The IDF Boo Hoo Hoo

  1. #1 by bigcree1Shadowhawk on 01/30/2013 - 9:34

    Hehehe! ‘Poor things’.

  2. #2 by Seth Steinmetz on 01/30/2013 - 9:34

    If Americans would fight all the enemies Israel creates by stealing other people’s countries God’s chosen people would not get hurt.

    I guess these gentiles do not realize that if you hit a Jew, you strike the face of God.

    America, send us more soldiers to die for Israel.

    Send us billions more $$$ from your taxpayers.

    Who cares if the rest of the world hates you ?

    We are the chosen ones !

    We should not have to fight.

    We get to drink wine from grapes we did not plant and water from wells we did not dig.

    We are the chosen ones.

    We own your government,your media,and your federal reserve and don’t you forget it !

  3. #3 by Blake on 01/30/2013 - 9:34

    I imagine they do not care an iota for all the innocent Palestinian natives they have murdered in cold blood all for an insane ideology.

  4. #4 by Dante Ardenz on 01/30/2013 - 9:34

    These people invented dishonor.Don’t negotiate,fight to the finish.Wipe out you enemy,his family,and all traces of him.Fowl his culture,slander and berate his memory.The Unconditional Surrender Motif that made there beloved WW1,and 2,so horrific.I have ZERO sympathy for them.They were told since birth to have none for anyone else.

  5. #5 by annebeck58 on 01/30/2013 - 9:34

    Well, you all know I love this one.
    Everyone should thank, RetrubutionNow, in yt for this one.

    (He also sent me some info on the worst of the worst.. was a great source for me!)

  6. #6 by toboldlygo on 01/30/2013 - 9:34

    worthless vermin

  7. #7 by Steven on 01/30/2013 - 9:34

    Satan’s choice war criminals strike again and I am not talking aabout the syrians.

  8. #8 by bigcree1Shadowhawk on 01/30/2013 - 9:34

    Blake, of course not. They only cry when they miss shooting the Palestinian children & women. They hate not being able to kill as many of them as they can.

  9. #9 by on 01/30/2013 - 9:34

    They are cowards, and always have been known to be, except for a few like the terrorist Begin and his ilk. That is why they get everyone else they can hoodwink and snooker to do their dirty-work for them, and then, because that it not good enough for these demons walking-on-two-legs, they will reward their stooges with destruction at the hands of ANOTHER set of stooges in another period of time.

    It is the same story, over and over and over and over and over and over again, ad-infinitum, over MILLENNIA. When they are forced to fight an opponent with LESSER, BUT MORE CLOSELY-MATCHED ABILITY/FIRE-POWER, THEY ALMOST INVARIABLY RUN-AWAY AND SHIT-THEIR-PANTS, AS THEY DID WHEN HEZBOLLAH GAVE-THEM-THE-WHAT-FOR A FEW YEARS AGO; however, Lebanon paid a very heavy price as cluster-bombs were then used and mines deployed by the chicken-shit aggressors, and much of Lebanon was in-ruin.

    The bottom-line is simply this: if the leaders of the world would simply STOP BEING SO GOD DAMNED AFRAID OF THESE CREATURES DUE TO THEIR THREAT OF ENFORCING THE “SAMSON OPTION,” then everything in our world would begin to change immediately. These demons walking-on-two-legs are going to make everything go full-tilt-boogie EVENTUALLY, so stop living your lives in-fear and DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE HUMAN-RACE, and expose them once-and-for-all.


  10. #10 by Chris on 01/30/2013 - 9:34

    Were those taken in Lebanon in ’06 when they got their asses whipped? Due to their reliance on superior weaponry; tanks, F-16s, Cobra Gunships, artillery, etc, when they actually have to go in and face seasoned and inspired fighters, they cry to their Mommies.

    Waaaaaahhhhhhh! Yossi and Ovid got their brains blown out. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! and Schlomo took a direct hit from an RPG. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Psychopathic punk-cowards. They laugh about sniping a child and his father from 200 yards away though. Separate them from their armor and air cover, and they wet their pants at the prospect of direct fighting.

    Girley-man punk-bitches. Hopefully they’ll be killed in hand to hand combat with Russian Marines! Whoever fights the Israelis takes euphoric pleasure in killing them! They should be facing US Marines and US firepower for their attack on us on 9-11! Why they are not is a crime.

