‘I didn’t think of Iraqis as humans,’ says U.S. soldier who raped 14-year-old girl before killing her and her family

Steven Green, pictured in April 2009, is serving five life sentences for rape and murder in Iraq. He has launched appeal but doesn't have 'much hope' of ever being freed

ed note–but remember, events like what just took place in Woolwich, England are the result of ‘immee-grayshun’ and the ‘violent tenets of Islam, and NOT because of what white soldiers from white countries are doing to brown skinned Muslims in their own countries.


An Iraq War veteran serving five life terms for raping and killing a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and killing her parents and sister says he didn’t think of Iraqi civilians as humans after being exposed to extreme warzone violence.

Steven Green, a former 101st Airborne soldier, in his first interview since the 2006 killings, claimed that his crimes were fuelled in part by experiences in Iraq’s violent ‘Triangle of Death’ where two of his sergeants were gunned down.

He also cited a lack of leadership and help from the Army.

‘I was crazy,’ Green said in the exclusive telephone interview from federal prison in Tucson, Arizona. ‘I was just all the way out there. I didn’t think I was going to live.’

Green talked about what led up to the March 12, 2006, attack on a family near Mahmoudiya, Iraq, that left him serving five consecutive life sentences.

The former soldier, who apologised at sentencing for his crimes, said he wasn’t seeking sympathy nor trying to justify his actions – killings prosecutors described at trial in 2009 as one of the worst crimes of the Iraq war.

But Green said people should know his actions were a consequence of his circumstances in a war zone.

‘If I hadn’t ever been in Iraq, I wouldn’t be in the kind of trouble I’m in now,’ Green said. ‘I’m not happy about that.’

Green was discharged with a ‘personality disorder’ before federal charges were brought against him. 

Prosecutors sought a death sentence, but a federal jury in Paducah, Kentucky, opted for five life sentences on charges including the rape and murder of 14-year-old Abeer Qassim Al-Janabi and the shooting deaths of her mother, father and younger sister.

Four other soldiers were convicted in military court for various roles in the attack. Three remain in military prison.

Green is challenging the Military Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Act, which allows the federal government to charge an American in civilian court for alleged crimes committed overseas. He was the first former soldier convicted under the statute. The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has scheduled arguments for January 21.

Green is challenging the constitutionality of that law, saying it gives the executive branch too much leeway over whom to prosecute. Prosecutors say the law should be upheld.

‘I’ve got some hope, but I’m not delusional about it,’ said Green, now 25. ‘I hope it works. But, whenever they give you multiple life sentences, they’re not planning on letting you out.’

Green didn’t testify at trial. During sentencing, he apologized and said he expects to face ‘God’s justice’ when he dies.


Abeer Qassim al-Janabi, Green's 14-year-old victim, whose parents and sister were also murdered in the attack. Green said deaths of two of his colleagues had 'messed him up real bad'Abeer Qassim al-Janabi, Green’s 14-year-old victim, whose parents and sister were also murdered in the attack. Green said deaths of two of his colleagues had ‘messed him up real bad’

A 19-year-old high school dropout from Midland, Texas, Green joined the Army after obtaining his high school equivalency diploma from a correspondence school. 

He said signing up was easy, born of a sense of duty to defend his country and the opportunities that offered.

‘I thought I’d be neglecting my duty if I didn’t,’ Green said. ‘You’ve got a career, you’ve got a job. It gives you opportunities to do things with your life.’

The military placed Green with the Fort Campbell-based 101st Airborne. Upon arriving in Iraq, Green said, his training to kill, the rampant violence and derogatory comments by other soldiers against Iraqis served to dehumanise that country’s civilian population.

A turning point came on December 10, 2005, Green said, when a previously friendly Iraqi approached a traffic checkpoint and opened fire.

The shots killed Staff Sgt. Travis L. Nelson, 41, instantly. Sgt. Kenith Casica, 32, was hit in the throat. Casica died as soldiers raced him aboard a Humvee to a field hospital.

Green said those deaths ‘messed me up real bad.’ 

