The Face of British Anti-Immgrantism, Pt II

Now, the truly amazing thing about this folks, is that as sure as there will be snow in North Idaho the day after July 4th, I will be barraged with angry emails from pro-white/anti-immigrant loudmouths saying that this woman is a hero and should be given a medal of honor for acting in such an embrassing, degrading way, not seeing that her actions are EXACTLY what Jewish interests need to have take place in order to further their war with the Islamic world, the same war that has brought all these immigrants to the West in the first place and which will completely bankrupt and decimate America and her European surrogates if not stopped.

  1. #1 by John on 11/30/2011 - 9:34

    Oh Please, you’re nothing but a shill for the Zionist Jewish multicultural immigration destruction of sovereign nations.

    The immigration issue is their most powerful weapon of the ‘conquer and divide’ strategy. Nationalism is the only thing can destroy the Zionist plan.

    –note from me, MG–Oh please, you are nothing but a poster boy for feeble-minded white supremacism that can’t recognize that it is being setup by Jewish interests, using the immigration issue as the bait.

    If you and the rest of your cohorts were truly concerned about the decimation of your race and culture, you would be ‘man’ enough to recognize that THE VERY REASON your countries are being flooded with dark skinned immigrants is because the Jews–utilizing their control over WHITE western governments–are waging military, economic and cultural war on 3rd world nations, causing them to flee to the only place they feel they will be safe, which is in the same white countries destroying their own.

    But, not being ‘man’ enough to do what is necessary in saving your culture and your race, instead of getting into the ring with the dragon and putting your sword in his heart, the only place he can be killed, instead you stay off to the side, safely, tossing a rock here and there at it while doing nothing substantive to bring real ‘clarity’ to the issue.

    Once I see your worthless, cowardly ass out in the streets protesting these Jewish wars against the Middle East–the same wars BANKRUPTING YOUR NATIOLNS AND CAUSING IT TO BE FLOODED WITH THE SAME REFUGEES YOU ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT–then I will take what you say with slightly more than a grain of salt.

    Until that time, I’m afraid you’re going to have to remain lying in the bed you have made for yourself, which is nothing but a whining, effeminate, do-nothing loud mouth intent upon watching his culture be eaten away piece by piece while doing nothing substantive to prevent it.

    By the way–got a website? Radio program? Newsletter? Ever written an ariticle? Ever put your name out there–YOUR REAL NAME–as well as other personal details showing that you are nothing more than a cowardly, effeminate complainer?

    Thought not. I know your type all too well. You frequent websites like Stormfront, National Alliance, et al, using some anonymous name, while calling Jews ‘kikes’, blacks ‘niggers’ and mexicans ‘spics’ safely behind the anonymity of your made-up identity and then you wonder why the world laughs at people like you and why you ‘can’t get no respect’.

  2. #2 by Sam on 11/30/2011 - 9:34

    A note to John: You will be surprised to learn that the “sovereignty” of western nations was handed on a platter to the banksters a long time ago when they took control of the central banks!

  3. #3 by Ingrid B on 11/30/2011 - 9:34

    the good news, the upside to this sort of public spectacle is, people like this woman, and there are many, only succeed in showing to the world, the nasty side of British society, and it ain`t pretty..

  4. #4 by iansaysamerica1st on 11/30/2011 - 9:34

    The above rant makes no sense to me. Was he talking to you, Mark? Anyway, while realizing that immigration and population demographics are legitimate issues for discussion (if we can be ADULTS), I wonder if “John” realizes that the Rabbis wet themselves with glee every time someone like him emerges from the sewer to parade around, point fingers and rail about the loss of a mythical “race purity” that never existed. Probably not.

  5. #5 by AlHind on 11/30/2011 - 9:34

    This is promoted by the media in the UK, the newspapers are constantly blaming immigrants (especially Muslims nowadays) for thir countries problems.

    The problems in Britain are caused by the elites, the same people who are causing the wars, poverty all over the World.

