For many Israelis, Rachel Corrie was a nuisance

American peace activist Rachel Corrie: 'Anyone following Israel's path over the last decade could hardly be surprised when the court literally blamed the victim for her own death.' Photograph: Getty Images

The state of Israel is not to blame for the death of Rachel Corrie – this is the decision an Israeli court reached yesterday. The ruling, made by Judge Oded Gershon of the Haifa district court, may have come as a shock to some, but anyone following Israel’s path on a slippery slope, particularly over the past decade, could hardly be surprised when the court literally blamed the victim for her own death. “An unfortunate accident,” is what Gershon chose to call the tragedy. “She did not distance herself as a reasonable person would have done.”

Corrie, bulldozed to death by a massive D9 Caterpillar on 16 March 2003, was part of an activist group called ISM – International Solidarity Movement. This is a group of international activists who advocate nonviolent demonstrations in the West Bank (and Gaza back then, before the disengagement in 2005) in solidarity with Palestinians opposing the occupation.

A nonviolent movement, you say?

Well, isn’t that what Israelis were always looking for? For their enemies to abandon terror, suicide bombings and rockets and to go down the route of Gandhi? Yet, in reality the ISM is probably one of the most hated organisations roaming the roads of Judea and Samaria these days. Seen as foreigners who have come from afar to meddle in local affairs, they have been accused of antisemitism, supporters of terrorists and allies of Hamas. For a majority of Israelis, these people have nothing to do with peace. They’re a nuisance.

A recent example of that attitude is the case of a young Dane called Andreas Ias, who took part in a nonviolent ISM demonstration this year in the West Bank.Footage of IDF colonel Shalom Eisner ramming Ias in the face with his rifle as he was slowly walking around the protest area went viral, and showed clearly the true feelings Israelis have for the Rachel Corries of the world.

The Israeli establishment has less and less patience for activists of any kind of late. As part of the recent government offensive on human rights in Israel, freedom of expression has been hit hard. Not only are leftwing activists who oppose the occupation summoned for interrogations – even J14 activists, those who lead the peaceful social protests against the cost of living, have been interrogated by police long before they take to the streets in an attempt to intimidate citizens of “the only democracy in the Middle East” to exercise their freedom to protest.

As news of Judge Gershon’s decision broke, and as it spread like wildfire across social networks, the local Hebrew media barely batted an eyelid. The items covering the Corrie verdict on websites of Israel’s largest newspapers barely lasted an hour on the home page. Corrie’s story may be well known to Palestinians and leftwing activists, but one would be hard pressed to find people in Israel who actually know who she is to begin with.

Another reason for the sparse media attention in Israel could be the fact that this is a long drawn out case which probably isn’t over – as the Corrie family intends to appeal to the supreme court. And with the American ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, saying only a week ago that the investigation so far into the incident has not been sufficient, the Corries may feel they have the administration’s support to pursue this further. One can only hope that Gershon’s ruling was indeed an “unfortunate accident” as well, to be amended in the future.

For the Corrie family this is, of course, another horrible blow in its attempt to bring someone, anyone, in the IDF to accountability. On that day in 2003, a D9 driver demolished a young girl and her family. Yesterday in Haifa, with what may seem like a single court decision, a judge pushed forward the ongoing demolition of the Israeli justice system and the remainders of Israeli democracy itself.

In a country where the military is considered sacred and investigates itself, and where the judicial system has enabled occupation for over 45 years, could one have seriously expected a different outcome?

  1. #1 by NAeem on 08/30/2012 - 9:34

    Rachel corrie is the perfect example how any normal westerner who decides to go against the oppression against innocents can be killed in cold blood and her country will sit idly by while the murderer who is satanic and evil to its core screeches in a loud tone how she threatened their existence. If this story doesn’t move a typical brainwashed westerner then im afraid their is really no hope left for the west against the zionist beast.

  2. #2 by Blake on 08/30/2012 - 9:34

    Israel isn’t interested in fairness, justice or normal politics. Just no reasoning with self chosen lunatics who believe they are entitled to whatever they want and are above all morals or ethics.

  3. #3 by ruby22-kate on 08/30/2012 - 9:34

    The article implies that R.Corrie was a pest, a nobody, but that isn’t how US Jews feel about her, they feel so threatened that they put all their AIPAC type weight behind pulling a Broadway Show of selected readings from her diary.

    The AIPAC types refused to let ‘their’ theatres be used for such ‘terrowism.’
    They definitely fear Rachel Corrie, they know they cannot escape karma for such racist, murderous, monstrous actions, the truth always comes out.

  4. #4 by MaryC on 08/30/2012 - 9:34

    She really should have picked a ‘sexy’ cause such as Tibet. Then there’d be Hollywood films made about her.

  5. #5 by MJ on 08/30/2012 - 9:34

    An accountable Israeli Demonic Force, perish the thought and stop waiting and wasting your money in the hopes that the cow will jump over the moon.
    Interesting info presented in this video: Nation of Dajjal/Anti-Christ

    (Please note that since this video is part of a playlist should the owner post another video, that video will pop up in this window, so watch it while ya can.)

  6. #6 by amerikagulag on 08/30/2012 - 9:34

    Israeli’s hold themselves above all reproach. As Jesus said, “the spawn of Satan’.
    The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.

  7. #7 by on 08/30/2012 - 9:34

    For a buck, israel could have bought itself more than an ounce of respect.

  8. #8 by Rob on 08/31/2012 - 9:34

    As a counter quote
    “This admirable young woman had more courage in her little fingernail than 1 million israelis”

  9. #9 by michael mazur on 08/31/2012 - 9:34

    From a para above we see that the ISM were seen as foreigners, meddlers, a nuisance, supporters of terrorists, allies of Hamas.

    Has the bulldozer driver been subpoened to appear in any court hearing to date ? He has not. He is protected because he was under instruction to do as he did. He was selected for his known animus to drive the D9 that day. Do we know his name ? We do not ? Why not ? He is protected by the mood of the Jews.

    You betcha. Who selected him ? The mood of the Jews did, and then – as now, it was,”Crucify him !”

  10. #10 by Al on 09/01/2012 - 9:34

    Sometimes I think Adolph Hitler knew better about these wild animals…

  11. #11 by Larry Silverstein on 09/02/2012 - 9:34

    “The USS LIBERTY was a PEST, so we tried to sink it & kill all on board”!
    “Rachel Corrie was a PEST, so we killed her”!
    “Its RIGHT to kill PESTS”!

  12. #12 by Larry Silverstein on 09/02/2012 - 9:34

    “Gandhi was a PEST to the English”!
    “If Gandhi was living in Israel today & tried his protests, we would use our massive D9 Caterpillar & crush him like a PEST”!

    “If we Israeli Zionists were fighting under Hitler, not one Jewish PEST would have remained”!

  13. #13 by Larry Silverstein on 09/02/2012 - 9:34

    “We former Israeli (duel citizenship) are training the American Storm Trooper Police & you can see the similarity in the way we operate”!

    “We control the American media, so the vast majority of Americans are ignorant of our presence”!

    “We act like one of Dawkins parasites (Google to see) and make the Host do what we want, because we control what Americans see on TV and read on newspapers”!

  14. #14 by Ingrid B on 09/02/2012 - 9:34

    ignore this pos ^

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