Guardian’ columnist apologizes for ‘anti-Semitic slur’

ed note–Deborah Orr was 1000% correct, but this–the intrisinic, inherent anti-Gentilism on the part of the followers of Judaism–is simply the cat that CANNOT be let out of the bag in public discourse.

What is so maddening and unbelievable about it is how Mz Orr and the rest of the West must continually apologize and grovel when reporting such things when ON A DAILY BASIS Jewish loudmouths repeat the SAME THING.

Until the world comes to grip with this fact, that Jews by virtue of their religion and culture–consider themselves superior to  Gentiles and endowed by their tribal god to rape, pillage and murder others’ for the sake of Jewish gain, there will NEVER be an end to the misery that this tiny virus has caused the body politic.

LONDON – A Guardian journalist has apologized after being accused of anti-Semitism following an article in which she maintained that Israel’s eagerness to bring home Gilad Schalit was based on a “Zionist” belief that the lives “of the chosen are of hugely greater consequence than those of their unfortunate neighbors.”

Deborah Orr, a columnist for the Guardian, said in an article published last week, titled “Is an Israeli life really more important than a Palestinian’s?”, that the prisoner swap between Hamas and Israel, which led to the release of Schalit, “tacitly acknowledges acceptance of that obscene idea.”

“All this, I fear, is simply an indication of how inured the world has become to the obscene idea that Israeli lives are more important than Palestinian lives,” Orr said.

“Netanyahu argues that he acted because he values Schalit’s life so greatly.”

Mark Gardner, from the Community Security Trust, a London-based organization that monitors anti-Semitism, said: “Deborah Orr used an old anti-Semitic slur in order to attack Zionists. It shows how easily these ways of thinking can be adapted for modern use. But the entire article was extremely stupid and should never have been published in the first place.”

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post this week, Orr said she was sorry for the words she used.

“First, I’m certainly not anti- Semitic, and don’t want to sound as if I am,” she said. “So I’m sorry if the form of words I used gave that impression.

Often, however it seems difficult to be critical of the Israeli state without such accusations being made.”

Explaining what she meant, Orr told The Jerusalem Post that in her view “Zionists did consider their own ambitions to be of paramount importance, of greater importance than the views of the people they wished to displace to form their state.”

She said that the problem goes back to 1948 when Israelis deemed the creation of a new state of much greater importance than the claims of another.

“The problems date back to the enforced ‘exchange’ that was imposed on Palestinians in 1948. Many hundreds of thousands were compelled to move off the land so that Israel could be created,” she told the Post.

“From the start, it seems to me, the idea of Israel was predicated on the idea that the creation of a new state for one group was of much greater importance than the claims of the non-Jewish among those already living there… From the start, Palestinian needs were considered less important than nascent Israeli needs,” she maintained.

Her story, published in the Guardian on October 19, led to a huge backlash with commentators and bloggers on both sides of the Atlantic accusing her of using classical anti- Semitic motifs.

Comment is Free Watch, a group that monitors the Guardian blog, said “the anti- Semitic use, and profound distortion, of the idea of ‘chosenness’ – from a passage in the Torah widely understood as a Jewish requirement to uphold an especially high standard of ethical behavior – has a long and dark history.

“Indeed the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the most widely distributed anti-Semitic forgery in history – a book still quite popular in the Arab world – is premised partly on the idea of Jews’ ‘chosenness.’”

Writing in the Atlantic, Jeffery Goldberg said: “Chosenness does not mean ‘exclusive’ or ‘more equal than others.’ It never has, except to anti-Semites.

Christians believe they are in possession of the final word of God, as do Muslims. This belief fosters a feeling of theological superiority. Does this make Christians and Muslims ‘chosen’ as well? Or is the term ‘chosenness’ only a weapon for use against Jews?”

Jerusalem-based media monitors Honest Reporting said: “That Deborah Orr is prepared to descend to the depths of anti- Semitism to claim that Israel is motivated by racism says much about her own warped values.”

“That the Guardian was prepared to publish such an obscene commentary merely confirms the publication’s vicious anti- Israel bent.”


Israel’s Former Chief Rabbi–Gentiles exist only to serve Jews

According to Rabbi, the lives of non-Jews in Israel are safeguarded by divinity, to prevent losses to Jews.

The sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews, according to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the head of Shas’s Council of Torah Sages and a senior Sephardi adjudicator.

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,” he said in his weekly Saturday night sermon on the laws regarding the actions non-Jews are permitted to perform on Shabbat.

According to Yosef, the lives of non-Jews in Israel are safeguarded by divinity, to prevent losses to Jews.

“In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money.

This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” Yosef said.

“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.

That is why gentiles were created,” he added.

Yosef’s Saturday night sermons have seen many controversial statements from the 90-year-old rabbi. In August, Yosef caused a diplomatic uproar when he wished a plague upon the Palestinian people and their leaders, a curse he retracted a few weeks later, when he blessed them along with all of Israel’s other peace-seeking neighbors.

  1. #1 by Ingrid B on 10/27/2011 - 9:34

    Something needs to be clarified, this woman was NOT being anti-semitic, she was being anti-Zionist..
    One little point I will fault her on is, she doesn`t mention the thousands of Palestinians who were brutally murdered in 48..
    The day must come when good people are unafraid to speak the truth..
    One more thing, the louder the parasites scream “anti-semitism”, the more they draw attention to their racist ways..

  2. #2 by Isaac on 10/27/2011 - 9:34

    A few years ago when I wrote on the editorial points of view that the Zionist Jews have extended their tentacles to every corner of our society and are in control of the US government as well as the news media, Hollywood, and our school system, I had nasty phone calls, nasty letters, a visits from “some religious organizations”. The company where I work was visited by those rats and they reprimended me for being out spoken, I was not fired but that was what they wanted. I even received dead threats.
    I am not affraid of them and I told them that I was exercizing my Constitutional Rights of free speech.
    I continue to write and tell many people what I feel and I give people the DVD out of “OCCUPATION 101”

  3. #3 by Zainab on 10/27/2011 - 9:34

    Ok I just got it. I do NOT have to SAY anything anti-semitic ( anti- Zionist) aloud or in print. I could SAY IT in the mind. If we all walked around ‘SAYing it in the mind’ then we cannot be accused, threatened, sued, fired, imprisoned or whatever else.


    There are no real thought police yet. They’re not that good.


  4. #4 by innocent1 on 10/27/2011 - 9:34

    So let me try to understand this. Deborah Orr has been labeled a Anti-Semite for her truthful journalism, but then she has to say she’s sorry for writing the truth?
    So, on the other hand, wouldn’t that make Rabbi Yosef a “Lazy Anti-Human(non tribe member) Racist”, by his own words? He should apologize to Deborah and open his eyes, and explain on MSM what he means. It seems that his words far exceed the definition of “hate speech”. Americans should wake up to see what their 30 MILLION DOLLARS A DAY is getting from their closest friends in the east. My mom wouldn’t have let me hang out with Yosef as a kid. She would have said Aalijah, that boys heart is filled with hate from his home, he must learn to love all others before you can play with him again. I pray for all of Israel and all it’s people. Love thy neighbor. Let them take you into their home, don’t take their homes away from them. You are only a guest for a short time on this planet like ALL OTHER HUMANS. Share your hearts and not your hate with the world. And stop taking what’s not yours.

  5. #5 by James on 10/29/2011 - 9:34

    It’s now official – there’s been no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors :

    Quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:
    ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ (page 83)

    I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.

    In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

  6. #6 by a5r3am on 10/31/2011 - 9:34

    They want us to fear them, and they will ALWAYS throw the anti-Semitic nonsense into our faces.

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