  11. #11 by Steven on 01/30/2013 - 9:34

    Lindsey it is time for the nations to inspect jewish properties and Israeli embassies and remove the nuclear and bio weapons stored there as a first step towards bringing those zio masonic crazy people to justice and to their senses and that is assuming we are not going to wipe them out altogether. If the world does have to destroy them taking the toys from the Jews/ zionists is still a good first move.

  12. #12 by Bob on 01/31/2013 - 9:34

    Jewish propganda aside, it has been known for a long time that IDF infantry have never been particularly formidable. Even Arab infantry over the years have established far better combat records than IDF infantry.

    To be fair, it is unrealistic to expect most Israeli infantry to be “elite” or even “average” by the standards of any first world power. They have all of the best equipment, but they have mediocre human material at best. This is because the Israelis essentially mobilize ALL of their manpower in order to field such a large military…most of it reservists. American, British, French, and even Arabs to a certain extent, can set higher physical standards for their forces because they need mobilize only a small fraction of their available manpower.

    The other thing that has seriously degraded the IDF is that it has spent decades engaged in making war on defenseless civilians. This is their primary task most of the time, and they actually consider shooting unarmed kids as “combat” today. This inevitably leads to serious morale problems when they ar confronted with as situation where an enemy can actually fight back.

    A good example of this was the recent thread about the female IDF trooper who shot an unarmed Palestinian teenager at a checkpoint. In relating her “heroic” story to the press, she explained that she performed exactly as she had trained…In the video, there were three armed IDF troopers and a single unarmed Palestinian teen, apparently her training told her to shoot the kid. Three on one, and they had no choice but to shoot him. That says a lot for the fighting capability of the IDF righ there.

  13. #13 by Gary on 01/31/2013 - 9:34

    To me nothing’s better than seeing a bunch of grieving yids. Real drama queens!

  14. #14 by bigcree1Shadowhawk on 01/31/2013 - 9:34

    Exactly Bob! Could not agree more. They’re less than ‘Stellar’ and that’s being generous.

  15. #15 by Egeria on 01/31/2013 - 9:34

    @Annebeck58 – Thank you so much Anne for posting the link to this video in one of your comments.That’s how I found it and sent it to Max – and we both agreed it would be a great audio to play for the program dedicated to the annual whining and weeping and moaning of the Supremacist Jews while preparing their reports on “Mounting Anti-Semitism” in the world and “in Europe especially”.

  16. #16 by Dian Razak on 01/31/2013 - 9:34

    even when they cry they look like idiots.

  17. #17 by mothman777 on 01/31/2013 - 9:34

    Lobotomize every damned one of them. Then they won’t have any more fancy ideas about being the only true living souls on the planet.

    Then they won’t feel that they have to exterminate every other human being on the planet. A lobotomy would make them a little more humble, just like all the other human beings on the planet that they have broken.

    They need to be humbled and broken, all those murdering madmen like Netanyahu, and Bill Gates, doing their dirty work for them, saying he intends for the projected world population to be reduced by 1 billion by the use of ‘vaccinations’ and other sinister methods.

    You can see the tens of thousands of children in India and Africa left crippled for life and in comas due to the weaponized poison ‘vaccines’, deployed by Bill Gates to cripple and sterilize as many non-Jews as possible to make it easier for the Judaic NWO one world government to enforce it’s rule, and for the Jews to be able to steal all their resources.

    I guess the ten commandments won’t stop the Jews from maiming and killing those kids, because the Jewish scriptures literally do not recognize any other race as either humans, or living souls, or having originated in God, so they reason that you cannot be guilty of killing what is not even alive, what is not even human.

    The Jews only reason that Gentiles are all demons, that the Gentiles belong in hell for all eternity, and that it is their ‘religious’ duty, to make our lives a nightmarish hell even in this life. After all, what do the Abrahamic religions that the Jews have foisted upon much of the rest of humanity teach what is to be done with demons in hell? That is right, torture them, so the Jews torture us all, driving the Gentiles to kill each other in one needless war after another, just as their rabbis have intended for thousands of years, to get all the Gentiles to exterminate each other so that the Jews can simply take all their land from them once they have been murdered.

