. #12 by Power of Truth Radio on 10/25/2011 - 9:34

    Absolutely Brilliant, Mark !

    Roland Zuercher

  13. #13 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 10/25/2011 - 9:34

    “Jewish interests wanted Iraq destroyed, and it was. Dittoes with Afghanistan, Libya, and on and on and on. Tens of millions of innocent lives destroyed because it was in the interests of THE JEWISH STATE and her people to see it done. Like some crime boss snapping his fingers and people dropping dead like flies in various places, when La Kosher Nostra has spoken it’s a done deal and God help anyone who gets in the way.”

    As usual, in front of such a Hero like Mark Glenn, what can I say? There is nothing that I can say or must say, but, yet, I love adding some spices to other people’s already top of the art original Grand Chef dishes. I am of the type who when I have nothing to say always try to say something, including writing a lengthy commentary that few will read. But, let me not spoil everything by falling into that temptation again and add a few lines just to show my appreciation.

    Muslim Solidarity in the Middle East?

    This is one thing that I saw with great sadness that has been lacking for more than one hundred years – Muslim SOLIDARITY! And I have witnessed this lack of solidarity over and over again ever since the European Union orchestrated Bosnia-Herzegovina Holocaust backed by NATO and the murderous role of Apartheid Israel and International Jewry.

    Mark Glenn has been telling the whole world so many truths about those Steppe vipers infesting the homes and poisoning the lives of each and every one of us, but how many of us are really showing any solidarity with his struggle?

    When will those earthlings realise that GOD did not create humans (or Aliens never genetically engineered the early earth inhabitants as some say) to serve such venomous snakes as those calling themselves Jews and Semites? Both terms are misappropriations.

    Isn’t it extraordinary to see so many of those homo erectus creatures, entire nations, shedding tears for one particular warmongering group of people, the worst this planet has spawned and showing how scared they are of that racist and destructive nation of gangsters and cutthroats?

    The entire West has given itself the messianic role of killing, maiming and enslaving every single GOD’s creatures on behalf of those beings and exclusively for their benefit. Why? Because it too has ingrained in its very fabric the seed of violence, greed and degeneration of their Biological type their scientists call a race and a supremacist one.

    “TOUT POUR SA GUEULE”, say the French (and my wife, one of them, I mean!) who are not afraid of the Shylockian. Yes, he wants everything for his Schnauze! As for the West being bankrupted because of him, it seems that we have still not grasped the meaning of the term bankruptcy because the more we have seen the people of the West being bankrupted the more money we have seen their governments to have at their disposal in unlimited amounts for their wars of conquest, plunder and occupation. The bank gangsters who run the West never go bankrupt and all the casinos, brothels dens of immorality and useless recreation destined for the wildest and most pervert among them run full swing!

    Yes, Mark is right. Never touch a single hair on the head of those smart Supremacist bozos. They will scream “Crime de lèse-majesté” because this contact by any Goy is sacrilegious, very offensive and hurt them deeply inside their very decrepit souls because of those criminal Germans who shaved off the sacred hair of their Tribe to make filthy mattresses and pillows for them, the pure White Germans who by some kind of miracle suddenly took a liking of the Jude hair, while they were kept and fed in captivity for years before they were gassed in ovens that never existed. So, their sufferings are not like any other sufferings!
    The Yehudim needed human sacrifices to appease their Talmudic gods, and the best quality blood they found was of the Semitic and Arab type which they found in abundance in British occupied Palestine. Bernard Henri-Lévi, the modern slave owner was recently seen promoting the Talmud and inviting 1,5-1,8 billion Muslims to abandon Islam and adopt his wonderful Talmud, a very ancient Hollywood production coming straight from the sewage of the Tribes. For more than 60 years, they bled Palestine with the vociferous and financial help of “Banks, TV networks, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Popes, Priests, Preachers, Pundits and Professors” of the United International Kosher Nostra, the maestros orchestrating all the famines, wars, engineered diseases, economic deprivations around the world. I am so amazed to see even Americans having more and more that true vision of the modern Apocalypse!

