Israel–The world’s biggest Terrorist Organization

M Rice

It is interesting to note that the world’s biggest Terrorist Organization is in fact Israel’s Mossad and their offshoots, the Sayanim Agents within the U.S CIA, UK’s MI5/6, within French Intelligence and of course within the Muslim Zionists such as the Kurdish PKK, MKO, intelligence services within the ‘Arab’ Nations (Saudi, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar etc) who have all been funded and/or trained by Mossad. But most importantly, we must never forget the modern day 21st Century bogeymen, the infamous Terrorists created by none other than Mossad and its sidekick, the CIA- namely Al Qaeda, the ‘mythical fundamentalist Islamic’ Arab Terrorist group that it is alleged was given birth to by some Saudi Salafists/Wahhabis or whatever else they wish to refer to themselves as.. These mythical Islamic Beasts it is alleged by their creators, committed the greatest terrorist attack in the USA, then followed it with the Madrid Bombing, London’s 07/07, and then headed off to India and carried another attack in Mumbai, but this time under their Pakistani umbrella!

However irony of ironies is that now, these ‘Raghead, Towelhead ‘Mahslim’ Bogeymen who killed so many people on  9/11 for which the USA waged two illegal wars against the innocent Nations of Afghanistan (and through default- Pakistan) and Iraq, this very same Al Qaeda (named by the CIA), is now joke of all sick jokes, assisting the Israeli led Zionists (American/Nato/Arab Traitors), helped by their Jewish Mentors, in their Colonial wars against Muslim Nations- to Holocaust the Nation of Libya, kill  Somalis, Sudanese,  and Yemenis. Now they want to take it further with their Zionist masonic ‘anti-Islamic ‘ crusade, declaring their undying wish to attack the Muslim Republic of Syria, in order to bring about Regime change just as they helped Israel do in Libya with such murderous fervor. The Western created Al Qaeda’s present spokesperson, Zawahiri declares his desires to bring regime change, through terrorist acts, in Syria, the only nation in the miserable Zionist-controlled Arab world that stood by the Resistance Movements of real patriotic Nationalists such as the Palestinian Sunnis of Hamas and the Shias of Hezbollah who share the same infamous Enemy against the Islamic Nation. Instead of fighting shoulder to shoulder with the peoples of these two ancient civilizations of Palestine and Syria,  Zionist Al Qaeda prefers to take arms to kill its fellow Muslims/Arabs and cause greater Sectarian divisions amongst its longtime ethnic Groups who, prior to Western and Talmudic meddling, lived happily with respect and tolerance for each other’s religious beliefs.

Al Qaeda supposedly said it was set up to fight Western Imperialist Zionism agenda that is threatening the Islamic Nations. But where have they been, who has been their targets?? What precise action have they done against the racist Nuclear Military Entity of Israel that has threatened the Holy Land and is the greatest threat to Islam, Christianity and its faithful and righteous Believers?

Today, Qatari and Saudi funded Al Qaeda elements sprouted in Gaza and within Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, creating new, previously unheard of Islamic groups inciting rivalries, and violence in some camps. As we have tragically witnessed in 2011, they contributed to NATO’s Holocaust of Libya which it now has a blood thirst to repeat in Syria, thus aiding and abetting the War criminals of the ultimate Terrorist Entity of Israel.

The vast majority of the Syrian Nation support their President and are fully aware of the fate that is sadly awaiting them if Israel is yet again permitted to have its way for its Eretz Israel wetdream as it did in the deadly Holocaust of Iraq and Libya, with the same agenda it metered out against Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Gaza and of course their ultimate prize- that dastardly independent, IMF/Rothschild Free Zone, Iran.

The Syrians denounce the Foreign backed Terrorists who have infiltrated their borders shamefully from all sides of their ‘Muslim’ neighbors, Zionist Doenmeh  and secularist Turkey, Zionist Arabs Jordan, Lebanon, the Judaic Wahhabis and Salafists of Saudi and Qatar/Bahrain, all mentored by Israeli Mossad/IOF, assisted also by the ‘we want to be Crusader Colonialists again’ UK and France..  Naturally Germany and other anti-Muslim Western/ European Nations no doubt will also pitch in to prove their undying loyalty and remorse to the Holohoax, bleeding heart entity of Israel.

Western as well as Muslim mainstream Media and all the political analysts all debate about the Terrorists, the War on terror instigated by the Skull and Bones mind controlled initiate buffoon, Bush Junior, who was allowed by his Handlers in Israel, to take out his personal revenge on Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and then to spread his Zionist wings to encompass that Western/Wahhabi created bogeyman, Osama bin Laden and his equally western created terrorists, the Al Qaeda Brigade!!  But do these so called political experts ever question just who Al Qaeda is, who really leads them, funds and trains them and in fact are they really ‘Muslim Fundamentalists’, taking into account the true definition of ‘fundamentalist’ and not that manufactured by Western media Presstitutes who use it in a derogatory fashion, deviating from its righteous meaning.

