Rabbis: Anti-Semitism stems from Gentiles’ envy of Jewish people


ed note–and this–amongst other reasons–is why the Jewish problem has been around for thousands of years. By virtue of their narcissistic religion and culture, they are not an introspective people who understand the law of cause and effect. Instead of ‘anti-Semitism’ being the product of their own obnoxious behavior, instead it is about ‘envy’.  The Christian church failed in its mission as an antibiotic to the infectious nature of Judaism in its refusal to classify this mindset for what it was/is–a form of mental illness. 


BELGRADE – Rabbis Aharon Leib Shteinman and Chaim Kanievsky, two of the ultra-Orthodox public’s most senior rabbis, are offering a religious explanation for the growing anti-Semitism in Europe, arguing that the polarization between the Jewish people and other nations is reinforced thanks to “Divine Providence” – in order to prevent mixed marriages.

In a letter sent to the participants of the Conference of European Rabbis, who are meeting in Belgrade this week, the two rabbis wrote that “getting close to gentiles is a sore evil, as we learn from their acts and – God forbid – eventually assimilate between them. When they get close, God separates between them by increasing the nations’ hatred.”

In a message to community rabbis, the two haredi leaders called on them to “Stress these issues in order to distinguish between the Jewish people and the world’s nations.”

The letter was read to the conference participants by its president, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, in one of the highlights of the Conference of European Rabbis, who view it as a personal guidance for dealing with Jews’ situation in the continent in light of the restrictions imposed on ritual slaughter and circumcision by the authorities and the increasing acts of anti-Semitism among the local population.

‘Hatred caused by jealousy’

Alongside the usual words of encouragement (“only by strengthening the study of Torah and observing its mitzvot we will be able to stand up to those seeking to harass us”), the two rabbis analyzed the causes of the persecutions and offered tactical ways for dealing with them.

“Even in places where the hatred is not expressed on the outside, when he sees a Jew who succeeds in what he does, he is jealous of him and his heart turns over to hate him,” they wrote. “And so the world’s nations, when they see the success of the Jewish people, they envy us and hate us – and that is the father of all reasons for anti-Semitism.”

The rabbis instruct the Jews, therefore, to practice modesty in “material issues” and not to act extravagantly – especially in times of financial crisis.
“In the places where we didn’t see such hatred, it was because their economic situation was good,” they explained, “but once their situation has taken a turn for the worse and they see the success of their Jewish neighbor, they are filled with hatred.”

Fight, but without ‘provoking nations’
And how should Jews react to expressions of anti-Semitism? “According to the guidance of Jacob,” Rabbis Shteinman and Kanievsky said, explaining that “Laban tried to uproot everything and take everything away from Jacob and uproot the foundations of the people of Israel, and yet he didn’t answer him aggressively but with refined language…

“Here too, when we encounter such a situation, we must try to explain using refined language, and not to provoke them.”

As for the “shechita decree,” they wrote that in some countries ritual slaughter had already been banned, and some were seeking to ban it – and how could Jews live in a place where they were not free to slaughter livestock for meat according to their faith?

“This entire decree is based on hatred and envy of the Jewish people,” the rabbis argued, “yet it is wrapped with false arguments about preventing cruelty to animals.”

They ruled that “for the essence of the shechita we must fight to that they don’t change even the most insignificant detail, God forbid.” They stressed, however, that their guidance to act moderately for tactical reasons applied to this issue as well.

“Plead with the countries’ leaders and try to persuade them to leave us alone and let us continue what we received from Moses, without the slightest deviation and without provoking the nations.”

Rabbi Goldschmidt noted that the Conference of European Rabbis’ decision to award the 2013 Lord Jakobovits Prize for European Jewry to German Chancellor Angela Merkel was done in this spirit, in a show of gratitude for her actions to allow circumcision in her country despite the hostile media and public atmosphere and with the hope that she will continue standing by the Jews during future times of crisis.

Goldschmidt said that Merkel was very happy to hear that she had been selected to receive the prestigious prize.

‘Hungarian Jews living in danger’
Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich briefed the members of the Conference of European Rabbis’ standing committee on the situation of anti-Semitism in Europe, focusing on Greece Hungary, where he said the phenomenon was only growing.

According to the rabbi, in those two countries anti-Semitism is not fueled by Muslim elements (as it is in countries like France and Sweden), which proves that it stems from pure hatred of Jews rather than a response to Israel’s policy in the territories.

Rabbi Bleich added that the Hungarian Jewry was being persecuted to such an extent that its members were afraid to talk about the situation of anti-Semitism or criticize the government on different matters.

