U.S. sees Libya as ‘model’ for Syrian option

ed note–the intended end result of the whole ‘Arab Spring’ is the general stabilization of the region in preparation for a new war whereby Israel will push the Palestinians out of the West Bank and Gaza and expand her borders to include yet more of ‘Eretz Israel’ as she views it.
It is/was for this reason that this website viewed with a certain amount of frustration the amount of acceptance and enthusiasm on the part of many anti-war/anti-Zionist activists for this ‘arab spring’. We cautioned at the beginning of this entire debacle that it was a trap and that if we were not careful we would be assisting in the very thing that we are fighting against right now and WILL be fighting against in the future.
Well, not one to gloat, but nevertheless we can now see the fruits of the anti-war/anti-Zionist movement’s support for this ‘revolution’. Libya has been destroyed. Syria is well on its way to being destroyed, soon to be followed by other countries in the region.
Let us hope a valuable lesson was learned and that the next time the Zionists throw another trap in our path that we do not fall for it quite so easily.

WASHINGTON, April 19 (UPI) — The recent  experience in Libya is helping the United States formulate a response to the  crisis in Syria, the U.S. defense secretary said.

NATO enforced a no-fly zone over Libya last year after Moammar Gadhafi’s  forces attacked civilian demonstrators opposing his government. U.S. Defense  Secretary Leon  Panetta testified before the House Armed Services Committee that the  experience in Libya was shaping the U.S. approach to Syrian.

While acknowledging there were limitations  to the use of military force, the defense secretary said “all options” are on  the table in Syria.

“In Libya, there was widespread international support in the Arab world and  elsewhere, and clear Security Council authorization, for military intervention,”  he said in prepared remarks. “No such consensus currently exists regarding  Syria.”

He added that the Syrian opposition  wasn’t as organized as Libya’s. Outside military intervention, meanwhile, could  make the volatile situation worse, he said.

The United Nations and Damascus announced Thursday they reached an agreement  for a U.N. monitoring mission that would observe a shaky cease-fire brokered by  former U.S. Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

“An effective observer team on the ground is vital if the lives of ordinary  Syrian families is to slowly return to normal,” a statement issued through  Annan’s spokesman read. “The hard part lies ahead, a truly Syrian-led and -owned  political dialogue to address the legitimate concerns and aspirations of the  Syrian people.”

Panetta added that Washington was committed to supporting the opposition  through non-military means.

  1. #1 by Wally D on 04/20/2012 - 9:34

    “We came, we saw, we sodomized” Hillary Clinton.

  2. #2 by USA on 04/20/2012 - 9:34

    There must be word for beyond psychopathic. Extrapsychopathentropy ? Panpsychopathesis? Parapsychopathetic? Hyperpschopathia? Anapsychopathism?

  3. #3 by amerikagulag on 04/20/2012 - 9:34

    “….Panetta added that Washington was committed to supporting the opposition through non-military means….”

    Like hiring private insurgents and Israeli companies that specialize in destabilization. Panetta spoke more truth than is apparent on the surface.

