Please Consider Donating to The Ugly Truth

It is a question often asked–

Why do they (the bad guys) get all the green lights while we (the good guys) get all the flat tires?…

The answer is simple–the other side understands the importance of solidarity whereas the bulk of us making up the “Gentile Defense League” do not.

As the readers of The Ugly Truth know, this site is offered free of charge, as well as the audio program found here and here.

The fact that they are free to everyone else however does not mean it is free to us here putting it all together.  It costs us hundreds of dollars a month, to say nothing of the time that goes into daily news updates and radio programs that we offer to the public at no cost to anyone but ourselves.

We are well aware that everyone is feeling the pinch right now in a terrible way, but anyone out there in the position to help out with the costs associated with this (we believe) worthwhile endeavor  are humbly asked to do so. Those in such a position can do so by going to the Donate button below or else writing via snail mail at–


Box 27

Careywood, Idaho 83809

Thank you for helping us all do our part in saving what’s left of our world




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