    At a birthday get-together of my friend B.L. with a few “Alien abductees” or “UFO witnesses” that I attended the day before yesterday, one of the guests, G. asked if anybody knew who owned or ran the Bank of England. I thought I knew and tried to give her an answer by making my usual bold claim, but N., a writer present there, shrugged at my claim that Jews and the Rothschilds were the main shareholders and controllers of the Private Bank of England and the Private US Federal Reserve Bank. N. said we had no evidence at all of that cutting short to any discussion and making it unnecessary for me to elaborate any further on the subject at his mind was set on “nobody knows, it is secret”! Is this the type of “kindergarten-level polemics” that Mark is talking about “that Jewish interests are not involved in it all”? All of a sudden I felt I should not speak of the Jews in any role or capacity in the world’s problems! So, we rather concentrated on the Alien and UFO topics. My claim that the Monarchs owned the land and that we were still living under a feudal system in England did not move anybody at all.

    But, I found a very valuable interlocutor in a reporter who also attended, one Mark Windows who proved to me to be quite a rare bird and who claimed to have had “out of the body” experience (from following a training course), and “healing” experience the kind I have had all along my miserable years on this planet. But, I need to check his website before writing any further about him. We kind of agreed on certain issues of common interest, including the Dale Farm illegal evictions and (Jewish/Zionist) Common Purpose that spy on and control each and everyone here in England at the very grass root level with our own neighbours and in some cases members of our own family spying on us.

    Regarding collecting insurance money, did Jude Larry Silverstein not managed to misappropriate a building complex belonging to the People of the USA (by fraud?) and succeed in insuring it when no insurance company in the US would insure it because it was said to be only good for demolition, and then by another kind of miracle collection billions not to rebuild it but to erect an American Holocaust Memorial site for the pilgrimage of idiots from around the world including pilgrims from the American States themselves?

    “A petty, wrathful, vengeful, racially-conscious god favors one tiny blob of human DNA over everything in all creation and has given the members of this tiny blob the green light to go about the world making war and getting their hands on as much booty–financial or otherwise–for themselves as diabolically possible.”


    Thank you, Mark, for that brilliant exposé and GOD bless you. I could have written just ONE WORD as commentary – BRILLIANT- but I am incorrigible. You said it all.


  14. #14 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 10/25/2011 - 9:34

    Joe Cortina says:
    October 24, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    “The author of this brilliantly executed piece is one of the finest human beings – REAL American patriots and sharpest wits I have ever had the pleasure of knowing well.”

    While Joe is visible here, maybe it is a good opportunity to remind him that my last comment dated 13 October 2011 (of 12 days ago) is still awaiting moderation on his website “HE BEST PLAN TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY” Thanks.


  15. #15 by Patty on 10/25/2011 - 9:34

    I love and admire Mark Glenn and consider him spiritual kin. I 100% support Iran and any country that maintains its dignity in the face of overwhelming evil. However, I think Mark is engaging in wishful thinking, a hope-and-pray-for fantasy because we all need to hope that someone somewhere will put an end to this nightmare. Iran has not done or said anything decisive that shows it is serious about confronting the West/Israel. It released the 3 Jew spies on “humanitarian” grounds? It has never released real meaningful intelligence on 9/11 or the assassination of bin Laden hoax. In many ways I see Iran as playing along with the West.

    Not long ago, Mark thought Russia would be the savior of mankind but then Russia and China voted for sanctions against Iran and Russia refused to honor the contract with Iran and send the S-300 anti-aircraft missiles. Then both countries abstained when voting for action against Libya at the UN which was akin to voting yes. Russia allows the West to use its territory to bring supplies into Afghanistan. So the fantasy of Russia being any sort of savior died.

    We must have hope or we’ll lose our minds. Fyodor Dostoyevsky said ” To live without hope is to cease to live. ” We can all agree .

  16. #16 by Sheila on 10/25/2011 - 9:34

    Unfortunately, thousands of years of world abuse and usary cannot be taken out the way the sadomastic jew cult took out Gaddafi. I think a lot of what goes on is presentation to empower individual jews, every last one to present an illusion that their dreams of owning and dominating and conquering the world are not a fantasy, but can be achieved…with their help of each one playing a role in domination. Fortunately Iran gains strength in all of this. It is a pity we all have to live in such a cruel world brought upon by jew principles and teachings. It is not suppose to be this way. We must become the great unbrainwashed. Thank you all for your help and thought, we need to all play our roles in overcoming this inhumane plight against us.

