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Former Mossad chief: Israeli strike on Iran will lead to regional war

Meir Dagan said in a television interview that a military strike will result in massive rocket attacks from Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.

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NATO rockets kill three Afghan women

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The Face of British Anti-Immgrantism, Pt II

Now, the truly amazing thing about this folks, is that as sure as there will be snow in North Idaho the day after July 4th, I will be barraged with angry emails from pro-white/anti-immigrant loudmouths saying that this woman is a hero and should be given a medal of honor for acting in such an embrassing, degrading way, not seeing that her actions are EXACTLY what Jewish interests need to have take place in order to further their war with the Islamic world, the same war that has brought all these immigrants to the West in the first place and which will completely bankrupt and decimate America and her European surrogates if not stopped.


Muslim Brotherhood takes lead in Egypt vote count

Muslim Brotherhood party leads after 90 percent of votes counted in first stage of Egypt’s three stage elections, due to end in January.

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‘Germany approves subsidized sale of military submarine to Israel’

German official, speaking on condition of anonymity, says his country set aside $180 million to fund about a third of another Dolphin-type submarine.

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Saudi Arabia urges citizens to ‘swiftly’ leave Syria

Appeal comes two days after Arab League decides to impose sanctions on Bashar Assad’s government over its refusal to allow monitors to enter the country.

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Britain orders expulsion of all Iran diplomatic staff within 48 hours

Following attack on U.K. embassy in Tehran, British Foreign Secretary Hague says his country closed its Iran embassy, now orders Iran to immediately close its embassy in London.

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