Armageddon Approaches

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  1. #1 by Vickie Jacobs on 09/10/2012 - 9:34

    “The entire lake will become a killing field…”

    John Hagee said in his book: “Jerusalem countdown” pg.117:

    Israel and/or America must confront Iran concerning its nuclear weapons programs. If Israel and/or America is required to use military force to guarantee Israel’s safety……………..

    In talking about Armageddon he says on pg.120…”In the book of Revelation, John the Revelator declared that blood will flow up to the bridle of a horse for a space of sixteen hundred furlongs, which is approximately two hundred miles…(Rev. 14:20)

    It’d be interesting to hear his explanitation of Rev. 9:7….locusts that looked like horses with crown on their heads…or Rev. 9:17…….horses with the heads of lions with fire and brimstone coming out of their mouths.

    No John Hagee. This is a different interpretation and a different kind of Armageddon. Everything in Revelation is dealing with those in the church.
    This ‘bridle'(Strongs 5469-5401) is those who put an uncalled for fear, alarm, terror on others. Like you John. In James 3:2-6… says there are those who will put bits in the horses’ mouth for controlling others with their tongue. The tongue is a powerful tool…Psalms 34:13 (Matthew 12:37).

    What John Hagee is doing is using fear to place an stupid ‘burden’ on the church that they had better support physical Israel. Isaiah 30:27…you John, you have placed this ‘burden’ and your lips are full of indignation, and your tongue as a devouring fire:” Zechariah 12:3…John, you and Christians United for Israel have placed a burdensome stone on all who listen to you and you will be cut into pieces……
    Isaiah 19:1-7…when we hear nations such as Egypt, Assyria, Bablyon, Persia, Greek, Rome…think church. For these are the nations that you see sitting in the church pews.that make up this beast….these same spiritual kingdoms sitting there still…Armageddon is when those sitting in this church realize the spirit they are sitting under and wake-up to the John Hagee lies taught them. Jesus told John’s deciples he came to set the captivies free…John the Baptist was in prision. It was freedom from wrong doctrine!

    John Hagee has forgotton God….Ezekiel 22:12…you are trying to gain not give. You brought in a great conspiracy and you will make widows of many…Ezekiel 22:25.

    Also…………..I’m going to become your worst nightmare John.

  2. #2 by Ingrid B on 09/10/2012 - 9:34

    wouldn`t it have been so much simpler, cheaper, and less painful, had all the warmongering nations taken a leaf out of Iran`s book, and employed a listening/talking approach..

    also.. which of these countries is better off, morally, and financially, warmongers US, and Israel, or Iran? and that, in spite of the “crippling sanctions”..

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