  6. #6 by Adalberto Erazo on 11/30/2011 - 9:34

    @ John

    Your reasoning and the behavior of this woman are no different than the mentality of the jews.The jews are the biggest haters on the planet and they’re “holy” books are filled with nothing but contempt for non-jews.That includes you as well.What disturbs me the most is seeing white nationalist groups like the BNP and the EDL(a complete joke of an organization by the way) ally themselves knowingly with the devil realizing in the end they are shooting themselves in the foot.You need to strike at the root of the problem and that is jewish control of the west since they are the most powerful countries economically and militarily in the world.They serve as the stepping stone for the jews in world conquest and yet guys like you support these wars because in your view they kill “mud” people.All the conflict and problems we see happening around the world are the result of the jews.They have been at war with humanity for over 3000 years and they will not stop until Pax Judaica succeeds.America is falling apart both morally and spiritually and it is NOT Muslims,NOT Mexicans,NOT Blacks,NOT Asians who are ruining the country.The economic collapse you see happening in America is a deliberate and controlled demolition to make way for Israel to become the next super power in the world.Yet still guys like you support these wars because they kill “mud” people.Perhaps you haven’t realized, but Israel tested a new type of ballistic missile that can reach all the way to America.Those nukes aren’t meant for their neighbors, they are meant for us as they need that land to create Greater Israel.The jews will not share power with anyone.But still blind by your hate, you support these wars because they kill “mud” people.You feel the way you do because it is the jewish media that tells you how to think and feel.Another thing with you white nationalist types is that you wouldn’t know Aryan race even if it bit you in the ass.Find your own term.That symbol you revere so much called the Swastika comes from the continent of Asia.The Asians have used that symbol for thousands of years so go look for your own symbol instead of co-opting others cultures and terms.Real Aryans are Kurds,Armenians,Ossetians,Persians, and Afghans.Iran means ‘Land of the Aryans’ and they are the true Aryan race.Aryan means Noble and the people of that region are far more Noble than you white nationalist types who have bowed down to the jew.The portrayal of Jesus as a blond haired blue eyed Nordic is historically inaccurate.The only reason he was portrayed that way in Christianity was to gain converts in Europe so people could relate to him more.Jesus was born in the land of Palestine and was a Nazarene who spoke Aramaic which is a Semitic language.In other words an Arab.Yeah that’s right!An Arab!Get used to it!I don’t think he appreciates you supporting wars that are killing his brothers and sisters in the middle east!I’ll leave you with this one last thought.As I said earlier that you and this woman have the same mentality of the jews who see themselves as far superior with nothing but contempt for the rest of humanity.Perhaps you heard of someone called Lucifer(devil/Satan) who had nothing but contempt for Adam since he was created from clay while Lucifer saw himself as superior because he was created from fire.Because of his attitude he was cast out of heaven.God never was and never will be a racist.If you continue to keep that type of mentality you’ll be cast out of heaven as well and will spend the rest of eternity in the company of Satan right next to his precious jews.

    –note from me, MG–Ad Alberto, the problem is that John–whatever his or her name really is–do NOT realize that they are getting into bed with the devil. It has been my experience in dealing wtih these types over the years that they have not thought out their positions rationally and are only interested in striking out in anger. The Jews did their work very well–they spent years bringing the cordwood for the bonfire by having laws passed favoring unrestricted immigration (with all the systemic problems that this causes) and then setting up a system where people are not allowed to voice their complaints. The tenion buidls and builds and builds and then–BAAMMM!–911 happens, and it is perfectly ok to lash out at dark-skinned muslims because it is in Israel’s interests that this be done. So, guys like “John”, who need a release from all the cultural tension that has been building, finally have the opportunity to ‘let loose’ and they are not going to pass this opportunity up.

    You are correct however, concerning the price they are going to pay for it in the end, with their countries destroyed, bankrupt, their children dead, and the white Christian west holding the bill for the catastrophe known as the ‘clash of civilizations’ whilst the Jews who eingineered everything from the beginning are sitting back and counting all the gold they ‘earned’ through it all.

    God help us

  7. #7 by Gregor on 11/30/2011 - 9:34

    Mark, we’re just getting tired of your anti-White, pro-Alien point of view.

    You seem to actually BELIEVE that “America” is a “propositional nation”.

    Good old “Israel Zangwill” was the one who imposed THAT distortion on us.

    Betcha can’t figure out what HE was up to in his attempt to influence the categorization process in a direction that turned the country/nation my people created into what’s now looking like a dunghill.

    Also, send back my $50 donation. I thought you’d mended your ways when I sent it. You obviously haven’t.

    –note from me, MG–What are you Roger, 5 years old? “Gimme my money back..I don’t like you anymore. Boo hoo hoo. Waa waa waa’.

    What a way to end a ‘discussion’ and what a way to demonstrate to everyone here what an open minded, intelligent & mature “white rights” advocate you are. Simply pathetic. Something you see on the playground.

    You will get your money, marbles, cookies, candy or however you want to characterize it as soon as there are donations to cover it and don’t even think about pestering me for it because if you do you won’t get a dime.

    After all, it was not sent for services rendered, but rather as a gift to cover the expenses incurred in doing what we do here

  8. #8 by Proud Gentile on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    WTF??? Is this guy kidding? “Send back my donation.” What an a**wipe.

    Out of all the effective sites out there this is the one that does the LEAST in asking for money. Once a month and that’s it and if they get enough to cover all the bases they tell people not to send anymore.

    This guy is is a fruitcake and it’s no wonder we in the white community can’t get our s*** together.

    Send this headcase his money if ya got it Mark, there’ll be plenty more to cover it.

    –note from me, MG–Don’t worry, he’ll get it and it will be my pleasure sending it because the last thing I need/want are any attachments with–as you aptly put it–headcases like this who can’t see straight enough to shoot right.

    thnx for the good words as well.

  9. #9 by george wells on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    A racist is a white person who does not embrace her own genocide or this disinheriting of her white child. Its about the effects of an anti-white pro-white genocide program. This woman should be supported and held up as a hero and not condemned because of FEAR OF THE JEWS. Why make this issue about the jews anyway? Just another way to suppress white activism.

