“As The War Drums Beat”

Merlin Miller, President–Americana Pictures


I contemplate my recent trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran and ask myself who wants war between America and Iran. I quickly surmise that it is not the American people, nor the Iranian people, but globalists (international bankers and their multinational beneficiaries). They control Israel, the American media and most of our politicians…and by extension our foreign policy.

My journey to this exotic and little understood land began with an invitation to “New Horizon – The First International Independent Filmmakers Festival”. It was a conference and festival held in Tehran from September 2nd through September 7th. Filmmakers and intellectuals from around the world attended. It was one of the most stimulating experiences that I have ever had and an effective bridge between diverse cultures and perspectives – with the purpose of promoting truth, justice, liberty, and peace.

This initiative was undertaken, not by America or other world leaders, but by a country unfairly besieged with sanctions and threats of war. My observations were in stark contrast to the perceptions of most Americans. What I experienced was a devout country with a love of God, family, and nation – and an uncompromising respect for the noblest of human endeavors.

As I write this, a giant, beautiful book, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, lies next to me. Khayyam’s wonderful poems have survived the test of time and are a testament to the normally peaceful spirit of the Persian people. This treasure was given to me by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Inside its back cover, he inscribed the following for me (transcribed from Farsi):

In the name of God who loves human beings.

My dear brother:
I, you, we and all of us are pursuing truth and happiness for human beings, which is unfortunately a victim of world powers.
This is a historical opportunity to undermine all inhuman relations and put an end to prejudices, which have questioned the truths and separates them, to build a new beautiful world based on love, justice and beauty.
This is a historical and certainly achievable objective. It only needs our hands, minds and hearts to join each other.
I pray Great God to bless you, who love humanity and wish success for all. I hope to meet you in a better future.

M. Ahmadinejad
September 8, 2012

I found President Ahmadinejad to be a humble man with a firm handshake and intense, intelligent eyes. Despite his courteous and dignified bearing, he has been regularly berated, and routinely misrepresented, by a controlled western media. Is their demonization justified, or has he been targeted as the lone political figure standing against Zionist powers? This is my attempt to represent truths, such that the world might have a better understanding of Iran, its people, and its leadership.

The Iranian people are similar to Europeans in appearance…a beautiful people, poised and kind. Their women wear clothing which modestly cover them, but in elegant fashion and with serene faces that are usually exposed. They return smiles and are not treated as second class citizens, as we have been conditioned to believe. In fact, they outnumber men in higher education enrollments. There is no profanity and women are safe on any Tehran street – at any time of day or night. The influences of western civilization have not been totally removed, but the Iranians resist the decadence of cultural-Marxism. I attribute this largely to their faith and love of family. I was surprised to discover that the Islamic faith actually honors Jesus and Christianity. However, through Zionist media control, policy dictates, and other manipulations, the Christian world is incessantly convinced that Muslims should be our enemies and that we should be theirs.

Muslims look with jaundiced eye upon the outrageous media lies and perpetual assaults on their faith and culture. Hollywood’s promotion of twisted films can provoke extremist reactions, and we are then led to believe that Muslims are all radicals. We never question the bizarre promotion of these divisive, Zionist inspired productions, or the actions of multinational interests in the internal affairs of sovereign Islamic nations. Were we to look honestly at the many false portrayals, we would see remarkable similarities to how our Christian communities have also been assaulted – increasingly with contempt and disrespect by these same Zionist and Cultural Marxist propagandists. They seek a globalist new world order – devoid of the diversity and freedoms associated with independent nation states.

As I wandered from the festival grounds to meet people on the streets, I found them to be most helpful and without animosity – despite my obvious American nationality. I enjoyed their exotic food and came to appreciate the craftsmanship of their products. The only negative sensation that I had was in witnessing the mad house traffic situation in Tehran. A city of 15 million, it has grown faster that it’s infrastructure. Despite this, the city is thriving with new construction and beautiful parks and monuments – which reflect a noble and accomplished people. The Iranians seemingly love Americans, but are rightly concerned and critical of our irrational and invasive government policies. The common response seems to be “why would your country want to attack us?”

The current condemnation of Iran is supposedly due to the possibility that they may develop nuclear weapons. We should all work for a world free from nuclear threat, but the sovereignty of nations must also be respected. Iran is signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has opened their facilities for inspection, declaring their interest is for energy development only. No evidence to the contrary has been shown, and Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei condemns nuclear weaponry – actually declaring a “Fatwa” against them – as it is contrary to their nation’s faith. However, Israel, their chief accuser (and architect behind the campaign to falsely accuse Iraq of possessing “weapons of mass destruction”), is believed to possess over 300 nuclear weapons. Israel is not signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has no intention of sharing information or opening their facilities for inspection – yet America continues to march to their fanatical war drums against others. Why is there no pressure on Israel to meet the same standards and why are we imposing “sanctions” against a nation that has done us no wrong? It is a preliminary act of war, and only imposed because Israeli lobbies demand it of our lap-dog politicians, who incredibly serve Zionist interests rather than the American people.

