Michael Savage on Alex Jones

Truth Warriors,

Alex Jones has crossed YET ANOTHER Rubicon in his appeasing of organized Jewish interests, this time by having on his program the Zionist shill, warmongering Michael Weiner Savage, an agent of Israel and a confirmed traitor to America.

We at TUT are asking that you FLOOD the comments sections listed below with the appropriate commentary.

What’s next Jones? Pamela Geller, warning of the dangers of ‘Islamo-Fascism? How about Wolfowitz, Perle, or Feith?

Better yet Jonsey, why not just go whole hog and have Netanyahu himself on to sell the American people into supporting even more wars for Israel?

Those willing to participate can go to either of the links below to leave your commentary.



  1. #1 by Michael Bailey on 02/28/2013 - 9:34

    Money Bomb needed for extra shill on board!

  2. #2 by Heidi Klum's Hot Oven on 02/28/2013 - 9:34

    Michael Savage is really Jew Michael Weiner, Alex Jones has been exposed as a shill so now he changed tactics and is inviting on the other mainstream shills, going overt because his cover is blown.

    Here’s the good news, anyone on the Alex Jones show is a Jew whore … ie David Icke.

  3. #3 by K.PatrickRyan on 02/28/2013 - 9:34

    Wow, this is a real low point for ol’ Alex Jones…

    I’m ashamed to admit it, but as this is the Lenten season it is good to clean one’s conscience… so here goes:

    I was once a long time listener of the Weiner’s show.

    I recall after 9/11 how worked up he’d get because it was taking Bush too long to get into Iraq and Afghanistan. I recall the countless times he’d yell about just turning everything East of Occupied Palestine into a ‘sheet of glass’. I recall he’d have on an author who wrote books detailing the ‘Muslim towns’ that the scary Islamists had erected all across America and from where the Muslims were stockpiling weapons and waiting for the phone call from above saying: “Begin Jihad Now!”

    I recall him claiming he was the best candidate for a UC Berkeley job but was passed over because of his ‘race’. Up to that point, he was supposedly a ‘liberal’ but jew haters at Berkeley turned him into a ‘conservative’. And his ‘health talks’, this from a man who’s son owned Rockstar Energy Drink.

    In truth, both Jones and the SavageWeiner are immense blowhards. I think it is a grand idea they appear on the radio together. It should turn into an all-out brawl as the 2 continually talk over each other and fight over who does the best interpretation of ‘Froghorn Leghorn’. Maybe 1 will pull a gun on the other.

  4. #4 by nobodyknows on 02/28/2013 - 9:34

    I used to listen to Savage. I used to listen to Jones. As it became more evident of their agendas and beliefs, I stopped listening to both!

  5. #5 by sirqitous on 02/28/2013 - 9:34

    This would be funny, it’s so absurd. But it’s getting late, and this only sickens me now. AJ’s booking this guy is simultaneously acknowledging both that his listeners lack crucial discernment AND that HE has mistaken his sycophantic followers for REAL truthers!

  6. #6 by Grand Republic on 02/28/2013 - 9:34

    I just registered and wrote a long attack on them s fronts.All must do it.Jones and Savage,along wit everyone on the Kosher Right is the most dangerous force we confront.The Left is out there,and we can ID Them.Some even cannot stand Israel.But its the Neoconservatives who are the true subversives today.As The Horst Wessel Songs lyrics go’:WE MARCH AGAINST THE REDS AND THE REACTIONARIES:See/hear it in YOU TUBE.The smartest things the Jews did was take not only the Republican Party,but paid off the Vatican,and bought off the TV Preachers.Now its Jones.He is APPROVED by ADL,Alternative Media.Teaming up with the repulsive Jew Weiner says it all.Brother Nathanael Kaptner does a great expose on Jones in REAL JEW NEWS>

  7. #7 by bostonblah on 02/28/2013 - 9:34

    oh come on like we didnt see this coming a mile away ,this was the most ridiculous interview i ever heard though, i was waiting for them to come to blows over who really runs hollywood and the media, china ,or the arabs lol

    poor weiner ,he is having his book censored by the all powerful china lobby and the chinese run publishing industry

  8. #8 by Dante Ardenze on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    Repulsive Alex Jones,to him and his dumb supporters the Jews are just a wonder.brilliant or poor victims of and underground 4th Reich;hey Alex,where is it.My friends and I will move there!. The Jesuits,or the Arabs.When his rasping voice rising its because he knows the Zionist Check is in the mail.