The deaths intensified Green’s feelings toward all Iraqis, whom soldiers often called by a derogatory term. ‘There’s not a word that would describe how much I hated these people,’ Green said. ‘I wasn’t thinking these people were humans.’


Neighbour Hussein Mohammed points to the charred and blood-splattered crime scene where the killings took place in Mahmoudiya, IraqNeighbour Hussein Mohammed points to the charred and blood-splattered crime scene where the killings took place in Mahmoudiya, Iraq

Over the next four months, Green sought help from a military stress counsellor, obtaining small doses of a mood-regulating drug – and a directive to get some sleep before returning to his checkpoint south of Baghdad.

In the interview, Green described alcohol and drugs being prevalent at the checkpoint. Green said soldiers there frequently felt abandoned by the Army and were given little support after the deaths of Casica and Nelson.

Spc. James P. Barker of Fresno, California, testified that he pitched the idea of going to the al-Janabi family’s home to Sgt. Paul E. Cortez of Barstow, California, who was in charge of the traffic checkpoint. 

Scene of the attack in Al Mahmoudiya on the outsikirts of BaghdadScene of the attack in Al Mahmoudiya on the outsikirts of Baghdad

Green, who talked frequently of wanting to kill Iraqis, was brought along.

Cortez testified that Barker and Green had the idea of having sex with the girl and that he didn’t know the family would be killed.

Green, then a private,saidhe had ‘an altered state of mind’ at the time. ‘I wasn’t thinking about more than 10 minutes into the future at any given time,’ Green said. ‘I didn’t care.’

At the Iraqi home, Barker and Cortez pulled Abeer into one room, while Green held the mother, father and youngest daughter in another. 

Pfc. Jesse V. Spielman, of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, stood guard in the hall. As Barker and Cortez raped the teen, Green shot the three family members, killing them. 

He then went into the next room and raped Abeer, before shooting her in the head. The soldiers lit her remains on fire before leaving. Another soldier stood watch a few miles away at the checkpoint.

Since his sentencing on September 4, 2009, Green has been attacked at the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, and was then transferred to Arizona. 

In prison, Green converted to Catholicism and has corresponded with a nun in Louisville about his faith.

Green described prison life as a ‘lonely existence’ and said other inmates consider those convicted of sex offenses among the lowest, making life ‘hazardous’ among the general prison population.

For Green, each day is just a matter of getting through 24 hours so he can do it all again the next day. Meanwhile, he lives with memories of the attack that took away the Iraqi family.

‘If I thought that was an OK thing now, I wouldn’t be much of a human being,’ Green said.

  1. #1 by The Equalizer on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    This POS deserves nothing less than to be “Dahmered” by the other inmates.

  2. #2 by oldbuck on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    yep. thats what the military does to a weak minded person. thousands of those whom went to Irag are guilty but the 535 most guilty were in washington and the next 500 worked at the penagon.

  3. #3 by Naeem on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    I hope he burns in hell with his zionist masters, plus the statistic that 1 in 3 ppl in the US military have been sexually abused by their fellow peers including men. Supporting the military means supporting these types of crimes plus no justice, no wonder the police in the US is crazy alot of them are frmr soldiers but the populace must take responsibility and reform these guys or expect hell from then i.e vietnam generation.

  4. #4 by Leo on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    Why would it not be difficult to believe this story . The American Culture lives off violence . American television, movies, and video games . This mindset is instilled within their youth at a very early age . Just some time ago I was reading a article about a 14 year boy that shot his parents in the head because he was not allowed to play his video games (Stories such as these inundate the World Wide Web). The Youth of America have been and continue to be desensitized to violence . America is the most Violent developed country in the world and the American military take this mindset abroad, hence war crimes go unpunished . This comes from a nation that views the death of innocent children abroad as collateral damage . They should decapitate this bastard .

  5. #5 by Terry on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    More “Heroes”. Too many members of the military are the dregs of society and not too bright. Part of the blame goes to our society and the government, for sure. Unfortunately, those around him were ignorant and naive about the reality of serving in the US military today, brainwashed, with our foreign policy driven by Israel. Americans better wake up. I would never allow my son or daughter to join a criminal entity. Funny how they are surprised when their buddies get wounded or killed when they’re in a combat zone, fighting an unjust war.

