Presidential candidate Roseanne Barr warns of ‘Jewish mind control’

Peace and Freedom candidate Roseanne Barr

ed note–personally I have nothing but a visceral dislike of Barr, but her comments are very interesting in what we have stated here at TUT concerning the mental conditioning Jews are subjected to by virtue of being born into the cult.

Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate Roseanne Barr issued a tweet on Wednesday saying that “jewish mind control is the hardest to break out of,” Twitchy reported Thursday.

“Earlier this month, Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate Roseanne Barr announced that her personal Twitter account would be reserved solely for comedic tweets,” Twitchy added.

“My kids are half-Jew. I couldn’t wait to like breed with non-Jewish people, (sic)” she told Chelsea Handler last year.

After being called out for her anti-Semitic comment, she responded by claiming she is also a Jew.

“I’m a Jew, so refrain from calling me an anti-semite,” she tweeted.

Others, however, didn’t buy her explanation.

“Being Jewish is not a defense against claims of anti-Semitism,” tweeted Daniel Wein.

Twitchy suggested: The “[n]ext time Roseanne wants to flaunt her hatred and bigotry, perhaps she should make a date with Cher.”

Barr is running on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket with anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan.

“Cindy and I are the ‘Throw the Bums Out’ ticket and the ‘Ballot Access’ ticket. The American people are sick and tired of this ‘lesser evil’ garbage they get fed every election year,” she saidbefore the party’s convention vote in Los Angeles.

“Both the Democrats and the Republicans do the same evils once they’re in office.”

Barr, who had called for the decapitation of wealthy people, had originally sought the Green Party nomination, but was soundly defeated

  1. #1 by Gary on 09/05/2012 - 9:34

    I too can’t stand her and let’s see if she has any career left after her comments. I’m sure some would argue she has no career to lose.

  2. #2 by Stephen Smith on 09/05/2012 - 9:34

    I stopped watching TV a long time ago and therefore have no particular feeling about Roseanne Barr, other than I like her comments here, and I also like Cindy Sheehan. I’m seriously considering voting for them now.

  3. #3 by aj on 09/05/2012 - 9:34

    Very helpful. More tinder. I hope more Jews do the same and address 9/11, the Hollerhoax, and the rest of the litany.

  4. #4 by Sam.R. on 09/05/2012 - 9:34

    Interesting the number of Jew,s which have disavowed in public their tribes bad habit’s. I think that they may be attempting to protect themselves against a possible uprising by the GOY.

  5. #5 by CK on 09/05/2012 - 9:34

    Any time a Jew can break free of the mind control, that’s saying something. The late chess champion Bobby Fischer was another one who did. Go to You Tube to listen to some of his anti-Jewish rants.

  6. #6 by bostonblah on 09/05/2012 - 9:34

    funny i just happened to catch the roast of rosane on comedy central , the roasters were all jews, and by the look of it the whole audience too ,maybe 1 gentile , the host , the lesbian coach from glee, something lynch, lynch is an irish name but never can be too sure these days

  7. #7 by Blake on 09/05/2012 - 9:34

    Nice to see her standing up to the tribe but she’s a semite? Pls, that’s like saying a European taking on an Arab name is a semite

  8. #8 by randa on 09/05/2012 - 9:34

    Roseanne Barr is on my shitlist ever since her gun control attack on Tom Selleck. Tom Selleck is a beautiful human being, few of which there are in Hollywood. Tom Selleck is sweet and Roseanne Barr looks mean. She talks mean. She should get together with that “Jewish Family Values” dude to the right with the snakeskin suit. I reckon he would give her an interview.

  9. #9 by Matthew/Boston on 09/05/2012 - 9:34

    I’ve always felt the same way, editor. I spend next to nothing in time watching TV. But, I’ve known of Barr for many years. I’ve never watched her for more than sixty seconds and she never struck me as having any talent, but I appreciate what she has said here. And why the hell does EVERYONE have to apologize on their knees when some ostensibly sensitive Jew cries out?! They’re smart, but apparently not smart enough to know when to tone it down.

