The Victory Hour March 16, 2013

The Looters of Europe-

FED Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Anticipating open rebellion, Supremacist Jewry sends in Blackwater to  train and supervise Greece’s police and military.

While the Greek population seethes, Italy and The Five Star Movement threaten the very existence of the Euro and the European Union itself.

Max and European Bureau Chief Egeria bring you the latest from The Battle for Europe!

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  1. #1 by 1bigcree Shadowhawk on 03/17/2013 - 9:34

    Keep ’em coming you two! This kind of information is like gold; and should be spread all over the internet. I particularly am interested in the goings on with Beppe Grillo. Egeria; I am working on getting that link from WMR for you. Thanks as always for keeping us informed about the many intrigues in Europe where inevitably the fuse has already been lit for a most explosive economic apocolypse. We’re all in for a rough ride as the control freaks in London try and save themselves from their own chicanery and dirty dealing$.

  2. #2 by Edie on 03/17/2013 - 9:34

    Per usual a riveting program. First the banksters steal the Spanairds housing then pave the way w special visas for the tribe to cash in on another landgrab. America, Greece , Spain … Who’s next in the ZioCon banksters crosshairs…

  3. #3 by Eva F. on 03/17/2013 - 9:34

    Like always, amazing show, impatiently waiting for the next part of it!- Yes, it is true, they are waging a financial war against Europe and the police is training Hell-style.
    All the best to Beppe Grillo and his movement!

  4. #4 by czajkowski on 03/18/2013 - 9:34

    For more details read Adolf Hitler Founder of Israel by Hennecke Kardel
    at NEW CENTURY PRESS 1-800-5192465 and each Search Engine.
    Egyptians Sue Jews For Exodus Reparations.
    Trillions Of Tons Of Gold Looted By Jews Who Committed Crimes Against
    Humanity. Comments —
    The August 9, 2003 edition of the Egyptian weekly Al-Ahram Al-Arabi
    featured an interview with Dr. Nabil Hilmi, Dean of the Faculty of Law
    at the University of Al-Zaqaziq who, together with a group of Egyptian
    expatriates in Switzerland, is preparing an enormous lawsuit against
    “all the Jews of the world.” The following are excerpts from the
    interview: Dr. Hilmi: “… Since the Jews make various demands of the
    Arabs and the world, and claim rights that they base on historical and
    religious sources, a group of Egyptians in Switzerland has opened the
    case of the so-called ‘great exodus of the Jews from Pharaonic Egypt.’
    At that time, they stole from the Pharaonic Egyptians gold, jewelry,
    cooking utensils, silver ornaments, clothing, and more, leaving Egypt in
    the middle of the night with all this wealth, which today is priceless.”
    Question: “What will the group of Egyptians in Switzerland do about this
    issue?” Hilmi: “Dr. Gamil Yaken, vice president of the Egyptian
    community in Switzerland, came to Egypt to collect information. We set
    up a legal team to prepare the necessary legal confrontation aimed at
    restoring what the Jews stole a long time ago, to which the statute of
    limitations cannot possibly apply. Furthermore, [the theft] is based on
    their holy book, the same source on which they relied when they invaded
    other peoples… “The Egyptian Pharaoh was surprised one day to discover
    thousands of Egyptian women crying under the palace balcony, asking for
    help and complaining that the Jews stole their clothing and jewels, in
    the greatest collective fraud history has ever known. “The theft was not
    limited to gold alone. The thieves stole everything
    imaginable. They emptied the Egyptian homes of cooking utensils. One of
    the women approached Pharaoh, her eyes downcast, and said that her
    Jewish neighbor who lived in the house on the right of her house had
    come to her and asked to borrow her gold items, claiming she had been
    invited to a wedding… The Jewish neighbor took [the items] and promised
    to return them the next day. A few minutes later, the neighbor to the
    left knocked on the door and asked to borrow the cooking utensils,
    because she was having guests for dinner. Using this same deceitful
    system, they took possession of all the cooking utensils…”

    Question: “It is clear why they stole the gold, but why the cooking
    Hilmi: “Taking possession of the gold was understandable. This is clear
    theft of a host country’s resources and treasure, something that fits
    the morals and character of the Jews. Yet what was not clear to the
    Egyptian women were the reasons for stealing the cooking utensils, when
    other things may have been of greater value. However, one of the
    Egyptian priets said that this had been the Jews’ twisted way throughout
    history; they seek to cause a minor problem connected with the needs of
    everyday life so as to occupy people with these matters and prevent them
    from pursuing them to get back the stolen gold…
    “A police investigation revealed that Moses and Aaron, peace be upon
    them, understood that it was impossible to live in Egypt, despite its
    pleasures and even though the Egyptians included them in every activity,
    due to the Jews’ perverse nature, to which the Egyptians had reconciled
    themselves, though with obvious unwillingness. Therefore, an order was
    issued by the Jewish rabbis to flee the country, and that the exodus
    should be secret and under cover of darkness and with the largest
    possible amount of loot. The code word was ‘At midnight.’ In addition,
    the Jewish women were told to steal the gold and cooking utensils of the
    Egyptian women, and that is what happened.”

    Question: “Did they leave individually or as a group?”
    Hilmi: “They left in a convoy of 600,000, that is, about 120,000
    families. There were a few wagons in the convoy, and a long line of \
    donkeys loaded with the stolen goods… They crossed the desert in the
    heart of Sinai, in an attempt to confuse Pharaoh’s army, which was on
    their trail… Later they rested and began to count the stolen gold, and
    discovered that it reached 300,000 kg of gold.”

