Israeli Officials: 60 Minutes Report on Treatment of Christians a Strategic Threat

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Diplomats Do Damage Control After On-Air Blow-Up of Israeli Ambassador

Sunday’s ’60 Minutes’ broadcast of a 12+ minute story on Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinian Christians was a ‘strategic threat’ to Israel, according to top Israeli diplomats who are struggling to defend Ambassador to the US Michael Oren’s efforts to force CBS to kill the segment.

The story by reporter Bob Simon began as a segment about the disappearance of Palestinian Christians in the Holy Land, with emphasis on a family whose Bethlehem home, once on the busiest street in town, is now surrounded on three sides by Israeli military walls.

It became much more however, when Oren approached CBS before the story was even completed and demanded that the network not air the story, accusing Simon of a “hatchet job” on Israel.

Ensuring this story really was must-see TV, it included a sit-down between Simon and Oren, with Simon confronting the Israeli ambassador on his position, and insisting that he had never had a government try to kill a story before broadcast.

Oren started out smugly, insisting there was a “first time for everything,” but the segment quickly went off the rails as a visibly angry Oren insisted that the questions he was being asked “proved” that the story was a threat to Israel, and that it was his job as ambassador to see that it never saw the light of day.

Elsewhere in the interview, Oren was confronted about his government’s hostility toward Palestinian Christians, and in particular its angry condemnation of a pamphlet urging Palestinians to abandon violence and endorse peaceful protest as a means to oppose the occupation. Oren responded that the groups responsible for the pamphlet (shown in the segment to include Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran and Anglican Christians) are “known” for their anti-Semitism.

Though the story more or less ends there in the US, Israeli press has been all over the story, with concerns that Oren’s behavior could do serious harm to Israel’s tourism industry, which is almost exclusively Christian in nature.

Officials maintain that Oren acted entirely appropriately, and diplomats say that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was “fully briefed” of the plan to try to kill the story. The Prime Minister’s office even crowed about the effort, saying that Oren’s efforts had managed to “delay” the report for several weeks.

  1. #1 by Jim Bronke on 04/24/2012 - 9:34

    Israel is a strategic threat to America. do I have to add a rationale?

  2. #2 by Ponders70 on 04/24/2012 - 9:34

    The jews are the “real threat” to humanity.
    They are afraid that if,just if, American
    Christians and others throughout the
    world were to catch eye of this, it would
    cause real harm to Israel. We may just
    finally get a glimpse of the true
    nature of the jew and find that all the
    stories about the horrible tribe are true.
    One can only hope anyway.

  3. #3 by Bill on 04/24/2012 - 9:34


    ‘The aims of the Infiltration of the Jewish mock-Christians in the clergy are clearly laid down in an interesting document which the Abbé Chabauty had published, and which is also mentioned by the archbishop of Port Louis, Monsignore Leon Meurin, S.J.
    This concerns a letter from the secret leader of the international Jews, who lived towards end of the 15th century in Constantinople, to the Jews in France. As answer to an earlier letter to him from Chamor Rabino de Arles, he gives them in this the desired instructions. This document fell into the hands of the French authorities and Abbé Chabauty had it published. The letter runs literally:

    “Beloved brother in Moses, we have received your letter, in which you report of your anxieties of soul and the misfortune which you must bear. We suffer this sorrow with you.
    The advice of the Grand Rabbis and Satraps of our laws runs as follows:

    “You say that the King of France compels you to become Christians.
    Well then, do his will, but Preserve the law of Moses in your Hearts.

    “You say that they wish to seize your goods with violence.
    Let you children become Merchants, so that through trade they may Rob the Christians of their property.

    “You say that there is a striving after your life.
    Let your sons become doctors and chemists, so that they can take life from the Christians without having to fear punishment.

    “You say that your synagogues are destroyed.
    Let your sons become priests and abbots, so that they can destroy the Christian Church.

    “You say that you are oppressed in other ways.
    Let your sons become lawyers or notaries or undertake some other profession which has usually to do with public affairs. Thus you will rule the Christians, you will gain control of their land and avenge yourselves upon them.

    “Follow the commands which we give you and experience will so teach you that, although you are now downtrodden, you attain the high point of power.”

    Signed V.S.S.V.E.F. Prince of the Jews of Constantinople to the leader of Casleo, 1489.223The infiltration of Jewish mock-Christians into the French clergy of that time caused much harm, since it made possible the spreading out of the Huguenot movement in the 16th century. This sect was supported by Jews who pretended to be Christians, and clearly differed from the Lutheran churches which even seized upon anti-Jewish measures.