  9. #9 by Michael Mann on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    The schmoozing that Jones and the Savage Weiner did during the 23 minute live conference they had with each other was nauseating. The sucking up that Jones did to his guest, not disagreeing with anything the Weiner had to say, is just more evidence of Jones’ twisted view of reality. The following is a summary of most of the things these two clown discussed with my comments in brackets:

    Jones: “I like Michael Savage.” [Did Jones ever meet a Jew that you didn’t like?]
    Savage (Weiner): “Put the liberals in forced labor camps . . . If a man comes to put a bomb in your mother’s house put a bomb in his mother’s house first.” [Here’s an illustration of the Jew’s penchant for pre-emptive strike on suspected enemies. The Weiner goes on to list things that “liberals” should be put in forced labor camps for: “seizing guns, “seizing (sic) speech, seizing property, or pandering to the enemy” – things that his people are responsible for. Soon after Jones introduces the Weiner’s new book, “A Time for War,” Weiner claims, “I’m only a fiction writer. I have no inside information.” [Wow!]
    Weiner later says, “He’s [Obama] trying to provoke a war in this country.”
    Jones: “What is ‘their’ [probably referring to the “crony monopolyists” that he mentions later] end game?”
    Weiner: “It’s obvious, government control.”
    [At 6’49 into the video, Jones is obviously reading from a prompter to complement what Weiner says.]
    Weiner goes on to condemn the very media that his people control, without mentioning who controls it. Weiner says, “The worms in the media are trying to destroy us. They have destroyed this country.”
    Jones: “So how do we stop them [“the government” -Weiner]?”
    Weiner: “I don’t have an answer other than talking about it. Free speech has tremendous power . . . There is no other answer that I have, Alex.” [Weiner recommends free speech, the very thing that his tribe has limited in the countries they control, to fight the enemy.]
    Jones: “I agree with you . . . The problem is the same insider financial interests that are crony monopolyists who want tyranny in an organized command and control economy – they are funding both parties.”
    Weiner: We have a one-party system. It’s an oligarchy, we all understand that . . . The media is destroying America . . . Don’t ever underestimate your enemy Alex. They are very clever. They are very angry. They are very frightened. And that makes for a very dangerous enemy. [Weiner is right in his description of the enemy, but he is careful not to mention who the real enemy is.]
    Alex: “I was asking Michael Savage during the break, What is the solution? And he says that it is in Ecclesiastes.”
    Weiner then recites the first half of chapter three of Ecclesiastes and says, “I’ll ask your listeners if the left has not declared war on America . . . They’ve declared war on Christianity and Judaism. They declared war on women and freedom . . . They know who they are at war with. And unless we understand that they are at war with us we are going to lose this war, Alex, as we are doing. We are losing the war for two reasons [He goes on to name three], (1) because most Americans don’t know that the radical left has won. They are in power and they are in daily warfare against freedom, (2) the media no longer exists, and (3) there is no effective Republican opposition. We have a single one-party system in this country.”
    Near the end of the phone conference Jones says, “As I get more power, I get more humble . . . “The book, A Time for War, get it, get it out to everybody. They don’t want you to read it.” [In the last minute of the program Jones lists Weiner’s credentials, no doubt to give him more credibility and help sell his book.]

    Throughout their exchange, Jones and Weiner are careful not to mention Jews or Israel as culprits in any of the issues they name. This is classic disinformation by two of the more popular Internet voices who are simply doing the bidding of their masters.