“A Hungarian Jew was asked about it during a discussion in the US, and he said that everything was just fine,” he said. “It was really frightening hearing that.”

The rabbi added that some 100,000 members of the Jewish community in Hungary and thousands of Israeli students studying there were living in danger. He mentioned the drawing up of lists of prominent Jews, the attempt (which was thwarted at the last minute) to hold a provocative march on the eve of Holocaust Day under the title, “Give Gas,” and the decision to honor a person known for his anti-Semitic views with a prestigious national award.

As part of the three-day convention, the 40 participants – rabbis of European countries and major cities d senior religious judges in the continent – met with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and held a ceremony at the Semlin concentration camp in memory of the victims of the Holocaust of Yugoslavia’s Jews.

  1. #1 by Luciana on 04/24/2013 - 9:34

    It is all mental. They are envious of us. Beware of those who speak so evil of us who give praise and our faith grows stronger. These creatures with no names are the envious ones who like to point fingers, but they are slowly self-destructing themselves.

  2. #2 by Kevin K on 04/24/2013 - 9:34

    Oh yeah, That’s the reason.. LOL… Jews: Always playing the Victim.

  3. #3 by Ponce on 04/24/2013 - 9:34

    When will people learn to say “Zionist” instead of “Jew?”……..and “state of Israel” instead of “Israel”, even if it is also wrong to say state of Israel.

  4. #4 by annebeck58 on 04/24/2013 - 9:34

    YEAH,,, well.’
    I would rather be dirt-poor and have my sanity than have all the gold in the world and have the psychological problems of most members of that cult.
    Nobody hates Jews for being Jews, out of jealousy. We despise their acts against others, who all happen to be non-Jews. We’re also (many of us) quite ticked-off over their lies, for decades, about their hollow-cause.
    People get irritated when they realize they’ve been lied to so much and for so long. Who wants to give to a cause only to see the money’s gone into the pockets of those who broadcasted the problem? That IS the problem Jews now face; trying to save-face when so many in their cult ended up as thieves and liars, in our eyes.

    Maybe they should not have taken it quite so far..

  5. #5 by persnipoles on 04/24/2013 - 9:34

    In Young Frankenstein, Gene Wilder made friends with his monster by telling him “they … are …JEALOUS!” And it was hilarious to see the monster’s eyes just light up … then they got into show biz. (hhmmmmmm…).

    That scene (well, two scenes), to me, is what the *Race of Atomic Supermen* scene is to KJ.

  6. #6 by 1bigcree Shadowhawk on 04/24/2013 - 9:34

    They are quite deluded and mad with the constant noise of the voices in their collective heads telling them they are ‘Special’ and screaming for them to ‘Kill the Goys’ as ‘They are jealous of you for being my chosen flock!’ The fools really have gone too far in their reach. This small number of schemers, connivers, liars, thieves and dregs have made their own toxic bubble which has burst and now the fumes of their own stench have gone to what is left of their brain cells. To try and reason with them is an act of futility and can only result in being attacked as an ‘Anti Semite’, ‘Conspiracy Kook’, ‘Jew Hater’ or ‘Nazi Sympathizer!’. It would be really comic were they not so far gone and wrapped up in their delusions. Only they do not see their coming reckoning due to their massive state of denial and collective schizophrenia. We the sane people of this planet want our world back. A message to the stooge Angela Merkel: Get them out of your Country, Angela. You have kissed far too many kosher behinds. Get them out or we the Gentile Defense League, will be forced to do what you and your fellow sycophant ‘leaders’ have failed to do. And when the house cleaning begins, YOU will be among the first of the Enablers to be rounded up for a nice ride on the Kookie Truck along with the mad hatters you have so cravenly sucked up to.

  7. #7 by George on 04/24/2013 - 9:34

    Everyone wants to feel superior.Asians feel superior.The Germans were told they were the master race,though obviously not a race.Jews are not a race,just a mongrel mixture like most of the rest of us.There are even Asian jews and black jews.We all need to get over ourselves,especially the zionists and other such fanatics.

  8. #8 by mikael on 04/24/2013 - 9:34

    So a utterly morronic rabbitt, babbels about, what, envjuing “jews” a word invented in the late 1800, dear rabbitt.

    And to this evem more morronic and so far I am conserned, feed up with the constant whining and victimhood pimping, and when we know the Holohoxe story, the myth of 6 mill, witch was also invented in the late 1800, and printed thereby in the late 1800 for the first time.
    All this is verifiabley.