    –note from me, MG–if the whites are being subjected to a program of ‘genocide’ it is because of their own doing. They WILLINGLY don’t have children. The kids they DO have they WILLINGLY put in government-run schools so that their minds wind up scrambled eggs. They then go to ‘white’ churches where they WILLINGLY subject their children to the Jews’ religion and with predictable results–the girls give away their virginity before marriage to the first boy they kiss and the boys run off and join the military to fight the Jews’ wars.

    White societies are collapsing because WHITES allowed their enemies to get control over their societies. All of this happened DESPITE that ‘superior’ white intelligence that is supposedly the foundation of civilized society. There is no point in blaming the 3rd worlders for this and anyone with an OUNCE of intelligence cannot refute that this is the case.

    You want to make this foul mouthed wretch a hero? Case closed.

  10. #10 by Lindsey on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    The jews move in a hive-mentality all striving-for their goal of the jewish-Utopia, and until I see “good-jews” standing-up and screaming that they ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT A PART OF THIS AND RENOUNCE THIS EVIL BEING DONE IN THEIR NAMES, it is the VAST MAJORITY who are absolutely responsible for the actions of their–excuse coming-up for the masses who benefit–“leaders.” *LOL* Yeah…it is all the fault of their maniacal “leaders”…rabbis, rebbes, politicians, etc. *rolls eyes at the ignorance–no, stupidity–of the human-race killing itself by not SAVING ITSELF*

    The so-called White-groups bitch and moan and fight and bicker over anyone and anything that doesn’t see Blacks as niggers, Mexicans as spics, Asians as gooks, Muslims as sand-niggers, Hindus as rag-heads, etc., etc., etc.

    Who is responsible, in their goal for complete destruction and conquest of the human-species, for this completely in-sane DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER TECHNIQUE AGAINST THE “WHITE CHRISTIAN WEST?”

    Look at the first sentence for your answer you truly pitiful human-beings who are falling right-into the traps set for you by these demons walking-on-Earth.


    NB: Mark, you and I saw this with that nut Carolyn Yeager, and it is the same damned story with SO MANY supposedly “good” people fighting against zionism and those members of the human-race who support it. The same can be said for FAR MORE “people” in this bowel-movement than Yeager, and what is more pitiful is that there are really big names in the anti-zionist alternative-media who are COMPLETE RACISTS, and you wouldn’t know it unless you listened carefully to a few key shows and read-through some of the MANY, MANY articles posted on his/their site(s).

    NBB: Mark Glenn, I am proud to have allied myself against this evil, and I am equally-proud to call you a friend in this fight. You are worth more to humanity by your words, actions, and desire to see a free and SAFE world for your children and others than 10–or more–of these vile racists who have taken-the-bait of the heebie-jeebies and have allowed themselves to be blinded AND USED to further the DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER the the heebie-jeebies have used for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Screw them. You are on the right-side, and I am proud to be there with you renouncing these creatures.

    –note from me, MG–Lind, as I (hopefully) have made clear in our various conversations, the feelings are mutual

  11. #11 by Mary on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    God how embarassing. The fact that there are pro-white activists here saying this foul-mouthed/Sarah Silverman wannabe white woman should be seen as a hero proves what a bankrupt movement we are.

    I have spent many years in this and have seen what has become of our white men and it is frightening. First they allowed all the corridors of power in our countries to be overrun by a bunch of thugs who turned our once-Christian societies into moral sewers that produce women such as this one and then these same men who lost our societies praise her.

    Proud gentile is right Mark–don’t worry about the money, you have lots of supporters out here who will help out.

    –note from me, MG–Mary, I’m not worried at all. Just tired of dealing with the various “characters” in this thing and their imbalanced personalities, that all. As I have said many times, at least HALF of the people in this “movement’ were nuts before they got here and have not been made any better since.

  12. #12 by george wells on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    MG, you might want to get on the White Genocide Mantra instead of condemning those who are trying to turn this thing around. The policy of AFRICA FOR AFRICANS, ASIA FOR ASIANS, AND WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE is such an obvious reality. It is waking up people to the risk of white extinction. To blame jews for this is just a diversion.

    –note from me, MG–George, or whatever your name is, since using front names seems to be in vogue here–

    NO ONE here is saying whites don’t have rights or that there is concerted effort to destroy white culture. The fact that you or anyone else within the ‘white’ community would read even a microbe of such into this shows you are not thinking clearly and are instead governed more by paranoia than reason. The woman (women) depicted in those videos WERE NOT to my knowledge actresses paid to do what they did and sadly they are emblematic of a lot of charactures in the ‘pro-white’ movement, and don’t tell me they aren’t because I deal with them every day.

    You’ll pardon me for noting this, but the reaction that typically results from those in your camp during discussions like this is very, well, JEWISH. The only thing missing is the word HOLOCAUST, which you have obviously replaced with ‘white genocide’.

    In the interests of not doing further damage to the great cause of saving and preserving white civilization, I recommend that you, Roger, John and others out there making up ‘da gang’ who are doubtless friends to each other and have been working in concert in this forum should rethink your strategy here and maybe find a more intlligent, civilized and GENTILE way of making the case, because the fact of the matter is, you are batting 0 for 20 here.