  10. #10 by CK on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    I just left a comment on Infowars. Couldn’t leave one on Prison Planet. There were a lot of angry people on the message boards. Ted Nugent was the guest today – another piece of trash. Alex’s gravel-voiced rants have gotten on my last nerve. Adios, Alex! I ain’t drinkin’ the Jonestown Kool-Aid anymore.

  11. #11 by michael mazur on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    I posted this on AJ’s infowars site;

    Since in the above narrative with guest Michael Savage, Osama bin Laden was mentioned as having been killed in that raid by US Navy Seals in 2011, why was it not clarified that he had died of natural causes in December 2001 in Afghanistan ? OBL had a genetic disorder called Marfans Syndrome, which, in his case, was of the more debilitating form, taking him at the early age of 44 from renal failure, proper dialysis for which was impractical in the remote area of his mountain hideout.

  12. #12 by bostonblah on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    ales LOVES the jews

  13. #13 by Robert Pickle on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    This is exactly the evidence which I made reference to in the earlier Alex Jones topic & video. Savage a major proponent of the Chabad Lubavitch Orthodox choose, joining Alex Jones, pretty much sums up Jones hoping to create bloodshed on a massive scale. Just another proselyte of the choose, made twice a child of hell. The two whores of Ezekiel do wage war, one against the other for that seat of the world, that bloodyanti-Christ little whore city,…jerusalem

  14. #14 by Albert on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    Well, you have to look at Alex Jones as temporary info. I partly owe it to Alex Jones that I started thinking out of the box, and got me here eventually. As time went on I started to sense something wrong with Alex and his guests as in that demon faced Tarpley, Icke, Lindsey Williams (like we suppose to believe that this guy hears inside top-info from other “illuminaty”, then leaking it to Alex Jones over and over again), the list goes on.

    If someone gets stuck however with Alex Jones instead of moving on, things start looking silly. By then you have to realise that this guy is more dangerous then mainstream media. It is sort of like a 50 year old on a BMX bike riding around as the town´s idiot. Sure, that bike was the one that got this man cycling, but he refused to move on.

    Good news is however that I got myself a new comedian in Alex Jones, once you know the agenda that is.

  15. #15 by michael mazur on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    So, why is AJ at this juncture hosting a well known Jewish media person ? What is the purpose of quoting all those lines out of Ecclesiastes if not to end with the, ‘a time for war and a time for peace’ line ?

    AJ is normalising himself to be in synchrony with all the prominent Jewish media anchors for Obama’s trip to Israel in three weeks, which media anchors will then be talking up war with Iran, though Obama is going there to say that there will be no war on Iran, as America is depleted of money, men and materiel from eleven years of fighting since 911, which, should war be started, will give America no option but to soon use battlefield nukes or be overwhelmed.

    Using these small nukes will put Russia on nuclear alert, and as the risk of thermonuclear war between the superpowers is unacceptable, there will be no war on Iran by America, and with further equally firm concluding remarks, will depart.

    Netanyahu does not have the Israelis with him on war with Iran, he even lost several Knesset seats in January because of the assault on Gaza in November, for he had thought it would give him a electoral fillip, it didn’t, even though in actual fact, no Israelis were either killed or wounded in that assault, though their lying media all claimed that six Israelis had been killed.

    For me as it is a given that Netanyahu lost the several Knesset seats because of the assault on Gaza, i ask; how much more precarious will things be for not only Netanyahu but for the whole Israeli political establishment should they collectively pressure Obama to attack Iran, and Iran retaliates onto Israel with thousands of missiles with the resultant thousands of Israelis killed ?

    It will be beyond precarious, the whole political establishment of Israel will be utterly reviled, and non political persons will feel compelled to step forward to speak directly to the people to seek their endorsement on the basis that they will seek an immediate ceasefire with Iran.

  16. #16 by Robert Pickle on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    According to the Propeht of God Daniel who was severily discredited and slain by the Babylonian Jews, THERE will be war with Persia, then much global weeping.

  17. #17 by vince on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    Alex jones is one of many in this truth movement working for the jews.