  17. #17 by Dmitri on 11/01/2011 - 9:34

    There is a group of truly patriotic souls that are stirring beneath the quagmire of thought speak that has enveloped America & many of her western brethren. The clear-minded understand that evil will reign until the righteous rebel & refuse to fall from grace from the true God. Belief & faith can not fail without acquiescense.

    The geopolitical strategem of the dark forces about us will not relent in their obsessive plight, so like most dark forces, what they can’t withstand is light. It is up to us, the legions of light that take away their power, expose their lies and reeducate the citizenry, youth and those who haven’t been completely taken by their trechery.

    The tactics used by this Zionist cabal should be well understood in the bloody trail of historical evidence of their creed. Move away from the circles of influence: media in all forms, institutions and government talking heads to find the truth. The first rules of propaganda is to control the conversation, ala media. Then you decide what is newsworthy and what isn’t. Which leads one to their agenda, the talking heads will monitor and filter all information according that isn’t forwarding their mission to have mastery over the senses and live it’s populace numb and dumb. All opposition will then be attacked, then ridiculed, then in their haughty matter, dismissed as lunatics, unpatriotic and conspiracy nuts who are part of some evil group that is an enemy of the state. It is evident this is the pattern of the sick mind of Zionism. Leverage buyouts of the information outlets: TV, radio, newspapers, etc. then you establish yourself at the financial centers and Federal Reserve, then use the power and money to extort, corrupt, control and destroy the bastions of culture within that society: cultural traditions, educational systems practices and beliefs, religion. So all that is cherished within a society is destroyed and replaced with immigration policies that have led to divisiveness, hatred, dilution of the inhabitants DNA legacy and continuity. The void is filled by those who infilitrate and dominate the centers of vice: gambling, pornography, alcohol, sexual deviance, etc. This is not an alternative but the work of pure evil that will be defeated when the citizens of the land under attack along with true patriots in positions of power decide to bear arms and stand up to their attackers by remembering their solemn oath: I will defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic; in this case, the enemy is both.

    The annals of history has revealed quite cleary their destructive nature, phyche and modus operandi country by country the pattern is the same. This ancient cabal has been banished and thrown out of 109 countries throughout history. Why? Were all these societies just racist states that couldn’t get along? LOL, no there were under attack from the cabal by the methods described above and many other tactics of chicanery that a person of insight understands has no bounds.

    There are those that are easily distracted and choose to be ushered on one side or the other, as if that is the only choice. It isn’t about the left or the right, both sides of the body have been inflicted with this virus and the body will wither and die unless you treat the disease from within. The Zionist are a criminal movement that operates with their tools of the trade: threats, extortion, media propaganda brainwashing and double-speak, posturing as victims to hide the true nature of their plight and behavior behind the scenes. There are times, when they are behind closed doors or in seemingly friendly territory that they open up their evil souls and let things slip out. I have mounds of this evidence from the ancient texts to the Soviet Union to present day. To know your enemy you have to understand their perverted minds and distorted and disgusting imperatives they operate under since time immemorial.

    To further this topic I point to the Holodomor in Ukraine in 1932-3. My wife is Ukrainian and her grandmother I have spoken to about this tragic event. She told me all about the mounds of grain sitting like festering towers of state machinations. The train stations where people crawled like crippled zombies hoping to get some bread thrown to them from the passing trains. Laws were passed requiring all trains to close their blinds when passing throught towns to hide the desperation and disgrace that was the Soviet propaganda policy of collectivization. Borders were sealed to insure no one could travel outside the borders to find hope, food and a modicum of dignity. The villages were ghost towns and the evil minions orchestrated by Lazar Kagonovich (Jew) and Molotov (Jew) would pass daily in carts to collect the bodies. At the height in early 1933, 25,000 people were starving to death daily, many thousands of others were exiled and countless others were shot for daring to stand up or for even concealing a seed in their attic. The cynics say it was a disastrous harvest but records show clearly it wasn’t a bumper harvest but it was more than adequate to feed every man, woman and child in Ukraine. So much so, even after all the waste and towering infernos of grain burnt, spoiled with insects that the Soviet Union exported 1.8 million tons of grain to the West that year. Moreover, the righteous English journalist wrote that Walter Duranty’s coverup of the genocide was dispicable and he was the most evil and corrupt man he encountered in all his years. This wondrous Jew Duranty was then given the Pulitzer Prize for his acclaimed work and made the NY Times proud. To this day, the NY Times has not taken this Pulitzer away and given full apologizes and detraction for this historical blunder. In fact, the nation of Russia and Israel refuse to recongize this as a genocide in the UN. I see that the Holohoax industry doesn’t want competition and when you ask Americans about these events, I nary to say maybe 1-2% know about the greatest concerted genocide in the annals of mankind. I wonder what we would call it here if roughly 25% of our population was sytstematically starved, shot and exiled to their certain death in less than 2 years time. These people are hard working and have never groveled to the International Courts for reparations or exploited this for personal gain. They just want it to be understood in history so that we may never forget, but their nature is such that they are to proud a people to think they have a corner on suffering, they want it to be known, for all people, not just themselves. This recognition at the U.N. was fought by the other side being represented by a Jewish lawyer, who any normal thinking person would think would be sensitive to this issue, but that is a delusion and reveals once again the premise that these people are subhuman and beyond the pale.

