Report: Attempt to smuggle Assad’s wife out of Syria foiled

Syrian opposition sources tell Egyptian daily al-Masri al-Youm that Free Syrian Army rebel forces managed to prevent escape of first lady Asma Assad, relatives

ed note–let’s cut past all the fancy language and say what this is really all about–


Here we have the rebels talking about their plans to take as hostage innocent women and children in order to further their political goals, which in truth AREN’T THEIRS AT ALL, BUT RATHER THOSE OF ISRAEL AND THE US.


Has Bashar Assad’s wife been attempting to follow in the footsteps of the wife of Muammar Gadaffi? Egypt’s al-Masri al-Youm newspaper reported Sunday that Syrian rebels thwarted an attempt to smuggle Asma Assad, wife of Syrian President Bashar Assad out of the country.

Sources within the Syrian opposition said that the Free Syrian Army forces managed to prevent the escape of the first lady of Syria and additional relatives through Damascus airport.

According to the Egyptian daily, the sources claimed that Asma Assad, her children, Bashar Assad’s mother and his cousin were all in a convoy on the way to the airport when rebel forces under the command of a former senior officer in the Syrian army, blocked the their path.

After heavy exchanges of fire, the presidential security forces managed to get the convoy back to the presidential palace. The opposition sources alleged that Assad’s security forces pursued the deserter general, Mahmoud Halouf, former head of the Palestine branch of Syrian intelligence.

Tactical withdrawal?

The general’s unit, all former soldiers who deserted with him, 300 in total, said that when they saw the convoy the believed it was an attempt to smuggle senior officials out of the country – which is why they blocked the convoy’s path.

Meanwhile, Armored forces loyal to President Assad took control on Sunday of eastern suburbs of Damascus that had fallen into opposition control after two days of bombardment and fighting with rebels, activists said.

“The Free Syrian Army has made a tactical withdrawal. Regime forces have re-occupied the suburbs and started making house to house arrests,” Kamal, one of the activists, said by phone from the eastern Ghouta area on the edge Damascus.

He was referring to army defectors loosely grouped under the Free Syrian Army.

If the report about Asma Assad’s attempted escape is true, it would not be the first time during the Arab Spring that relatives of a failing ruler find a way to escape. Last August Muammar Gaddafi’s wife and three of his children managed to escape war-torn Libya and reach Algeria. Gaddafi was killed not long after.

  1. #1 by Adalberto Erazo on 01/30/2012 - 7:27 pm

    Those bastards! I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if they caught her and her family. Doesn’t Russia have their naval base at the Port of Tartus? They could send a helicopter over to rescue them. I don’t think the opposition would dare shoot down a Russian helicopter for fear of the consequences.

  2. #2 by michael mazur on 01/31/2012 - 1:17 am

    Given the humiliations and obscenities to which Ghaddafi had been subjected it makes me think they would have done similar to the female members of his family had they not been able to get away.

    In the event that the Assad govt falls, it could mean also that Assad’s family cannot get away, what will they do to the female members of that family before they brutally murder them ?

    AE, may be `Syrian Free Army` would just love to draw the Russians in, giving Obama the rationale to present this as Russia becoming like the Soviet Union was, to then justify stationing a unit of US troops there, since they can’t get another UN Security Resolution 1973 – like they did early last year justifying NATO’s bombardment of Libya.

  3. #3 by ruby22shoes on 01/31/2012 - 3:23 am

    Those cowardly deserters! What harm would it bring to allow Bashar’s mother, wife and children safe passage? At least they weren’t under the delusion that Turkey was their ally, this sort of behavior, completely uncivilized, does make it appear we are in the end days.

  4. #4 by ghanaianauntie on 01/31/2012 - 9:55 am

    ‘prevent their escape’?! How dare these ‘journalists’ phrase something this cowardly in these heroic terms?! Who the Hell do the so-called ‘Free Army’ think they are anyway, and why are the media trying to make it sound as though there was something – anything – wrong with the Syrian President’s wife going wherever the hell she chooses?! Nonsense!

  5. #5 by Ingrid B on 01/31/2012 - 10:29 am

    I`m glad they`re safe..

  6. #6 by Putra Shazly on 01/31/2012 - 5:21 pm

    Free Syran Army..? Come on..

    They were just puppets for their JEWS master..!

    Thank Allah they are fine..

  7. #7 by Gary on 01/31/2012 - 5:32 pm

    They better get out of the country before they all get caught. We all remember what happened to the czars family.

  8. #8 by Sam on 01/31/2012 - 9:20 pm

    I think this is absolute rubbish. If Assad wanted his wife and her family to leave the country, they could easily fly out of Damascus airport. The so-called opposition want to give the impression that they control the country.

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