Bulgaria won’t push for Hezbollah blacklisting

Although official report linked Lebanese group to bombing that killed five Israeli tourists, Bulgarian interim PM says his country will not initiate EU procedure to declare Hezbollah a terror group

ed note–gee, wonder if the Bulgarian government found out that–like the 1994 bombing of the Jewish Community Center in Argentina–that it was not Hezbollah that perpetrated this act of terrorism, but rather Israel in yet another of her false flag attacks?


Bulgaria says it won’t initiate a push to declare Hezbollah a terror group after last summer’s bombing that killed five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver.

The government, however, says it will hand to its partners all evidence collected during the investigation into the attack. An official Bulgarian report last month said investigators had reasons to suggest the bombing suspects belonged to Hezbollah’s militant wing.

Marin Raykov, appointed interim prime minister pending elections in May, says his country

“will not initiate an EU procedure for blacklisting persons and organizations.”

Raykov made his remarks Friday during a farewell ceremony for the Lebanese ambassador, who pledged Lebanon’s full support for the investigation.

In the European Union, only the Netherlands lists Hezbollah as a terrorist group, while Britain blacklists its military wing.

  1. #1 by James on 03/30/2013 - 9:34

    Finally! A country that actually looks at the evidence and acts on it.

    Unfortunately, Bulgaria will soon be threatened because of their non-compliance so we shouldn’t be too shocked when they recant. Resistance is futile.

  2. #2 by annebeck58 on 03/30/2013 - 9:34

    Alright, Bulgaria!
    Someone HAS to stand up for what is RIGHT…, and false-flags are never right.
    I would love to see that evidence (I imagine it’s rife with mentions of Hezbollah, in the place of Zionists..) In actuality, I would have liked being there when it was collected, in order that truth would be out.

    SO much whitewashing and blacklisting.., and it’s generally done by you-know-who, or at the behest of, you-know-who. Seeing Bulgaria stand up for right is refreshing!

  3. #3 by Freemanontheland on 03/30/2013 - 9:34

    Israel is always responsible for “attacks” against itself. It’s what they do best.

  4. #4 by michael mazur on 03/31/2013 - 9:34

    Within the hour Ehud Barak was declaring Hezbollah as the culprit. There was no bomb, only pre positioned incendiaries along the length of the bus simultaneously ignited to very quickly engulf the whole of the bus to simulate a bomb blast, which it was not.

    The bus was empty; no driver and no passengers.

    The Israeli tourists who came out of the Burgas Air Terminal to board the waiting bus found it already alight. So, some of them were persuaded to lie down on the ambulance gurneys for the cameras, and were seen to be immaculate in clean uncrumpled clothing with nicely coiffed hair and no soot smudges either on skin or clothing.

    Unlike how they would have looked had they been pulled or had stumbled out of the burning or supposedly blast affected bus.

    It is claimed there were dead on the bus, then if so, of the non dead many would have been severely fire and blast and smoke affected because of proximity to those who allegedly died. No people on the gurneys looked at all affected by any of those injurious circumstances. Bemused looks, not of shock.

    Since that time there has been much sanitising of the images to make them fit the narrative.

    Some days later a solemn scene awaited news viewers; six (not five) caskets on the tarmac at Tel Aviv Airport with ‘distraught mourners’ in the foreground.

    These were empty. Rocks perhaps ?

    Around the cctv of a backpacker loitering in the foyer of Burgas Airport was built the narrative of a suicide bomber who had later entered the bus and blew himself up there just on entering, but who had not continued on down the aisle to the centre of the bus.

    Never had we been told whether the bus was full or half empty to explain why the alleged bomber had allegedly detonated the alleged device on entering rather than continuing down the aisle some before doing so.

    One of the later pictures of the bus showed the driver’s windscreen to have been partially stove in, not blasted out.

    When the alleged bomber’s driver’s licence was shown, we saw that he was living in a different US state to the one issuing the licence. Some US readers picked up on that saying that is not permitted, that you have to be domiciled in the licence issuing state.

    As that mock identity cratered, another was issued – the defect with which i don’t recall, and then a third, who could not be found and was thought to be making his way to London to bomb the London Olympics !

    Some weeks ago i was looking at the Burgas airport scene pictures of that day and saw an addition – a dissembodied leg lying amid blast detritus in a rough non descript looking context, not at all the clean lines of the bus area of Burgas airport.

    Yes, they’ll keep coming back to that initial narrative !

  5. #5 by WIDEAWAKE on 03/31/2013 - 9:34

    Bulgaria won’t push for Hezbollah blacklisting….coz everyone’s been paid and the official reports “linked Lebanese group to bombing” so let’s move on and concentrate on upcoming false flag shenanigans (quote: bibi)

  6. #6 by 1bigcree Shadowhawk on 03/31/2013 - 9:34

    The usual suspects once again caught red handed will try and do this again after much pressure is exerted on the Govt of Bulgaria to ‘forget about this unfortunate incident’ as the real perps are quickly sequestered away from view and ‘disappeared’.

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