Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld: ‘If they dare to strike Tel Aviv… we’ll wipe the whole place out’

There is a famous knoll outside Sderot in southern Israel where reporters and other spectators of war gather to watch Israeli operations against Gaza—“we want to see fireworks,” as one young man explained this afternoon– and we had been there only ten minutes when Micky Rosenfeld, an Israeli police spokesperson on security matters, arrived with a colleague.

“There’s a strike, check it out,” he said proudly as a plume of smoke rose from Gaza City. “You can see it well in the setting sun.”

Around us, photographers balanced long telephoto lenses on knees or tripods to make the golden shot of destruction about a dozen miles away. Four men seated under a fir tree guzzled bottles of beer.

Then Rosenfeld spoke with controlled anger about a possible Israeli invasion of the strip if Gazan rocket attacks persist. “It won’t be for two days… It could be two weeks. It could be a month. It could be two months. It is not going to be like last time.”

And my colleague Allison Deger reports that when she asked Rosenfeld about Gaza hitting Tel Aviv with rockets, he was even more emphatic: “If they dare to strike Tel Aviv… we’ll wipe the whole place out.”

I pressed Rosenfeld about “last time.” Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009 devastated Gaza and was a debacle for Israel’s image. The country killed nearly 400 Palestinian children in under three weeks, the U.N. Human Rights Council’s Goldstone Report condemned Israel for likely war crimes, and many Americans turned away from the atrocities in disgust.

“Do you have any misgivings about Cast Lead?” I asked.

Rosenfeld brushed that aside. “That is what happened in the past… Operation Cast Lead was a different phase, a different period.” Gaza today is a different story. He spoke of new types of weapons coming in from Libya– “through Egypt”– shoulder-mounted missile launchers. “Much more sophisticated.”

But the essence of Israel’s problem with Gaza is exactly what it was four years ago: rocket fire.  When I quoted cynics saying that Netanyahu is pressing this attack for election campaign purposes, Rosenfeld said, “Absolutely not,” and went down a list of provocations. Will there be another ground invasion like Cast Lead? Rosenfeld issued a warning.

“It depends entirely if and how Hamas responds to the ongoing IDF operation.” If Hamas strikes Israel “in the heart of the home front,” Israel will continue the operation. So far Israel’s anti-missile system has taken out warheads that would have caused dozens of deaths in Beersheva, he said. The deeper the rockets go, the more devastating the Israeli response, to root out those firing the missiles. “All the options are on the table.”

I pointed out that public relations had to be a big part of the Israeli response, especially after the tragedy of Cast Lead. Today the Government’s Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs announced that it was mustering “25,000 activists” globally to explain Israel’s version of events, presumably on social media.

Standing on the hillside in a trig blue uniform and black rubbersoled shoes, Rosenfeld, 41, made the talking points clear. If Al Qaeda were firing rockets from Queens into Manhattan, the U.S. “would take down half of Queens without thinking about it.” Now compare such wholesale (and imaginary) destruction to the Israeli response: when a terrorist is pinned down in Gaza, said Rosenfeld, the decision whether to strike is deliberated 15 times over, and operations aborted because there are four women across the road…  (Well– that isn’t exactly the way things went “the last time.”)

One thing is clear from our trip down through the south, as Scott Roth’s tweets have already made clear: the Jewish Israeli public is behind the government. Several of the people we spoke to in towns threatened by rocket fire said they wanted to obliterate Gaza.

“Press Delete on Gaza,” said a 22-year-old man standing a few feet from Rosenfeld, awaiting more “fireworks.” (We’ll have more reports in days to come from Israelis in towns being struck by rocket fire.)

  1. #1 by persnipoles on 11/18/2012 - 9:34

    ‘Rosenfeld brushed that aside. “[…] Cast Lead was a different phase, a different period.”’ ‘Phase’ of what, I wonder? Collecting underpants? That aside, they rely on short memories to keep a state. Some push back on the forget-the-past schtick is warranted. …can’t help but notice that there are ‘pasts’ we’re supposed to keep close to heart, and then there’s their past…

  2. #2 by jeff on 11/18/2012 - 9:34

    I hope officer rosenfeld stays in israel. We do not need his kind here for sure.

  3. #3 by Ty Tokely on 11/18/2012 - 9:34

    Scum bags. How dare the Palestinians defend themselves from Israeli war crimes and aggression!

