Syrian General assassinated in Damascus

According to Syrian TV, General Abdullah Al-Khaledi, a senior officer at the Syrian Air Force, was killed Tuesday in Damascus. The television report said he was shot in one of the capital’s neighborhoods. It should be recalled that the rebels had threatened the assassination of Syrian officers, especially those from the Air Force, if they continue to commit “crimes” ordered by the regime.

Meanwhile, a prominent Saudi preacher Sheikh Salman Al-Audah, called on young Muslims not to travel to Syria in order to not renew the Afghan Jihadi experience. “The arrival of young people in Syria from Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Egypt to fight the regime will only complicate the crisis and repeat the Afghanistan crisis,” said the preacher on his website.

“Leave Syria to the Syrians, they do not lack courage and are quite numerous (…) they do not need more fighters, but more funds and weapons,” he said, adding that a small number of foreign fighters would not change the course of the conflict.

He stressed that the presence of Arab fighters in Syria could bring “the Arab and European countries to stop supporting the Syrian people in their battle against Bashar al-Assad and his regime who claims to battle terrorists being infiltrated into Syria” .

Sheikh Salman Al-Audah is the deputy secretary general of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, based in Qatar, which is chaired by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradaoui, the mentor of the Muslim Brotherhood.

On October 16, members of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria noted that the presence of foreign fighters was a dangerous element in the “radicalization” of the Syrian conflict.

Two days later, the Syrian government accused Riyadh and Ankara of having signed a “pact” with Al-Qaeda to organize the transfer of the extremist fighters to Syria.

  1. #1 by michael mazur on 11/01/2012 - 9:34

    German intel tells that 95% of the rebels are not Syrian, which means that none of these knew anything about anyone there except Assad, like we know him too, but no one else.

    So, it wasn’t any if these.

    Would a Syrian of the 5% do this ? I’m now beginning to doubt the German intel assessment of 95% when it might be 99%, because those Syrians who might have initially felt some sympathy for the mercenaries, would, after watching the atrocious behaviour of their ‘liberators’ for all this time, come to realise that if al Assad is deposed, their own positions in the post al Assad order are very likely not going to be better than before the entry of the mercenaries, and then years spent in a nearly destroyed country.

    It leaves only Israelis, who have the money to maintain the intel resources to know everything about everyone of any current or possible future consequence, which would include ranking military personnel of all neighbouring countries – and where they live.

    Infiltration into now porous borders Syria of an assassin who would not look out of place, speak very good Arabic, and find accommodation at a house of a Sayanim (helper) which would allow him to then closely study the daily habits of his assigned target, is the likely way this hit was done.

    A method often used is to be across the street in a car waiting for the target to walk out of his home to go to his office – whether he walks or uses his car. Either way, the assassin is ready.

    This happened one morning ten years ago to a German doctor who chose to live in the West Bank when he stepped out of his house to go to his place of work . . and again more recently in the past year in Damascus to a medical doctor, of appropriate rank, in charge of a military hospital.

    Given the MO, it is likely the airforce officer was coming out of his house to go to his office.

    Some might canvass the idea of one of the several western commando units operating there, but they would be out in lightly populated areas unseen, recovering from their last demolition job and planning the next one.

    Glancing at the article again it is clear that it belies the headline, so sparse is the info on the actual story, and even what is there is largely Jewish disinfo; likely what did happen is that someone claiming to be the rebels threatened Syrian officers, and also the reason likely was not that they were ‘committing crimes by the regime’, but that it is part of a broader process of liquidating key people and the demolition of key infrastructure and the random traumatising of the population by inner city car bombings, to make the functioning of the society daily more difficult.

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