  6. #6 by Darwin26 on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    The Warrior Culture ~ Mai Lai, on and on… the US Soldier is a detrement to humans, society and the well being of the planet…and their owners the Executive branch/Statagon are responsible ~ but Oh ! Congressmen and women are the first to blame.
    This POS should be released to the jurisdiction in Iraq where the horrible crime took place ~

  7. #7 by Dave on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    Don’t forget, “They hate us for our freedoms”.
    It’s no surprise that this Army dumbass saw them as animals since the Israeli/Jewish TV dominated media has been pounding that concept into the soft, mushy skulls of gullible Americans for decades in order to sucker us into destroying those they hate (and that list is extensive)

  8. #8 by Michael Mann on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    Atrocities committed by our “warriors” in countries we have illegally invaded and occupy are anything but isolated, and are in fact characteristic of them. There is no horrific crime against humanity that our heroes in uniform have not willingly carried out in their carefully groomed hatred of an innocent people.

    At the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, for three weeks New York Times Magazine editor, Peter Maas, accompanied by a photographer, followed the 3rd battalion, 4th regiment of the Marines. He recorded some of what he witnessed in an article entitled, “I Saw Marines Kill Civilians.” Here are excerpts from it, followed by quotations from other articles that give further insight into what our soldiers are willing to do to people they don’t even know:

    “Their motto is ‘Search and Kill’. The ‘Kilo’ unit is nicknamed ‘Killer Kilo.’ The words ‘Carnivore’ or ‘Blind Killer’ are painted on their tanks. American snipers got the order to kill anything coming in their direction. A small blue van was moving towards the convoy. The Marines opened fire. All hell broke loose. They were firing all over the place. You could hear ‘Stop firing’ being shouted. The silence that set in was overwhelming. Two men and a woman had just been riddled with bullets. That night a teenager who was crossing the bridge was killed.

    “A second vehicle drove up. The same scenario was repeated. Its passengers were killed on the spot. A grandfather was walking slowly with a cane on the sidewalk. They killed him too (SEE PHOTO IN LE MONDE). As with the old man, the Marines fired on a SUV driving along the river bank that was getting too close to them. Riddled with bullets, the vehicle rolled over. Two women and a child got out, miraculously still alive. They sought refuge in the wreckage. A few seconds later, it flew into bits as a tank lobbed a terse shot into it. They abusively make use of disproportionate firepower.

    “With my own eyes I saw about fifteen civilians killed in two days. I’ve gone through enough wars to know that it’s always dirty, that civilians are always the first victims. But the way it was happening here, it was insane.

    “Distraught soldiers were saying: ‘I ain’t prepared for this, I didn’t come here to shoot civilians.’ The colonel countered that the Iraqis were using inhabitants to kill marines, that ‘soldiers were being disguised as civilians, and that ambulances were perpetrating terrorist attacks.’”

    “This week [November, 2011] Calvin Gibbs (26), clearly a violent and possibly mentally unstable Staff Sergeant leading the U.S. Army’s Fifth Stryker Brigade, was found guilty in a court martial on 15 charges including three counts of murder and conspiring to commit murder.

    “With his brutality echoing other recent war crimes committed by U.S. soldiers abroad, such as the Abu Ghraib episode of prisoner abuse in Iraq during 2004-05, prosecutors said Gibbs had recruited other soldiers to kill civilians and then mutilate them taking fingers, teeth and other body parts as trophies from people he called “savages.”

    “Leading the Brigade in Kandahar province in Afghanistan since November 2009, Gibbs was said to have hunted “innocent Afghans for sport,” and by his own admission considered the removal of their body parts as the equivalent of “collecting antlers from a deer.”

    “The judgment on Gibbs’ came along with similar convictions for four other soldiers who acted similarly, to first kill their victims, then create the appearance of the victim being an armed enemy fighter, and finally posing for photographs alongside the victims and slicing off their body parts. In all, 12 soldiers were said to be charged in the case, of whom three pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against the others.