The BBC in fact, unbelievably came out with an investigative journalists’  report a couple of years ago in which its stated that Al Qaeda as a ‘Muslim’ terrorist group did not in fact exist but was a CIA/Mossad creation,- but of course no one took any notice of this programme at all. The Zionist Presstitute Media, along with their political buddies in Government persisted with the myth of this ‘Islamic’ terror group, as did the Arab and Muslim mainstream Presstitutes, and they still do to this day. We are constantly hearing the Zionist War drums of Tel Aviv against both Syria and Iran, with their thugs on a Terrorist killing Spree, assassinating Scientists, Academics, Military and Police Personnel as well as targeting Civilians, through the use of their Mercenary MI5/Mossad trained Snipers, in their typical cold blooded fashion.

Taking into account the real definition of just what constitutes a ‘terrorist’ and witnessing the Holocaust, again a word I do not use lightly, carried out by such ‘Islamic’ terrorists, one has to reach the only conclusion that exists in reality and that is Nuclear armed Israel and its Political prostitutes, the USA/UK/France/Canada and the rest of Western NATO have all along been the real State sanctioned Terrorists, with all their multi duplicitous Zionist created factions, wreaking massive death and destruction (the true definition of the Greek word holocaust- holos kaustus and not the Jewish revised, re written meaning pertaining to their myth of 6 million Jews))

with absolute impunity and arrogance, via their modern day WMDs – Chemical, Biological Warfare along with their Lethal Metal toys, the Chosen Ones’ specially selected number one massive killing Machinery, the Drones, which are in themselves a Terrorist tool, achieving on a much greater scale, the same end result as any human terrorist would do- terrorizing and spreading fear, chaos, mayhem, death of Human Beings and destruction to peoples’ homes, livelihoods, infrastructure.

Another Irony is that it was Israel that committed the first acts of Terrorism back in the 20th Century, as its Irgun, Haganah aand Stern Gang Terrorist initiates targeted British Controlled Palestine, assassinating UN envoys, killing British Settlers/troops as well as the indigenous people of Palestine whom to this day, in true Nazi style, they are slowly but surely, ethnically cleansing – terrorist bombings, terrorist sanctions against entire Nations ( Palestinians throughout occupied Palestine but especially the 5 year siege targeted against Gaza and the tragic 10 year sanctions against Iraqis that cost the lives of over 1 million, of which nearly half were children), as they are now vindictively and sadistically doing to Syria and Iran. This is State sanctioned Terrorism being applied against two Sovereign independent Nations who refuse to comply with Tel Aviv Dictates, who refuse to get in line with the other subservient chattels enslaved within the Satanic Rothschild Dynastic Empire.

What is so tragic and vile is that today’s so called ‘International’ Community only represent the 1-2% Zionist Elite- a Masonic membership that spans across the Western Nations, across China, Russia and shamefully as well as unbelievably, across the Arab and Islamic nations whose rulers/Governments have all chosen to sell their souls cheaply to the Devil incarnate- the Israeli Entity and all its demonic disciples that includes the British created Muslim Brotherhood, the  various unislamic Sects throughout the Ummah that have tragically for us all, deviated from God’s Islam and the teachings of His prophet, may God’s blessings be upon him.

The West has unwittingly allowed itself to be used, abused, blackmailed and bribed by the Zionists whilst the Arab and Muslim Nations have allowed their own so called ‘leaders’ to be their Achilles heel, equally their staunch Enemy, just as the Terrorist Zionist Entity emanating from Israel is and will always be to the whole of Humanity and to peace.

  1. #1 by B.Benhamid on 03/27/2012 - 9:34

    In other words we are dealing here with the International Jewish Crime Hub known as Israhell.

  2. #2 by Kalki on 03/27/2012 - 9:34

    I share your disgust at the Jewish filth that has hijacked humanity.

  3. #3 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 03/27/2012 - 9:34


    The International TSAHALISRAEL tentacle is notoriously known as MOSSAD, and constitutes the most formidable Network of Assassins of the planet, and they train most of the Police Forces in the world in murder tactics, torture, control, and spying. Their most recent terrorist operation was carried out in Mumbaï (Bombay), in occupied Hindustan, and, as it was to be expected, the chosen scapegoat is Pakistan and the Muslims. MOSSAD has infiltrated most of the Arab and Muslim countries, and the Zionist terrorists are always ready to launch « false flag operations » to then accuse the enemy that they have planned to target. They are behind the attacks that were carried out on 11 September 2001 in the USA, those in London of 7 July 2005, etc.

