Employee found guilty of $57 million Shoah restitution fraud


Claims Conference worker and ringleader Semen Domnister and dozens others falsified applications for German funds

Times of Israel

Semen Domnitser, the former Claims Conference employee who was charged with leading a $57 million fraud scheme at the Holocaust restitution organization, was found guilty.

Domnitser and two others, Oksana Romalis and Luba Kramrish, were found guilty on all counts Wednesday by a US District Court jury in Manhattan. Their trial lasted four weeks.

Twenty-eight others charged in the fraud scheme had pleaded guilty.

“To have it all come to closure is extraordinarily important,” Greg Schneider, the executive vice president of the Claims Conference, told JTA. “We’re obviously very happy that justice has been served, but focus on the needs of Holocaust survivors has always been our main priority.”

The fraud was discovered in 2009 and dated back to 1993. It involved falsifying applications to the Hardship Fund, an account established by the German government to provide one-time payments of approximately $3,360 to those who fled the Nazis as they moved east through Germany, and the Article 2 Fund, through which the German government gives pension payments of approximately $411 per month to needy Nazi victims who spent significant time in a concentration camp, in a Jewish ghetto in hiding or living under a false identity to avoid the Nazis.

Jury deliberations Wednesday took just a few hours.

“With the verdicts against these three defendants, all 31 people who played roles in the theft of $57 million intended to benefit victims of the Nazi genocide – one of the darkest chapters in all human history – have been convicted,” U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement. “We said we would not stop until we brought to justice those who committed these unthinkable crimes and today our objective was accomplished.”

  1. #1 by Luciana on 05/09/2013 - 9:34

    Jesus Christ is committed to bringing justice to those who commit unthinkable crimes.

    They are stealing from each other, what better way to see them go down. This is nothing new. I encourage it, keep stealing and go broke. How many jews actually live on the poverty line? They are “beggars”.

  2. #2 by Das Schwarze Korps on 05/09/2013 - 9:34

    So…are all the “survivors” guilty?

  3. #3 by Bill on 05/09/2013 - 9:34

    So, what’s the sentence going to be? What’re they looking at? What’ll they get?

  4. #4 by annebeck58 on 05/09/2013 - 9:34

    Well, I think this happens all the time, anyway.
    Just research most of the stories of hardship during WWII and I think one has to note that most have been completely made-up or embellished to garner more monies from the multiple funds set-up. When, on earth, will this end?
    Seriously; everyone has been through rough times. Is everyone looking for a pay-off, or is it only certain folk contemplating same?

    Funny, too, that they found a handful who’d ripped off the, “fund”. Like I said, let’s go back and check ALL of them. I’d say the rip-off is a lot more usual than would it be unusual.
    and we STILL pay for this tripe?

    It’s too much.

  5. #5 by annebeck58 on 05/09/2013 - 9:34

    Bill; they’ll probably have to remimburse the “fund” to the tune of one-cent (or a half-cent) on the dollar. And, they will most likely receive some sort of house-arrest, so they can earn money and make those payments.
    The saddest thing is this: we are ALL paying for their Shoah-Fund, by paying a kosher-tax on just about every food product we purchase. Now, that ticks me off, and it’s not only that I am an atheist that it angers me. I’m sick to death of US paying for Israelis to live, via our tax-dollars, as well as via kosher-tax dollars.
    When will there be a Gentile-tax added to foodstuffs?

    Here’s a hint for everyone; buy FRESH foods, when you can. Please, if you see 729 at the beginning of the barcode (and DO LOOK), leave it on the shelf. When you purchase foods and shampoos, soaps, etc.., look for that star of David or the little (TEENY) circle with the U or K in the center. If it’s there, put it back. Do without~

  6. #6 by 1bigcree Shadowhawk on 05/10/2013 - 9:34

    The ‘Teeny’ circle with the U = Unorthodox Rabbinate
    And of course the K in same ‘TEENY’ circle = Kosher.
    Yes Anne! Since when does dishsoap and aluminum foil become Kosher?
    Racketeering is as old as prostitution with the supremacist Jew. This particular story is one of many. They have no honor and stoop to any low in scamming off of whomever and whatever they can. And when ‘they’ are caught it is either brought under ‘their’ CONtrol via the Criminal JUST US ‘System’ replete with Jewish Judges, Lawyers and Plaintiffs. OR it is swept under the proverbial carpet to be sequestered away from inquiring minds and peering eyes. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a prime example of their trickery. It is run and operated by supremacist Jewry from top to bottom and flush with cash; so amply provided by the Mossad and ‘israel’. The ACLU and ADL all run by same supremacist Jews as to CONtrol the outcome of all situations with CONtingencie$ on the shelf of their Hegellian Playbook. As for the Police and other Law Enforcement entities in the U.S. and Canada; the free junkets to ‘ israel’ are funded by the same Jewish banking Cabal as their ‘Training’ there which is brought back to be executed upon the unwitting populace(s). Suffice it to the only ‘Justice being served’ here is Jewish. ‘They’ care not how it effects others.

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