Netanyahu’s Speech at the U.N–Looney Tunes Yes, But Definitely Not Funny

Mark Glenn

It’s one of the unfortunate characteristics of the times we are living in today, where people laugh when they shouldn’t…

It’s what we might refer to in psychological terms as the ‘Yuck Yuck Syndrome’, and perfectly explainable, given the fact that organized Jewish interests—firmly in control of all levers of mass media—have turned virtually all aspects of life in the West into some version of either Seinfeld, Comedy Central or Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

EVERYTHING (except of course ‘Jewish’ issues such as the Holocaust that MUST be taken seriously under penalty of law) leaves us in stiches. A captive audience goes simply orgasmic with laughter and applause after Jewish ‘comedienne’ Sarah Silverman says Jesus Christ should be crucified all over again with her hammering the nails into his hands… A sitting American president, after murdering millions of innocent people in Iraq, then jokes about his damnable actions at a White House Correspondence dinner and those in attendance piss their pants with glee. Another country—Libya—is invaded and destroyed by Western forces, over 100,000 are killed, the leader of that country is captured and then murdered by hired assassins and a sitting Secretary of State quips ‘We came, we saw, we killed’ to a storm of snickering and guffaws.

And not just a ‘ruling elite’ thing, it trickles downward to the proles as well. Bumper stickers on American cars driven by Mr. or Mrs. Joe 6-Pack celebrating the fact that hundreds of millions of people in the Middle East are living under a death warrant signed by organized Jewish interests that read ‘Nuke their ass and take their gas’ or ‘Kill Osama and slap his momma’ feature as prominently as free Gideon’s Bibles in hotel rooms across the fruited plain, as well as the obligatory ‘Terrorist Hunting License’ t-shirts sold in America’s gun stores and sports shops.

Best explained, it is all a form of psychological inertia–a body at motion stays in motion…Given organized Jewish interests’ control of mass media and the fact that by design everything is a non-stop vaudeville number meant to render the captive audience mentally/morally incapacitated and unable to think critically about important things, we literally can’t stop laughing, and not even when a knife has been put to our throat or a pistol to our head. In our state of perpetual giggledom, rather than recognize the up-close-and-personal threat for what it really is, instead we think it is all part of ‘the schtick’ and a stage prop of sorts whose punch line is sure to leave us laughing so hard that we’re ready to puke.

One such case of laughing off cue occurred recently (no, not Silverman’s latest ghettoesque burlesque where she affected an act of bestiality on some poor dog, but rather) at the UN, whose audience that day was nothing less than all 7 billion men, women and children living on God’s green earth…

The stand-up/not-so-funny comic in question was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—hands down the most dangerous man alive today—warning of the ‘dangers’ of Iran’s nuclear program. Attending Nutty Netty at the podium were some stage props of his own, namely a quasi-cartoonish drawing of a bomb with a lit fuse and a red magic marker that he used as if he were the political equivalent of Captain Kangaroo drawing stick figures on posterboard and the rest of the world his wide-eyed/schoolroom audience.

Across the globe and in all four corners of God’s green earth, from all media types–both mainstream and alternative–the reaction to Netanyahu’s display was virtually the same—mirth and merriment…Enterprising writers, pundits and cartoonists immediately seized upon the moment and associated Netanyahu’s drawing with something seen on Looney Tunes and made him the butt of jokes worldwide.

The fact of the matter however is that this was one of those moments where laughter was as out of place as the proverbial cockroach on a wedding cake. This was not some skit on Saturday Night Live or a laugh-it-up vignette from Mad Magazine.

Rather, it was more like the final scene in Stephen King’s horror novel Cujo, where a rabid dog–in the final and most dangerous stage of his illness–has gone completely mad and is literally tearing an automobile to pieces with his teeth in order to kill the woman and child hiding inside.

No, Nutty Netty was not there to entertain. Nor was he there to be mocked and ridiculed in the aftermath of his performance. Remember, self-absorbed, pathologically-narcissistic/ gangster types don’t like laughter at their own expense, and the fact that there were no news reports of him seething in rage and putting his foot through nearby television sets when hearing of the tsunami of snickering that resulted from his speech should scare the hell out of everyone as well, because what this means is that this snickering was not only anticipated but welcomed.

Why? Because Netanyahu—while certainly speaking IN FRONT OF all 7 billion inhabitants on God’s green earth nevertheless was only speaking TO those few who are in decision-making positions such as Obama and his European counterparts. One of the secrets to the longevity and effectiveness of organized Jewish interests is/has been their ability to operate outside the public eye, lest the same ‘donkeys’ (as Gentiles were recently characterized by Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, a strong ideological ally of Netanyahu) begin to figure out the nature of the machinations being arrayed against them.

