Former Shin Bet chief: Netanyahu not interested in peace talks

Yuval Diskin, who was quoted earlier as saying he didn’t trust PM, Barak on Iran, says Netanyahu knows that if he makes the slightest move forward, his coalition will ‘fall apart.’

ed note–despite the fact that Diskin is for all intents and purposes a zionist sleazeball personally responsible for all sorts of brutality against people deemed ‘enemies of the state’, nevertheless, just like the old saying concerning a broken clock being right twice a day, he speaks the truth when he says Netanyahu and Israel are not interesed in peace talks.

Why should they be? Violence and tension with the Arabs solidifies Jewish solidarity and makes the state stronger. Furthermore, the Jews take all that Old Testament stuff about all the land between the Nile and the Euprhates seriously and consider any concessions to the Arabs to be blasphemous. Their intention–just as it always has been–is to push the Arabs COMPLETELY OUT of everything from Egypt to Iran, so WHY would anyone in his or her right mind think that Israel–irrespective of WHO is running the show–is interested in ‘peace talks’?

The harsh criticism sounded by former Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the issue of Iran on Friday were only the tip of the iceberg.

During the same speech in the “Majdi Forum” in Kfar Saba, Diskin blamed Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for the freeze in the peace process.   “Forget the stories they tell you about how Abbas is not interested in negotiation,” said Diskin, adding: “We are not talking to the Palestinians because this government has no interest in negotiations.”

The former Shin Bet chief added: “I was there up to a year ago and I know from up-close what is happening. This government is not interested in solving anything with the Palestinians, and I say this certainty,” he added.   Diskin pointed the finger toward Netanyahu. “This prime minister knows that if he makes the slightest move forward, then his well-established rule and his coalition will fall apart.”

“It’s simple,” he said: “Thus, no one has any interest in changing the situation. Abbas made mistakes, but this is beside the point. We as a people have an interest in this, but not this government. The problem becomes more difficult with every passing day.”   Diskin’s criticism of Netanyahu over the Palestinian issue is even more significant than his declarations over the Iranian issue. The reason for this is that the Shin Bet is the body responsible for the Palestinian issue, on both the political and security-related levels.

This, as opposed to the issue of a nuclear Iran, which falls under the Mossad’s area of expertise as well as that of IDF’s intelligence unit.   Diskin also warned that a “feeling of hopelessness” was developing among the Palestinians. He further stated that he was in contact with senior officials in the Palestinian Authority who tell him about “the lack of faith that something will change, especially in the West Bank.”

“In this kind of situation, when the concentration of gas fumes in the air is so high, the question is only when they spark will come to light it,” he said, adding: “It won’t happen tomorrow morning…but all the basic element to allow it are there.”

In an previously published portion of his Friday comments, Diskin said that he had “no faith in the current leadership, which must lead us in an event on the scale of war with Iran or a regional war.”

“I don’t believe in either the prime minister or the defense minister. I don’t believe in a leadership that makes decisions based on messianic feelings,” he added.   Diskin deemed Barak and Netanyahu “two messianics – the one from Akirov or the Assuta project and the other from Gaza Street or Caesarea,” he said, referring to the two politicians’ places of residence.

  1. #1 by Ponders70 on 04/28/2012 - 9:34

    Why can’t Obama send a SEAL team
    over there to ‘ take them out ‘? Same
    rules should apply. And I’m not the
    owner/editor of my own newspaper.
    Does this mean that I will be visited by
    some creepy jew mossad agents?
    They reap what they sow. There will
    never be peace in the ME. Not so long
    as the real terrorists run the state.

  2. #2 by michael mazur on 04/29/2012 - 9:34

    General elections in ’13 in Israel.

    Operation Cast Lead was enthused by 94% of voters pre polled, which is why Olmert and Livni went for it. They lost, but not by much. Politically, Cast Lead was a smart move, as it nearly paid off.

    Netanyahu knows that taking on militarily hi tek Iran with her 77,000,000 people is not quite the same as taking on 1,500,000 impoverished malnourished Palestinians with nothing more than a few police AK47s between them.
    No, they had no rockets, either ‘bottle’ or Grad – that was for our consumption, Israeli civilians knew better.

    Netanyahu knows that Obama told him that if he starts something against Iran that he is on his own.

    How do I know this ?

    When they were privately face to face in DC last, the question to Obama could not have been the lame,’Will you attack Iran for us ?’, for which the answer was already known, but was, ‘If we attack Iran, will you follow up ?’.

    Constructing this as the most likely question to Obama, leads to the only answer possible, which was,’No.’.

    We knows this from understanding both the internal dynamics and the externalities surrounding both countries.

    Best to stop here and say that there will be no assault on Iran as the political backwash for both leaders will be insignificant compared with the terminal convulsions for both nations.

  3. #3 by beau dietl on 05/13/2012 - 9:34

    beau dietl was talking about this idea the other month on fox news. Funny to see how many other friends think the same as he does.

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