    And yes, bostonblah, you never know. I knew a Weiss who was Catholic. I knew another Weiss that was Protestant. And I worked with another Weiss who was Jewish. And their names are often changed or modified or Americanized. I think those days might be coming to an end. Even two of the 9-11 perpetrators changed their names. Ehud Barak’s real last name is Brog. Benyamin Netanyahu’s real last name is Mileikowsky.

  10. #10 by BLUEYEDEVIL14/88 on 09/06/2012 - 9:34

    The picture of Barr her on the book shes holding up says it all. As far as Cindy Sheehan goes,I don’t like her,never did.She knows the truth and just like all politicians she chose the safe,politically correct route.

  11. #11 by NOZ CAVAN on 09/06/2012 - 9:34

    Love Roseanne, she is not afraid to speak out against the jews, ” No holds Barr

  12. #12 by ruby22-kate on 09/06/2012 - 9:34

    I like Roseann, she’s witty, and exceptionally talented. I, too am tired of that lesser of 2 evils crap every 4 years.

  13. #13 by andie531 on 09/06/2012 - 9:34

    “Roseanne Barr is on my shitlist ever since her gun control attack on Tom Selleck.”
    That was Rosie O’Donnell. Get your Rosies straight.

  14. #14 by andie531 on 09/06/2012 - 9:34

    Frankly, I get rather annoyed by Ann Coulter.

    I find it fascinating that no one has thought of Ms. Coulter as either disgusting or annoying. Is it because she’s “prettier”? Blond?

    She also has signs of a substance abuse problem (noting her erratic behavior and lying in this article: )

    Seriously, Barr has more on the ball than Coulter.

  15. #15 by Ron D'Aigle on 09/06/2012 - 9:34

    Roseanne, yeah, she was really pushing the anti-Christian agenda on her comedy show promoting homosexuality and whatever. Then her talk show, only watched once or twice and she had on the kabbalistic Rabbi Boteach who was teaching us about kosher sex. Roseane was definitely into the cabala, kabbalah, quaballah etc. Btw, that reminds me, a few years ago I was listening to Catholic Answers on EWTN radio. And Karl Keating (who’s the head of CA) had a “converted” Jew on and a listener called in and asked about the Cabala and whether it was occult or whatever. To which the “converted” to Catholicism Jew replied that the Cabala as a source of Jewish mysticism was ok, but the one spelled Quaballah was “New-Agey” To which I say, Yeah, right!!!.Like the ones spelled Cabala or Kabbalah (or a dozen variants of this) weren’t the source of every evil, occult belief in the West! And that was the last straw as far as following Karl Keating if he’s going to allow the “converted” Jews to lie to us about their Talmud and Kaballah. My feeling on Keating is that he became a big name so as to shepherd would be Catholics into the “New Church”, i.e., the Post Vat 2 Church that lets traditional doctrine slide away, and of course accepts the liberal interpretation of Nostra Aetate, i.e,. the Jews can do no wrong and are “Our elder brothers in the faith” (JP2). Since I was converted to Catholicism (and partly from his book Catholics and Bible Christians have it around here somewhere).I’ve come to believe that this was all planned out, i.e., his becoming a name and then gently steering the would-be converts into the “New Church” so deftly they may not even notice the New Church wasn’t really the same Church it was for 2,000 years! i was not allowed to post on his website (although I’d been a subscriber to his apologetic magazine for years) because of my statements about the Jews nothing that anyone reading here hasn’t heard and believed.

  16. #16 by Concrete man on 09/06/2012 - 9:34

    I agree with Mark’s editorial introduction. I saw here on Letterman and she criticized Obama far more than most of his apolitical guests. It was over Dave’s head. Then I saw a youtube video of her on a stage at some sort of event, cussing and swearing up a storm like no tomorrow, in a tirade against the political system. Her style lacks in subtlety, the say the least. Finally, it was apparently a big deal that she was at the recent Chemtrails Conference (and I do believe chemtrails are real and a serious issue, very much). But the Chemtrail Critics will never follow the money behind chemtrails back to the Jews, I can tell you that. Wanna know why/ Because Alex Jonestein is one of the big supporters. Mike Murphy doesn’t want to shorten his career. Anyway, Roseanne Barf is a typical Jew stirring up rage and confusion, if you ask me. Maybe I am being too harsh.