What Netanyahu was actually doing that day at the UN was speaking in a dialect of Pig Latin understandable only by those ‘in the know’ and the message he was sending was of the most serious nature imaginable, namely that the Jewish state is on the verge of blowing her lid and taking the world down with her, a threat made numerous times over the years in blackmailing the West into giving Israel what she demands when she demands it. Like the infamous ‘I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse’ line from The Godfather, Netanyahu’s speech and bomb depiction was a very subtle, insiders-only message meant only for the eyes and ears of those fluent in the language of gangsterese, that when translated went something like this-

Mr. President…Mr. Prime Minister…Your Holiness, ladies and gentlemen and all those tuned to this frequency and watching this in real time…Consider this to be your last warning…The fuse has been lit and time’s just about up and if we don’t get what we want we are going to blow this place to kingdom come, and you know we’ll do it…We pulled off 9/11 and got away with it…Think of the controlled demolition of your economies—a mirrored reflection of the Twin Towers coming down, room by room, floor by floor and story by story, and we got away with it…Those 400 Israeli nukes always the subject of nervous discussion—do you really believe they are sitting in Israel, buried safely in some silo, thousands of miles away? Well then, let me do the math for you—We presently have about 100 left in the country. The other 300 are sitting in all the major cities of the world, including your capitals, brought in under diplomatic cover over the course of the last 40 years, just one phone call and one key turn away from going hot. This is the last time we are going to have this conversation in this manner, because the next thing taking place is your cities going up one by one if our demands are not met.

Shhhhh…..Listen Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, Your Holiness, ladies and gentlemen and all those tuned to this frequency and watching this in real time…Do you hear that? Listen to them out there, your subjects and your citizens, laughing at this presentation as if it were all a joke or some episode of Looney Tunes, but you and I both know it’s not funny and that at the end of this little comedy, it will be we, the Jewish people, who will have the last laugh, one way or the other, by hook or by crook…’

That’s right folks, it was not an Iranian bomb with a lit fuse on display that day at the UN in front of all 7 billion people on God’s green earth, but an Israeli one, and Nutty Netty’s message was clear—Destroy Iran or we will destroy you. Looney Tunes, yes, but definitely not a laughing matter, as the mad dog Israel finds herself in the latter stages of her rabid mindset and is threatening to tear the place apart piece by piece in order to get what she wants—universal Armageddon.

As unsettling as it is, nevertheless in truth there was/is little new about these threats. President George H. Bush was on the receiving end of similar business when he arrived in Israel in 2008 during the last few months of his presidency and was met on the tarmac at Ben Gurion airport by a group of rabbis allied with Netanyahu who presented him with a scroll entitled ‘Megillat Bush’ that read in part as follows—

…‘Heaven forbid, you can choose to willfully aid in destruction…You certainly know what the God of Israel did to Egypt and to all Israel’s enemies from time immemorial. Do you imagine you can escape from the struggles in Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon, by offering up the Jews who are slaughtered daily by their enemies? Remember our forefather Abraham, who pursued the world’s four greatest kings in order to redeem his nephew from captivity. We cannot forget the deeds of our patriarchs, whose example guides us through every generation…

…Understand this well–God ordained that the role of the nations of the world is to strengthen the nation of Israel. Therefore it behooves you to declare: “I, George Bush, Commander in Chief of the armies of the United States of America, will instruct all of my troops to protect the Divine rights of the nation of Israel, and remove from her any threat.” Before you is a choice: You can merit eternal life, or be inscribed for eternal disgrace. Your fate and that of all those with you hangs in the balance of the destiny of our land…’

The only difference between the threats made in 2008 and those in 2012 is that Netanyahu is not sending his own personal ‘Men in Black’ henchmen as emissaries but rather doing so in a manner ‘up close and personal’ in front of the entire world as a means of underscoring how serious he is about America destroying Iran for Israel’s benefit.

Among the many things associated with this latest stunt, this alone should remove any inclination for laughter on the part of those who understand the game being played here, since what it indicates is the desperation that has gripped Netanyahu & Co.

No, let’s re-phrase that for reasons of context—Desperation on the part of a bunch of backwards, apocalyptically-minded racial supremacists whose cult believes that the existence of the Jewish people is the embodiment of God and that to oppose them is to oppose God himself, and that there is no price—including incinerating the entire human race—that is too high in the furtherance of this cult’s agenda.