  18. #18 by Duma on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    “If, you would like to understand the TRUTH between zionism and the coming benevolent all good Judaism,ask, and with all TRUTH, I can provide you with it, ”

    Why is it someone making these statements is able to post here lol. What is going on.

  19. #19 by bostonblah on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    lol at #2 username
    here is all you really need to know about jewns

  20. #20 by zombiepunk1970 on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    Tried leaving a comment, my only comment, on Info Wars regarding that piece of shit jew he interviewed. Was told that I’m ‘posting to quickly and need to slow down.’ Meaning that even my one comment was one too many for them, so they didn’t post it.

  21. #21 by SEARCHLIGHT on 03/01/2013 - 9:34


  22. #22 by David Wilson on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    You want coincidence-theory? A few months before 9-11, Larry Silverstein bought the asbestos-
    filled WTC, for $55 million Less than the next bidder,and made $4.5 Billion from the insurance;
    Shortly before the Deepwater Horizon Oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, Goldman Sachs sold 47% of its BP stock. A few weeks before the Fukushima Nuclear extinction event (3-11-11) Japan came our in favor of a Palestinian State. “Hear O Israel, you are to cross the Jordan, (Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico) enter in, and dispossess nations greater and stronger than yourselves”:
    Deuteronomy 9:1) Enter HAARP. There are 400+ nuclear plants worldwide. (27 of them sit astride the New Madrid Earthquake Fault which runs under the Mississippi/Missouri River Valleys.) The Manhattan Project was led by Bernard Baruch, who in 1917, assisted Chaim Weismann in pressuring Brit PM Lloyd George into giving Palestine to the Zionists, in exchange for pressuring the U.S. to get into WWl, (Balfour Declaration), and even Einstein “pressured” Truman into rejecting Japan’s offer of surrender, so he could finish testing the A-Bomb. “To “exert irresistible pressure on the international politics of the present” has been the Levites-Pharisees-Talmudists-Zionists mission statement for close to 3000 years, until Pinsker codified it in 1903) The Talmud has become our Law:
    “to micromanage every aspect of human existence, with focus on depopulation of the goyim”–

  23. #23 by EM on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    Lenin: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it”

  24. #24 by Mark Propheter on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    See what happens when I miss a day!
    I can not believe you played patty cake with Sleaze Bag Jewish Zionist know it all Alex! What is going on with you?! Are you off your Meds? Is your Jewish Wife Scheduling your guests? Or are you on all fours SUCKING SATAN’S COCK! You know!. In the words of Bill Hicks! The Austin Texas Comedian you used to be compared to! Which would have been a great comparison if Bill was a Money Grubbing Jewish Zonism like you! Was it.in furtherance of your radio career! At the insistence of your Jewish advertisers?!
    You were such a disappointment to me Alex. I use to consider you a valuable to the Truth Movement

  25. #25 by Lee on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    It was Brother Nathanael of Real Jew News, that exposed Alex Jones as a shill.

    People actually listen, watch, and are stirred by this fear mongering, soulless bastard. My niece took to heart his fear speech and moved out of the city and to the hills. I am also disappointed and disturbed that the once free and clear thinking, Kurt Nimmo, is associated with Jones. I suppose the death threats and the constant attacks on his former site, Another Day In The Empire, finally took it’s toll on him.

    Folks, also be wary of the so called, journalist, Bill O’reilly. O’reilly is a CIA operative and dangerous. I believe it was he, that finally took down Mr. Nimmo.

  26. #26 by Lee on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    I forgot to mention Rush Limbaugh. Another jew and shill for the zionists who spews out hate, but never points his fingers at himself or the bad guys.

  27. #27 by ron abbass on 03/01/2013 - 9:34

    Tricky-traitor Jones is a filthy flimflammer __a protector and goldbricker for the shifty Jewish swindlers. That is the bottom line on Judas Jones.