  17. #17 by Ingrid B on 09/06/2012 - 9:34

    @ Matthew/Boston, Weiss is a German word, which means “white”..

  18. #18 by Lee on 09/07/2012 - 9:34

    Maybe she is a distraction from the real issues? I hate to see Cindy Sheehan on the same dog and pony band wagon show. Evidently, Sheehan has sold out or has been compromised. Her office is in San Francisco and I have a feeling she got involved with the life style around that city.

    It seems there is no hope left in this world. It has all been compromised.

  19. #19 by rmstock on 09/07/2012 - 9:34

    “Presidential candidate Roseanne Barr warns of ‘Jewish mind control’”

    How about MKULTRA, MKDELTA, Project ARTICHOKE, Project BLUEBIRD,
    Project Monarch and even many unknown others, all funded and operated
    by CIA, KGB who are using main stream media outlets as covers, where
    the NSA since 911 has shown its real colors. This woman is posing as
    the cover for all other covers to finally have mind control and mind
    programming dumped into the bin of cold war history. I created a
    overview webpage on mind-control in 2006, and all the material presented
    there has suddenly with her appearance become deprecated. Oh really?

  20. #20 by on 09/07/2012 - 9:34

    A ‘lesser-evil’ cannot be an empire that kills millions, and enslaves billions, give or take a world-war.

  21. #21 by Larry Silverstein on 09/07/2012 - 9:34

    I HATE Jihadist Muslims for their inhuman savagery towards non-Muslims and the way they treat women! I offer no apology for HATING such savages!

    I HATE Talmudic, Zionist, Hedonistic Jews for their hatred towards Jesus Messiah and Christian civilization. I HATE them for their PARASITIC nature, that not only sucks the life blood from non-Jews, but also destroys their own children through PEDOPHILIA.

    I HATE ignorant Zionist “Christians”, who are playing the part of modern day Judas, by betraying Jesus Messiah with a kiss and calling Him Master.

    I HATE American women, who have SLAUGHTERED 50,000,000 young Americans, since 1973, in Abortion Camps.

    Dr. Martin Haskell giving a presentation at the 16th Annual Meeting of the National Abortion Federation Conference in 1992 in San Diego. It was a gathering of abortionists — men and women who make their living by killing babies. Haskell was describing to his audience how to do a partial-birth abortion. Listen to his words about how this procedure takes place:

    “The surgeon then introduces large grasping forceps … through the vaginal and cervical canal … He moves the tip of the instrument carefully towards the fetal lower extremities — and pulls the extremity into the vagina …The surgeon then uses his fingers to deliver the opposite lower extremity, then the torso, the shoulders, and the upper extremities. The skull lodges in the internal os. The fetus is oriented … spine up … The surgeon then takes a pair of blunt curved Metzenbaum scissors in the right hand. … the surgeon then forces the scissors into the base of the skull–spreads the scissors to enlarge the opening. The surgeon–surgeon then introduces a suction catheter into this hole and evacuates the skull contents.”

    Haskell, having described these brutal details, shows his audience a video of himself doing one of these procedures. And at the end of the video, after the sound of the suction machine taking the brains out of the baby’s head, the audience applauds.

    Fetal tissue wholesalers are companies which place employees in abortion clinics to harvest tissue, limbs, organs, etc. from aborted babies. This material is then shipped to researchers working for universities, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. Although it is against federal law to sell human tissue or body parts, these organizations have devised a system to circumvent this restriction. Technically, all fetal material they harvest is “donated” to them by the clinics. However, they do pay a “site fee” to the clinics for the right to access the tissue. The tissue is then “donated” to the researchers who in turn pay the wholesalers for the cost of retrieval. Profit is realized by the wholesalers’ ability to set their own retrieval fees.