  13. #13 by Steve Porter on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    MG:”if the whites are being subjected to a program of ‘genocide’ it is because of their own doing. They WILLINGLY don’t have children. The kids they DO have they WILLINGLY put in government-run schools so that their minds wind up scrambled eggs. ”

    Oh really Mark,who says whites are willingly not having children when our living standards have dropped through the floor,maybe not as a direct result of,but definitely with a hell of a lot of help from,the massive non-white immigration of non-whites that so-called “anti-racists” say we should accept into all of our countries on a continual basis forever more?

    And who says whites willingly put our children into State schools? Here in the UK and other countries you don`t get a choice unless you`re in the middle or upper class purely out of economic necessity-both parents are forced into work( back to the reduced living standards).

    Oh,and let`s not forget the 24/7 anti-white propaganda that`s being shoved down our people`s throats which you admit is happening,no?

    I used to listen to you on the mike Piper show and thought you were one of the good guys,but here you are slating us whites for opposing this obvious global genocide program?

    Something aint right here Mark,maybe you think a lot of these so-called “anti-racists” are good people,and maybe they in the capacity you deal with them,but I challenge you to observe how they operate on our white genocide youtube videos,pro-white sites in general,or on that tram video,and then try and tell me these people are not anti-white and white genocide pushers!

    –note from me, MG–this is going on far too long and I have spent WAAAY too much time trying to convince a bunch of paranoid pro-white activists that I am not ‘anti-white’ when I, my wife and 9 kids ARE white.

    So here’s the deal, again, in a nutshell–

    You want to save your white societies? Fine. Have lots of white kids and don’t let ‘economic factors’ keep you from doing it. We are piss poor and have 9 white kids and somehow, by the grace of God, manage to make ends meet every month.

    IF you have the opportunity of taking your white kids out of gov run schools, then do it. Teach them at home. Yeah, it’s lots of work and a great sacrifice, and I know this first hand, because we have been doing it for almost 20 years.

    NO ONE is promoting an ‘anti-white’ agenda here. If you read that into anything then you need to turn down the knob on your paranoia.

    And lastly, concerning my good friend Mike Piper–no doubt this is going to come as quite a shock to you, but the fact nonetheless is that he is near 100% agreement with me on these issues, which we discuss on a regular basis.

  14. #14 by Lindsey on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    “Idaho” Mark Glenn has to face this kind of horse-shit nearly every day from the very people WHO SHOULD BE ON OUR SIDE FIGHTING FOR THE FUTURE OF THE HUMAN-RACE, but because of their ignorant prejudices of those darker than they are, DO THE WORK OF THE LITERALLY GOD-DAMNED DEMONS BRINGING-ABOUT THE NIGHTMARE INTO WHICH OUR WORLD HAS BEEN BROUGHT INSTEAD OF THE WAKING-DREAM THAT IT COULD BE.

    You people, and that includes that witch-in-the-ditch Yeager, who can’t see the forest-for-the-trees because of your internal in-securities of the life(ves) that you have made for yourself(ves) trying to lay the blame on “minorities” instead of the RING-LEADERS OF THIS SHIT, are now knowingly doing the work of the heebie-jeebies because Mark and others have now laid all of the reality out for you to see and mentally digest.

    NO MORE EXCUSES, AND NO MORE ILLUSIONS. We can bitch and moan about the little things once we take our world back from the literal brink of insanity and destruction by these demons walking-on-two-legs. If you people can’t see the harm that you are doing by DOING THE HEEBIE-JEEBIES WORK FOR THEM VIA THEIR ORCHESTRATED AND PAID-FOR DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER STRATEGY, then there is honestly-to-God little hope for this “movement” to succeed in any way, shape, and/or form; it is truly as simple as that.

    Mark, NEVER, EVER let these ignorant human-beings pull-you-down to sadness/despair at what we have to deal-with in our “community/movement.” You are on the right-side of this fight, and you see THE BIG-PICTURE INSTEAD OF EMOTIONALLY LAYING THE BLAME WHERE THE JEWS WANT YOU TO LAY THE BLAME–on those victims of the jews who have fled to other host-nations to escape the horror(s) inflicted upon them in their home-nations.

    God bless you, Mark Glenn, for continually opening-up the people’s eyes to the truths of what is happening to our world, why, and MOST IMPORTANTLY–WHO. The rest of you people trying to sow discord and misery with your attacks–both publicly and privately–against this man who sees the TRUTH AS IT IS, will hopefully now see how sincerely wrong you are and turn that rage and vitriol in the right-direction because things are NOT going to get better by blaming THE VICTIMS OF THE DEMONS’ ACTIONS.

    God, why can’t humanity come-together and save itself instead of continually allowing itself to be deceived and attacked FROM WITHIN–century-after-century-after-century into millennia the story never changes?


  15. #15 by Ingrid B on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    All these “John`s” and “Gregor`s” are suddenly “in our faces”, I`d ask where they came from, but I think iansaysamerica1st answered that question..