    When I think about what they had to endure just a few years after being besieged by both Hitler and Stalin twice and suffering 7-8 million more lost souls in battle, executions and exile. It staggers the imagination to wonder how they’ve kept their spirit, kind nature and hope. When the meek shall inherit the earth, I’m convinced that the wonderful people of this land will inherit fabulous riches in the Kingdom of God.

    I live you peace, my peace I give you

  18. #18 by Ingrid B on 09/27/2012 - 9:34

    All I can say MG is, ROLL ON!

  19. #19 by Old Fart on 09/27/2012 - 9:34

    One harvest what he saws 🙂

  20. #20 by Wally D. on 09/28/2012 - 9:34

    “A cult compound with diplomatic status, it differs from other ill-fated ventures such as Jonestown or David Koresh’s Branch Davidians only in size and the fact it is armed to the teeth with nukes and biological weapons”

    Perfect analogy.

  21. #21 by carroll price on 06/19/2013 - 9:34

    A beautifully written article that effectively explains the Jewish curse on the world and what it will most likely take to rid the world of that awful curse.

  22. #22 by Omar C. Bustamante on 09/27/2014 - 9:34

    Amen M.G. God bless you and to the other righteous commentators.

  23. #23 by mikael on 09/27/2014 - 9:34

    If I may send a litle message to the Yazidis.

    They are White people, from ancient past, and is been forgoten and hunte down by the ZioNazis storm trops, roaming Syria and Iraq.
    This one, is Mother earths watch man, and is the Garidan of the forests.
    I held them in high regard.

    I hope, and pray, that Muslims knows whom they are and protects them, acordingly to the witshes of Muhammad (pbwh) and gards everyone incl the Yazidis in the region from violence and midless slaughterings.
    The ZioNazis storm trops is slaughtering them specaly, since they are White.


  24. #24 by Todd Raine on 09/27/2014 - 9:34

    A perfect diagnosis of the disease, and remedy for a cure of the virus known as Judaism that has infected our world Dr. Glenn. This article is long before I landed in the TUT orbit. Thank you for re-posting this. Wish I would have got here sooner. I would not have as much catching up to do. Better late than never. Or so I’ve heard. Anyway, thanks again for re-posting this article. Some things are worth repeating. Your article is a very good example of this.

  25. #25 by bigcree1 on 09/28/2014 - 9:34

    Many THANKS Mark G! Didn’t get a prior read on this all to relevant and well thought out Treatise on our present Global malaise i.e. the wicked monster known as Organized jewry until now! Well done fellow Warrior for Earthly Humanity!

  26. #26 by Iain Yuile on 09/29/2014 - 9:34

    In view of the accumulated evidence over the past sixty years of the psychopathic nature of that ersatz middle east state, the man with the Charlie Chaplin moustache in 1930’s Germany is vindicated!!!

  27. #27 by Todd Raine on 09/29/2014 - 9:34

    Not to everyone on your side.

  28. #28 by Todd Raine on 09/29/2014 - 9:34

    If this is what you have accumulated over the last 60 years of history, then you probably will not believe me when I tell you that your pockets are empty. Oh well, convince yourself that you are rich and your pockets are full. Who am I to say that yours is poor reason? Go on then. Go! But go by yourself. But Go without the comfort of your click. Go that way by yourself. Convince yourself again that you are not mistaken. He was a “great man” and not just a “tool”. Man alive, I just can not see the whole picture if I look at it from that angle. He was a prop. He was antithesis to zionism’s communist/capitalist alliance. A necessary evil in this production. Tickets sold pretty well, don’t ya think? Plot carried on and characters read the lines just as they were scripted. Patrons clinging to their seats and spilling their popcorn, and hoping for some grace, for some hero to save them from the evil monster that was about to pounce and steal their children’s freedom. The actors change. The backgrounds and props change some. The script is tried and true to its original subversive form. My neighbor has a Chaplin mustache. He mows his lawn every week. He gets more credit from me than the other guy.

