Five Palestinians wounded by IDF fire on Gaza border


Gaza medics say the men are lightly to moderately wounded and not in life threatening condition; IDF says troops acted ‘according to set procedures’ when the men did not heed calls to leave the border fence area.


Israel Defense Forces troops patrolling the border with the Gaza strip on Friday shot and wounded five Palestinians who were in an area on the Gaza side which Israel deems off limits, the IDF and Gaza medics said.

Gaza medical officials said the five agricultural workers suffered light to moderate wounds and were not in a life threatening condition.

An IDF spokesman said the men had approached an area close to the border fence and that troops “had acted according to set procedures” after the men did not heed calls to leave the area.

Israel bars Gazans from approaching the fence because it fears militants will attack border patrols or snipe at Israeli farmers working in fields that run close to the border.

Israeli troops have shot at Gazans near the border at least 10 times since the end of an eight-day offensive last month. Some 30 people have been wounded in the incidents, Gaza officials said.

Palestinian medical officials say some 170 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed in last month’s offensive. Six Israelis, including two soldiers, were also killed during the action that Israel launched with the declared aim of curbing cross-border rocket fire which has since stopped.

  1. #1 by annebeck58 on 12/22/2012 - 9:34

    This is what Israhell calls, “Truce”.
    They never uphold any truce or cease-fire, even when the USA bribes them with our tax-dollars and “our” weapons. How do we continue this support of the bastard-state?

    It’s got to end.

  2. #2 by Adalberto Erazo Jr. on 12/22/2012 - 9:34

    Annebeck :”How do we continue this support of the bastard-state?”

    The answer to your question is quite simple. Read this poem. I don’t know who wrote it but it strikes at the root and it’s the truth.

    I quit murdering people on November 17, 2012

  3. #3 by bigcree1Shadowhawk on 12/22/2012 - 9:34

    Yes, Anne, and those rockets ‘israel’ claims coming from Hamas were most likely fried by ‘israel’ to yet again perform another wicked ritual killing of innocent people living under an oppressive and most cruel occupation of their land, their home, all financed by the Zionist occupied US Govt which seeks to disarm a righteously livid populace who does not approve of this in any way.

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