    “The three cases of murder involved Afghans who were as young as 15 years of age, prosecutors noted in the unprecedented case.”

    “As part of a plea deal, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, leader of a Marine squad responsible for the 2005 slaughter of 24 Iraqi civilians, will spend no time in a military prison. Wuterich, 31, pleaded guilty on January 23 to a single charge of negligent dereliction of duty for his role in the massacre in Haditha and its subsequent cover-up.

    “Testimony of the men make clear that Wuterich and others were knowingly slaughtering innocent bystanders with no provocation.

    “As in other atrocity cases related to the US occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan—among them the Abu Ghraib torture case, the Blackwater killings of Baghdad’s Nisour Square, the Afghan “kill team,” and others—the outcome of the Haditha killings absolves higher level military and government figures of any responsibility for the consequences of policies that low-ranking military personnel carry out. Like the massacre itself, the outcome of the case underscores the criminal character of the wars and the political establishment behind them.”

    “A Marine corporal testifying in a court-martial said Marines in his unit began routinely beating Iraqis after officers ordered them to “crank up the violence level.” Cpl. Saul H. Lopezromo testified Saturday at the murder trial of Cpl. Trent D. Thomas.

    “We were told to crank up the violence level,” said Lopezromo, testifying for the defense.
    When a juror asked for further explanation, Lopezromo said: “We beat people, sir.”

    “Within weeks of allegedly being scolded, seven Marines and a Navy corpsman went out late one night to find and kill a suspected insurgent in the village of Hamandiya near the Abu Ghraib prison. The Marines and corpsman were from 2nd Platoon, Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment.

    “Lopezromo said the suspected insurgent was known to his neighbors as the “prince of jihad,” and had been arrested several times and later released by the Iraqi legal system.

    “Unable to find him, the Marines and corpsman dragged another man from his house, fatally shot him, and then planted an AK-47 assault rifle near the body to make it appear he had been killed in a shootout, according to court testimony.

    “Lopezromo, who was not part of the squad on its late-night mission, said he saw nothing wrong with what Thomas did. “I don’t see it as an execution, sir,” he told the judge. “I see it as killing the enemy.” He said Marines consider all Iraqi men part of the insurgency.

    “Prosecution witnesses testified that Thomas shot the 52-year-old man at point-blank range after he had already been shot by other Marines and was lying on the ground.

    “Lopezromo said a procedure called “dead-checking” was routine. If Marines entered a house where a man was wounded, instead of checking to see whether he needed medical aid, they shot him to make sure he was dead, he testified.

    “If somebody is worth shooting once, they’re worth shooting twice,” he said.

  9. #9 by Gary on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    “one of the worst crimes of the Iraq war”(that we know of).

  10. #10 by Paul W of Stamford on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    This child rapist said that he went to Iraq to do his duty to defend America? What the hell does that mean? How does flying to Iraq to bomb Iraqis translate to “Defending America”? How much more perverse can Americans get than to honestly believe that going to another country 1000s of miles away to bomb defenseless people and to rape their children is defending our country? Did the US Army actually order this pedophile swine to rape that girl? You know, the people who run the US govt are evil devils. There is no doubt. But this monster who acted on his own initiative to rape a girl and kill the parents is beyond evil. Satan himself wouldn’t want this bastard. I’m an old man and prone to forgiveness. But this monster gets no forgiveness from me.

  11. #11 by mikael on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    Its a pretext that is continuing at full speed as we speek.

    The insident in London, where the “right winged/controlled oposition” nuttcases are screaming and using evey thrick in the book, to highlight the Muslim Is Evil, all the time and is now intensifyed. The Hasbaratnjiks are in an state uf efuria, and gone into warp drive in delivering hughe amounts of drivel.

