Leader–Iran provides democratic, just solution to Palestine

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei addresses the opening ceremony of the 16th Summit meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran on Thursday, August 30, 2012.

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    Sunday, October 30, 2011

    Bill Promises To Censor the Internet
    Fight the power?

    Censorship , E-PARASITE , Google , Protect IP

    I have been being censored for the last 3 or 4 years. I have been
    blocked, shut down, webs removed, messages dropped into a separate
    drop delete files. Out going and incoming E-mail. Not all but any
    with a political message.
    I have six books on the market, but any advertising or promotion is
    blocked. http://www.universal-peace.com
    Any complaints to FCC or time warner is ignored.
    No government agency with accept any complaint, or do any thing.
    I even wonder if our president lives under captivity. They have no real power. The same advisors, staffers, chiefs of staff. ALL
    Jewish/Zionist members of AIPAC, All intel–Mossad. Cover up of Israeli
    activities acts of war. I,m sure this will be filed in file 13,
    or trash bag.
    Obama Campaign 2008. Now 2012. Attn.: Sheldon Adelson.
    Check out the following.
    Google the following name. Ronald L. Waldron
    Check out the 800+ messages posted on Congress.org by me Ronald L. Waldron
    Obama campaign and our activity in New York, Penn., and Ohio. Also material distributed nation wide and internationally.
    Interpol, United Nations, Brussels, Norway, and many others.
    Campus student organizations across the Country. Faculty groups. Labor Unions nation-wide.
    Peace organizations internationally.
    Messages sent to media national & international.
    Broadcasted messages to Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and others.
    Sent out to 130 Countries in 100+ languages.
    The work we did for Obama in the primaries to win against Hillary Clinton and others. In every State.
    The messages delivered ahead of Obama in his national campaign against John McCain & Sarah Palin. (The wrong pick for VP.)
    Prior to the 2008 campaign, and after the 911 –2001. The 2003 messages broadcast by, software developed for such purpose, to
    Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Palestine,Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, and Turkey .
    For doing so, I received some recognition, and a gold seal invitation to the Obama inauguration. Any cost was paid by me.
    Now for the 2012 election, I,m ask to do the same things, being thanked for all I did for 2008 and beyond.
    I have 4 hard drives, list after list of all contacts made, proof of the capabilities we have in cyber-space.
    The split between parties and candidates amounts to approximately a swing of 2 1/2 to 3%, we achieved that then,
    and we are prepared to do it again. The price to do so is $535,000, a price no one has agreed to as of yet.
    Thus the price not to do so is also $535,000. First come first served. List of media outlets used.
    All rights to books, stories, broadcast or future movie or documentaries are here-by included.
    Alternative News & Other Links


    Al Bawaba

    Al Jazeera

    Amnesty News Update
    Nation, The (US)

    Antiwar.com National Security Arch

    Common Dreams

    Big Eye
    Wiki Law 3K

    Palestine Chronicle

    Democracy Now

    Electronic Intifada
    Socialist Worker Online

    Human Rights Watch
    Truth Out

    ICRC News Update UN News Centre

    Independent Media Center
    UN Observer & Int. Rep.

    Info. Clearing House World Press Review

    International Court of Justice
    World Socialist Website

    IRNA News Wire (Iran)
    Z Magazine

    Islam Online Liveleak


    Other Organizations
    Media Watch

    Amnesty International

    Arms Sales Monitoring

    Asia-Pacific Actioftp.asia-stat.comn
    Col. Journalism Rev.

    Corporate Watch
    Democratic Media

    Greenpeace F.A.I.R.

    Camp. Ban Landmines

    Int. Criminal Court
    Media Ownership

    International Red Cross Media Lens

    Int. Solidarity Movement Revealing Quotes

    Human Rights Watch Media Channel

    NGO Links Media Owneship Search

    Int. Peace Brigade
    Media Monitors

    Middle East Research & Information Project
    Media Research Center

    Palestinian HR Monitor Grp.
    Crisis Forums


    UN Relief & Works Agy. 1

    UNESCO 1

    United Nations 1

    UNICEF 1

    World Citizen


    Other Related Sites

    Internatonal Press Service

    John Pilger

    Amanecer (Spain)
    Active News

    Assoc. of World Citizens Labour’s militant voice

    AWOL Bush
    Lyndon Larouche

    BBC Monitoring Service
    Liberal Slant

    Bilderberg.org Lobster Magazine

    Boycott Israel

    Brain Shrub

    Moderate Observer

    Breaking all the rules
    Mother Jones

    Muslim Assoc. of GB

    News Undergound

    Int. Action Center
    Not In Our Name

    Buzzflash Objector

    Center for Democratic Media
    One World

    Column Left
    Open Secrets

    Conceptual Guerilla
    Palestine Media Center

    Conscious Society Prisoner of West

    Crimes of War (Chechnya)
    Prison Planet

    Cyber Journal
    Propaganda Matrix

    Defy ID Cards
    Project Censored

    Democracy Now
    Ralph Nader

    Democratic Underground
    Rational Enquirer

    Dissident’s Report
    Reporters Without Borders

    Edward Said
    Robert Fisk

    Electronic Iraq

    Estimated Profit
    Social Critic

    Ethical Consumer
    Secular Humanism

    Ethical Treatment of Animals
    Why War?

