Poll: 84% of US Public Believe Iran Is Trying To Develop A Nuclear Weapon

By Eli Clifton

GOP presidential candidates and right-wing pundits are quick to push for military action against Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program. But a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that the American public is largely in support of Obama’s diplomacy-first strategy towards Tehran and, by a sizable margin, opposes military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The poll finds that while 84 percent of Americans believe Iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon — a conclusion that neither U.S. intelligence nor the IAEA have yet made — 53 percent of poll respondents oppose bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities “to try to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.” Only 41 percent of respondents supported taking military action. When asked about Israel bombing Iran’s nuclear sites, respondents offered nearly identical responses with 51 percent opposing Israeli military action and 42 percent supporting.

Indeed the widespread opposition to military action appeared to be bolstered by a belief — held by 76 percent of respondents — that if Israel attacked Iran, it would “risk starting a larger war in the Middle East.” That opinion was shared by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last week when she observed that a unilateral Israeli attack on Iran at this time “is not in anyone’s interest.”

Former Israeli Mossad Chief Meir Dagan gave voice to similar views last month when he warned that bombing Iran would “ignite, at least from my point of view, a regional war” and that no military attack would be able to be able to permanently halt the Iranian nuclear project. The view that military action could only delay Iran’s nuclear program, and not stop it, is also shared by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and U.S. based military analysts.

While the Post’s poll shows general opposition to military action by the U.S. or Israel, the U.S. public support the sanctions regime and diplomacy pursued by the White House. Eighty-one-percent of respondents support “direct diplomacy talks between the United States and Iran to try to resolve the situation” and 64 percent think it’s a “better idea” to “see if economic sanctions against Iran work, even if that allows more time for is nuclear program to progress.”

Top U.S. officials and the IAEA agree that Iran is continuing to develop its nuclear capabilities and warn that some of their activities may have a military dimension. But the IAEA, U.S. and Israeli intelligence agree that Iran has yet made the decision to develop a nuclear weapon.

The Washington Post poll shows that Americans, by a large margin, are not yet ready to write-off diplomacy and non-military pressure to bring Iran to the neogotiating table. Last week, Panetta told the CBC that sanctions are proving effective at pressuring the Iranian government. “There is evidence that these sanctions are hurting, that it’s impacting on their economy, it’s impacting on their ability to govern themselves,” he said.

The new Post/ABC News poll results also match up with other recent polls on this issue. A poll released last month by the Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) and the University of Maryland showed Americans exhibiting strong support for the U.S. and its partners “continuing to pursue negotiations with Iran” while an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released on March 5 found that Americans prefer diplomacy over military action to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

  1. #1 by USA on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    The mental climate is one of the more freightening aspects of existrence.

    You would wonder how such a condition came about; but, when you consider that all people have been lied to since before they could walk, it brings it into some perspective.

    You might want to reflect back upon your own life and try to examine it to find that quality that puts you outside that 84%. and where it came from.

    Most who have been exhonerated from this misguided throng have had some extraordinary events occur in the details of their lives, somewhere in the past; because, given the amount of lying and conditioning that we have been exposed to they are the exception, and not the norm.

    They are extraordinary people; and though men may be born equal they are rarely born extraordinary.

    How is it that some have such an accute sense of being, while others, no sense at all.

    There are few real coincidence in life; and accidents don’t just happen.

  2. #2 by amerikagulag on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    The cartoon looks like Ron and Nancy Reagan; demonstrating the truth of the ‘stupid people’ theme.

    On Iran, the “poll” is something come up with by statisticians: People whose job it is to manipulate numbers to produce a desired and pre-determined outcome. Much like the run-up to the Iraq Illegal invasion and occupation. Polls are useless. In today’s media, they are the product of the pro-israel, pro imperialism crowd. They only serve to show us what the powers that be “wish” for us to think.

  3. #3 by equalizer on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    This discussion would not exist, if it were not for the jews…….DISARM DIMONA.

  4. #4 by Rhonda on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    I think you are wrong….I think most people are catching on. Polls are manipulated.

  5. #5 by Historian on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    It would be nice if 85% of Americans believed Israel killed JFK, applied the stuxnet virus at Fukushima, and did the 9-11 attacks.

    It would be even nicer if 85% of Americans demanded we nuke those evil parasites, arrest all of them here and jail our traitorous political leaders.

    Then maybe we could live in peace for once

  6. #6 by willysteel on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    I once learned in a statistics class how polls can be used as a propaganda tool. Most Americans couldn’t find Iran or Israel on a map let alone know the details about the conflicts.They hide instead of demanding what their government is doing in their name. Its the easy way out. No conflict, their toys are safe, they eat every day, roof over their heads, all is good in paradise. Except they gave their freedom away for a little security.These whiny bitches make me sick and they deserve what they get but I, like many others who have fought against the tyranny of the US political system, don’t deserve to get dragged along with them. The fight is far from over .

  7. #7 by Ingrid B on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    @USA/Sam, interesting video, have heard the voice before..

  8. #8 by Markschock on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    The bad news is that USA are Kosher !! The food is kosher,the medias are kosher,the banks are kosher,the goverment is kosher,the Congress is kosher,the Reserve is kosher,Ground Zero is kosher……

  9. #9 by USA on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    Ingrid B

    Hi Ingrid, it’s always nice to hear from you. The fellow who produces these videos goes by “Snordelhans”.

    He takes written pieces from various authors, whose message he admires, and then reads them on videos that he produces.

    Here is his You Tube Channel – http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Snordelhans&sa=X&spell=1&search=Search&oi=spell

  10. #10 by USA on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    Ingrid B

    Hi Ingrid, I stand corrected. The last link is “Snordelhans” You Tube Search results.

    “Snordelhans” You Tube Channel, “Heretic Productions” is here – http://www.youtube.com/user/Snordelhans?feature=watch

    There are some outstanding works there, I hope you ‘bookmark’ it and watch.

  11. #11 by Andre on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    When we live in a society where opinions are taken as facts, it’s no surprise that people are so far away from the truth.

  12. #12 by Franklin Ryckaert on 04/11/2012 - 9:34

    If the (Jewish) Powers That Be lie with the media to get a war for Israel, will they not lie with “pols” to do the same?

  13. #13 by Ingrid B on 04/12/2012 - 9:34

    @USA, thanks, bookmark it shall be.. his name suggests he is Scandinavian, or German..

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