    Personally, I don’t believe in the existence of their hell, in any of their artificial Abrahamic religions; their ‘Yahweh’ is not God at all. But they certainly try to make hell for us all in this existence right now, making everyone party to the mutilation and murders of millions in other countries, and making everyone party to the destruction of the genomes of many beings using the weapons that Jews and only Jews have invented; the atomic weapons, the nuclear weapons, the neutron weapons, the depleted uranium weapons. The misery of all the deformed children over the next 4,500 million years is inconceivable. What ungodly madness have the Jews made us all party to?

    If we stop the Jews now, and stop any further deployment of the insanely genocidal nuclear weapons that they have invented and deployed, then the planet might survive for us all. We can at least ban Jewish politicians from ever again getting into office, or declaring wars, and work together to save the world’s ecosystems.

    We might just be able to do it still if we ban any further warfare throughout the entire planet. After all, the people themselves never militate for war, nor do they ever order it, it is always politicians who never get involved in the fighting themselves who order all the other to do the fighting and dying for them, and it is almost always Jewish agents for the Judaic NWO one world government.

    It was Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife who stated before her death in 1855; “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

    For the sake of all beings on this planet, and not just all other human species, for the sake of the entire planet, the Jews should all be lobotomized. Did not Louis Nizer, the Jewish top trial lawyer in the US write a book at the time of WWII, proposing arguments for the killing or the sterilization of the entire German people? These are the kinds of terms the Jews think in, insane, massive, sweeping terms, that generalize over the fates of entire races, intending the deaths of entire races, and Karl Marx stated that the ‘purpose’ of all other races and peoples was to be annihilated in a revolutionary holocaust.

    If we carry on thinking that there are some ‘good’ Jews, they will surely take the opportunity caused by our feeble mindedness to slaughter us all. No, it can’t be, you may say, but take a good read of the 1991 Noahide Laws. The Jews are so bold as to set in law their intent to slaughter hundreds of millions of non-Jews in the US.

    We must begin to think the unthinkable, to stop them from actualizing their immensely serious intent.

    And making the Jewish pseudo-religion illegal as a criminal terrorist cult, and then lobotomizing them all, would satisfy humanitarian concerns, as they would not even be being killed, just made less capable of harm. Surely that would satisfy all our compassionate ethical standards, unless we are all just plain suicidal that is, and not lobotomize them all, and would leave them fully able to form lethal intent again against us all and to be able to plan and effect that, just as they intend right now, already, as they have done for thousands of years.

    Maybe we should sterilize all the Jews too? Would that not be reasonable also? Just as Bill Gates has stated he intends to lower the world population by 1 billion by ‘vaccinations’ and ‘family planning’, which would of course involve forced surgical sterilzations, as it is doing already at this time in India for instance, let us sterilize the Jews also using the same methods too.

    Surely, to be quite fair, then this Jewish initiative against the Gentiles should be practiced against the Jews who originate it, that would be only fair. After all, they sterilize all Ethiopian blacks Jews even in Israel today, by injecting them with Depo Provera, and compounds have been found hidden in vaccines elsewhere which actually sterilize people without their knowing. The Jews should receive some of their own medicine. They seem to be the ones involved with the population reduction agenda, which of course is never directed against the Jewish people themselves. However, the Chabad Lubavitchers themselves are all directed by rabbinical authority to aim to have at least 10 children per family.

    Read about the Samson Option. The Jews are insane. Read the insane ravings of Israeli Pam Geller, who demands that all of Europe be bombed with Israeli nuclear weapons if Iran is allowed to attack Israel, which of course, Iran has no intent of doing anyway. She has not been criticized in Israel for her words, but admired, in spite of the criminal insanity of her words.

    Even if we ban the Jewish crime cult, most Jews will remain thoroughly militant just the same, even as crypto-Jews, unless they are lobotomized, and imprisoning them is not feasible, and neither is killing them all it seems, as mass hypnosis has so firmly taken root in the psyche of the world that even whilst Jews like Bill Gates openly state their intent to get rid of 1 billion people, there is scarcely a whisper, let alone an ice pick rammed up into his brain from some brighter member of the audience.

    Of course, if we fanny about, then they will simply kill us all. Take it or leave it. At least lobotomization would be a reasonable compromise, and they could still have a very reasonable quality of life, minus the megalomania and violent paranoia.

    If the Gentile races and peoples wish to survive, they must begin to sense that they need to join together and form democratic political movements to remove the Jewish agents that are presently operating in their governments, to stop these parasitical beings properly, by making it law to lobotomize them all, and maybe sterilize them all too. After all, they have made it law to kill several hundred million people in the USA simply for not being Jewish, that is, in the event of the constitution being suspended and martial law being declared, that is all it takes to begin the terrible process.