In short, the Jewish narrative can be summed up thus—‘The world is our oyster, and if we can’t have it, no one will…’

Doubtless that Netanyahu & Co are in a state of mild (!!!) panic over the prospect of another Obama term with no Iranian bloodbath taking place. American presidents dragging their feet or outrightly disobeying orders from their superiors—meaning the same organized Jewish interests who brought them to power–is EXTREMELY dangerous to ‘law & order’ as pertains these interests maintaining their control over elected officials in the West or wherever. Why, the more Obama ignores Nutty Netty’s orders, the closer the plantation comes to an all-out slave rebellion, a situation that could very quickly get out of hand, and possibly on a permanent basis.

And not just the political class, but the military one as well. When examining the unabashed and unapologetic opposition that the crème de la crème of the American military establishment has displayed towards organized Jewish demands that America involve herself in YET ANOTHER war for Israel (this time against Iran that could bring into the mix a nuclear-armed/military-capable Russia) the possibility that the parasitic tic Israel might be pulled off the back of the one dog who is her main source of sustenance is something driving the Armageddonists in the Netanyahu government crazier than they already are, if such a thing is even possible.

Now, doubtless those within ‘respectable’ media circles—again, both mainstream and alternative—are now giggling at this as well.

And that’s just the way Netanyahu & Co want it. They DON’T want media outlets seeing the threat for what it is and thus discussing it publically within earshot of Mr. or Mrs. Joe 6-Pack. If the peoples of America and the West were to put 2 and 2 together in this fashion and realize that indeed they are just one phone call away from having the world around them Holocausted in the interests of appeasing the Zionist god of war, supremacism and Jewish self-worship, why, they might actually take a REAL interest in politics and begin demanding that their elected officials take THEIR interests at heart rather than those of a foreign country. If they were to come to realize that they find themselves in a real-life version of Little Red Riding Hood, with themselves staring into the face of a vicious, rabid wolf whose pearly whites are a mere few inches from their collective jugular vein, why they may actually start BELIEVING all the ‘anti-semitic conspiracy theories they’ve heard from time to time dealing with Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY, the Lavon Affair, Israel’s assassination of JFK, the ‘5 dancing Israelis’ arrested on 9/11 and a lot more.

What most people in the sane world fail to understand (and which initially led them to ridicule ‘Bibi’s Bomb’, as it has come to be known) are the backwards, maniacal, cultish currents driving the entire ‘Jewish state’ thing. As we in the sane world have been told on occasions too numerous to count, Israel is not a ‘normal’ country…As we in the sane world have been told on occasions too numerous to count, ‘Western values are not the same as Jewish ones’. Lest we forget, during Israel’s slaughter of the innocents in Gaza known as Operation Cast Lead, the head rabbi of the IDF, Brigadier General Achivai Rontski warned his troops against showing mercy towards civilians, characterizing such as mere ‘Gentile folly’. Another of Israel’s luminaries, Rabbi Manis Friedman, when asked about fighting wars was quoted saying “I don’t believe in western morality, i.e. don’t kill civilians or children, don’t destroy holy sites, don’t fight during holiday seasons, don’t bomb cemeteries…The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children and cattle. The first Israeli prime minister who declares that he will follow the Old Testament will finally bring peace to the Middle East.” Israeli Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira writing in his book ‘The King’s Torah’ reasoned that Jews—and by extension, the Jewish state—had a free hand to kill anyone they wished, including (specifically) ‘the children of a leader, in order to pressure him…’

Pay close mind to that last one, fellow inhabitants of God’s green earth—Israel may kill ‘the children of a leader, in order to pressure him’, which would obviously include Americans in some false flag event that would then be blamed on Iran in order to get Esther’s Revenge started.

Therefore, when a should-be psychiatric patient such as Netanyahu spends YEARS talking  about another country wanting to ‘wipe Israel off the map’, concomitant with his stated willingness to do ‘whatever is necessary’ in preventing this, we should take him as serious as a heart attack, and especially when he speaks in front of the world body with a picture of a bomb about to go off. And for those who doubt that Nutty Netty has the moxie in him to do such a thing–meaning to orchestrate a major terrorist attack against the US or wherever—out of the notion that somehow he has some small shred of humanity left in him that would prevent and preclude such a thing, remember that this was the same  less-than-sane individual who, when asked about the 3,000 Americans killed in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 , responded by saying it was ‘good’ in that it would generate ‘immediate sympathy for Israel.’