    No sole reason for this insane person and their druling intellegence, witch I am ripping appart at the present moment and as we know, even Eisntein is a scam and a copy cat as mutch of the so caled “jewish” intellegencia always have been, thiefs and criminals, in every aspect consivable and above all, the greates scam of them all, fractional banking, and intress.
    Ill give you credit for that, and its been an ongoing scam for half a millenium, and the stupid Goims are copletely and utterlu buttf….. and they like it, no wounder the Rabbitts are happy and can serve this kind of bullshitt, his right.

    Not that I dont care, to me, they are just the scum of this earth, a parrasittic religious belife, that have crossed into insanity and pure evil.
    And with a Goim so f….. stupid and covard, subbmissiv like a sadomacoistic person to the constant wipping, crumbling without spine, to the wurms you are.

    No wounder the sick f…. are bousting and bragging, wilsth buttf….. you.

    Thank heaven, I dont have anything to do, will never have anything to do, with the so caled “jewish race”(fake, its a religion, the Jews are infact slavic, the moust evil people on this earth).
    Dont mix, zionist with Jews, no f…. this is a word play, and I dont give a f…. about that any more, ist a divertion from the fact that most of the f…. like slaughtering Palestinians(semitts), and have done so since the day this terrorstate invented its self in 1947.

    So jew, you are the scum of the earth, every day we all see the ections of the scum of this earth, everyday we gett more and more insane war rethoric and druling about genosides and ethnic cleansing, and stil you, the scum of the earh DEMANDS that we consider you, the scum of the earth, as THE victim.



    free Palestina

  9. #9 by annebeck58 on 04/24/2013 - 9:34

    So, Mikael, tell us how you REALLY feel!
    No, I get it. I feel the same; sick of being told, essentially, they are the, “master race” (though they are not a race, anyhow.) What they are seeing as jealousy is anger over being lied to for decades. Maybe, if they’d comprehend that, they could make some changes (like STOP LYING!)
    But, that’s not gonna happen. And they will still see us as, “jealous”, stupidly.

  10. #10 by Bob on 04/24/2013 - 9:34

    Jealous? No, not jealous but more like rightfully outraged. Not at their “success”, but in how they have attained it and at whose expense. Probably the biggest weakness amongst Jews is that too many of them believe their own propaganda.

    They claim that their “success” is because they are just “smarter and better” than goys…but this is nonsense with no basis in reality. If you google “IQ by nationality” you will see that Israelis actually have a below average IQ of 94. This ranks 34th in the world behind Uraguay.


    The average IQ in the US is 98 by comparison. The Jews will of course claim that Ashkenazi Jews have a much higher IQ…well it is true that they do have an above average IQ, if you only count Ashkenazi Jews IN THE USA where they do score higher on IQ tests but this is mostly due to their higher level of education. If you cherry pick any Northern European White people with the same level of education you will see that their IQ scores are also higher, and as good or better than Ashkenazi Jews.

    Even if you accepted the argument that Jews have a higher IQ and are more intelligent (they don’t and aren’t) it still would not explain their “success” because there would still be far more gentiles who have higher IQ’s than Jews.

    Then the Jews will almost always turn and point to the high number of Nobel prize winners who are Jewish. This too is a ridiculous argument which is easily refuted by simply looking at the historical record of Nobel prize winners. If you look, what you will see is that prior to WWII, Jews won the Nobel prize in numbers roughly commensurate with their percentage of the Western world’s population (the Nobel prize is definitely a Western oriented body and the prizes are not “won” by competition, but awarded by a panel). It was only AFTER WWII, when Jewish power rose to dominate the Western world that Jews began to win an inordinate number of Nobel prizes. The reason is quite obvious….

    No the true secrets to Jewish success are their tribal networking and their control of currencies through their system of global finance based upon usury. My own experience in life teaches me success in any business is a function of two variables (this assumes technical competence in your field), one is luck and the other money. The more of one you have the less of the other required. If you start a new business venture, if you have enough money behind you, then ultimately you will be successful. In the case of Jewry, they have virtually unlimited amounts of currency behind them and hence they will eventually be successful in any business venture they wish to enter into. When you combine this control of currencies and access to virtually unlimited funds with their tribal networking you have a group who will eventually come to dominate any particular industry they choose to enter into because they will displace all others from that industry over time. This is why the NY stock exchange is nearly universally Jewish, it is why the international banking industry is overwhelmingly Jewish, why the mass media in the US and UK are almost exclusively Jewish.

    This is why people come to hate Jews….not because they are successful, but because they utilize these methods to dominate and exploit gentiles. This is the true root cause of anti-Semitism, not some obscure genetic defect common to all goyim. It is the actions of organized Jewry that lead people to loathe and eventually to resist Jewish power. Of course your average Jew indoctrinated into the organized Jewry will always ascribe anti-Jewish sentiment to “racism” or some mysterious sickness of the gentile mind, but will never see it as a natural and justified reaction to the activities of organized Jewry.