    What is it going to be then? Are we to allow 7 million maniac Jews in Israel, or 13.5 million Jews officially in the world at present, and all the millions of crypto-Jews around the world to carry on dictating our deaths, the intended deaths of 7 billion? Or are we going to stop their insanity and dictate their fate instead?

    Such an initiative would cost one lobotomization and maybe one sterilization, to save each thousand Gentile lives. The human race could cope with that, and the Jews would still be alive, and not gravely injured.

    Subconsciously, many are ingrained with the Jewish sentiment that even one million Gentile’s lives are not worth a single Jewish fingernail it seems, just as Jews have stated. Some Gentiles still are very powerfully ingrained with the idea that Jews are ‘the chosen people’, and that they should never be stopped, even when it is very apparent that they are responsible for millions of deaths over the years, many many times the volume of the official Jewish world population. What are Gentile lives worth then?

    No one likes to have to accept such a terrible responsibility, and we would all much rather ‘live and let live’, but the Jews are now so dangerously insane with their Noahide Laws and Samson Option, and their many other genocidal initiatives against the rest of the peoples of this world, that we simply cannot turn away any longer out of a wish to remain above such violence, as such non-violence has in part been foisted upon us all by the Jews, in a deceptive manner; as they themselves constantly militate for war and for genocide against all others very aggressively, whilst demanding non-violence from all the rest of us, whilst they thoroughly abuse and betray our kind trust in them.

    And the Chabad Lubavitcher Jews intend to make the Noahide Laws effective throughout the entire world as soon as they can, and not just in the US. Imagine the inconceivable scale of the bloodshed of all the Gentile races and peoples of the entire world if those inhuman monsters are allowed to carry on carry on. It is surely time now for everyone to stop them once and for all.

    Does that suggestion of lobotomizing the Jews not sound reasonable? Of course, the naive would protest at this point about ‘good Jews’ and ‘human rights’, even though the Jews wish to kill all of us with their Noahide Laws. Let any truly good member of the Jewish religion take a real stand by thoroughly exposing and opposing the Noahide Laws, and by truly leaving the Jewish religion, and not by merely pretending to do so and remaining a sleeper agent to reawaken the Jewish cult once again once everyone thinks the danger is past.

    Do you see any ‘good’ Jews protesting against the Noahide Laws in the US? You know, the ‘real’ Jews; why are they not opposing the Noahide Laws? Because all the Jews, Sephardim and Ashkenazim, theist and atheist, Zionist, non-Zionist, practicing, non-practicing, they really are all in it together just like the 4,000 Jews of all different denominations who were supposed to be at work in the WTC on 9/11. They kept their mouths shut then, to leave all their unsuspecting Gentile workmates of any years standing to be vapourized, or burned, or crushed to death, and those 4,000 Jews still keep their mouths shut today, like an Israeli military squad, because that is what they all are, and can be depended on to be by the Israeli leadership, just like all Jews around the world today.

    I don’t believe the Jews to be genuinely spiritually-minded in the slightest, just bloodthirsty and demonically sadistic scum, who deserve to have their lives shortened, just as their rabbinical authorities instructed Jewish doctors centuries ago to work to shorten the lives of all their Gentile patients. Think about it, Jewish doctors run the medical profession and they are doing just that. They don’t need to use NKVD firing squads now, they just use X-ray machines and chemo, and all the other evil so-called medicines they use to cripple, maim and murder Gentiles.

    The Jews are practicing the worst form of terrorism against all gentiles that there is, by pretending to be the allies of the Gentiles and then killing them. People remain painfully oblivious to the intended slaughter of all American Gentiles by the implementation of the 1991 Noahide Laws, which will authorize the beheading by guillotine of all non-Jews in the US.

    Even the tens of millions of fundamentalist Christians who presently pray for Israel and donate money to Israel will be victims.

    Israel and the rest of the Jewish community spits in your face and intends to butcher you all, no matter how many wars you fight for them, to murder all the Muslims on their behalf. Look up the Noahide Laws 1991, and think about the fact that the Jewish-controlled mainstream media keeps those laws well hidden. That is how much of an ally Israel and the Jews are. They are not, they are our deadly lethal enemy, and the sooner all the people of the world militate for governments strong enough to declare that criminal terrorist organization illegal the better.