There is a time to laugh and a time to worry, and when a mad dog/war-criminal such as Netanyahu comes before the civilized world brandishing a picture of a bomb about to go off, growling, frothing at the mouth and snarling about ‘red lines’ and ‘wiping countries off the map’, a sane world should understand that this is not Seinfeld, Comedy Central or Pee Wee’s Playhouse, but rather Cujo, Fatal Attraction and Scarface all rolled into one ticking time bomb about to go off in our faces.

  1. #1 by annebeck58 on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    It reminds me of the evil, maniacal, crazy-mean jokesters, like Joker or the Riddler in Batman series. When you look to these comic-books, they all have basis in fact or truth.
    Funny enough, too, I listened to myself on a radio interview (discussing the vote-fraud and vote-flipping or vote-plucking in the US, particularly in Texas) the other day. I found, by the last quarter of a two-hour program, I was laughing (giggling) quite a bit. And I even made a comment about it, how I was not laughing because any of it was funny, but that I’d cried enough over our losses.
    But, back to Nutty-Yahoo (and yes, I do tend to make light of their names, and the more evil they are, the more often I do it). This guy is so insane as to put-out there to the world, a cartoon bomb. But, look at his eyes (wow) in the still (above). This guy is not joking. This guy is not kidding. This crazy-lunatic means business.
    And he will not stop until the whole world is up in arms, and crying in despair.

  2. #2 by Blake on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    Well said Mark.

  3. #3 by Peter on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    Well written, Mark and to the point – it’s going to take a lot of undoing, to get people’s minds and hearts, right – they haver been programmed to a point of full ruination. Peter

  4. #4 by Ari Ben-Platinum on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    The only legitimate war the US should be in is one against the terrorist state of Israel. Sink her subs, turn Dimona into a big sheet of glass, wipe out her air force and send dozens of cruise missiles into Tel Aviv. Arm the Palestinians and let Hisbollah flood over the border from Lebanon.Enough! If Israel does have nukes stashed in other countries, It’s hard to understand how those nation’s intelligence agencies haven’t made it priority #1 to find them. After finding just one, Israel should be mercilessly destroyed. WIPED OUT!

    The president should come clean on 9-11, go on TV and give the people the proof. That would justify further actions. I’m sure Russia would like to help. If even one suitcase nuke went off, Israel should be a thing of the past. And for the neo con traitors like William Kristol, Pam Gellar, et al, immediate arrest and imprisonment; indeterminate and without bail, as the “Patriot” act dictates. Better yet, the firing squad. Take over the media. Arrest any Christian Zionists in the military.

    Crush the supremacist Jews. Secular Jews, like Jake who owns a bicycle shop would be left alone, but all the Zionist war mongers would find that their future was not good. Others would go through de-programming. If they resisted, their alternative would be a prison cell or work camp. Use those FEMA camps.

  5. #5 by Matthew/Boston on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    “…Understand this well–God ordained that the role of the nations of the world is to strengthen the nation of Israel.”

    This quote epitomises the supreme arrogance of the Jewish intellect. No humility; total arrogance.

    A very scary article, Mark. America will certainly be given a very rude awakening in the next presidential term, including all those Americans who have never heard of the myopic, un-American, anti-democratic criminal lobbying group by the name of AIPAC. The organization responsible for corrupting what should be an open, fair, democratic, even-handed and balanced approach to America’s middle-east policy.

    Incidently, I very recently had a relative watch, David Duke’s ‘No War for Israel in Iran.’ Aftrerwards, his repsonse was, “That’s his spin on it. Everyone’s got something different to say about about things. You don’t know who to believe.” An unsettling response. This is the present-day problem in America. People are deciding issues based on their emotions and NOT on fact. FACTS are presented in this video. This is a video of facts, not opinions. I feel this is an excellent video warning all who watch it of the pending disaster facing America and her people if we continue to submit to the malevolent, evil, destructive, sinister dictates of the Zionists powers.

    A very peceptive article presented in TUT.

  6. #6 by wad on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    bicycle shop jews… left alone.. the contagion will lay dormant for a hundred years… then bloom again

  7. #7 by Vickie Jacobs on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    I’ve often wondered what it’ll take to open people’s eyes and it is well written truths like yours Mark.
    Well said and no one labors in vain when it comes to Truth….Isaiah 65:23.

