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Phony ‘negotiations’ with Iran are meant to fail

Just as the “world powers” – as they’re eerily referred to in news accounts – were rejecting Tehran’s proposal to stop enriching uranium to 20 percent in exchange for lifting the draconian sanctions against Iran, an American cargo ship sent out a distress call near the Strait of Hormuz: pirates were attacking them.

Iranian naval vessels in the area responded immediately, chasing off the pirates – but giving them credit for doing so is apparently beyond the ken of the Western media. Iranian media reports on the incident are being disputed by the Israel lobby’s “Committee for Accuracy in Media” (CAMERA), which disdained the very idea that those Ey-vil Eye-ranians would ever engage in humanitarian behavior. They cite a spokesman for the Maersk Line, the company that owns the ship, attributing the repulsion of the pirate attack to their own security guards: Maersk isn’t commenting further, pending a “debriefing” on the incident.

CAMERA is constantly trolling the media, ever-vigilant for anything that may hurt Israel’s perceived interests. Their foreign overseer, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has been agitating for a US strike against Iran: ergo, anything good the Iranians have done didn’t really happen.

No sooner was the incident reported, then the CAMERA missive went out to every major media outlet, and the party line was soon established: the New York Times blog ran a story headlined “Iranians Take Credit for Thwarting Pirate Attack on U.S.-Flagged Vessel.”

There’s just one problem with CAMERA’s sour grapes: the US government has admitted the Iranians played a significant role in saving the ship from attack. CNN cited a US State Department spokesman as saying “’We were aware of the incident yesterday. The situation was successfully deescalated by the ship’s crew and the Iranian crew.’”

In the world as CAMERA sees it, the Iranians aren’t capable of simple humanitarian gestures: they’re inhuman monsters one might bomb without a second thought. The CAMERA crew lives in a world peopled by caricatures, rather than human beings, where the Forces of Light (represented, of course, by Israel and its Western vassals allies) are eternally arrayed against the Forces of Darkness (Iran, and whatever Middle Eastern country is deemed an “existential threat” to Israel that week).

The American media are frightened to death of CAMERA, which wields inordinate influence on news coverage in this country – a situation mirrored at the governmental level, where the Israel lobby exercises a virtual veto over US policy in the Middle East. We see this in the “world powers” proposal to Tehran, which mandates an end to uranium enrichment in return for – practically nothing. The Iranians were offered medical isotopes, nuclear safety cooperation, and spare parts for civilian airliners – but the sanctions are staying no matter what the Iranians do.

What this tells us – and the Iranians – is clear enough: Washington isn’t interested in solving the alleged problem of Tehran’s nuclear program, which the Iranians say is for peaceful purposes only. What they want is regime change in Iran, and that is precisely what the sanctions – which exclude Iran from the international banking system, and embargo Iranian oil – are meant to achieve.

Our own intelligence community has told us – with “high confidence” – the Iranians gave up their nuclear weapons program in 2003, and never restarted it. The Supreme Ayatollah, Iran’s chief religious figure, has declared nuclear weapons are a sin against God, and disavowed any effort to build them. In spite of a number of Israeli-generated alarums – including outright forgeries and recycled pre-2003 materials – there is not a single iota of clear evidence Iran is engaged in making nuclear weapons or has any desire to do so.

That isn’t good enough for the “world powers,” however – especially including the one not represented at the talks, which is Israel. Washington, London, and Tel Aviv have already passed a death sentence on the Iranians, and all that remains is to trump up a sufficient number of charges before pulling the switch. In the kangaroo court of the “world powers,” Tehran is guilty and logically cannot prove their innocence. After all, since the Iranians have the knowledge, isn’t it just a matter of time before they have the means – how can they prove they won’t ever build nukes, even if they aren’t doing so now?

For the Iranians, the negotiations are a Kafkaesque trap: given these conditions, there is no way for them to assuage the suspicions of the West.

Even if President Obama wanted to, it would be almost impossible for his administration to come to an agreement with the Iranians on this issue in a presidential election year. The big campaign money is vehemently pro-Israel, and so is the core leadership of the Democratic party. Being “pro-Israel,” in this context, doesn’t merely mean wishing the Jewish state well, or even sending billions in “aid” money at a time when our budget deficit is measured in the trillions. It means using US military forces to fight Israel’s wars. It means spilling American – and Iranian – blood. It means a war that will spread throughout the Middle East, send oil prices skyrocketing, and send the global economy – already reeling from instability – hurtling into the abyss of a worldwide depression.

Oh, but don’t worry: as long as the Israelis are happy, then so are we.

Given the stance of the “world powers,” the Iranian nuclear “crisis” is bound to result in war: the United States is merely biding its time, waiting for the opportunity to strike. These negotiations are meant to lull the Iranians into a false sense of security, as well as assuage liberals in the West who vaguely remember the President’s campaign pledge – last time around – to personally meet with Iranian leaders and engage in a “dialogue.” What a load of horse pucky that turned out to be!

We are back to my pet theory of “libertarian realism,” an analytical framework which shows how foreign policy is made – one that focuses on the centrality of domestic political concerns rather than the reality on the ground in Iran (or anywhere outside the United States, for that matter). Barack Obama, like all politicians, wants power, and now that he’s in office he intends to retain it – at any price. If that means war with Iran, well then so be it.

It’s only a matter of time. These negotiations are but the prelude to the main event: get ready for “shock and awe” over Tehran. It may not come tomorrow, or the day after, but it is coming, of that we can be as sure as we are of anything in this world.

  1. #1 by bostonblah on 05/26/2012 - 9:34

    well this wouldnt be the 1st time in so many months the iran navy has come to the aid of the US, there was an incident a month or 2 ago , and the MSM actually did have the americans on saying they were grateful , and cnn did report this the other day, but they described iran as ” an unlikely ally”

    honestly i think there is much more to this whole thing than just a war on iran, i think it is to be a catalyst to bring about a world government , no way in any sane sense euorpe can even be considering going along otherwise , tut does not talk about it mush but there isa very serious crisis
    5 more banks downgraded in spain today to junk status, and the failure of bankia in spain ,and they was 25 billion $ bailout , greece is poised to make its exit from the eurozone , it almost seems like those “world powers’ are orchestrating this attack to take place at the height of the eurozone crisis zenith to push it over the edge with a fuel spike to ensure the demise of the euro, no matter how bad they say they are desperate to save it, then they can present their 1 government 1 currency solution to the world

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