Iran is a strategic rival for regional hegemony in the resource rich middle-east and has stood strong for Islamic unity. They also courageously and most justifiably call for an end to the Palestinian occupation – the ruthless suppression of an enslaved people, largely funded by America. There is no greater injustice than that being perpetrated against the Palestinian people. World condemnation, through the United Nations is consistently blocked by U.S. actions on the Security Council. As a result, the Non Aligned Nations Movement (NAM) is growing as an alternative to the UN. Its recent success is not generally reported in Western media, but 120 nations came together in Tehran the week before the New Horizon Film Festival – in unity and in opposition to the evils of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The Secretary General of the United Nations even attended, as well as observers from Russia and China. The Palestinian occupation and Israeli aggressions (including “false flag” operations against other nations) are at the root of the discontents for Zionism.

As President Ahmadinejad gave me copy of Khayyam’s works, I gave him copy of my western motion picture, “Jericho”, and my political book, “Our Vision for America”. When I asked him what messages I might convey to the American people, he indicated “truths” and “Iran’s desire for peace”. Through lies and evil acts, Globalists and Zionists falsely portray Iran, as they seek conflict between nations. I later told him that our State Department should be meeting with Iran’s leaders and not depending on the initiatives of private citizens, like me. However, I hope that he and the Iranian people take hope in the prospect that many patriotic Americans are awakening to the evils that have consumed us, even while our politicians continue to betray the otherwise good spirit and traditions of the American people. Growing numbers seek answers that might save America and truly promote world peace.

Americans do not want war, and are beginning to realize that our politicians, of both major parties, initiate these actions against the wishes of the American people – and in accord with the intrigues of international bankers and their Zionist agents. It is time we stopped them by creating alternatives in politics, and in media. Iran sees the need and is taking appropriate initiatives, and so should America.

I went to Iran to promote the prospects for producing “False Flag”, a critically important motion picture. I returned to America more committed than ever to produce this political thriller and, through commercial entertainment, help awaken a sleeping America. Vital truths must be revealed so that new evils are not perpetrated against the people of America and Iran, with destructive effects resonating throughout the world. I also return committed to building a viable third party, which will represent traditional working class Americans, rather than perpetuating a corrupt two party system, which serves special global interests. God willing, my answer to the courageous efforts of President Ahmadinejad is “I also hope to meet you in a better future”.

Merlin Miller is a West Point graduate, US Army veteran, engineer, writer, filmmaker (www.Americana-Pictures.com) and 2012 Presidential candidate (www.MerlinMiller2012.com)




  1. #1 by bajajoes on 09/20/2012 - 9:34

    Nothing could incite more anti-semitism than an unprovoked attack by isreal on Iran that drags the US into war! Netanyahu’s name will be equated as a 21’st century Hitler!
    I hope the Isreali people do something to rein him in before Isreal is destroyed….forever!

  2. #2 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 09/20/2012 - 9:34

    Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei condemns nuclear weaponry – actually declaring a “Fatwa” against them – as it is contrary to their nation’s faith.

    This is one truth that has always been kept away from the public: THAT ISLAM FORBIDS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!

    Beautiful article and a rare gem!


  3. #3 by Ingrid B on 09/20/2012 - 9:34

    This man is what the American people need, but I worry, good men, willing to speak out about what is wrong with America, usually die mysteriously..

    Once again, we are prevented from sending e-mails, not so much due to the number of e-mails I send, but probably due to their content, such as this article, and those I send them to, such as government, and media.. However, I am copying this article onto e-mails, and in a couple of days, when the ban is lifted, I will send it to as many recipients as I can, mainly Americans..

  4. #4 by on 09/20/2012 - 9:34

    That’s an awesome picture.

  5. #5 by Loulou on 09/20/2012 - 9:34

    I visited Iran from North to South in November 2009, I can attest to the peaceful nature of the people and their love and curiosity for foreigners, Their culture is magnificent, to visit Esfahan Naghsh-e Jahan Square is a must for any would be world traveler, Persepolis of course and relax in Shiraz with the most friendly of the people. To think that some so call “elite” scheme of destroying this country is testament to the Evils that govern the western world. We must oppose them in every which way we can.

  6. #6 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 09/20/2012 - 9:34


    CHAPTER I – “TEACHER, WHAT GOOD MUST I DO…? ” (Mt 19:16) – Christ and the answer to the question about morality

    “Someone came to him…” (Mt 19:16)

    6. The dialogue of Jesus with the rich young man, related in the nineteenth chapter of Saint Matthew’s Gospel, can serve as a useful guide for listening once more in a lively and direct way to his moral teaching: “Then someone came to him and said, ‘Teacher, what good must I do to have eternal life?’ And he said to him, ‘Why do you ask me about what is good? There is only one who is good. If you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments. ‘He said to him, ‘Which ones?’ And Jesus said,

    ‘You shall not murder;

    You shall not commit adultery;

    You shall not steal;

    You shall not bear false witness;

    Honour your father and mother; also,

    You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’

    The young man said to him, ‘I have kept all these; what do I still lack?’ Jesus said to him,

    ‘If you wish to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; then come, follow me’ ”

    (Mt 19:16-21).13

    Note that in the very First Commandment (God’s, not Jesus’s!) the Pope has changed the word KILL into that of MURDER, which is the correct translation as made by the “Hebrews” or today’s JEWS. For nearly 2,000 years Rome had preached the wrong religion.