  8. #8 by Yukon Jack on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    52 sec video of Bibi E. Coyote vs. the Roadrunner Iran

    according to wikipedia

    Iran’s civilization has its roots in the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron Ages.

    Iran survived the Hellenic conquest of Alexander, it survived Mongol invasions.

    Iran survived the 19th century colonial expansion of European nations, it survived after the British discovered oil in the region, it survived after the CIA, via Kermit Roosevelt and Operation Ajax overthrew democratically elected Mosaddeq in 1953. It then survived the Shah and the brutal secret police Savak, and managed to kick the Jewish supremacists out of their country in 1979. It survived Jimmy Carter and his botched hostage (CIA spies) rescue attempt. It survived Donald Rumsfeld, chemical weapons, and Iraq’s 10 year assault.

    Does anyone see a pattern here? It sure looks to me that Iran is divinely protected, in the last hundred years the skullduggery of the west has completely backfired. Iran has, by default, become the regional power, and based on its history of numerous empires, I would bet that Iran is destined to rule as a regional powerhouse for a long time. The USA is bankrupt, it will eventually be forced to leave Iraq and Afghanistan, guess who will assume management? Iran. Iran has won the region by default, long live Iran!

    Bibi E Coyote’s ACME bomb speech is just the latest flop. Netanyahu has been warning us about Iran’s bomb since, 1991? Israel is the nation with an arsenal of nuclear bombs that not only sells them but also blackmails western nations. It even has a last ditch Samson Option, if we Jews don’t get what we demand then we will nuke all of you. Who knows how many micronukes has Israel ALREADY used? Obviously Israel is the threat to the world, not Iran.

    Iran just survived the juggernaut, Obama called off the bombing attack and Iran survived, yet again! Iran is surrounded by US military bases, the super military beast empire has made Iran its target, yet Ahmadinejad remains calm, stands his ground and says Israel has to go. Every nation, except for USIsrahell, agrees. The Jewish supremacist state is finished, Netanyahu just called for early elections. Goodbye Bibi E. Coyote.

    Because the attack failed, Israel is finished and even Henry Kissinger, the guttural German Jew war criminal, has proclaimed as a matter of fact that Israel won’t exist in 10 years. LOL

    There has been a change in policy, as Mark Glenn brilliantly deduced, the American military whore won’t commit suicide by attacking Iran. America the whore said no to her pimp. America needs oil, we should ally ourselves with the Arabs, Americans love to drive big gas guzzlers with V-8’s, let’s trade Jews for oil.

    America has lost everything as an ally of Israel, we lost our moral authority, we lost our solvency, we lost our dignity, we lost our servicemen, we lost our credibility, we lost our humanity. Israel is one gigantic nation wrecking liability. Its time to come to our senses, America the oil crack whore needs to come to her senses and dump Israel.

  9. #9 by Al on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    The main problem is on our own side; when I see majority of people brain-washed and trust this 21st century Hitler. When people judge by face, language or appearance. When I see this brain washing method unfortunately affects and changes people’s mentalities so easily & fast…

    If you ask from the majority of people who the real problem is or who do they see more dangerous in the Middle East…, I am sure their first choice would be Mr. Ahmadinejad from Iran and the last one would be Mr. Netanyahu from Israel… This is the main problem and it is on our own side…

  10. #10 by bigcree1Shadowhawk on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    Well said to to Mark and to Yukon Jack (Above). Israel is toast. Good riddance.

  11. #11 by Kalki on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    That ‘Looney Tunes’ message was aptly directed at the American public(and now the global public actually) who have nothing better to do than laugh and ridicule others. ‘America’ was never a free land and there were never any great ‘founding fathers’. Yes, for a while America was allowed to be the most outrageously self centered and selfish nation on Earth, far outdoing the Romans, and now the ones in charge are getting their pound of flesh(it is just beginning). History is repeating itself(jews always wrote the script and like redos prequels thrown in just for fun due their lack of originality). Plebs are revolting, and they are doing so in the most expected manner. The masters have planned for it. Even the internet thingie. They had 30 years to work the internet thingie out.

    Dr. Strangelove Netanyahu is gonna let the real nutters – the deceived christian zionists and islamic radicals do their work this time – no bias here believe me, Hindus and Buddhists aren’t part of the strategy. A handful of nutters will do even if 10’s of millions figure stuff out(Even a single theronuke will do – in the hands of one lone ‘gunman’) . This is why religion should NEVER be part of any discourse when confronting this evil. There are loads of well meaning religious individuals who understand the game but get blinded by their own religion in the end. I won’t name any names but I know you understand what I mean. Allah, Buddha, Christ or Brahma will save no one. The ‘Zionist’ evil is as anti-religious as it gets and countering them with religious solidarity will just make them laugh and giggle even more.