    The purpose of this Jewish infiltration into the clergy is evident: the destruction of the Church from within. What was said in the aforesaid letter has been confirmed to sufficiency in countless trials by the Holy Inquisition against clergy who honoured Judaism.
    The treacherous activity of the clergy of the “Fifth Column” is indescribably many-sided, yet always directed at the same goal: to passionately defend the Jews or to favour heretical and today, revolutionary openly anti-Christian movements, to weaken the defence of the Church and to attack good Christians – especially the successful defenders of Christianity –, to denigrate and destroy them. Thus they prepare the victory of the Jewish heretical Freemasons and Communist organisations and hope in the future to be able to fully destroy the Church.

    The trials brought by the Holy Inquisition against archbishops, abbots, deacons, priests and monks who were secret practisers of Judaism, give a wealth of information concerning the tactics applied by the clergy of the “Fifth Column”.

    The book is online and free.

  4. #4 by USA on 04/24/2012 - 9:34

    “Oren started out smugly, insisting there was a “first time for everything,”

    A first time for every thing.

    But when the treatment of Christians by the JEWS is under consideration; perhaps, that FIRST TIME happened long ago.

    How could we ever begin to calculate the times, and ways, since that historical “FIRST TIME” Mr. Oren ?

  5. #5 by Jim on 04/24/2012 - 9:34

    “Israel is a strategic threat to America” AMEN! Well said, true and succinct. Now if only Americans would get their heads outta their asses and wake up, maybe we could force our traitorous politicians to revolt. If AIPAC money was Kryptonite to a political candidate’s success, things might change.

  6. #6 by sazzylilsmartazz on 04/24/2012 - 9:34

    I wish more Christian Zionists knew about this so they would stop their crazed support of this racist and illegal regime.

  7. #7 by Ingrid B on 04/25/2012 - 9:34

    “Oren responded that the groups responsible for the pamphlet (shown in the segment to include Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran and Anglican Christians) are “known” for their anti-Semitism.” : I believe the Christian faith here in Norway is Lutheran..

    @Bill, interesting info..

  8. #8 by Gary on 04/25/2012 - 9:34

    We need to have these filthy jews spit on more Christian clerics. Especially from the United States. Maybe that will wake people up.

  9. #9 by galwayspaniard on 04/25/2012 - 9:34

    Bill- thanks. Few , if any, know of Maurice Pinay. There are others who have written about the infiltration of the Catholic Church. We don’t see this because the mass medianever releases information and major book companies would never print these books.

  10. #10 by Matthew/Boston on 04/25/2012 - 9:34

    Unintentionally give a Jew the wrong time of day and you will be accused of anti-Semitism.

    This was hardly a “hachet job”. Frankly, their gross over-sensitivity on any criticism whatsoever is just as strong and ever-present as their deceit and arrogance.

  11. #11 by Pro-Gentile on 04/26/2012 - 9:34

    Only confirms that Muslim/brown peoples’ lives have no value… because it takes Christians being mistreated to finally find offense in the western heart.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again : love thy neighbor as thyself. Those brown people “over there” are your brothers and sisters and also your neighbors. A person (and nation) is judged by how it treats the least of them… and you seriously haven’t heard even a tiny bit of how others perceive your injustices.

  12. #12 by Peter James on 04/28/2012 - 9:34

    Christians have absolutely no idea about the Talmudic state called Israel.
    Here are some excerpts from their Talmud, which I understand can be found
    in all synagogues.

    “Extermination of a Christian is a necessary sacrifice”
    (Zohar, Shemoth).

    It is permitted to deceive Christians; Jew may lie and perjure
    to Condemn a Christian; Name of God not profaned when lying
    to Christians. Babha Kama (113b):

    Jews must always try to deceive Christians. Zohar (1 160a):
    “Therefore, if you see an Akum [Christian] in difficulty or drowning,
    do not go to his help. And if he is in danger of death,
    do not save him” (Hilkoth Akum, 10:1).

    There are many unbelievable abominations, which will blow your mind in it.
    These are not my ideas or opinions.

    You can see a full document here:

    It would require a great deal more than word games, to get over these abominations.
    Check it out for yourself, before commenting.

    i can also add that my comments rarely if ever get posted.


  13. #13 by L. Eagle on 04/29/2012 - 9:34 is an in-depth study of the Soncino edition of the Babylonian Talmud, the only official version. Once you understand the mind set here you will understand the whole picture of why Israel and its adepts behave the way they do. It is not only the Palestinians who are targeted.

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