    Abortion: The Kosher Slaughter
    By Jayne Gardener

    Who drives the abortion industry in the United States? Want to hazard a guess?

    If you said that the main movers and shakers behind the pro-abortion movement in the U.S. are Jews, you win the grand prize.
    While there are, of course, pro-life Jews who are disturbed by the abortion rates in both the United States and Israel, I would venture to say that they are certainly in the minority, especially in the U.S. Their low regard for Gentile life at any stage of development is reflected in the number of abortions performed by Jewish doctors (about half of all abortion providers are Jewish) [1] in Jewish owned “women’s clinics” (about a half of all such clinics are owned by Jews)[2] which is way out of proportion when you consider what a small percentage of our population Jews comprise.

    Various people have commented publicly about the disproportionate number of Jews in the abortion rights movement. For instance, Kenneth Mitzner, founder of an organization entitled The Pro-life League Against Neo-Hitlerism said:

    “It is tragic but demonstrably true that most of the leaders of the pro-abortion movement are of Jewish extraction.” [3]

    First, let’s take a look at the Talmudic view on abortion. The Mishnah, comprising the first part of the Talmud, provides a source for understanding the Jewish position which assumes that life arises only at birth which is when they believe that ensoulment takes place. So long as the fetus, or the most important part of it, its head, has not come out into the world, it is not called nefresh (a human soul) and therefore an unborn fetus is not to be considered a living being until birth.
    The old testament, in Exodus 21:22-23 shows us that the Jews did not regard unborn lives as human beings as reflected in the laws during that period:

    “If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine. And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life, Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.”

    “Literally and by interpretation, this passage poses the basic legal principal that the destruction of the fetus is not to be considered punishable murder. Death of the unborn child is punishable by fine only, and capital punishment does not apply. Only if the mother is harmed, i.e. killed, does the law of capital punishment take effect.” [4]

    Clearly, the Jewish Talmudic view on abortion is a disturbing one since if a fetus is not considered a living being until birth it can only mean that Talmudic Jews would have no problem with abortion at any stage of gestation for any reason, up until birth. It is unarguable that a fetus is a living being and it is abhorrent to think that pro-abortion Jews would be fine with the destruction of a healthy, viable fetus no matter how late in pregnancy the abortion would take place.
    Abortion has pretty wide support among Jews in this country and various Jewish organizations in the U.S. are openly and unashamedly pro abortion, organizations such as:

    American Jewish Committee
    American Jewish Congress
    B’nai B’rith Women
    Central Conference of American Rabbis [Reform]
    Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations
    Hadassah Women
    Jewish Labor Committee
    Na’amat USA
    National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods [Reform]
    National Council of Jewish Women
    New Jewish Agenda
    North American Temple Youth
    Rabbinical Assembly Union of American Hebrew Congregations [Reform]
    United Synagogues of America [Conservative]
    Women’s League for Conservative Judaism [5]

    Many Jewish doctors as well as non-professional men and women are vastly overrepresented among American proponents of abortion on demand. Here is but a partial list:

    “All four original organizers of the most influential group of abortion pushers in the United States — the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) — were of Jewish birth, including now pro-life Dr. Bernard Nathanson.

    Dr. Christopher Tietze worked for the Population Institute and International Planned Parenthood Federation, and did more to promote the worldwide slaughter of innocent unborn children than any other person.

    Dr. Alan Guttmacher was president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America for more than a decade, founded Planned Parenthood Physicians, and did more than any other doctor to promote abortion in this country. He also advocated mandatory abortion and sterilization for certain groups in the United States.

    Dr. Etienne-Emile Baulieu, inventor of the RU-486 abortion pill, was born in 1926 to a physician named Leon Blum. He changed his name in 1942.

    Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich is the ‘father’ of the overpopulation myth. His ‘work,’ The Population Bomb, was the ‘spark’ that ignited the anti-natalist movement.