  28. #28 by Franklin Ryckaert on 03/02/2013 - 9:34

    Michael Savage tries to sell the idea with his book that China and the Chinese lobby is the real problem. This is clearly a trick to steer attention away from the Jewish lobby, whose power has become so painfully obvious during the Hagel hearings. This is a classical Jewish tactic, accusing others of what you yourself are doing. There is also a Jew who has written a book about the power of the Arab Lobby. Same tactic.

  29. #29 by cherylplumlee83 on 05/03/2014 - 9:34

    In ‘every’ case, a psychopath is a 3 year old, mental~handicap, gene~spliced with a Rhesus monkey. So, to ‘get,’ what you’d expect of such a ‘primitive’ mind, the monkey learns tricks, I.e. how to ‘con’ the human brain, for the thrills it seeks in it’s otherwise ‘meaningless’ life.

    1 of it’s most ‘deadly’ and long~lastingly ‘evil’ techniques is preying~on your moral~conscience. I.e. Your ‘fear’ of being thought~of as being a ‘bad’ person, by a genocide~addicted, semi~simian, sex~offender trying to kill you and ‘hoping’ you don’t wake~up and ‘realise’ that it’s a pathological~liar ‘needing’ strung~up, who’s fake~opinion of you shouldn’t deter you from executing it. {As ‘all’ your ancestors routinely did, until you were ‘groomed’ out of doing~so any longer, due to your moral~conscience, for your executioner.}

    E.g. You’re being ‘conned out of’ REALISING what’s happening to you, by ‘your’ murderer, who atypically ‘points’ at you and says, “Oooooh, that’s VIOLENCE,” to get closer~still to killing you, which they ‘pride’ themselves on and it also allows the magical~thinking ‘lunatic’ to believe it’s somehow gone~superior.

    Malcolm~X said, “When it’s self~defence, I don’t call it violence, I call it INTELLIGENCE *!*” ~ They ‘assassinated’ him for saying that, which seems pretty violent and hypocritical, huh *?*

    The average person’s fast~asleep and ‘deserves’ to be ‘extreminated’ for the myopic~state they’ve allowed themselves to sink down into becoming ‘and’ for preying~on HUMANE beings who try to wake them up, so that they can ‘live up’ to what they say they believe, {E.g. Saying they love their family, whilst sitting and watching them being poisoned by chemtrails, irradiated, ‘oppressed,’ robbed, murdered, Etc.}

    ‘Predominately’ the state~groomed sheeple are their~own worst enemy, as ‘most’ so~called adults are selfish, devil~may~care, tiny~minded imbeciles, priding themselves on winning ‘imaginary competitions’ only they are in’ against innocent HUMANE beings, who ‘aren’t’ a hair~brained bestial lunatic, needing shot *!*

    The same genetic~garbage who hen~peck and brow~beat anyone who tells the truth about the ZIONIST JEWS murdering you right now. Hoping you ‘choose’ to trigger your own amygdala when you ‘witness’ a hideously~ugly ‘hell~bound’ retard WISHING to cause you brain~damage, ‘precisely’ how they’ve been programmed to prey~on you, due to their state~groomed ‘narcissism,’ which when atypically foiled {as you ‘correctly’ won’t see an inbred~imbecile as Elvis or Marilyn,} ergo you witness it’s hate~consumed ‘emotional incontinence.’

    So, ‘remotely,’ the Zionist Jews are relying on the forlorn great~expectation of their self~destructive unwitting ‘plants’ and drooling, 100% complicit ‘rings’ of fellow beasts, to oppress you into silence, {a.k.a. Willfully trying to cause you P.T.S.D., mainly through ambient~abuse. I.e. Due to the monkey relentlessly trying to get you to trigger your own ‘fight or flight’ mechanism.}

    E.g. ‘ALL’ that the neuro~anatomically PROVABLY ‘tiny~minded,’ aforementioned walking~shite, would take from what I just HUMANELY wrote, is, that I spelled ‘exterminated’ incorrectly *!*