    The Noahide Laws are intended by the Chabad Lubavitchers, big friends of the European and Russian and US governments by the way, to be implemented in coming years throughout the entire world, to make it ‘law’ to behead by guillotine all who are not Jewish.

    You think the 1915 Red Revolution in Russia was horrific and bloody? You have no idea of the horrific nature of the bloodshed intended by the Jews in an absolute frenzy of demented sadism.

    It is coming, that is why they are preparing for it now, with guillotines on army bases across the US.

    But people will say that it will never happen, thus allowing Jewish preparation to become ever stronger and ever more irresistible. It will come, and the nightmare horror of pain, bloodshed and annihilation will be on a scale without any parallel in all of the world’s previous history. The Jews themselves have stated this to be a fact.

    Their scriptures state that if any Jew does any act of kindness for any Gentile, that Jew will never enter heaven after this life. Their doctors trick us by mending some tiny ailment to build our trust in them, then betray us all by slaughtering us in the killing fields of the hospitals every year, when we again blindly place our trust in them to help us survive a more serious ailment.

    If all the Jews are lobotomized, then they will forget about all that demented Judaic religion. Just take their frontal lobes out, just like they do to all the Gentiles with their fluoride and their mercury vaccines. Why not? Why not get all the Jews and force them to ingest the same poisons that they force on all of us Gentiles, but knowing that our death is the ultimate intent of these Jewish monsters, let us properly remedy the situation with deep enough surgery.

    One might innocently think that not all Jews are participating in the evil works of big pharma and the genocidal big agricultural companies with their GM agendas, but their agendas are being implemented on behalf of all those Jewish people nonetheless; it is all being done so that all Jews can rule the world together, and all other races become exterminated after a brief period of slavery. DARPA humanoid robots will be perfected in 30 years, then we will all be truly redundant as ‘humanoid’ slaves. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef stated that the only purpose Gentiles are created is to be slaves for the Jews, and for no other.

    When there is longer any need for us, if the Jews get their way, the Jews will make sure that we will exist no longer, and the Jewish scriptures state that all Gentiles will be exterminated when the Jewish Messiah comes. Just so you know.

    Researcher Jim Stone has found that the antidepressants that they give to all the Gentiles they can, cause calcification not only of the pineal gland, but also of large areas of the entire brain, particularly calcifying the frontal lobes, and thereby effectively causing the same amount of brain damage as would be caused by pre-frontal lobotomies, in both hemispheres of the brain.

    Do we Gentiles have to take this punishment from them? It is disgusting. And that is whilst their Jewish government departments and Jewish senior lawmakers and Jewish senior police officers in all western countries keep genuine antidepressant hemp illegal, and screw society up so that people get so depressed and hopeless in the first place.

    How that makes the Jewish drug companies laugh. We should burn their brains out instead. That would be the end of the Jewish problem. The Jews think too much, they always have too many problems that they need to take care of by killing millions of other people.

    “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed” Talmud.

    If we lobotomize them all, they will be nice and docile. They are doing that to us right now. Have you seen how their fake cancer treatment chemotherapy literally burns the brain away, and then kills the patients? How that makes the Jewish drug companies laugh.

    The Jewish big pharma mafia is doing just what the Red Revolution did in Russia, a massive and immensely sadistic slaughter, slowly torturing ‘demonic’ Gentiles to death over the period of their whole miserable lives.

    So, the Jews are plotting to kill all non-Jews around the world with their Noahide Laws, first in the US, then elsewhere. Do you still think it ‘racist’, ‘immoral’, or ‘evil’, to respond with sufficient force to prevent this from happening?

    If you do, then the Jews have won, and the guillotines await you, or a hollow point bullet if you begin to struggle right at the end. Why not all struggle now together, effectively, before the Jewish noose tightens around all our necks?

    Without resisting, death is certain, but by fighting back against the Judaic Bolshevik NWO one world government, you and future generations of all other peoples and races will at least have a fighting chance of survival. Gentiles must elect their own Gentile government officials who are intelligent enough to address this matter properly. To carry on electing the Jews that they repeatedly offer us at election times is suicide.

    If the Jews did not really mean to kill you all, they would not have made the Noahide Laws in 1991. Think about it, very hard.

    See Mothman777’s Blog’.

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