    The TSAHALISRAEL (Air Force, Marine, Spy and Assassination Agencies) killing machine operated also in Lebanon where they orchestrated the Holocaust of Lebanese Muslims and Arabs and the destruction of their country, of Beirut, a town known at the time as the “Paris of the Middle East” most probably because of its banking and financial institutions and well as its “Arab” prostitution and pornography networks..

    TSAHALISRAEL has also helped the USA and Great Britain to destroy Baghdad, massacre its population in a Holocaust that will for ever remain as one of the greatest infamies in modern history. This Judeo-Nazi Zionist entity practices (and has legalised in certain cases) torture (INUYIM), as Pr Yehoshua Leibovitz has pointed out, kidnappings, the demolition of houses, masajid (mosques), the massacre of civilians (even when they are fleeing), hospitals, schools, universities, refugee centres, collective punishments, apartheid, the boycott of food products, drinking water, electricity, medicine, and has proved by its barbaric acts of savagery to be the most abominable creature this earth has engendered.

    The Hegemonist West has armed the TSVA HAGANAH LEHI IRGOUN ISRAEL to the teeth in order to be able to control all the neighbouring regions, and to launch attacks even of a nuclear nature against the Western selected enemies throughout the planet. Lebanon, Pakistan and Iran are their actual targets. In fact Tsahalisrael is only being used by the Imperialist West and of its Bankers, a military fort as a front like at the time of the Holocaust of the Natives of the Americas, for the conquest of the world.

    But, it is a double-edged knife that runs the risk of turning against its user, the West. Tsahalisrael has not stopped boasting that it is the one controlling the USA (Butcher Ariel Sharon), and it (the monster) is ready to nuke Europe if the latter refuses to submit to its dictatorship. Supported and financed by millions of Zionist Christians, Tsahalisrael calls non-stop for the extermination of the Arabs and the Muslims. It must be notes however that it also assassinates Orthodox Jewish Rabbi who refuse the bastard entity. The most recent purimish call comes from the “grand” Sephardic Rabbi Mordechai Elyahu (Matthew Wagner – Tshalisrael intends even, on top of the uranium and phosphorus bombs, to use outright atomic bombs on Ghazza.


    (Written in French in 2009 and posted on Friday 16 January 2009 on the “Islamic Intelligence” website by Abu-Suleyman:

    Ghyslaine ROC
    The Bill Poster (Colleuse d’Affiches )

    This 20th Day of the Palestinian Holocaust (Shoah) of Ghazza promised and executed by TSAHALISRAEL with the support of the West and its Allies!

    P.S. Posted before on “The Ugly Truth” and elsewhere. Its historicity has remained unchallenged to this day and the habitual trolls and non trolls did not react or show any concern most probably because I was a fool to believe I was doing some a favour.

    27th of March 2012

  4. #4 by Adalberto Erazo on 03/27/2012 - 9:34

    “The BBC in fact, unbelievably came out with an investigative journalists’ report a couple of years ago in which its stated that Al Qaeda as a ‘Muslim’ terrorist group did not in fact exist but was a CIA/Mossad creation,- but of course no one took any notice of this programme at all.”
    I believe the documentary was called “The Power of Nightmares” please correct me if I am wrong.

  5. #5 by Jim on 03/27/2012 - 9:34

    This article, for me, is the straw that broke the camel’s back; I used to think we had a chance against the supremacist Zionist agenda, but TUT has convinced me there is no hope. It’s pretty much a done deal. The US and everyone else, apparently, is helping the jews goal of world dominance. When they’re finished with the Mideast, I guess even China and Russia will be in danger.

    The end of the world is near. Apparently nothing can/will be done to stop the Zionist/Rothschild juggernaught. Only a real Holocaust will save us. I suppose the world could stand to cull about 4-5 billion people. I only have maybe 20 good years left anyway…

    Starting tomorrow, I’m going to sell all my belongings, while I still can and buy a nice sailboat (it’s a buyer’s market) and get lost in the Bahamas, where I can watch the ICBMs criss-cross the sky as I’m dining on fish and lobster, when people are rioting for food in America’s cities and martial law is declared. I could hold out for some-time on Rum Cay or Samana, or Little Inagua. I’m a retired yacht captain, so I know the sea. I can fish and dive. My wife died 10 years ago and I have no kids. I’m serious; been thinking about it for some time.

    It’s over. It’s going to take a lot more than a handful of people like us shooting off our mouths, with words that fall on deaf ears and apathy. The lemmings are stampeding towards the cliffs. Only a real miracle can save the world and I have no idea how that might happen. It might take a rogue Navy ballistic sub captain to empty his missile tubes on Israel. Unlikely, since our military people are mostly ignorant and brainwashed.