    Israel probably does possess a real ‘doomsday machine’. It is probably those nukes hidden and protected in their embassies all over the world as you have pointed out. And now that they got ‘Nazi’ German submarines(LOL – they have no problem with them huh?) to help them out… well… we are all doomed unless we stop them.

    They are cowards. Never forget……………………………

    Hah, I watched X-Men(origins) tonight and was again disgusted at the jew propaganda in the film. Call it whatever – predictive programming and so on…. It is so goddamn obvious that they are going ahead with their insane plans and I think critical mass has been reached. Some people will REFUSE to wake up. 95% of people on this Earth perhaps were truly born to be ‘sheep’. The Judaic religions capitalized on that. Now is the time to take action. The awareness has been spread far and wide and it cannot spread much further. Time to act in whichever way possible.

    Latest incarnation of ‘Kalki’. 🙂

  12. #12 by Kalki on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    My two bits to the world today would be to give religion a backseat for the moment and think about survival. Yes, ‘they’ have made most people sick of the world as it is today that even nuclear war is something to be looked forward to. Insanity of the anti christ, armageddon, dajjal and all that BS fatalistic crap will not be pretty. Take a trip to Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam to see how deformed children still live a hell on earth today due to oppenheimers judaic weapon.

  13. #13 by Michael philip peter mcculloch on 10/14/2012 - 9:34

    The mans 24lices short of a sarnie to think he is pleasing god and heaven awaits for these diabolical comments he is saying he is delusional

  14. #14 by Kalki on 10/15/2012 - 9:34

    Oh. I just spoke to a South Indian Christian friend of mine. We grew up together. He sounds rabid today in defense of Israel. It is shocking. He does not care about Christ or the ‘Iraqis'(his reference to the middle east). I am zapped. He was a friend of mine.

  15. #15 by sea on 10/15/2012 - 9:34

    The cartoon method was a way to threaten the samson option, without being held to account for it.

    Nutenyaho lied about the Iranian enrichment levels, while threatening everyone, and blackmailing the west. The un general assembly isn’t some room full of stupid bpehvision watching americans, who may have been wondering how porky pig stole wiley-e-coyote’s acme bomb; maybe they, and everyone in the know who laughed, simply thought that he was going to commit suicide during the abortion.

    ‘uncle samson’

  16. #16 by aj on 10/15/2012 - 9:34

    I just spoke to an atheist friend of mine and he was astonished to see such accurate descriptions of Jews and their evil ways in the Christian and Muslim holy books. He understands, now, the long running Jewish agenda to convince the goy that materialism and reason are all there are.

  17. #17 by wad on 10/15/2012 - 9:34

    I used to be anti- religion too.

    Now I see the truth in its depth. Religion is the greatest gift we have. It is a guidebook to living. Who wouldn’t want a manual to this crazy game called life?

    The thing we all rebel against and are disgusted by is THE CORRUPTION OF RELIGION.. and it is extreme.

    We must realize that there is only one religion. the message which ALL prophets brought… moses, jesus and mohamed peace and blessings be upon them all.

    Every single time their message gets corrupted by the same group and used against goodness. So God sends another prophet to guide us. The last was Mohamed, the only help we shall get again is the return of Jesus. We need to prepare ourselves for this. Islam is the truth, or rather the Quran is the truth, for the Muslims have been badly corrupted.

    The Jews control Saudi Arabia, thus they control the heart of Islam, they also control the money in Islamic nations and have used it to dumb down and corrupt the muslim scholars, to the point where the Muslims scholars are at best on a 3rd grade level. The Islam being practiced today is a failure, it needs to return to the reason, logic and scholarliness from which it came. Imran Hosein is the only real muslim scholar, the rest are donkeys.

    Despite all this the truth of the Quran will never be changed.

  18. #18 by sea on 10/15/2012 - 9:34

    Canada has ethnic cleansing of aboriginals on agenda: Native ex-chief

  19. #19 by sea on 10/15/2012 - 9:34


    The 2nd Law: Unsustainable

  20. #20 by p.j. on 10/15/2012 - 9:34

    If you are right, keep an eye on the Jews, because if they start evacuating a city “en masse”, that means they got tipped off.