    When will the world rise up againt the Jew demons??

  4. #4 by Wag the Dog on 11/18/2012 - 9:34

    Netanyahu: If rockets continue, we’ll launch ground operation in Gaza

    Netanyahu told foreign leaders this weekend that Israel is open to a ceasefire, but will launch a ground invasion if rockets continue to be fired from Gaza.

    LOL since its the IDF firing the rockets from (near Gaza) then Netanyahu will have his ground war.

    When is the world going to catch on to this ploy? All Israel has to do to justify its bombardment and leveling of Gaza is to shoot a couple of toy rockets at itself. Have you noticed that those rockets from Gaza never hit anything of importance?

  5. #5 by michael mazur on 11/18/2012 - 9:34

    Mondoweiss is a crypto supporter of the atrocity against the Gaza people. If any writer seemingly sympathetic to the condition of the people of Gaza does not address the fact that there are no such things as Hamas rockets/missiles, then he is lending cred to the Israeli relentless govt narrative which becomes the launching pad for another bout of 500lb GPS precision guided bombs dropped by F16s onto the totally unprotected Gaza people.

    What we are witness to, again, after nearly four yrs, is not war, but a renewal of the program of the methodical demolition of a totally totally defenceless people along with their supporting infrastructure.

    Mondoweiss does not tackle the absurdity of the suggestion – on the grounds that the place is as tight as a drum, that shoulder fired missiles could be coming in from Libya, or anywhere.

    Not even kiddys’ toys can get in unless the IDF allows it ! How then a bulky object like a SFM ?

    By the 2nd last para we have our suspicions confirmed that PM Netanyahu is doing this entirely for electoral reasons, just like the Olmert/Livni Duo did in the winter of 08/09, and it nearly got them over the line in Feb09 as they had decided to go in wearing hip waders into Gaza to do some wet work when prior polling revealed that 94% of the electorate were in favour of such an adventure.

    Netanyahu is not thinking in terms of his grand strategy for reshaping the Middle East, he is thinking of January 22 only, and how to con us goys out here into thinking that, yes, Hamas do indeed launch rockets/missiles at these vulnerable Israeli civilians.

    Mondoweiss is really one with Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Meshal in maintaining the invitation to Israel to totally destroy the Gaza people by asserting, or not denying, that Hamas have rockets/missiles and are launching them daily at the hapless Israeli civilians.

  6. #6 by 30.06 on 11/18/2012 - 9:34

  7. #7 by michael mazur on 11/18/2012 - 9:34

    Not immediately could i recall the name of this ‘famous knoll outside Sderot’, but it comes back to me now, and thinking more on it, i ask myself why the very learned Mondoweiss coyly did not name it ?

    He had to know its name, but chose not to apprise us of it.

    Why ? I put Parash Hill into Yahoo, and i see it is determined to steer me only in the direction of Parish.

    But i insist on my spelling; it relents, and then appears an entry for digitaljournal linking to a The Times article; Israeli Tourists Flock to Border to Watch Gaza killings, which is what i distinctly recall in Jan09.

    Ah, that’s why Mondoweiss didn’t want us dummies to recall, or become acquainted with, the truly disgraceful behaviour of throngs of Israeli civilians, as they made a point with the permission of the IDF and assistance of the Ministry of Tourism to travel down to Parash Hill to witness, beaming with an inner joy, the bombings by IAF jets of northern Gaza.

    A kilometre away (not several) from where black hatted and garbed men were standing in the open, on one video could be seen huge sheer skywards eruptions of black earth and smoke as a direct result of 500lb bombs momentarily burying themselves before detonation.

    Those three black garbed men were completely exposed – and were well within range, to any aberrant rifle bullet, or a spray of them from Gaza.

    Not just these men, parties of tourists would arrive to the welcome of a hot and cold drink dispensing machine, to then stand around, as before, fully exposed to any pointed fast flying small bits of metal.

    What this proved, hands down, was that there is no such thing as a armed wing of Hamas. The IDF knew it was safe for tourists to be exposed to this ‘war zone’ because it was not that, it was just a kill zone.

    But the IDF did not think it through like that when they gave permission, and as a result we can utilise the observation from Jan09 that the Gaza people were totally unarmed, then, and are also now, and that Hamas is Mossad.