    Upon being ‘exposed’ in this manner, when the LUNATIC feels bad, it’s megalomaniacal obsession is to then see~if it can get you to ‘choose’ to feel bad, as then the self~deluded imbecile {I.e. psycho~path} seeing itself as a mastermind and can feel ‘lighter’ and that it’s magically left it’s SHIT with you. {The lizard can believe it’s shed it’s skin, but it still waddles off a lizard, inescapably.}

    I.e They’re completely cut~off from REALITY, due to their grossly mentally~handicapped Chicken~brain, which creates the phenomena of their delusions of ‘transference.’ E.g. The sex~offender, hopes you KNOW it ‘needs shot’ but has calculated that you ‘won’t’ do~so and instead will simply CONTAIN the ‘stress’ and trauma, ie cause yourself brain damage, {P.T.S.D.} on~behalf of the pseudo~energy~vampire, due to your ‘choice’ to react and then to ‘contain’ your reaction.

    I.e. Ignoring the URGENT prompt, coming from ALL your ancestors SURVIVAL stories combined, to EXECUTE ‘them.’ You are GENUINELY being exterminated by pedophile~rings of sadomasochism~addicted talking~bonobos, obsessed with TRYING to cause you P.T.S.D., for existential PRETENGE against humans who afford talking~monkeys human rights *!* {That’s the THANKS you get for NOT keeping them in a Zoo and giving PEDOPHILES, ‘HUMAN’ rights.}

    I learned everything about what’s going~on from 1 courageous man’s selfless fight against the organised ‘rings’ of Zionist Jews and their ‘rings’ of pedophiles and armies of complicit sex~offenders, {who’s wages you HAVE TO pay and ‘believe’ are AUTHORITAAAH, as otherwise you get dragged into a dungeon~system ‘you’ are ENORMOUSLY incorrectly for,} who are all ‘void’ of self~awareness, depth and morality and most of whom are ‘either’ unaware they’re being culled ‘too’ or they simply don’t care, as alongside having no ‘meaning’ to their onanist perception of reality, they’ve no ‘vision’ for a better life, one where they weren’t complicit in their own execution,

    This is the seat they want on the Titanic, even if the deck’s at a 45 degree angle, I.e. for as~long~as the ANIMAL in human~form gets to bully you, for ‘sexual pleasure.’ Because to it’s bestial perception power {a.k.a. self~destruction amonst others,} is an aphrodisiac. Borne of early childhood experiences, where it was ‘thrust’ into a concentration~camp {a.k.a. school, awash with ambient abuse and unruly bullies,} it grows up to want con~venient pretenge against YOU, who had NOTHING to do with the black~and~white thinker’s past. The sex~offender develops from it’s ‘ingrained’ early alloplastic self~defence mechanism. The ‘delusional’ self~destruct mechanism Zionist Jews programmed it to arrest itself into ‘becoming.’

    The ‘monkey with a calculator,’ lacking a ‘theory of mind,’ {I.e. self awareness,} tends to attack those the ANIMAL sees as being weaker or vulnerable, especially the KIND, which is why HUMANS are becoming extinct *!*

    All that SHITE stand on the shoulders of the HUMANE giants who handed them everything the evil~incontinent vermin are DESTROYING as a ‘thank you’ for allowing shaven~bonobo into ‘decision’ making positions without ‘brain scanning’ them or even setting a ‘basic’ requirement for ’emotional intelligence’ tests or BETTER still ‘ORGANISING’ your SELF into minding your own business and ORDERING your ‘representatives’ to mind their own *!*

    But they NEED you to remain duped and ‘inactive’ and preying~on those who try to wake you up and ALL their PLANTS need to do is DENY ALL of this ‘ONCE,’ I repeat, deny ALL of this only ONCE and you go back to sleep. So they can continue getting their steady supply of ‘forbidden’ sex and getting~off on the delusions of power, which means the subspecies of myopic 3 year old handicapped monkey’s tiny brain will delay suicide, whilst HUMAN beings kill themselves in their droves, who are being PERSECUTED to extinction.