    “Gregor” reminds me of a guy I once worked with, who, because he bought me a drink, thought he could command my attention, and who, because I wouldn`t stop talking to someone, to go and dance with him, snatched the drink from my hand saying, “that`s mine.” Once I got over the shock, I really had a good laugh, though it maybe isn`t fair to laugh at “John`s” and “Gregor`s” since they can`t see past their own inflated ego`s..

    Yes, Mark, send him his bloody money, we`ll all chip in, be worth it to get rid of him..

  16. #16 by Mahmoud El-Yousseph on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    Mark, hand salute for the way you handled Johnny dude and his cohorts. For him to ask for his $ 50 donation back is bizarre. I take this as insult to every one who contribute to this site.

    This woman in the video clip is a disgrace. The way the passenger handled the situation is very admirable. I am sure some of them were born in the UK and that is the only country they know. This bitch was lucky. For the simple reason: she was holding her child in her lap.

    I will make up for Johnny’s refund and help elevate the cost of sending his money back, next thing the morning “inshallah” [ with God’s willing]. And thank you for your uncompromising stance.

    Last time I remember some one asked for his/her donation back was after the Palestinian election in January 2006. When Palestinians were asked to choose their own representative, the majority choose Hamas. Immediately, Secretary of State Rice has the audacity to demand the return of the 50 million dollars given as an economic aide to the Palestinians. That is equivalent to what Israel get in 5 days from our hard earned tax-money. What a shame! A true lesson in promoting democracy. May be, I should say hypocrisy!

    In Solidarity,

    –note from me, MG–Brother, keep your money. It is nothing. As you said, more of a childish insult than anything else so I consider myself lucky to be rid of such ‘friends’.

    In solidarita’


  17. #17 by MJ on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    Ingrid lol.
    That is clearly the worst display of bad manners. How can you take back a gift.
    Can you not stand up and refute the reasoning given.
    You have no intestinal fortitude!You have no honor.

  18. #18 by MJ on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    I am addressing Gregor.

  19. #19 by MJ on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    P.S if you want to preserve your tribe then leave the lands of other tribes.

    Be constructive and vote for someone like Ron Paul who will take your military out of the far off lands that most of you can not locate on a map.

  20. #20 by MJ on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    How Zionists Divide and Conquer:

  21. #21 by Ingrid B on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    @MJ, you had me going for a second..

    just watched the Ron Paul video, and will respond with saying, America`s citizens don`t need foreign “terrorists” to insinuate themselves on American soil, in order to terrorize them, their very own, elected, terrorist “government” is doing just that..

  22. #22 by Oscar on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    Divide and conquer: Impoverished, pissed-off people packed in a sardine can, going unto slavery.

  23. #23 by Mark Propheter on 12/01/2011 - 9:34

    If this fouled mouthed intellectually devoid piece of white female humanity. Is suppose to the a person that the White Resistance is to offer the public as a Hero and to be praised as such. Then maybe the White Resistance needs to question there own mental faculties! Before they even question the motives or the intelligence of those such as Mark Glenn.
    I guess it never occurs to you White Power types. That this incident did happen solely because of this person’s race. That this women’s shrieking demands that the people talking Aramaic speak English is not just based on the fact of they were Arabs. But was also a verbal attack on the individuals religion itself. That being Islam. The very religion and culture the Jewish Zionists seek to destroy. Which at this very moment in time. Is the only notable resistance to Jewish Power.

  24. #24 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 12/01/2011 - 9:34


    If that may comfort some, I have had this kind of treatment repeatedly personally (even while pushing the pram with my baby in there) and not only from WHITE RACISTS but from BLACK RACISTS! But, I always stood my ground and answered back. And, as I do not swear, I had to come up with some of the nastest things I read in my History, Sociology and other books! Once, a Police officer heard me lecturing the racists and he did not like it. He said to me (not to thye racists):

    I will arrest you if you do not stop using racist language!

    I lived in a garrison town (1991-1997) called Colchester (the oldest town in Britain, a Roman town) where British soldiers were being provided with as many White whores as they wanted, and as a result single mothers had polluted the society completely because the White Bwana no more respects womanhood or motherhood at all, and the White woman has also lost all respect of herself because the powers that be have also destroyed religion and morality. It was while living there that the Jewish released their first teenager’s pornography magazines destined for school children!

    But, the worse is not when the adults get verbally abused like we can see in the video clip.

    The worse, beyond description, is when those degenerates rape their own children and commit incest (rarely talked about by the media) and when White ‘mothers’ use that same kind of language to their own babies and little children or even when they allow their lovers to even rape their own kids. When you are high on alcohol, anything can happen!

    They smoke, drink, commit incest and swear like hell!

    And, I am talking as a first hand witness. This kind of occurence is quite frequent in the Streets of London and in particular in the run down areas owned by the Jews and where we see a lot more Blacks.

    And the Blacks have become experts at the use of the F word which they picked up from the White Racists!

    GOD help us, as Mark says.


  25. #25 by zioncrimefactory on 12/02/2011 - 9:34

    I wonder what Mark Glenn has to say about this anti-white hate speech and calls for white genocide by non-whites?

    I wonder what Mark Glenn thinks about the literal genocide of Whites that is occurring in South Africa right now by Blacks? Has uttered even one word against it? Nope.

