UN-backed action in Syria is an option, Hollande says

French President François Hollande said Tuesday that multilateral military intervention in Syria cannot be ruled out if such a resolution were backed by the UN Security Council.


French President Francois Hollande said on Tuesday that the use of armed force could be possible in Syria following the Houla massacre, but that it had to be carried out under UN auspices.

“An armed intervention is not excluded on the condition that it is carried out with respect to international law, meaning after deliberation by the United Nations Security Council,” Hollande said in a television interview.

France on Tuesday expelled the Syrian ambassador as did other world powers in protest over the killing of at least 108 people, nearly half of them children, during an assault by regime forces last week near the town of Houla.

“We also have to find a solution that would not be strictly military. Pressure must be applied now to get rid of the regime of Bashar al-Assad,” Hollande added.

He also called for stronger sanctions and the need to talk with Damascus ally Russia.

I will talk about it with President (Vladimir) Putin when he comes to Paris on Friday. He, along with China, has been the most reluctant on the question of sanctions. And we must convince them that it is not possible to allow the Assad regime to massacre its own people,” said the new French leader who took office on May 15.

“I could not fail to react to this massacre in Syria,” Hollande said, stressing that his decision was taken in concert with other heads of state.

Paris also announced that it would host a new meeting of the Friends of Syria group in July, which Hollande said would help organise the Syrian opposition so it “can take over from the regime.”

UN envoy Kofi Annan warned Tuesday that Syria was “at a tipping point” after talks with Assad in efforts to rescue his troubled peace plan that was supposed to begin with a ceasefire from April 12 that has never taken hold.

  1. #1 by Naeem on 05/30/2012 - 9:34

    The zionist slave has finally got his orders, looks like france wants syria back forgetting about its colonial history when the ppl rejected them and their imperialism. When will they ever learn ?

  2. #2 by SazzyLilSmartAzz on 05/30/2012 - 9:34

    Well, France has a new Zionist puppet.

  3. #3 by michael mazur on 05/30/2012 - 9:34

    Looking at his face, he is definitely a other controlled man, and i don’t understand how a majority could have voted him in – couldn’t they see it ? But to the issue of whether the UNSC will pass a Resolution equivalent to the infamous UNSC Res 1973 of March2011, which would also be France’s green light to assault Syria, i would say it’s not going to happen.

    European members of NATO got burnt over the deception of UNSC Res 1973 which was to be limited to the enforcement of a No Fly Zone over Libya, meaning that any Libyan Airforce plane would not be allowed to take off – i actually read the whole of the Resolution.

    Seemed to be a restraining measure; but that was never ever the intention, as immediately the Anglo American French part of NATO set about demolishing parked planes – this was shown, and very quickly when there were no more planes on the ground to destroy, the developed parts of Libya instantly became a target rich environment in support of `Libyan Rebels` who were from everywhere but Libya, pouring in across the Egyptian border.

    Russia and China were also caught out by the deception but had voted for the Resolution.

    It won’t happen again.

    So, yes, Pres. Francois Hollande knows he is safe in saying that multilateral military action cannot be ruled out should it have the backing of the UNSC, which he knows isn’t going to happen, as additionally to the above reasons it is now coming out that most of the 108 people killed in Houla were actually individually murdered. No eye specialist President would have any such thing done to any peoples, let alone his own nationals – women and children at that.

    Leaving aside Bashar al Assad’s specialty, no President whose country is under siege by superpower funded insurgents is going to hand a propaganda coup to the corporate media backing the superpower, which will morph in no time, as intended, into a cause for an open overpowering invasion !

    This Houla massacre by the well practiced Palestinian child murdering Zionist infiltrators accompanying the `Free Syria Army` insurgents is one massacre just too overplayed, and too staged, too implausible, to have the credibility expected of it as a `Syrian regime authored massacre of its own people`.

    Not only did the BBC know when to come in on cue with a massacre photo from Iraq in 03, they also knew to come in on cue by having Jane Standley on 911 read out on camera that Bldg 7 had just fallen. It was still standing behind her left shoulder.

  4. #4 by Ingrid B on 05/31/2012 - 9:34

    mm, I appreciate you pulling all the threads together, so that things make sense..

  5. #5 by robert333 on 09/03/2013 - 9:34

    “7. Moreover, after the House of Commons rejected David Cameron’s resolution supporting the principle of a military intervention in Syria , Cameron announced that Great Britain would “act accordingly.” So Great Britain would not take part, but would let the United States under Barack Obama and France under Francois Hollande do the dirty work alone.
    8. What is even worse for France, Francois Hollande stated in an interview to LE MONDE that he would not exclude an intervention before September 4, i.e., before the debate without a vote in Parliament ”
    LE MONDE is a LAZARD newspaper.
    ” Matthew Pigasse, born 25 May 1968 in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine) is a French businessman, former civilian administrator of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Managing Director of LAZARD France and vice president of LAZARD Europe, he is also owner and president of the magazine Les Inrockuptibles, shareholder of LE MONDE and of The Huffington Post ” https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthieu_Pigasse
    ” NATHANIEL ROTHSCHILD, the son of Lord JACOB ROTHSCHILD,” began his career in 1994 at LAZARD Brothers Asset Management in London” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nathaniel_Philip_Rothschild
    There are also relations between LAZARD and EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD.
    ” LYNN [the wife of EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD] is the CEO of ELR Holdings and became a director of The Economist in 2002. She launched FirstMark Communications in the late 1990s and got EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD, Henry Kissinger, Vernon Jordan (senior managing director LAZARD; close Clinton friend and advisor; friend of EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD; permanent Bilderberg visitor), Michael J. Price (former managing director LAZARD), Nathan Myhrvold (former CEO Microsoft; PPI Task Force member), and others as its initial directors.”
    ” In late August 2004, Clinton and his wife Hillary, EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD, LYNN DE ROTHSCHILD, Vernon Jordan, and Prince Andrew were all hanging out at the Vineyard at their very own “Anyone but Bush” party. Rothschild and Jordan were jointly celebrating their birthdays that day. Together with his wife he attended the 32nd Williamsburg Conference in Delhi in 2004. ” https://wikispooks.com/ISGP/organisations/introduction/PEHI_Evelyn_de_Rothschild_bio.htm

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