  11. #11 by Mandrake on 04/25/2013 - 9:34

    In the 1st Century AD, the Roman Jewish propagandist Titus Flavius Josephus (Josef ben Maitiyahu) wrote the following about Manetho, an Egyptian theologian and historian of the 3rd Century BC:-

    “This writer [Manetho], who had undertaken to translate [into Greek] the history of Egypt from the sacred books [of Heliopolis], began by stating that our ancestors came against Egypt with many tens of thousands and gained mastery over the inhabitants; and then he himself admitted that at a later date again they were driven out of the country, occupied what is now Judaea, founded Jerusalem, and built the temple. Up to this point he followed the chronicles; thereafter, by offering to record the legends and current talk about the Jews [Gk. Youdaion], he took the liberty of interpolating improbable tales in his desire to confuse us with a crowd of Egyptians, who for leprosy and other maladies had been condemned, he says, to banishment from Egypt.”

    Josephus, ‘Contra Apionem’, I.

    We must be grateful to Josephus for recording the content of Manetho’s works because, by the end of the 1st Century AD, every copy of every one of Manetho’s eight books had been burned.

    Manetho’s greatest crime against the Jews was to have dated the foundation of Egypt some 50,000 years before ‘Creation’, another fact which is available to us only because Jewish and Christian fanatics have sought to ‘prove’ that Manetho was lying while everywhere burning his books, which had previously been widely circulated and highly respected.

  12. #12 by Steven on 04/25/2013 - 9:34

    No! Anti Semitism is caused by contempt for semitic crimes against gentiles especially white european gentiles… In the past jews and muslims were not driven out of european countries for sport or anything like that. They were driven out because they are heretical criminal invaders and racial enemies of europeans and enemies of christianity. When ever we let our guard down and become tolerant our semitic enemies always abuse our mercy and tolerance in order to commit religious, financial and political crimes against us as they are currently doing today.

  13. #13 by Le Brebis Galleux Blog on 04/25/2013 - 9:34

    le peuple juif a une dimension maudite !

  14. #14 by mothman777 on 04/25/2013 - 9:34

    Antisemitism stems mainly (apart from usury and slave-trading) from Gentile children suffering hundreds of years of ritual kidnapping and torturing to death, including exsanguination and bizarre genital and other piercing.

    Numerous documented cases of this form of sick black magic were the true cause of Gentile nations making the Jews leave their countries, and the Jewish rabbis have stated quite literally that the massive influx of other races into western, predominantly Caucasian nations, is a form of revenge for the diaspora, in which the Jews found themselves, horror of horrors, living amongst black people, white people and Asian people, satanic demons from hell no less in their eyes, quite literally.

    How awful that must have been for the poor Jews eh? So now, within the last 50 years or so, their Jewish politicians have increased the percentage of non-white races in England and America from 5% to 35%, and that is done intentionally to obliterate the individual racial genomes of all other races, literally as an act of warfare, whilst the Jews themselves control the process and ensure that they themselves do not interbreed with other races for the main part, expect for a few ‘stupid’ individual Jews who just don’t get it, so end up marrying other races, but those foolish Jews are extremely few in number, and you can see the true attitude of Jews toward black people for instance when you see the absolutely inhumane way they abuse black people in Israel.

    It is great to have people of other races living amongst us, don’t get me wrong, but not in such immense waves and numbers so as to completely submerge cultures of whole countries, and the Jews playing genetic games with us, as if they are a bunch of dog breeders, with us being the dogs, is not good at all.

    I have vast evidence of scores of cases in several countries for many hundreds of years, up to the present day, of Jews kidnapping Gentile children and torturing them to death very slowly, with genital mutilation and blood rituals in black magic rituals, for that is what the Jewish religion does, as a psychotic criminal terrorist cult involved in manipulating people with occult forces.

    That is why everyone got so sicked off with the dirty fuckers.They should all be castrated, never mind circumcised, and then lobotomized, and that is being nice to them, seeing as how they would still live.

    Don’t forget how they lobotomize Gentiles with fluoride, not only in water and toothpaste, but hidden in horrendous amounts in food, 750-900 ppm fluoride in dried egg powder, just under 90,000 ppm fluoride in instant dried tea powder (in the USA, the land of the ‘free’).