    Of course, none of that matters because the well-being on non-whites is the only cause for concern in the Cultural Marxist worldview that Mark Glenn adheres to.

    –note from men MG–I’ll tell you exactly how I ‘feel’ about it all…

    Although I do not condone it, I nevertheless understand WHY blacks feel about whites the way they do. It was only a few short years ago that blacks had to sit in the back of the bus, could not eat in the same restaurants as whites and could not go to white colleges. The rest of the list is a mile long. If I were black, I would feel the same way, and so would you, so stop the moralizing. In fact, the PROOF that you would feel the same way is the fact that you DO feel the same way now, as a WHITE. Those within your ‘movement’ bitch and moan over not getting the jobs you want because you’re white, not getting free education because you’re white, etc, etc, etc.

    So what’s the solution here? Well, it’s actually very simple, so simple in fact that it is disconcerting that it needs to be explained to you as if you were a 2nd grader.

    Stop looking at minorities as ‘the enemy’. The two have enough in common with each other that can alliances can be built, namely the fact that it is because of Jewish interests the the blacks find themselves in the position they are in in white society–ghettos, crime, drugs, broken families, etc. The alternative is what we have now–you and your cohorts going to your graves having done nothing substantive to get the vampire’s fangs off your neck other than whining and crying about how horrible it is being white these days.

    And as far as your other inane charge, that I embrace ‘cultural marxism’ or whatever the hell it was you called it–this is proof positive why I can’t take anything you guys say seriously. In the first case, you only use words like that because you learned how to pronounce them from someone else whose ideas and thinking you have allowed to take up residence in your head, and (B) there isn’t a ‘marxist’ molecule in my system. Might as well accuse me of being one of those giant lizards in human form we read about on Rense all the time.

    Now, having dealt with your types often enough, I know that my reponse to what you have posted here is no doubt going to result in you and your other brothers in whiteness barraging this blog with all sorts of other posts-a-whining’, so let me just tell you ahead of time–don’t bother. I have much more important and interesting things to do than allow this forum to be your therapist in you crying your heart out over how rough it is to be ‘whitey’ these days.


  26. #26 by Ingrid B on 12/02/2011 - 9:34

    Mark, where the hell are all these whingeing snowflakes coming from??
    black, white, what the hell is the difference? there is none. as we say in Scotland, we`re all Jock Thompson`s bairns..

    the way I heard it, black kid gets covered in white paint, goes home, and one by one, his family tell him to “F-off white trash.” kid leaves, muttering, “been white five minutes, and allready I hate these black bastards..

    could just as easily be a white kid who gets covered in tar..

  27. #27 by Lindsey on 12/03/2011 - 9:34

    I want you fools to think very seriously on this:

    What chance does humanity have against these creatures if THEY can stick together and move towards their singular goal of their “jewish Utopia,” while WE do nothing but bitch and moan and fall into the traps that THEY have set time and time and time and time and time and time again?

    What chance does humanity have agains these creatures if THEY can take-over nations and organizations from-within, while whenever WE try to be inclusive of all people who want to be-free from this madness WE are called “nigger-lovers” and “rag-head sympathizers” from those who are SUPPOSED to be on the same-side as the rest of us against those committing the evil upon our world? What chance do we possibly have against a COHESIVE and EFFICIENT GROUP THAT HAS SPREAD ITS TENTACLES WORLD-WIDE, while people like Mark, me, and others, have to CONTINUOUSLY explain how these creatures are the ones committing this DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER…and most importantly…setting the environment(s) for the circumstances in which THESE PEOPLE FIND THEMSELVES!!!


    Mark, it is so very de-moralizing to see this and know that our chances against this evil are ALREADY NOT VERY GOOD, but are made that much worse by people who know the truth allowing their prejudices to blind them to the bigger picture, and most importantly, WHO CREATED THE ENVIRONMENT(S) FOR THESE THINGS, LIKE SATURATED-IMMIGRATION, TO TAKE-PLACE.

    I have provided more than enough food-for-thought to convince you people to see the truth as it is and STOP FALLING FOR THE TRAPS OF THESE DEMONS WALKING-ON-TWO-LEGS, but if you don’t want to see that you are doing the work of these creatures, then all that you are doing is further damaging this “movement.”


  28. #28 by Mahmoud El-Yousseph on 12/04/2011 - 9:34

    Mark, I hate to tell you this. I already picked up the tap for that dishonorable Johnny John. I send it in the mail two days ago.

    May I suggest, please send him his refund in a package with coins only. i.e. [pennies, nickles and dimes.]

    That way, little Johnny can bother others at the checkout counter at his local groccary store.

    I did the same once in 1989. It was a dispute over $26. I have had the time of my life. Still remember it as if it happened yesterday. One day, I might share the story with you!

  29. #29 by zioncrimefactory on 12/04/2011 - 9:34

    Why won’t Mark publish my comments, doesn’t he claim to be a supporter of free speech?

    You’re a complete hypocrite Mark. You defend Arab/Palestinian/Islamic nationalism across the board, yet hypocritically denounce white nationalism (whites don’t have the right of self-determination, only Arabs and other non-whites do, in Glenn’s backwards mind).