  4. #4 by restinpieces on 04/21/2012 - 9:34

    Sometime in the future your lights will go out. You will approach your neighbor and probably say “Doesn’t it seem strange that the lights are out on nice day like today.” The refrigerator isn’t working. Your neighbor wonders why the bank is closed. The hospital is in locked down. The neighbors are walking around as the zombies they are. There is nothing but static on your car radio and your short wave radio. No water’s coming out of the faucet. If you have a generator you will want to listen to the propaganda of Arutz Sheva or Fox News, but the internet is not working either. That’s when it hits you. Something has happened either near you or on the other side of the world. But what is it? Is it a pandemic, power grid failure, or a monetary collapse? Perhaps, it is an electromagnetic shock wave caused by a nuclear blast in the atmosphere. “What, me worry. Surely, you gest! Where on Earth is the key to my gun lock? Where are the suicide pills?” You calmly walk to the local Wal-Mart. There is no panic yet. “Yes Ma’am, I will help you add this up. Don’t worry about bagging it.” Cash is king for now. Better use it before it’s no good any more. Armageddon has come and gone and you are a survivor. Congratulations! You are now a proud citizen of the first post-industrial society, now comes the hard part. Meanwhile back at the ranch, forget about dinner with dad. Just eat fast! The starving masses are down the street from you. “Let us pray! Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. At times like these even the most the most casual observer has to ask why did we survive when others did not. We survived because the Lord is putting out the candles of the wicked. The holy book tells us the path of the righteous is beset on all sides by the tyranny of un-prepared men. God’s arch-angel Pedro however is watching over us. Arch-angel Pedro is the six horseman of the apocalypse. There was George, Paul, John, Romney, Barack and Pedro! Pedro commands us not save the people next door, but to bury them. We must restore law and order through humanitarian bombings and mass murder. Let us pass the ammo. Amen” Hug your mother right now. You probably won’t get another chance. Very soon there will be fires everywhere, smoke visible for miles, flood waters one meter deep, overturned cars, buildings without rooftops, cholera, dysentery and famine. Gun fire will be rampant. Toddlers will run loose on the streets looking for their mothers. Dead bodies will abound as there will not be anybody to bury them. Prisons will be unmanned. Jonathan Pollard will finally be free. Don’t look to the cops for help. Some of them are on the way to Bolivia. The rest will be joining them soon. This war will not be televised. Oh, golly! Surprise, surprise, surprise. The prostitute of the United States is somewhere hiding in a hole. Sorry, I meant the president of the United States. Finally, your neighbors begin to realize that they are helpless until help comes. It will be a very long wait. All that’s left now at the local Wal-Mart is a can of dog food and some floor wax. Take the dog food, leave the floor wax. As you look around all you see are remnants of skyscrapers standing as monuments to a society that doesn’t exist anymore. In the blink of an eye you begin to realize nothing is ever going to be as it was before. Suddenly, you hear a noise up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane. It’s a bird. Planes will be not flying anymore for the same reason your toilet is never going to flush again. Looks like you will be the first responder to the pickle that you’re in. The fireman with the $800 survival suit in the trunk of his fire truck isn’t coming to rescue you. Your government spent 430 billion dollars giving him the latest and greatest survival equipment and training. Too bad, your government didn’t spend 430 cents training you how to survive or giving you any survival equipment. Don’t bother using the cell phone. It doesn’t work. Even if it did, nobody is there to answer it. The smart paramedics are hiding their skills. The smarter paramedics have left town. There is some people down the street but you’re scared to approach them. What if you have something that they want? Can you defend yourself? And, if they decide to invite you for dinner, does that mean that they’re going feed you or eat you. They look hungry enough to eat you alive but you’re hungry too. Can you kill them all and let God sort them out? Or, are you going to just give up and die? You sure wish you knew where the local shelter is. There is only a small problem with the shelter. It isn’t a shelter at all. It was never meant to be a shelter. It doesn’t have enough supplies or sanitation. The aroma of the sick, tired and huddled masses yearning to breath free will be less than glorious. Oh, that smell, can you smell that smell? Don’t even think about leaving a door open to ventilate the area. If you do, the poor, sick and huddled masses teeming by the door won’t hesitate to ventilate your cranium. You have to leave the city but where are you going to go to be safe? And, how do you know that you have gone far enough? How will you get there? Did you bring a map? Did you bring a compass? Did you bring a can opener? What will you drink? There isn’t going to be any street sign that says “SAFE PLACE 10 Km ahead.” Even if you reach a small town of 150 people or so. How do you know that the local dwellers are themselves going to survive? How do you know that they are going to help you survive? They may not even let you into town in the first place. “Sorry, buddy nobody in nobody out. By the way, don’t go near the water it’s probably contaminated. Don’t go near the river, either. There is a bunch of cannibals over there.” It’s going to be dark soon. Can you start a fire without matches? Can you produce bees wax? Can you paddle a canoe? Can you make a canoe? Can you evade tracking dogs? Can you make penicillin? Can you run 10 miles? Are you fit enough to chop all the wood you will need to keep warm for the next six months? Can you make dynamite? Can you reload ammo? Can you fix a car? Can you deliver a baby? Can you hunt wild life? Can you patch a radiator hose? Can you rescue a boater who has capsized? Can you back up a trailer? Can you use a torque wrench? Can you sharpen a knife? Can you perform CPR? Can you fillet a fish? Can you maneuver a car out of a skid? Can you get a car unstuck? Can you fix a bike flat? Can you mix concrete? Can you fish without a fishing pole? What will you use for bait? Can you cure and dry meat? Can you leap from a bridge to a river? Can you tie a bowline? Can you perform the Heimlich maneuver? Can you reverse hypothermia? Can you escape a sinking car? Can you grow food? Can you put out a fire? Can you treat a burn? Can you treat a snake bite? Can you find potable water? Can you escape a rip current? Do you know Ursa Major from Ursula Andress? Can you tell which birds are edible and which ones are not? Is the Rosary pea edible or is it the China berry? Is the baby suffering from dystocia or preeclampsia? Can you tell the difference between a peanut tree and a pineapple tree? Can you butcher an animal? Can you can apricots. Even if you can do all the above, so what? It has taken the divine intervention of whatever Deity you believe in to get you this you far. You are now safe! Or, are you? For the sake of argument let’s say you already live in a small town in the middle of nowhere and you do have (1) fourteen millions pounds of food, (2) nine million gallons of potable water, (3) enough medicine to be the envy of the local hospital, (4) a crank short wave radio capable of reaching the far side of the universe, (5) a car that turns into a suitcase like the one owned by George Jetson or at the very least a fold up bicycle. (6) And you happen to be both a brain surgeon and a rocket scientist and you have ( 7) a good medical kit, (8) and a generator that can run on gasoline or alchohol or bio-diesel or corn oil or propane or natural gas or solar energy or wood gas or all of the above and plenty of flashlights and enough batteries to circumvent the Earth two times, (9) and an emergency shelter capable of withstanding a direct hit from ten 100 megaton nuclear blasts, (10) and last and certainly least a Thompsom typewriter with a nineteen-eleven .450 pistol to match and 10 billion rounds of ammunition. YOU’RE STILL GOING TO DIE! We are all going to die. But you and the people of the town you live in are going to get there a lot sooner. Damn! Where is Dr. Kevorkian when you really need him? Don’t be greedy. Only one suicide pill per person. There is only one tool that’s going to guarantee your survival. Do you know what it is? Your great-grandfather knew what it was. He used it everyday. However, with the advent of ‘modern’ technology it hasn’t been used in more than a hundred years? Oh well! The choice is simple. Find a way to Namibia or rest in pieces.

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