    See the effects of fluoride-based anti-depressants, by researcher Jim Stone, who found out that those ‘medications’ actually ossify parts of the brain, leaving the same amount of brain damage as would occur from having had a pre-frontal surgical lobotomy in both hemispheres of the brain, and consider how many people you know who have used Prozac, etc.; they are now all permanently brain-damaged, through chemical surgery by Jewish-owned and controlled pharmaceutical companies.

    The Chief Rabbi of France, Rabbi Reichorn, stated at the funeral of a prominent rabbi in 1859: “Wars are the Jews’ harvest. With them we kill off the Christians and gain control of their gold. We have already killed 100-million of them, and the end is not yet!” Count up all the war dead and mutilated in the years since then.

    We can thus do without the entire Jewish genome. If you think that is racist, then consider this, that they have already decided to do away with the entire genomes of all other races permanently, and have embarked long ago on a program of annihilating all other races. People have been collectively hypnotized, to simply not understand what “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed” (Talmud) actually means, and think it would be wrong to stop the Jews, but their psychotic terrorist cult manuals the Talmud and Torah, state that all Gentiles are to be exterminated.

    When the Jewish messiah returns, according to the Jewish ‘religion’, all Gentiles will be exterminated from the face of the earth, and their souls sent to dwell in hell under the Angel Duma. That is the real Jewish religion, in case you did not know it. Just as the Jews declare themselves God, and then give themselves collective permission, as God, to found the state of Israel, so Chabad Lubavitcher loony Rabbi Schneerson, declared himself to be the long-awaited Messiah, and his followers await his reincarnation as the Messiah when he is born again, and it is certainly the case that the Jews are already engaging, and have been for centuries at least, in carrying out this ‘great work’ of extermination of Gentiles from this Earth, in readiness for the Messiah, who will complete the process.

    Do we need a defective, in-bred bunch of mutants, obsessed with killing all other life on the planet, to be preserved at all costs, out of some misgiven sense of humanitarian concern?

    No we certainly don’t, unless we are suicidal self-hating golem men of clay robots already, accepting our programming by the Jews to kill each other and ourselves for their twisted pleasure. For that is what all the biggest wars are the result of; mental programming by the Jews.

    Lets face it, if we insist on saving the 15 million or so (more like 250-300 million) Jews, they will have no qualms whatsoever about fulfilling the Talmudic edict “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed”.

    For them, we are quite literally demons from hell, polluting this Earth, which is intended to be theirs alone, so it is a sacred act of atonement with their “God” to kill every single Gentile on the face of the entire planet. Only then can all sin and evil be banished from the planet, as the Jews sincerely believe that all sin and evil is embodied entirely within all gentile souls alone, and not within the Jewish souls, as Gentile souls are considered by them quite literally to be only a form of satanic excrement from hell, left over from the creation process, whereas Jewish souls are eternally pure and sinless, occasionally becoming polluted with sinful desires caused by association with polluting demonic Gentiles.

    In a grandiose form of acute schizophrenia, Jews consider themselves uniquely and entirely made by God, and that their every thought, word and deed is as pure, good and holy as God Himself. They consider that all Jews will be able to return to perfect, unpolluted Godliness, only when all Gentiles have been physically annihilated, and their souls sent back to hell, where the Jews say that the Gentiles originated from, and where the Jews believe that the Gentiles belong eternally. Understanding this is the key to understanding the neurotic Jewish mindset where they avoid all association with ‘unclean’ Gentiles. It is central to their mental illness. That is what all those Chabad Lubavitcher rabbis are up to when you see them hovering round the most powerful politicians on the planet, arranging to stage more ‘wars’ etc. to exterminate us all, and ‘cleanse’ the planet. It is happening, don’t doubt it. Unless each of us spreads this awareness and thus does something to stop Jews attaining positions of power and influence, they will carry on accomplishing all their goals.

    “If my boys did not want wars, there would be none.” ~ Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschilds wife.

    So let those fuckers also be made to disappear, permanently, after one last generation, but by gentler methods than they themselves use on us, by sterilization for instance. Jew bastard Bill Gates has no problem getting away with openly stating he intends to reduce the world population by ONE BILLION (non-Jews) WELL, I THINK WE CAN REDUCE THE WORLD POPULATION BUY A FEW MILLION JEWS! That is vastly fewer than the number that the racist Jew and his Jewish cronies intend to waste. For we are not demonic scum, like them, but gentlemen.

    Their own rabbis stated in 1950 how the white race ‘our worst enemy’ would be no more in 50 years time, due to racial mixing being enforced on other countries around the world. Their Samson Option threatens to annihilate all other countries and peoples on the face of the globe, using atomic and nuclear weapons that only Jews invented, for that very terrorist genocidal purpose.