  21. #22 by sea on 10/15/2012 - 9:34

    PressTV has you here

    UN-premiered ‘Bibi and His Bomb’: Looney Tunes yes, funny no

  22. #23 by Gildas Sapiens on 10/15/2012 - 9:34

    Reblogged this on Oppressors.Org.

  23. #24 by Kalki on 10/15/2012 - 9:34

    Good to see your article on PressTV. 🙂 Yeah p.j., we all need to keep an eye on the wandering jooz and see which city they quietly slip in and out of.

  24. #25 by Ingrid B on 10/15/2012 - 9:34

    “the Jewish state—had a free hand to kill anyone they wished, including (specifically) ‘the children of a leader, in order to pressure him…’” : could explain Obama`s air of reluctance during the debate with Romney..

  25. #26 by Egeria on 10/15/2012 - 9:34

    Dear Mark, today we had the flagrant proof of how accurate your powerful assessment of Bibi’s Bomb Speech really is. The European Union has not only approved another round of sanctions and embargoes on Iran, which BTW are hurting the EU itself in the first place, but now the EU has complied with orders from Tel-Aviv by forcing European satellite service provider EuTelSat to take PRESS-TV off the air, together with all Iranian TV channels and radio stations (19 in all) – from the whole European Union area! This was admitted by a EuTelSat official to Press-tv in an interview.

    Prof. Antonio Caracciolo commented my furious reaction over Skype by saying:
    “You shouldn’t be surprised – we seem reluctant to accept the fact that WE LIVE IN A STATE OF WAR, that the world is under a ruling regime. Once we’re really convinced of this truth, we’ll know how to act”. Antonio also sends his regards.

  26. #27 by 30.06 on 10/16/2012 - 9:34

  27. #28 by Andy on 04/20/2013 - 9:34

    When would finally true US patriots in the US Army decide to teach these Israeli bastards to behave like humans?
    Are there any left?
    Is it ever possible?
    Probably not!
    Only cowards remain, who are armed up their teeth, would kill defenseless innocents all over the world!

    They act like Judas selling their souls for 30 silver coins!
    One tyrant-terrorist supports another tyrant-terrorist state, as Jesus said “your father is Satan”.

  28. #29 by Robert Pickle on 04/20/2013 - 9:34

    A great write, but i appeal for careful consideration and caution. I do not seek to take away from Mark Glen’s explanatory and informing article, but hope to add for understanding. This will be very difficult for most who have seen and understand the zionist attrocities to grasp, I being no professional writer as Mark Glen, will only try to help people understand the goal of the ruling choose, who say in “their laws” that they are as gods.

    Zionism, or communitarianism is a direct offspring of Bolshevism of the Trotsky, Marx, Lenin brand. Zionism is, communtarianism, secularism, atheism, social semi democracy. The so called state of Israel was and is founded on this idealogy. Search and apply yourselves to the world of knowledge at your fingertips, correct me.

    Orthodox Judaism is a cult of religionist, derived directly from the Pharisees of Sanhedrin 2000 years and more ago.

    Jesus was very clear that these Pharisees were serpents, the brood of their Father that head Dragon, serpent, the Devil, and him they serve.

    There are two camps very much in a global battle for the seat of the throne of the earth, in that little bloody and whore city jerusalem, who when the chooser, as was prophesied by the Prophets, came, was murdered by this brood of their father, killing their chooser, and cried out for the Robber, who was the Murderer from the beginning.

    Forget all of the Judaised TBN (The Babylonian Network) Talmudic Telly Tubby Tinky Winky, obedient goyim shabbos preachers and their Talmudic version of the events coming, for these were and are paid Talmudic Shem-inary shills, who have led most Christians to the lake of fire.

    The two camps in a global war are Aholibah, the whore and her sister Aholah, and they are of one Mother, Mystery Babylon, the Mother Harlot of the earth, and they were mine, said the LORD.

    Please read Ezekiel 23, no matter your belief, simply read and hopefully you will see.

    Aholibah being Judah of the south
    Aholah being Samaria of the North of the Groves of DAN, that serpent by the wayside.

    Dan is the settlements and is controlled by the Orthodox. The seculars hate them and visa-versa.
    The Orthodox are controlled by the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidim, along with the Haredim who say they are the direct descendents of the Pharisees of Sanhedrin who crucified Christ. Dan is Omitted from the 12 tribes, and hates the whore Aholibah, Judah, Jerusalem that flesh whore city.

    Chabad is rabid and is anti-zionist.

    Chabad is a very small cult, yet has global influence in every country capitol, evey major government.