    Lawrence Lader, (New York University professor and co-founder of NARAL) king of the abortion propagandists, has written several books crammed with fabrications and outright lies that have helped advance abortion all around the world… Lader was quoted 11 times in Roe v. Wade, because he had a message that the Justices wanted to hear. (In the same decision, testimony from the world’s leading fetologist, Dr. A. W. Liley, was totally ignored because it decisively undercut the Court’s decision)… Lader also founded Abortion Rights Mobilization (ARM), which sued the Internal Revenue Service in court in a failed attempt to get the tax-exempt status of the Catholic Church revoked for opposing abortion too effectively. He also was one of the leading proponents of the abortion pill RU-486.” [6]

    The above mentioned Dr. Christopher Tietze, who died some years ago has left a legacy, albeit a somewhat distressing one. There is a Dr. Tietze Humanitarian Award from the National Abortion Federation which is awarded to doctors in the abortion industry for their contributions to, and advancement of, quality care in the abortion field.
    Of course it isn’t only Jewish members of the medical profession leading the way. They have certainly been aided and abetted in their morbid cause by various legislators, especially state senators Anthony Bielenson in California and Albert Blumenthal in New York who were the leading proponents of legalized abortion in their respective states and in this country.

    It is certainly a fact that there are other left wing organizations who are ardent supporters of abortion on demand which have large Jewish involvement, namely The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which has opposed most proposed bills to restrict access to abortion and Norman Lear’s organization, The People For The American Way, which stands firmly on the pro-abortion side.
    Not surprisingly, even the Anti-Defamation League sits squarely and firmly on the pro-abortion side of the issue. On April 19th of 2007, the ADL publicly voiced its disappointment that the Supreme Court of the United States ruled to uphold the federal Partial Birth Abortion Act by saying:

    “We are deeply troubled by the ramifications of the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion. By upholding, for the first time, an abortion statute which contains no exception for the health of the woman, the Supreme Court has undermined a woman’s right to choose and to act in accordance with her conscience and the dictates of her faith. We continue to believe that Americans should have the freedom to make difficult decisions of conscience and health without government interference.” [7]

    Abortion rights have pretty much become the litmus test for being an elected Democratic representative in this country as evidenced by the pro-abortion stance of Catholics like Sen. Ted Kennedy and others. “Of the 41 Jewish-born members of the U.S. Senate over the last 20 years, 32 (or 80 percent) have been stridently pro-abortion.” [8]
    The radical feminist movement, headed by Jewish women like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, has been a staunch driving force behind the pro-abortion movement since its inception. Their disdain for families and imagined female oppression by men in this country and their belief that gender roles are a social construct and not innate has caused them to push for abortion as being the great equalizer, liberating women from their ‘oppressive’ role as mothers.
    Simone Weil, former French health minister and Auschwitz survivor who led the drive to legalize abortion in France was quoted as saying:

    “We are out to destroy the family. The best way to do that is by attacking it’s weakest member, the unborn child.” [9]

    Kate Michaelman is another example. For many years, Michelman, president of Naral Prochoice America from 1985 to 2004, has been at the forefront of one of this country’s most contentious and divisive debates. Ever since Roe Vs Wade, NARAL Pro-Choice America, boasting in excess of one million members and supporters, has been the nation’s leading advocate for a “woman’s right to choose.”
    NARAL actively supports the election of pro-abortion candidates through various political action committees. They are heavily invested in lobbying Congress to fight any anti-abortion legislation as well as supporting bills which would protect abortion rights and expand women’s access to “reproductive health care.”
    The Lichter-Rothman (both Jewish by the way) study was officially suppressed and one can well imagine why. It’s information regarding members of the media and their proabortion stance was staggering, but not surprising. It’s findings?

    “Leaders of the motion picture industry: 95% pro-abortion, 62% Jewish:
    Leaders of the television industry: 97% pro-abortion, 59% Jewish:
    Leaders of the news media industry: 90% pro-abortion, 23% Jewish.” [10]

    Jewish groups are constantly involved in fund-raising efforts to keep abortion rights in the forefront, spending tens of millions of dollars to ensure that abortion remains legal. On February 28th, 1989, The American Jewish Congress ran a full page ad in the New York Times entitled Abortion And The Sacredness Of Life which cost them a staggering $30,000.