  29. #29 by Flor on 10/01/2014 - 9:34

    Imperialists soulless capitalists are irrational , stupid, inefficient, brutally, hideously unfair, hideously wasteful because they are incapable to be rational !!! this is so correct, describing the stupidity and imbecility of Nimrod & Ishtar’

    Nimrod & Ishtar, an empire of MK ultra monarch slaves, hidden from view, selling hideous phony images of phony “success” with their hellywood enterprise of sexual orgies, orgies of blood, actresses, actors’ specially actresses who are MK ULTRA MONARCH SLAVES as Lady Gaga, she is a monarch sexual slave pleasing her soulless capitalist pimp master to enrich him with depraved sexual images that corrupts the youth**

    This is why capitalism, corrupts the families, religions, schools, education’ In particular the youth, the young and the little children because it is interested in only one thing: MONEY!!

    ************************MONEY & PROFITS ARE THE GODS OF CAPITALISM**********************

    Empire of MK ULTRA monarch slaves, hierarchy slaves as soulless capitalists pimps who are brutally , sexually raped by their own fathers since they are in the crib with their soulless wicked witch mothers as accomplices, participating in the torture of Nimrod & Ishtar children’

    As Jay Parkers states in his you tube videos, he’s an ex illuminati member where he described the RITUAL SATANIC ABUSE he went through’ when he’s giving his speeches or conferences are RSA
    (ritual satanic abuse) he is a deeply tormented soul by his soulless capitalist family’ he bitterly describe how his childhood friend, Brian was savagely raped by these Satanists that he died within three days without medical attention!!! Brian’s colon had a hole in his colon” may peace be upon him and he wishes to awake humanity about SRA ‘ in Aberden Pa. Long Bch Ca. Pasadena there are constant satanic rituals”

    Jodie Foster was sexually abused inside hellywood with her own mother as accomplice, Sharon Tate was ritually sacrificed by Polanski’ Charley Manson was a MK assassin’

    All this enterprise of capitalism which is pure and outright cannibalism is Templar assassin enterprise’ US Mexico, Central America are Babylonian paradises with plenty slaves for human sacrifices, sexual orgies , orgies of blood, fest of blood and guts’

    Mexico, under Merida Initiative under euro creole Calderon Hinojosa he is responsible for the butcher of over 100 thousand goys with thirty thousand orphan goys, thanks to war on drugs which is nothing but looting with Templar assassins’ Felipe Calderon Hinojosa looted Mexico with $ 20 billion dollars’ if America wonder why there are illegals this is why’

    Under euro creole MK ultra monarch slave Enrique Pena Nieto an outright closeted gay, responsible for the death of his wife, Monica Pretelini, leaving his children orphan, he is already responsible for over twenty thousand goys, with daily human sacrifices’

    and the list is too long’ LOVE PEACE, TRUE ON EARTH’***

  30. #30 by Flor on 10/01/2014 - 9:34

    To have an idea what is going on in Mexico, Central America click & type :

    The real face of soulless imperialism, soulless phony capitalism’ capitalism is production, there is no longer production ‘


  31. #31 by Flor Anderson on 03/15/2015 - 9:34

    Beautiful thoughts ! may all our wishes come truth’ that is wellness, peace, beauty, harmony on earth” Indeed humanity deserve happiness after six thousand years of lies courtesy of Babylonian the whore the harlot, mother of all illnesses on earth’ indeed mothers on earth whose little children are getting sacrificed on the altar of greed of capitalism by these maggots deserve some happiness, taking away all the ill gotten wealth from these Satanists who have yanked wealth with blood and flesh all over earth! If there were no imperialism there would be peace on earth, however peace is no business for these Satanist worshippers of the occult’ there is so much food on earth that could feed seven times the present population on earth’ while people starve to death isn’t because lack of food but lack of love from these parasite on earth whose almighty god is money, fiat money!

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