    If Whites started pouring into an Arab country en masse, refusing to assimilate and thus slowly replacing the indigenous population with themselves, he would be up-in-arms kvetching, and undoubtedly would call it “white imperialism”! He even subtly DEFENDS black calls for the genocide of whites, says he “understands how they feel”. His justification for defending anti-white hate speech is that decades ago blacks had to sit at the back of buses ROFL (who wants to sit at the front of the bus anyway?). Yet he is here hollering on his blog about a woman on a train who didn’t say anything nearly as racist as what blacks are saying about whites in those videos I just posted. Poooor, poooor black people, right mark?

    Blacks and Jews teamed up to depose Whites in South Africa , and Jews are using non-whites to do the same thing today in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. It’s genocide. It’s part of the age-old Jewish strategy to destroy White Western civilization and impose a global Jewish dictatorship, like they did in Russia in 1917. Mark Glenn is a full partner with Jewry in this agenda.

    –note from me, MG–the reason your ‘comments’ are not posted is self-evident–You and your cohorts are the equivelant of the class clown who likes to burp out loud and disrupt an otherwise productive discussion. As I have learned intimately when dealing with the white, ethno-centric types, is that they are similar to the Jews in that their entire world view revolves around them and them alone. Everything boils down to the ‘sanctity’ of whiteness and what must be done to protect it. Fine, this is your world view, so be it, but here on this website, there are other issues that concern us, namely THE SURVIVABILITY OF THE HUMAN RACE, which means dealing with news revolving NOT AROUND how ‘tough whitey has it’ but rather what the universal enemy to mankind is doing on a daily basis.

    If you wish to join this discussion and can do so in a productive manner, fine, you are more than welcome.

    If however you insist upon giving us all a crying lecture on the ongoing ‘white holocaust’ then go back to stormfront, Nat Vanguard, National Alliance, or any of the other like-minded/do nothing groups whose only reason for existence is admiring their whiteness while watching as the rest of the world goes to hell in a handbasket.

  30. #30 by zioncrimefactory on 12/04/2011 - 9:34

    Mark writes: “If however you insist upon giving us all a crying lecture on the ongoing ‘white holocaust’ then go back to stormfront, Nat Vanguard, National Alliance”

    And you say white nationalists are similar to Jews? This comment is something you would undoubtedly hear coming out of the mouth of Abe Foxman, or any two-bit Hasbara troll. Jews are the #1 enemy of White nationalism! How are you any different than them in this regard?

    So you’re tired of hearing about the ‘white holocaust’, but, by the same token, furiously insist we all be wholly preoccupied (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) with the ‘muslim/arab holocaust’? More blatant hypocrisy.

    And I’m not denying there is an ongoing assault against the Arab/Muslim world — there most certainly is and Jews are behind it. I’ve spoken out against it and exposed it countless times over the past three years. But Muslims are NOT the only victims of the Jews!

    Mark, I’m pretty well known on the internet as the author of “Israel Did 9/11 – All The Proof In The World”, as well as the producer of a number of short videos exposing everything from Zionist terrorism, Jewish Bolshevism to the HoloHoax.

    Here’s my website (research articles, videos, time lines — a collection of all my work since 2009 when I first woke up to all this)

    Read it over then come back and tell me I’m a “do nothing” LOL

    –ok, we are going to try this again here one more time, and then we are going to move on, because there are more important things to deal with besides this.

    Firstly–CONGRATS AND THANK YOU for your work exposing zionism, Jewish extremism, etc. Although I have not seen the video you authored, I have heard a lot of good things about it.

    Next, CONGRATS AND THANK YOU for having expressed your sentmients in an intelligent, respectful manner.

    You see, what I usually deal with from the WN crowd is me, my wife and children being called “muds”, “mud people”, and a whole hosts of other terms which we don’t need to go into here. And I am supposed to take these people and their comments seriously.

    Next–no one has said that the Muslims are the ‘only victims’ of the Jews. I have REPEATEDLY SAID, AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THIS–that no one has suffered more than white, western Christian civilization in terms of numbers, beginning with Bolshevism, both world wars, the cultural/moral assault on our societies and of course, the in-utero murder of 50,000,000 American children, the economic despoilment we are all suffering at present, etc, etc, etc, the list goes on and on.

    AT THE SAME TIME HOWEVER I am astute enough–if that is the operative word–to recognize that RIGHT NOW, THE MOST IMPORTANT TACTICAL MOVE WE CAN MAKE is to build coalitions with as many people as possible. We simply cannot do it alone. In the islamic world, there is a HUGE resevoir of people and resources that, if it were wedded with those of what remains of the ‘Christian West” would be the Jews’ worst nightmare.

    Now, how are these ‘coaltions’ to be built? By complaining about immigration into western societies by Islamic refugees fleeing their homes because the White West has bombed them into oblivion?

    No, I don’t think so. You’re not going to score many points with people whose families and homes were destroyed with YOUR tax money nor are they going to want to join any cooperative efforts with you in seeing your concerns remedied after hearing you (pl) moaning about how your countries are being ripped apart by immigration.