  6. #6 by Robert Taylor on 03/27/2012 - 9:34

    The Zionist that control Israel and the United States will ultimately lose their control evin with the Mossad and CIA henchman at their side. Total evil will ultimately lose this war.

  7. #7 by equalizer on 03/27/2012 - 9:34

    Thank you, M Rice, for telling it EXACTLY like it is…….

  8. #8 by Assimbo IR on 03/27/2012 - 9:34


  9. #9 by Om on 03/27/2012 - 9:34

    lsrael Military Court Rejects Shalabi Appeal, AI Urges her Release

    She was hospitalized on March 19, after 33 days without food, with doctors saying she had lost 14 kilos (31 pounds) and her pulse was “feeble.”

    Day 41 ♥

  10. #10 by Om on 03/27/2012 - 9:34


    25, 000 nuclear weapons needed to defend the changing order ? ~ Fidel Castro Ruz

  11. #11 by Om on 03/27/2012 - 9:34

    PA, Egypt sign gas deal to end Gaza crisis

  12. #13 by amerikagulag on 03/27/2012 - 9:34

    Also more affectionately known as the PIRATES OF THE MEDITERRANEAN. They get away with all manner of illegal acts.

    The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.

  13. #14 by Ingrid B on 03/27/2012 - 9:34

    Om says : “PA, Egypt sign gas deal to end Gaza crisis,” : I`m pleased about that..

    yes, it was a very good article.. I think Jim is right, and I envy him, one of my dreams is to one day own a sailboat, not that I`d know the first thing about sailing her, but they always seem so graceful, and peaceful, we get one or two sailing past here in summer, but, Jim, will you be able to keep in touch?

  14. #15 by Markschock on 03/27/2012 - 9:34


    No wonder why the jews are so f—-d-up,the first thing they get when they are borned is a blow job from the local rabbi…

    Circoncision : un bébé meurt après qu’un rabbin lui a sucé le pénis


    March 18th, 2012 / Post your comment (No Comments)


    Via contre-info

    A un moment, durant le rituel « traditionnel » de circoncision juive talmudiste, le rabbin ou son assistant suce le pénis mutilé du bébé pour en récupérer le sang…
    Nous ne nous ferons pas ici d’analyse psychologique autour de ces curieuses mœurs (cf les travaux d’Hervé Ryssen) – qui n’ont rien à faire en France – mais évoquerons simplement le danger sanitaire avec ce cas qui a été ébruité aux Etats-Unis.

    Un bébé américain est en effet décédé à la suite d’une opération de circoncision. L’enfant est mort à Brooklyn, en septembre 2011, alors qu’il était âgé de deux semaines. La police a ouvert une enquête pour déterminer les responsabilités de ce drame.
    Il s’est avéré qu’en suçant le sang du pénis de l’enfant, le rabbin lui a transmis un herpès mortel…

    A Contre-info (et aussi Altermedia Canada), on s’inquiète beaucoup pour les petits-fils du président Sarközy.


  15. #16 by Kurt Tompkins on 03/29/2012 - 9:34

    Rev. 3 ver 9.. ,,,, I am so glad to be awake..

  16. #17 by Steve on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    Please don’t confuse Zionist Christians with Christian Zionists. They are quite different. See here: Zionist Christians and Christian Zionists | Khanya

  17. #18 by ibrahim itace on 12/09/2013 - 9:34

    in nigeria another zionist-wahhabi affiliate emerged known as izala group and later deadly boko haram to weaken muslims.the conpiracy is that izala declared all sufi muslims who constitute more than 90% of muslims in nigeria as kafirs(infidels)to cause confusion,boko haram took arms killing muslims and burn modern educational institutions to render muslims backwarded.

  18. #19 by Harriet Parsons on 08/08/2014 - 9:34

    Actually, Israel runs a distant second to the U. S. government, by its own definition of “terrorism.”

  19. #20 by geroge on 08/13/2014 - 9:34

    You people make me sick. whoever is in charge of this organization that writes this hatred should be ashamed of themselves and has 0 knowledge of the history of the middle east and does not understand jewish culture one bit and is a jew hating anti semetic bigot and nutcase conspiracy theoririst . you need some mental help

  20. #21 by The truth on 08/24/2014 - 9:34

    geroge your a loser and liar and living in a world of fantasy. Arabs are Semites too you moron. Your the racist zionist filth that goes around to websites exposing your people true face. You will get your justice with God. Have fun in hell pig.

  21. #22 by Samuel L. Jackson on 11/05/2015 - 9:34

    what an insane human being the writer must be. I can’t believe people believe this sort of fully made up bullshit on which they know nothing about and have zero facts to show as proof, besides their vivid imagination. I sincerly hope people are not listening to this person, as it seems he will also have you believe that jews put the blood of young christians on their Matza in passover…

  1. Israeli Minister: G-d punished Brussels | Rehmat's World

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