Former Jerusalem top cop Shaham set to be charged with indecent acts

שחם מחוץ לביתו, לאחר פרסום הפרשה. "אין ראיות לניצול יחסי מרות" (צילום: גיל יוחנן)

Following investigation by Justice Ministry’s Police Investigations Department, former Jerusalem District Police chief informed he is likely be indictment for fraud, breach of trust, indecent assault and sexual harassment in case involving nine female policewomen


The Justice Ministry’s Police Investigations Department informed attorneys representing Nisso Shaham on Wednesday that it is considering filing an indictment charging the former Jerusalem District Police chief with fraud, breach of trust, indecent assault and sexual harassment in a case involving nine female police officers.

Shaham resigned a few months ago following suspicions he committed sexual offenses against female subordinates. He was replaced by Southern District chief Yossi Parienti.

The Investigations Department issued a statement saying that according to the investigations’ findings, it is suspected that during his service as a senior Israel Police officer Commander Shaham abused his position to convince young, inexperienced policewomen to engage consensual sexual relations with him.

The Justice Ministry said that the all relations were consensual but were not in accordance with proper practice within the police department.

The statement said Shaham intervened in decisions regarding requests filed by the female subordinates without revealing his personal relationship with them. In some cases his decisions went against the decisions of the policewomen’s direct commanders.

In addition, the Police Investigations Department said, Shaham is suspected of committing indecent acts against four female officers who were directly or indirectly under his command. Some of the acts he committed can be considered sexual harassment, the Justice Ministry said.

Attorneys Navit Negev and Iris Niv, who are representing Shaham, issued a statement saying, “We do not believe Shaham committed any criminal offenses and we will try to convince the Investigations Department of this during the hearing. The department said it would reach a final decision regarding an indictment only after hearing our claims.”

  1. #1 by Al on 11/30/2012 - 9:34

    I am not surprised… This is a typical Israeli officer. I am sure all of them have similar record as this one. You have to be evil, when you work for an evil system…

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