    The Jews are sterilizing and physically exterminating countless millions more than the number of the Jewish people themselves, and have in fact done so many times over already over the past few centuries, so let their own intent towards us, of eradication of entire races, be reflected back upon themselves, but in a more humane manner than the vile methods of undeclared sterilization by vaccines, and extermination by purposely arranged wars, that they use to annihilate us, where Gentiles are made to kill Gentile by wars arranged by deception.

    Bill Gates has no problem openly stating, as a Jew, how he intends to ‘reduce’ the world population by ONE BILLION using vaccinations and ‘family planning’, but he will never be doing that to Jews, just us Gentile ‘demons from hell’, that the Jewish ‘scriptures’ state must all be killed and sent back to hell.

    See ‘Mothman777’s Blog’ for verification of all these facts.

  15. #15 by mothman777 on 04/27/2013 - 9:34

    In a world where 2.8 billion people on this planet struggle to survive on less than $2 a day, and more than one billion people lack reasonable access to safe drinking water, with minimal consumption of the worlds natural resources, living a very basic material lifestyle, many in simple spiritual-based agrarian cultures, against whom this racist supremacist Jewish genocidal agenda is being directed, using the means of the countries they control, like the UK and USA, the hypocrisy is obvious, when by instead reducing the number of those who consume the most, who sometimes consume as much as 75 times more than those residing in the poorest nations on average, the same ‘saving of resources’ can be achieved.

    The entire notion is racist, because the programs of population reduction orchestrated by Jewish politicians and wealthy ‘philanthropist’ Jews, are only directed against non-Jews, and who is to say that the life of an Indian or a Pakistani, or African is inconsequential in comparison to a Jew? The Jews themselves, obviously, and we don’t get to have a voice in the matter. They kill the white people too by arranging needless wars for them, such as WWI and WWII. All wars today are completely needless. See Michael Rivero’s most excellent: ‘All Wars Are Bankers Wars’.

    Being alive is certainly not inconsequential to Africans and Asians, it is all they have got, their very lives, and they are all here in this world justifiably to continue developing their understandings of how to progress spiritually, just as all beings are, so why should only the journeys of life of non-Jews be curtailed, so that the wealthy Jews at the top can steal the resources of the poorer nations?

    The wealthy Jews who control the western nations, inflicting this genocidal campaign, steal the resources of poorer, defenceless nations, rather than allowing those people in those poorer nations to keep those resources themselves for their future generations, which is a major crime against humanity, and an act of warfare as much as bombing those countries would be.

    Those resources belong to those peoples, and not to other people, and killing those peoples is most certainly not a justifiable or moral means of acquiring those resources, no matter how such murderous activity is cloaked under the veil of philanthropy, and neither is there any real need to take the resources of those other peoples at all. To kill those peoples under the pretense that it is to save their resources for future generations of their own peoples is surely some sick kind of Jewish chutzpah.

    Remember that around 50% of all food produced today is simply destroyed in price-fixing schemes, through logistics problems, or controlled famines, or senseless European CAP and fishery policies which dictate the continuous destruction of vast amounts of produce in certain circumstances.

    The deliberate development of toxic GM crops that have virtually zero nutritive quality and disease-causing dysregulative GM miRNA that is not compatible with our own DNA, which will cause significant organ dysfunction in large enough amounts, is another genocidal Jewish weapon.

    Death already occurs in cows in India due to massive organ failure, who die within one week of eating GM cotton plants left after the cotton bols are harvested.

    The natural miRNA in food plants and animals normally regulates the function of their DNA and our DNA perfectly, alongside the miRNA in our own bodies, in all who eat such food, as the non-GM miRNA in those foods normally controls how organs function, working in a cross-species manner, in such a manner that whatever we eat contains living, functioning miRNA from plants and animals, which is normally compatible with our own miRNA and DNA and organ functions, and assists with the functioning of our own bodily organs.

    When non-compatible GM miRNA becomes increasingly introduced into the human diet, the disease rate will spiral out of control, as it is intended to do by the genocidal Jewish companies and politicians who are putting out this genocidal GM crap to gradually sterilize and kill any Gentiles who are ill-educated or stupid enough to eat it. The vast majority of Jews themselves will be clued-up and wise enough to avoid GM food like the plague, you will find, whilst their peers force it on all us Gentiles by Law.

    The chief ‘scientist’ of racist British Prime Minister David Cameron, recently stated that GM food should now be introduced to Britain. David Cameron publicly stated on television at election time some years ago; “I will empower UK Jews” (no other people is fit enough to be in positions of influence and authority in the UK evidently, as far as he is concerned, coming from an old Jewish banking family, and he STILL got elected!).