    Now, Catholics are allowed TO KILL, but not MURDER! So, KILLING Arabs, Muslims, Palestinians and other defenceless nations on earth amounts just to KILLING which is no more stressed as before!

    This position of Rome is in contradiction with Saint Paul’s teachings who got rid of the Mosaic Law, nailing it to the Cross! And, by that one magical stroke, the Pope has also got rid of the doctrine of TURN THE OTHER CHEEK, which was a fallacy anyway!

    Until Christians do not start thinking BY THEMSELVES and not stop listening blindly to Churches and Popes, they will never be obeying God’s Commandments!

    Thank God, in Islam, we do not need Churches or Popes to tell humankind what to believe or not and what to do or not.

    But, after Council Vatican II, Rome and the Churches worldwide sold out to Zionism and the International Jewish Mafia!

    20 September 2012

  7. #7 by Wally D. on 09/20/2012 - 9:34

    “There is no profanity and women are safe on any Tehran street – at any time of day or night. The influences of western civilization have not been totally removed, but the Iranians resist the decadence of cultural-Marxism. I attribute this largely to their faith and love of family.”

    If true, and I have no reason to doubt this, the Iranians have created a morally superior culture than ours

  8. #8 by jgiuseppe'-friend of Palestine on 09/20/2012 - 9:34

    I heard Merlin Miller on the Republic Broadcasting Radio online before. He is a frequent guest of viable hosts, and I enjoy hearing his various insights regarding U.S. , world politics, and his truthful and factual information regarding the Jewish government’s Usurpious influence not only on our media, but more importantly our law-making leaders.

    Time for Americans to take our country back, from those who are trying to vilify a nation-Iran, solely for their Hedemonic agenda and world domination aspirations… These are not God’s chosen folks…God wouldn’t condone the murder and assasination of men women and children….

    Here is the URL for the Republic radio website…It has many hosts who hold the views of the many here on the TUT as well…


  9. #9 by Matthew/Boston on 09/20/2012 - 9:34

    “Why is there no pressure on Israel to meet the same standards (IAEA inspections) and why are we imposing “sanctions” against a nation that has done us no wrong? It is a preliminary act of war, and only imposed because Israeli lobbies demand it of our lap-dog politicians, who incredibly serve Zionist interests rather than the American people.”

    That’s it in a nutshell. The brainwashed American people had better wake-up, and soon! I couldn’t have less animosity toward the people of Iran, because I have none.

    A well-written article I couldn’t agree with more. Thank you Merlin Miller, and TUT.

  10. #10 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 09/20/2012 - 9:34

    #6 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on September 20, 2012 – 12:33 pm
    “Thank God, in Islam, we do not need Churches or Popes to tell humankind what to believe or not and what to do or not.”

    SATAN: But, can’t you see, you fool, that even when Muslims know EXACTLY what to believe and what to do, they still believe in and do the wrong things, EXACTLY the way I want things to be done! I have got them all EXACTLY where I want, those stupid Godly Christians and Godly Muslims, those hypocrites and money-loving fake Believers, those cowards and treacherous Paradise lovers?

    BAFS: Unfortunately, I do see what you mean, O Master of this wretched world! But, let’s see what your adversary God has in store for His own Creation, the Good, the Evil and the Ugly! Isn’t it strange that you the Devil should obey God faithfully by doing the maximum of evil on earth and mislead His creation whereas Believers in God would disobey Him to such an extent that they now face total annihilation?

    SATAN: So, tell me, you Earthling, WHO IS THE BEST OF PLANNERS, God or Me! Who is greater, God or me?

    BAFS: Are you serious, O Master of this world? Do you want me to blaspheme? But, as you say, they well deserve their fate, don’t they? All our good and saintly people are being murdered one by one and we keep drinking Coca-Cola, watching television, football, and sing to the tune of the Kosher Nostra! Whole nations of nice people that were never contaminated by the diabolical West have now completey disapperared.

    SATAN: This is nothing, just wait and see!

    BAFS: Well, I will wait no more as my time is almost up and I leave it to our progeny if there will be any left with good health, a free mind and humanity in their heart.


  11. #11 by snipper on 09/22/2012 - 9:34

    Not just America but the western world needs people such as this man,it is a rare occasion in today’s political circles for men to speak the truth about the politics of Israel, America and the UK. The politicians of these countries are at the beck and call of the Zionist state of Israel and have been for a long time,they have been been blackmailed and then then corrupted by their own levels of greed and therefore made themselves an easy target for the Zionists.They are now being exposed as men who lack such standards as morality, honesty, integrity and plain old common decency. It is high time to change the existing political establishment in America and the UK whereby a new political party is formed which truly represents the people ;a party which has the courage to destroy The Zionist hold over democratically elected governments, a party which has the courage to arrest the wests criminal bankers would be a good start.

  12. #12 by rehmat1 on 09/23/2012 - 9:34

    Iranians beyond Israeli Hasbara – Five opinions


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