    Support The Truth
    Take Back The Media

    The Prospect

    Freespeech News
    The Progressive

    Free North Korea
    Third Way

    Friends of Liberty
    Third World Traveler

    From The Wilderness
    Truth Seeker

    George Monbiot

    Tokyo Progressive

    Global Elite
    Tom Paine

    Global Ethics Monitor
    UK Today

    Global Issues
    Uri Avnery

    Globalism News

    Green Left Weekly
    What Really Happened?

    William Bowles

    Gush Shalom
    Workers World

    Here in reality
    Project Cnesored

    Howard Zinn

    Human Rights Violations in Chechnya

    Human Rights First

    If Americans Knew

    Ind. Progressive Politics Net.

    Information Times

    In these times

    Contact information:
    Ronald L. Waldron
    48 Hammond Street
    Jamestown, NY 14701
    716 483-4660

    Non Mainstream News

    One Europe
    Caijing (China)
    Al Bawaba IPPNS
    Counterpunch KCNA (North Korea)
    Daily Star (Lebanon) Palestine Chronicle
    The Nation Tom Dispatch
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    Amnesty Int. Common Dreams
    Democracy Now Socialist Worker
    Eurasianet Press TV (Iran)
    Green Left Weekly Truth Out
    Media Lens Relief Web
    Human Rights Watch Z Magazine
    ICRC News Update Iraq War (RU)
    Hankyoreh (Korea) Middle East Online
    Russia Today Alternative Info Center
    Middle East Times El Universal
    Newspapers.com World Socialist Website
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    A wide range of news links has been included in order to reflect as much as possible the varying narratives of current events taking place around the world, from North Korea’s KCNA to Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News. The links available do not necessarily reflect the editorial policies of News Alternative. All links are there as a resource for the reader.


    Democrats can not afford to sit home this year!!

    GOP senators plan resolution promising support should Israel strike Iran.

    Republicans will take us into yet another WAR for the benefit of Israel. WHY! War profiteering, and they are bought out by Zionist billionaires. Such as Sheldon Adelson who has committed $100 Million to Romney & Ryan for the concessions made by them regarding complete commitment to AIPAC, & Israel. They will not concede to cutting any funds spent in support of Israel. Close bases here in the USA but support 135 bases located on foreign lands, FOR OUR NATIONAL DEFENSE . Who is kidding who. Nothing is spent for the benefit of Americans. They want to take away Social Security, medicare, and any other entitlement earned by our citizens. They also want to continue hughe tax cuts to the rich, and corporations. Corporations that have out sourced our economy, and maintain their tax free money in off shore accounts. They will cut education funding for Americans, yet continue assisting foreign students being educated here on your tax dollar. We need new energy sources here, yet they want to continue with coal and oil from foreign sources . WAKE UP PLEASE !!

    We have complete silence regarding the atrocities Israel commits each and every day against Palestine and any other bordering neighbor, why?
    Check the duel citizenship of most all people appointed to highest positions in OUR government, and many of the elected officials First our financial institutions, Media, then University campuses, now our governments Federal, State, and local. AIPAC chapters formed in each area.
    NOW being able to donate all they want to for their candidates they wine & dine with, of course on paid Israel trips. Then there is Capital Hill where they own all
    surrounding properties they lobby from every day.

    GO TO: universal-peace.com————– Google: Ronald L. Waldron
    Google it, where are the child protection agencies, government , and PARENTS. Sick bastards. WHERE ARE THE CHURCHES ON THIS!!
    Will you ignore it also and vote Republican that supports such actions, THAT TAKES THEIR CAMPAIGN FUNDS, where are your values???
    Jews Suck Baby Penises | Subverted Nation.
    Baby Dies From Rabbi Sucking Blood From Baby’s Penis.