    Question: “But the Jews can cast doubt on this story with their usual
    methods. What is the religious evidence you said is in the Torah?”
    Hilmi:”Naturally, the Jews cast doubt on this story because that is in
    their interest. But the answer would be that the story is based on what
    is written in the Torah. It can be found in Exodus, [Chapter] 35, verses
    12 through 36…”
    Question: “So what arguments can be made in support of getting back our
    stolen gold?”
    Hilmi: “There are two types of claims, one religious and the other
    legal. From a religious standpoint, all monotheistic religions have
    called not to steal… It is also in the Ten Commandments, which the Jews
    were ordered [to observe]. Therefore, they have a basic religious
    obligation to return what was stolen, if it exists. “From a legal
    standpoint, fleeing with the Egyptians’ goods could be for the purpose
    of borrowing or for the purpose of stealing. If it is for the
    purpose of borrowing, legally it has a temporary dimension, not a
    permanent dimension, and therefore they must return [the gold], with
    interest, to its owners. “On the other hand, if the Jews took the goods
    from the Egyptians not for the purpose of borrowing it but to keep them
    for themselves, by legal norms this is theft, and therefore they must
    return the stolen goods to their owners, in addition to the interest for
    its use over the entire period of the theft.”

    Question: “What do you think is the value of the gold, silver, and
    clothing that was stolen, and how do you calculate their value today?”
    Hilmi: “If we assume that the weight of what was stolen was one ton,
    [its worth] doubled every 20 years, even if the annual interest is only
    5%. In one ton of gold is 700 kg of pure gold – and we must remember
    that what was stolen was jewelry, that is, alloyed with copper. In other
    words, 1,125 trillion tons of gold, that is, a million multiplied by a
    million tons of gold. This is for one stolen ton. The stolen gold is
    estimated at 300 tons, and it was not stolen for 1,000 years, but for
    5,758 years, by the Jewish reckoning. Therefore, the debt is very large…
    “The value must be calculated precisely in accordance with the
    information collected, and afterward a lawsuit must be filed against all
    the Jews of the world, and against the Jews of Israel in particular, so
    they will repay the Egyptians the debt that appears in the Torah.”
    Question: “Is a compromise solution possible?”
    Hilmi: “There may be a compromise solution. The debt can be rescheduled
    over 1,000 years, with the addition of the cumulative interest during
    that period.”
    So, Hennecke Kardel is right with his book Adolf Hitler Founder of
    Israel, printed in Switzerland 1974, Poland 1996, USA 1997.
    December 1, 2003
    Open letter to the President of the United States, GEORGE W BUSH, U.S.
    Congress, Justices of the Supreme Court, United Nations, World Press,
    Attorney General, Ashcroft, and the American People.
    The U.S. Congress and the President, George Bush, (the farther)
    indicated in public law 102-14, 102nd Congress, approved March 20, 1991
    that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal
    Laws of Noah.
    I am outraged by this action, Congress declaring that the United States
    was founded on some Jewish biblical laws (Noahide laws), the Seven
    Universal Laws of Noah, ignoring in a conspiracy the fundamental
    principles of the separation of Church and State. Each of the members of
    Congress and the President has violated their oaths to defend and
    protect the Constitution, and therefore, must be removed from office,
    those that participated in this gross violation of the Constitution and
    are still in office, the law must be revoked. Need I remind you,
    (current) Mr. President and members of Congress that unless you revoke
    this Law you become just as guilty as the perpetrators. This is only
    have of it, the law further provides that the American people, and
    future generation be taught about the Noahide Laws. Failure to take
    action will foster legal action.
    AA White

  5. #5 by Ingrid B on 03/18/2013 - 9:34

    How much money and power do they need?

    Let`s hope that common sense takes over, and that calm is restored to this planet of ours..

    Heard Beppe Grillo mentioned on CCTV..

  6. #6 by Eva F. on 03/18/2013 - 9:34

    Egeria and Max, I want to share with you another 2-cents of my thoughts concerning the coming riots in Greece, Italy , Spain, Portugal:
    I heard that Albania on the other side of the Adria has offered a new head- quarter in Albania near to the american Camp Bondsteel ( conveniently located in a Balkan country ) to the MEK.
    Albanias neighbour country Kroatia does everything Hell wants: delivering weapons to the Syrian opposition terror groups.
    So you have terrorist killers in place having been brought to southern Europe probably according to a plan.
    What do they plan ?

  7. #7 by Eva F. on 03/18/2013 - 9:34

    after listening to your program again, I want to add something concerning the EU.- The preconditions which were made by the socalled allies ( USA, UDSSR, France, Britain ) for the German Reunion were:
    1. acceptance of the Euro without asking the german populace. – All the other europaen peoples could vote- as frequently as they said ” yes “.

    2. Taking in the Russians of German descent
    3. Departure of the russian Jews to Germany or elsewhere.- A wild fight between the german jewish communities and Hell was the result.

    Most of the Germans want to get the stabile Deutsche Mark back.
    The transfair of population groups caused many problems ( f.e. financially ).

  8. #8 by Blake on 03/23/2013 - 9:34

    Thanks for keeping us up to date you guys. Nice to now what is happening in Italy/Europe too.

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