    I could go on. Suffice as to say, if you want to be ‘deprogrammed’ for FREE, of the ‘BILLIONS,’ I repeat, ‘BILLIONS’ of dollars spent on what Zionist Jews have been at pains to ‘ingrain’ into your brain, then not~only can you ‘learn everything’ I have, from ’1′ Christlike man alone, you’ll also LAUGH until your sides are splitting. ‘EROL’ is up there with Bill Hicks in my book and the ENORMOUS LIST of his great deeds knows no~end, on a planet of predominately ‘high~functioning~retards,’ who can’t see beyond the end of their own beak.

    I love HUMANE beings, so for you own sake and the lives of those you love, who are GENUINELY being exterminated ‘right now,’ {so slowly you tend not to ‘notice,’} think of how selfless I’m being in dedicating my life to waking you up, running the risk of publicising Erol’s work, who’s also risked his life countless times and OVERCOME seemingly insurmountable odds, to ‘DO’ what it ‘takes’ to stop Chicken~brained sex~offenders from killing YOU and yours’.

    When watching the following, TEST your Zionist ‘programming,’ as the more ‘REACTIONARY’ you are to what Erol’s profound mind says, the ‘more’ you should become AWARE of how programmed you truly ‘are,’ by Zionist media propaganda. {Switch off the T.V. and don’t put it back on again, stop watching sports or reading newspapers, they’re ALL run by the exact same mental~pygmies, trying to keep you under their spell.}

    ‘Alternatively,’ become more aware of the ‘moral~law’ of the divine Erol discovered, as Newton discovered gravity, before~whom people couldn’t see it, as it’s INVISIBLE to the narcissist. Who at one time, ‘tellingly,’ thought that the earth was ‘flat’ and that the universe revolved around them, like a ‘spoiled’ 3 year old perceives reality.

    If you fall into that category then you’re undoubtedly a jabbering, ‘hell~bound’ EVIL soul and that’s what you’ve ‘become’ by being the same type of self~amazing moron who can only rise to your level of self~delusion just before Dresden is carpet bombed But, you’re no~doubt ‘determined’ to continue to be as SHITE a person, {having BECOME worse than the ghosts you hate,} as you’re NOW addicted to being a junkie~wanker, exactly as Zionists GROOMED you to be.

    Self~deluded low~life VERMIN like that believe that 1 day they’ll get their quota of sex~offending done, which will complete their life~long ambition for ‘PRETENGE’ against those ghosts from their ‘past,’ even~though they’ve now ‘become’ a hate~consumed, ever~vengeful trouble~maker, who’s a disgusting sex~offender. In which case they should ‘either’ stop delaying~suicide or UNITE with HUMANS to overthrow the ORGANISED ‘rings’ of sex~offenders, killing YOU TOO *!*

    Conversely, if you’re ‘HUMAN,’ then KEEP an open mind and REJOICE:~

    I try to inspire FREE men and women and also have exposed Alex JEWns on my website, who should change his site’s name to ‘IN~FOR~WARS,’ but all you have to look~at is the ‘fact’ that he’s ‘exclusively’ backed by Zionist Jews, as otherwise the fat pig would be stone dead. As to them VIOLENCE is intelligence, especially if it’s done slowly and ALL they have to do is DENY it’s happening ‘ONCE’:~



  30. #30 by Susan Ritter on 02/22/2016 - 9:34

    Michael Wiener Savage is a terrorist and a pimp for the Jewish and Israeli agenda!! He pushes the holohoax ad nuseum while neglecting to mention the allied and jewish war crimes against the innocent German civilians!!!! Hitler begged for peace but the jew led allied forceswould not have it!!!! The holocaust was invented to hide the Soviet war crimes and to get trillions of reparation money from the already beaten down German people!!!! The genocidal allied bombing raids over Germany were completely unnecessary!!!! The starvation and murder of millions of Germans was done purposefully to destroy Germany and the old order of Europe!!!! The jews and their evil cohorts ard to blame for these crimes committed against the German peoples since WWl!!!! Michael Savage and his evil wife need to be arrested and tried for treason against the gentile peoples in America!!!! Throw his ass out and don’t let him back in!!!!

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