    Pedophile Jewish Rabbis Suck Dick.
    Rabbi Yosef Weisburg sucking baby penis is religious freedom for pedophiles …
    New York rabbis sucking 10 infant penises per day .
    Jew Rabbis suck freshly circumcised baby penises? –
    Jewish Rabbi Explains Why Baby Penis Is To Be Sucked.
    Barbaric post-circumcision penis-sucking practice .
    Infant Dies from Herpes Infection After Rabbi Sucks Blood from His Penis.
    Rabbi Explains the Importance of Sucking a boys Penis .
    You can talk all day in detail on the crimes of the Jews but nothing hits harder than the reality of seeing one of these disgusting Rabbis
    sucking an infants bloody penis videos.
    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s major sources of instability. Americans are directly connected to this conflict, and increasingly imperiled by its devastation.
    It is the goal of If Americans Knew to provide full and accurate information on this critical issue, and on our power – and duty – to bring a resolution.
    Modern sex slavery in Israel: It’s all politics


    530,000 Churches in America, only 7% do not belong to a corporation.
    Corporations that invest in wars of false intelligence, support the corruption
    of the republican party, and believe the propaganda and false prophecy
    supporting the atrocities of Israel, Mossad, and AIPAC.

    The old testament was written by Jews, to the Jews, and for the Jews only.
    Not for Gentiles. Jesus Christ was not a Jew. Jesus said to the Jews ‘Because
    you are not sheep of my flock you do not believe ‘ (John 10:24-27) and ‘I was
    only sent to the lost sheep of the House of Israel’ …

    Can you Decide from the Bible Who the Antichrist is? Study Zionism and the
    theft of the Jewish faith by them. Beginning 1917 and their influence and
    manipulation on Hitler in killing of 6 million Torah Jews that would object to
    stealing the lands of Palestine & our holy land.

    Most professors who are critical of Israel do not organise themselves to fight against Israel.
    American Jews are either organised and pro-Israel, or are apathetic and critical of Israel?
    AIPAC, a foreign lobby yet the most powerful lobby, has control over several members
    of America’s government and agencies, Duel citizens with Israel as their only interest.
    Control of Hollywood, all major media, TV programing, congress, the pentagon,
    think tanks, advisors, staffers, universities, theology schools, pulpits, and religious
    leaders. There is no dispute that financial institutes and banking is controlled by them.
    Acts of war by Israel. The attack on the USS Liberty. Assassinations of JFK,
    RFK, MLK and witnesses of Garrison. 911 and their involvement.
    Nothing about Israel is moral, ethical, or any benefit to us. Lies after lies
    to keep us involved in their attacks on their neighbors.
    Convincing our government to send our sons & daughters to die, get injuried or disabiled for
    life. No ligitimate reason for it.
    Israel hates christians, Catholics, or anyone with a different belief. They are out for
    global take over.

    Take a united stand now against the corruption, loss of freedoms, changes in our laws.
    A large per-cent of Christian Americans have already decided to seperate from government atrocities,
    corruption, treason and false patriotism. They will stay home and worship Christ, the son of god ,who
    was killed by WHO!
    Gods punishment against Israel was to be an end to their immorality. Nothing has changed except
    misconception and lies.
    Do not support the illegal occupation of Palestine, the genocide of Palestinians, or the vetoing
    by our government of the 67 UN sanctions against Israel for their actions.
    Ronald L. Waldron
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was involved in smuggling nuclear triggers out of the United States
    carried out by a network of front companies, a report says.

    Dysfunction of federal agencies comes from the top down. Home
    Land Security with the top leaders all being duel citizens with Israel, all decisions coming from AIPAC, MOSSAD, and the illegal state of ISRAEL. Until the
    American people insist on leadership being
    American with American interest the priority, until the Zionist organized crime syndicate is put out of
    businessin WASHINGTON, D.C. America will
    continue on a downward slide. It certainly
    would help if the religious right recognizes that Christians do not live in the OLD testament, That only the NEW
    testament applies to US and our government.
    Zionism is not biblical, and is the Anti-Christ We need to be more concerned about the Anti-Christ group,
    rather then all the false flags of
    I liked Lessig’s observation that We the People still have the Voting Election,
    but we have lost the Money Election.” He pointed out that a tiny fraction of
    our society 22 people, or 7 one-millionths of 1% account for 50% of the
    Money Election. And the problem is that the Money Election determines the
    options We the People have to choose form in the Voting Election. Buddy Roemer
    added a humorous yet serious, down-to-earth impression on the panel. Lots of
    laughs and cheers from the audience when the former Congressman and Louisiana
    Governor spoke. Roemer shared that there was a fund-raising litmus test that
    kept him from participating in any of the 23 episodes of the GOP Presidential
    Debate Show. His best line was “The system isn’t broken, it’s bought.” “The system isn’t broken, it’s bought.”

    — —

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