    Chabad revived Sanhedrin October 13, 2004, and boast that they are the Giborum, offspring of the Pharisee cult of Serpent worshippers.

    The leader of Chabad Lubavitch was one Mendel Menachim Schneerson and he recruited Netanyahu for the global ultimate war for Eretz Israel, zionist free, to usher in their Ultimate flesh savior, Moshiach ben David, who will come, shewing that he is God, in the place of God, False Christ, that son of Perdition (2Thes,2) the Abomination which causes desolation, causing all the inhabitants on the earth to worship him and destroy all who refuse to deny that same Jesus whom they boast, that they alone are responsible for murdering.

    The Chabad has successfully planted the Seven Universal Noahide Laws into the governing laws of most nations, the goal, seventy nations of the goyim to serve them as gods. The Noahide laws are derived from the Babylonian Talmud the most holy books of these serpents brood. In the volumes of Talmud, or tractates are the filthiest anathema to mankind, for example :Jesus a bastard son of a whore and Roman Soldier. Anyone who should say that Jesus is Diety, Sanhedrin Tractate 57A. Should be put to death by “decapitation”.

    So, to add, Netanyahu was chosen by the choose, to make it happen, to bring their much desired son of satan, that son of perdition, who will wage the wars upon all the non-jews and slay them all who refuse to bow to the self chosen gods.

    The two camps, Aholah and her whore sister Aholibah are represented through the earth.
    Aholibah, secular, Liberal, communitarians, atheist, fleshly, democrats.

    Aholah, Dan, The serpent, Eretz Israel, of the Abomination, RE-Publican, Judeo Churchinsanity, Judaised to the rotten unblieving core.

    The Re-pug-lickems love Dan and protect this whore, and do her wanton lustful bidding.
    The Demon-Crats serve the flesh, serve communtarianism, socialism.

    Ahmadinejad has been charmed by the Moshiach Haredim and Hasidim, and awaits Mahdi, who according to the Muslim Leader Adnad Aktar, Haroun Yahyah, is none other than Moshiach ben David to come.

    Judeo Talmudic Churchinsanity, see previous Hagee shemsham, is being led right into the open arms of the seld chosen gods to accept their false Christ, Moshaich ben Satan.

    Netanyahu is not the most dangerous man on earth, but the Nasi, or High Priest of Sanhedrin, and the other six of the seven who rule, are the evil spawn of Satan, and they say, they are about to “Reveal” their god to the earths inhabitants.

    There is so much documented, it cannot be put forth here, I am willing. None can refute the evidence.

    Beware all. If it weren’t for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ elect, there will be no flesh saved on the earth. But be cheerful for many shall fall down and give Glory to the GOD of HEAVEN.

  29. #30 by Luciana on 04/20/2013 - 9:34

    Nutty Nutty looks like a walking time bomb himself. He has a bone to pick with America. Perhaps we are not jewish enough yet.

  30. #31 by furbaby on 04/20/2013 - 9:34

    “Those 400 Israeli nukes always the subject of nervous discussion—do you really believe they are sitting in Israel, buried safely in some silo, thousands of miles away? Well then, let me do the math for you—We presently have about 100 left in the country. The other 300 are sitting in all the major cities of the world, including your capitals, brought in under diplomatic cover over the course of the last 40 years, just one phone call and one key turn away from going hot. This is the last time we are going to have this conversation…”

    Did “Nodding Yahoo” (my personal favorite name for this psychopath) actually say this??? Because, if he did, then he’s a self-confessed terrorist and aught to be put in an orange jumpsuit and sent to Gitmo and waterboarded until he confesses the location of these 300 nukes so we can disarm and destroy them. Then we can invade Israel and do the same with the 100 they have left.

  31. #32 by mothman777 on 04/21/2013 - 9:34

    The slimy CIA/Israeli asset Khalili (A Time to Betray: The Astonishing Double Life of a CIA Agent Inside the Revolutionary Guards of Iran) who pretends to know about an Iranian nuclear weapons plan, stated in a speech that Iran has 1,000 nuclear suitcase bombs hidden all over the world to force the world to do what it wants. That is the way Israeli agents always betray Israel’s own activities, by falsely accusing other countries of doing what Israel itself is doing. Yes, I would concur, Israel almost certainly literally has nukes hidden all over the world, like in some James Bond SPECTRE terrorist plot.

  1. FLASHBACK – Netanyahu’s Speech at the U.N–Looney Tunes Yes, But Definitely Not Funny « Truth Is Rising

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