    Securing the right to kill unborn children comes with a high price tag.
    The press often gives pro-abortion Jews considerable coverage as well as considerable leeway. When Dr. Barnett Slepian (an abortion provider who was later shot to death by an anti-abortion activist) slugged a pro-life demonstrator over the head with a baseball bat (causing serious injury) for daring to picket his home, they not only demonstrated a double standard by excusing his behavior, they also claimed that he was targeted for picketing because he was Jewish and therefore the actions by pro-life proponents were anti-semitic.
    Marilynn Buckham, an abortion clinic owner told the Buffalo News that the picketing of Slepian’s home was nothing short of religious persecution and attacked Christians for not respecting other people’s relgious beliefs. As a result of Slepian’s assault trial, the picketing of abortion provider’s homes in New York state was declared unlawful and subject to a $500.00 fine and 6 months imprisonment.

    In Canada, the leading proponent of abortion is Dr. Henry Morgentaler, another concentration camp survivor who became one of Canada’s most proficient, prolific and notorious abortion providers who flaunted Canadian law and established illegal clinics in Canada where he performed abortions in direct opposition to Canadian law and for which security was provided by Canadian police. Morgentaler was once quoted as saying:

    “It took me years to get rid of this image [of myself helpless in the concentration camps]. And to do that, it was absolutely necessary to oppose authority — whatever the authority may be.” [11]

    It is a sad reality that Morgentaler has become somewhat of an icon in Canada, a man who is revered as being a champion for the rights of women. In 2005, Henry Morgentaler, at that time 82 years old, was given an honorary doctorate in law by the University of Western Ontario. Morgentaler spoke before the audience, saying he shared in the celebration of those receiving their degrees and told them that he believed that his work to make abortions safe and legal has “benefited society”, urging the graduates to stand up for their rights. Polls show that the vast majority of Canadians are pro-abortion and certainly many Canadians hold that view largely due to Henry Morgentaler’s influence.

    And there you have it. Although it is absolutely factual that there is considerable gentile involvement in the abortion industry in this country there is certainly a disproportionate representation of Jews as proponents of abortion rights as well as Jews accounting for about half of all abortion providers and clinic owners; a staggering fact considering that Jews in this country comprise only about 2% of the population.

    And why is this the case? Because they hate Gentiles and promote our destruction by any means at their disposal. Obviously there are Jews who oppose abortion but there are certainly many who not only condone it but push for it. And they not only push for it in the early stages of pregnancy but a lot of them have no qualms about abortions performed at any stage of pregnancy for reasons not encompassed by maternal risk or gross fetal abnormality. They are fine with it at any time for any reason.

    It is just another part of the Jewish supremacist agenda to destroy their enemy, the Goyim, no matter what they must do to secure our destruction. We are what stands in the way of the successful achievement of their agenda.

    They must be opposed. While I do not call for an outright ban on abortion, I do think that abortion on demand has become a national tragedy, leading to the destruction of close to one million American unborn children a year, some at stages where the fetus is clearly healthy, viable and could be safely delivered.

    While I am not a believer in the notion that women abort ” 5 minutes before birth,” as some pro-life advocates have claimed during debate, I do know from personal experience that many people in the pro-choice/pro-abortion movement would certainly and unequivocally be okay with that, should it be legal. As the mother of two children I find that immensely unsettling.
    A compassionate society based on Christian traditions cannot, in my opinion, enact laws that create unreasonable risk or hardship for women but we must balance the needs of women with a respect for the lives of the unborn, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.
    To not protect them at that point is unconscionable.

  22. #22 by Pro-Gentile on 09/08/2012 - 9:34

    I HATE Jihadist Muslims jewish/british wahabis for their inhuman savagery towards non-Muslims and the way they treat women! I offer no apology for HATING such savages!

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