    As I have said repeatedly, there is ONLY ONE entity whose interests are served in seeing a continued clash of civilizations between the west and dark-skinned immigrants, and it is the Jews. In the first case, it is a way of safely deflecting public anger and anxiety over (Jewish eingineered) domestic and foreign policy actions that are wreaking havoc in these various white countries and (b) it acts as a great diversion from what should be the most important topic of dscussion at present–the Jewish engineered wars taking place in the ME that –by their very nature–are designed to destroy the west.

    To me it seems a ‘no brainer’–leave the other discussion for later after we have gotten the vampire’s fangs off our neck. For now, what is needed is to get as many of the peasants–of whatever color–together with their pitchforks and to move against the common enemy. If the whites think they can do it by alone, they are only deluding themselves, and believe you me, this is EXACTLY what the Jews WANT the whites to believe.

    Therefore, it would be in your interest, if you are truly dedicated to saving your race, your culture, your identity, whatever, to form as many TEMPORARY alliances as possible in fighting this common enemy, because the alternative is for you to die a death of a thousand cuts and then look back on the whole ordeal and say to yourself–“ya know, if only we had teamed up with other like-minded people, irrespective of their colors/creeds, we might have had a fighting chance.”

  31. #31 by Ingrid B on 12/04/2011 - 9:34

    @zioncrimefactory, before you go, here`s a suggestion, vent your anger on those responsible for the problem, ie. governments who invade the countries of black people, steal their resources, put in power puppet dictators who care nothing for the populace, and who, as often as not, drive the people out, or force them to flee, or emigrate, to simply try to survive. Try putting yourself in their shoes, if you can take time out from whining..

  32. #32 by Ingrid B on 12/04/2011 - 9:34

    I posted the above before the latest exchange between you guys, but I stand by what I said..

  33. #33 by Adalberto Erazo on 12/05/2011 - 9:34

    I really hope this is the end of the discussion.

  34. #34 by abinashi on 12/06/2011 - 9:34

    This woman has just had an epiphany – She realizes, in the most fundamental way, that she has no nation. Her country is not her country, but is for aliens; her leaders are working against her and her child’s interests. Maybe realizing that her child will grow up in a society in which he is a second class citizen, locked out of good education and employment through Affirmative Action programs, and vulnerable to violence by these aliens and a anti-White discriminatory legal system, just blew her mind. If she has a daughter, she realizes her child may very well suffer rape, which will be unreported by the media and ignored by the police.
    The present case of White children being targeted by East Indians, who use them in group sex parties, in a present example of this. These aliens – and non-whites are aliens – were let free on their own recognizance pending trial by a legal system that routinely jails Whites for criticizing our present politically-correct “religious” doctrine. Whites are jailed for exposing non-White criminality by a system that declares they are inciting racial-hatred, an offence only Whites are charged with.
    Today, a White disabled veteran can starve or freeze on a paltry allowance while a non-White invader is provided double his rations.
    Britain, as with many previous White nations, is a colony, ruled by an alien Jewish international Banking Elite. Britain’s indigenous Whites inhabitants are being subjected to colonization! Our Universities discriminate against Whites in the professions, so we’re developing a alien managerial class. We are 2nd class citizens, deliberately restricted in all social services, legal rights, and the fundamental right to control our own immigration.

    Yes, this lady freaked out, probably the first time she has ever done so, but have you never had an epiphany? – A realization so shocking and immediate that you freak-out?
    And you’re worried about how bad it looks!
    You just don’t get it!

    Andrew Brons, in the European parliament, expressed the problem we face well:

    “The idea that we can import large families from the third-world as a substitute for unborn European children is based on a particularly pernicious and wrongheaded assumption: That we are the products of nurture and that third-world cultures are like overcoats that can be taken off at the ports of entry and replaced by a European cultural overcoat that can be issued with their residence and citizenship papers. The children of such immigrants are allegedly as European as the indigenous population. They’re NOT! Distinctive cultures are made by distinctive peoples, and not the other way around. We’re not the products of our cultures, our cultures are the products of our peoples. Replacing Europeans with peoples from the third-world will mean that Europe will be replaced by the third-world! Europe is slowly, but steadily, being ethnically cleansed of Europeans!”
    Quoted from this video:
    Andrew Brons Europe is being ethnically cleansed of Europeans.flv

  35. #35 by bin dead awhile on 12/09/2011 - 9:34

    the enemy of my enemy is my friend. come on zioncrimefactory i always read your site, but you guys are wrong. the only people who give shit to the jews are the muslims. show me one westerner willing to die????? none. so phuleeez till then keep quite and observe how the muslims do it. the westerners are too worried about their mortgages, and money. gees mg just said that whites are not having babies and someone wrote about money, that all you guys think of. sitting behind computers and criticising. man stfu and do something for a change. I see muslims as the saviour for now, cos they have balls of steel. the jews in america are ruling amerika and you guys are wankers, as mg says make bridges with others even though temporarly. i bet there are muslims that hate western lifestyle, but will have to band together with them when the shit hits the fan.

    *drops mike exits stage to the left*

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