    Three tough guys with scarves in Palestinian colours across their faces appearing on presstv just now and vowing a TENFOLD response to any Israeli incursion must know there is NOTHING behind their threat.

    So who are they, Mossad guys speaking Arabic with more precision than most Arabs ? Am sure so.

    Perhaps nice crisp looking file footage not previously aired, produced and kept on hand for just this anticipated moment ? Given the rubble and dust that is Gaza now, and that they look so crisp and fresh in their militant garb, am sure so.

    Put it this way, were Hamas to say that we have totally no arms or rockets or missiles of any kind, would they get further in forcing Israel to stop ?

    Of course. That’s why Hamas is Mossad. Has to be.

  8. #8 by michael mazur on 11/18/2012 - 9:34

    30.06, i saw the vid, and can say that Bianca is very lucky in that the bullet struck her thigh off centre, unintentionally.

    The snipers there prefer to maim; he had wanted to strike mid femur, as that produces what is called a ‘snow storm’ on xray, that is, three inches of bone, between the hip joint and the knee joint, shattered into very fine fragments, necessitating months of bone grafting work with many trips to the operating theatre.

  9. #9 by Johnsonas on 11/18/2012 - 9:34

    Reblogged this on Johnsono ne'Blog'as and commented:
    Bepročiai su ginklais siekia Palestiniečių genocido..

  10. #10 by annebeck58 on 11/23/2012 - 9:34

    Oyyy.. and back to the SPIN cycle?

    How the heck does Mickey say Cast-Lead was a different time or phase? This horror-show, perpetrated on civilians in Gaza (and all of Palestine) has never ended. This is merely a horrific escalation of the same crap these animals of the Terrorist-Zionazi-State has not stopped since well before and since CL.ops.
    Does Mickey actually think we don’t KNOW this?
    Perhaps some Americans are not aware, but considering the information out there (everywhere) on this topic, I don’t see how they are unaware. Who doesn’t get online anymore? And even those who do rely on the rags, such as WA Times, WA Post, NY Times, NY Post, have to have seen some truth, as some little fragments of truth have finally been written, this past week. They have to have, minimally, read the truth in comments in each of these so-called, News-papers. Yes, in regard to news-stories, it is not enough, and no, the true aggressors have not really been called out. But, anyone with a brain can see that the babes of Gaza are not, “Hamas terrorists”, or freedom-fighters. They were just babes. And now they are dead.
    And it was a mistake? Each family murdered by the true terrorists of the Mid-East was done, “on accident”?
    I think that is easily dispelled.

    And WE need to continue speaking the truth. We need to not allow a good horror-show, “go to waste” as they say; each and every one of us needs to keep Gaza in the forefront of others’ minds, because though there is a lull in the massive bombings, the people of Gaza and all of Palestine are certainly not FREE.
    Until they are, this needs to be reported in every blog and every tweet and every conversation we have with people who need to be told this truth.

    Free Gaza. Free Palestine.
    Israhell needs to get the hell out of PALESTINE- NOW.
    They refuse to be decent members of communities in Palestine? They refuse to be neighbors without destroying their neighbors? These settlers/ nomadic people/ gypsies of the Talmud should go back to wherever they came from, and they have no rightful place in the Middle-East.

  11. #11 by annebeck58 on 11/23/2012 - 9:34

    @Wag the Dog: #4,
    I’ve also been pretty sure it was not and could not be Hamas or any other Gazan freedom-fighter who finally hit Tel Aviv. First of all, Gaza does not possess any such weapons. Qassams have NO war-head and what they are calling, Long Range Rockets out of Gaza, possess NO explosive matter, whatsoever.
    I don’t know, for sure, who fired off these missiles. But, I am glad they gave Tel Aviv a small taste of their own medicine. I was thrilled to see Bibi become the latest Toad-in-a-hole, as he ran off to find cover (that’s probably a first for Bibi).
    The discrepancy between what Hamas and all other defenders of Gaza do and what the Terrorist-State of Israhell does, is so huge.., I simply cannot fathom that anyone does not see it.

    Will they, those in charge of US, ever do anything to stop this? I am fairly sure; NOT, not as long as the AIPAC’s ape-pac runs the US government. And it has me more disgusted than anything else we do.

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