    To kill one billion of those people, in order for other people to have their resources in the future, is a major war crime of staggering proportions. It is not for the ‘benefit’ of the people living in those poorer nations; it is purely for the benefit for those wealthy few, the Jews at the top of the countries who wish to rob the resources of those poorer peoples, with extreme violence and murder.

    The parasites at the helm of the Jewish-controlled countries have no justification, or genuine need to commandeer the resources of those other nations and peoples at such terrible cost. If we argue that the world population must be reduced, where is the justification based on resources? It is, after all, only those rich, western, Jew-controlled countries doing the vast majority of the consuming and invading and stealing from other countries who have much lower per capita incomes and rates of consumption of the worlds resources. The real issue is based on pure obsessive greed. Everything in the entire world belongs to the Jews, and not to their Goyim slaves, the Jewish scriptures tell them so.

    The dead do not benefit at all from ‘saving’ (robbing by murdering the rightful owners of) these resources, and only the Jews will be left standing at the completion of their agendas for the wealthier nations under their control who often consume several dozen times as much per capita.

    If the population reduction agenda is to save resources, then let us instead more rightly, as death has become the means introduced by the Jews to address this issue, use that same means to penalize those who are the principal offenders, who waste resources through needless and excessive greed. That necessarily means the wealthiest people, and at the very top of that list come the Jews, who must surely consume more resources per capita than any other people on this entire planet.

    Communist Engels, said that blacks should be eradicated and swept from the Earth, and Bill Gates is obviously following this same ancient and deadly agenda with neurotic obsession.

    Seeing as the drive for miscegenation that is forcibly imposed on the Gentile nations under Jewish control tells us that we are ‘all the same’, then surely, the Jews themselves must be made to become part of those who are ‘all the same’ and must fill the first part of the quota of one billion, after all, we are all equal, right?

    The problem is lack of spiritual appreciation that ultimately, we are all of the exact same quality as eternal spirit souls, no matter what species of being or colour skin of human being that we are in, and that we are all expansions of the same nameless God, who I nonetheless refer to as Krishna, that term being a form of address, as well as being a description of the unique attribute which that Supreme Being alone can possess, of being the most attractive Being throughout all of infinity, due both to personal beauty and due to the sheer vastness of the spatial magnitude of that Being, which no other Being can possess, embracing all others, and attracting their attention more than any other being throughout the entire cosmos.

    When people who lack genuine spiritual understanding, especially those who maintain the mental disease of the Abrahamic belief systems, that justify all others being tortured in inconceivable agony, without cessation for all eternity, the result in this world can only be a reflection of that same callousness and insane hatred and sadism even now, in this material life. Those people are mentally and spiritually ill, and until those faiths are renounced as the diseases they are, humanity will remain in the dark ages of absolute savagery.

    The Jews are the origin of all the demonic Abrahamic religions. See how Christianity is a Jewish psy-op to get the Gentiles to terrify themselves into submission to serve the Jews by scaring themselves witless through fear of non-existent eternal flames in hell. ‘Jesus’ (he never really existed, being merely a literary invention for political purposes – see ‘The Diegesis’ by Rev Taylor, 1829) only ever came to save the Jews. Read of how Jesus has nothing whatsoever to do with Gentiles in Hugh Fogelman’s ‘MISSIONARIES – They Do Not Know What They Are Doing’.

    The original Bible in Latin, unreadable by the uneducated believers, never contained any instruction by Jesus except to go only to the Jews, and to avoid the Gentiles and the Samaritans, and the original Bible never contained any instructions to the disciples to go to the Gentiles or Samaritans, further fake instructions being added in later years to do that, to make Jesus falsely appear as a saviour for the Gentiles, there having been over twenty different church councils to alter the Bible scriptures over the centuries to trick people further once the Bible was translated, by Tyndale (who was garrotted and had his body burned in recognition of his obviously unappreciated ‘great service’ in revealing the true nature of the Bible when he rendered it into the English language for all to read.

    It must then have been blatantly apparent to all who read that first version of the Bible in English,
    that it was a book which was suckering people into unwittingly kow-towing to a completely alien and deadly hostile religion, to cause them to unwittingly serve the Jews, with the Schofield Bible centuries later being a further development on this continuous theme of corrupt manipulation of the simple-minded and vulnerable.

    Imagine what Christians must have felt when they first read how Jesus told his disciples never to preach to Gentiles or Samaritans, it would have completely contradicted everything they had previously been told to believe in by their Jewish agent Latin-reading priests, so Tyndale had to die, and the Bible be re-written.

    The history of Jewish domination in British politics goes way back to 1066, when the Normans invaded, and brought their Jewish bankers to inflict usury and fractional reserve banking on their slave subjects in England, the agreement being that the spoils from the fraud would be split 50:50 with the King. Only the Jewish bankers rapidly intermarried and became the royals, that is why all American presidents have substantial Jewish and royal blood in them, with the USA being merely a British-owned company name of the nation that should more properly be known only as America.

    Hare Krishna.

  16. #16 by Carlos on 11/07/2013 - 9:34

    If jews can not see antisemitism is as resilient as judaism, it started with the Pharals, they are nuts. If they believe the Holocaust and its remembrance will protect them they are nuts; the guilt (feelinc bad about whatever) can just as intensely against the guilt inducers. Unless Jews learn to live like the advanced societies of the world, or most countries for that matter, they will ALWAYS end up discriminated, hated, killed, expelled. History proves that, the rest is commentary.

    Will jews be able to evolve in that direction? Douptful as long as worldly success now prevails over life of current and future jews. Of course it is great to produce an einstein or a bob dylan but the price paid historically is inhuman and unnecessary for human society at large as certainly an einstein and a bob dylan will also be produced by non jews, as history shows human kind did not need jews to advance as all radical advances of human kind were brought about by non jewish societies and will always be so.

  17. #17 by bigcree1That on 11/07/2013 - 9:34

    I prefer a Nikola Tesla and a Jimi Hendrix over an Einstein and a Bob Dylan ANY day!
    These two were non jews and left us with many things we still use and enjoy today! Free Energy and the know how in producing it. AC Current, Polyphase Motors, Robotics, even Radio and Neon Lights! Then who would argue with the greatest guitarist of our era? He left volumes of great music with a message or world peace. BOTH of these left that message and lived their lives in that direction with real dedication. BOTH men (Tesla & Hendrix) had a massive following and both are revered to this day as greats! Forget about the plagiarist and Zionist Einstein who left 0 patents and no real legacy to speak of sans the overrated Theory of mass & the speed of light which he even admitted needed a lot more work! Bib Dylan and his sour voice make my ears hurt!

  18. #18 by bigcree1That on 11/07/2013 - 9:34

    Typo on ‘Bob Dylan’ aka Zimmerman the Zionist jew who ‘Sold his soul to the devil”.

  19. #19 by joe can on 07/28/2015 - 9:34

    I just do not like Jews and Asians. They are basically the same type of personality/character.

  20. #20 by Nebuchadnezzar on 03/21/2017 - 9:34

    As a Gentile Child of Abraham, through Christ, I can say that Us Gentiles do not hate Jews simply for thinking they are better than us or that they are Chosen by GOd. For indeed they are the race GOd chose to manifest Himself through; But because they knowing Jehovah Elohim, refuse to be his children. They choose to live in Sin, and live according to this world, gaining worldly power and influence. Maneuvering. As a Christian I can say that I dislike them, because unless they are of the remnant and Messianic in Belief, they are simply like any other gentile, being prideful instead of priests, Being so secular in nature and then having the audacity to claim they are followers of Jehovah. I also dislike them for trampling on the Son of GOD in media, as is evidenced in such shows as in “Curb your enthusiasm” or in some of Sarah Silverman’s stand up routine. So we hate; them, whom have refused to believe in “HIM whom GOD has sent”; and thereby, have made themselves like the rest of the nations, while claiming to be superior, yet it is in that superiority and senseless identity that they have made themselves equal to any other Goyim Unbeliever, and in consequence have made themselves Children of the Devil.

    1st john 2:16 “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world.”

  21. #21 by mothman777 on 03/21/2017 - 9:34

    @ Nebuchadnezzar

    I thought that you people, who think that you are the real Jews, who claim to be worshippers of Jesus (who also spoke against Gentiles, see ‘Missionaries, They Do Not Know What They Are Doing’ by Hugh Fogelman), were supposed to love your enemies, like it also says in the Bible, what a surprise it is to read that you are actually instructed to hate the Gentiles. You and your silly brainwashed fake tribe are not much good to the rest of us then, are you?

    I presume that you and your idiot tribe intend to take over the current position of those we currently think are the Jews, those Jewish people living in Israel and elsewhere, and that you also intend to eventually send all of us Gentiles, we Goyim, whom you ‘hate’, to hell for all eternity, as the Jewish scriptures and Jewish rabbis also intend.

    Where else will you be sending all Gentiles, those whom you insanely think are ‘children of the Devil’? Your mumbo jumbo rubbish is not the slightest bit better than that of the current Jewish Israelis and other Jews worldwide.

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