    And their “prof” is their use of Videos from the “freedomfighers” in Syria and all their insane behaviour as an prime example on just that, how Evil They are.
    Hujuu and the leag of morrons is nodding along, and is even frithened to be sielnt, and lett Me tell you something f….ers, their agenda is a fullscale WW3, and THE F…… FACT IS: they the lunatics and robberbarons running the prison camp, formely known as the USA, with thei masters, the europenas in England/France/and the utterly corrupt and undemocratic pack of parasits, Brussels.
    Not far from where the REAL masters is, Basel,
    Thei barking mad and violent sick f….. used in actions from former Juguslavia(backing the muslims), and Iraq, a.s.o. to present Syria, unleased into the PEOPLE of Syria, and now, their even MILITARY and Finanscialy baked, by the very same list of war criminals and lunatics Running the entire SHOW.
    And they are the TRUMF card, used by the “rightwinged” and “nationalists” to “Protect” their home land against the “EVIL” MUSLIMS.

    I have no idea of how f….. the mindsett is among the comon man, and to swallow the bullshitt is easy, because its pimped 24/7, by a media so corrupt and false, that THEY havent credibility and integrity to do nothing else then, nodd along.

    Whats even More conserning is the reasent evolvment, with Israel threatening Mother Russia.
    Tsk, tsk, “chosen ones”, playing with fire, is always a risky game, but this one, Israelis, is more like a “russian rulete”, against Your own People, Pr.M. Nothingbut Yahohoho.
    And even the lunatics running the prison camp formerly knwon as the USA, that is even flattbroke, with nothing but Nuclear option left, huh, wackos, a Sampson One.
    The Ultimate f….up.

    And once again, the Arabs have desided to wait and see if there is something to Plunder/loot from their own Nabours First, and in the mean time complaining have becomed a f…. religion, pointing fingers for a f…. Century and all I hear is Whinings.
    Children, covard f… in Afganistan, even a sister, have Balls of “biblical” proportions, and even the God in Vallhalla, will have their gates wide open to anyone coming from that area, and the indicriminate slaoughtering of them, is the wurst Sin ever consived by any religion, that have evolved on this Plane since time immemorial, and still WE take THEIR explanations of this crimes and evil acts, and all we do is Nodd along.

    That is by any standard since time immemorial, regarded as and heald up as a act of pure EVIL and doe to this caracterisings is the FACT that the situations IS cometh to a WALL; and cross that LINE f…. and YOU and The Rest are doing what is regarded as COMPLISITY, TO THIS ACT; with NO parole.
    The cross road is right infront of our Eyes, open them and see the lies right in front of You.

    I have lost faith in eveything, regading reconsiliation and peace, if not Greed and Violence, is stopped.

    The scale and scope of the epic and a future beacon of sheer lunacy, THEY will start a WW3.
    Remeber f…. its not about Religion, Race collor or creed, its about a pack of lunatics dragging and holding a whole world as hostage to their Insane and Greedy War policy fo plunder and stealing recoursess, and we all know it.

    And all we do is Nodd along.
    Because its not You, its Them.


    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  12. #12 by Dianne Foster on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    I wonder if this guy will ever reach the level of mental development that he will perceive the victim of his pedophilic crime (and her family) as unique and valuable human beings. I wonder if he will ever ask himself where they would be if we hadn’t invaded their country on false pretenses. He goes to jail but we’re all in a jail in this country made of its dirty lies. At least in Iraq, they know what the enemy is. Here, we are still being mind-f’ed.

  13. #13 by Noor on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    This critter does this. Then people wonder why we have folks fleeing their homelands!

  14. #14 by 1bigcree Shadowhawk on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    The Military has been for years, since the Fraud ‘War on Terror’ was conceived and installed; actively recruiting from the lower echelons as it were of Society. Here they find underprivileged, poorly educated and fully programmed dupes who sign up as a means of escape from an already impoverished living condition as there are practically no opportunities, jobs etc to speak of due to the corrupt Politicians greasing their palms with the blood of victims in these far off lands. They do not discriminate in as much as Gang members, dregs and misfits are most certainly sought out by these Recruiters to be used as cannon fodder in their wickedly conceived wars. This is bu tone example of which we all can agree should be held accountable for his horrendous actions. His mind like many more U.S. American youth poisoned with the Judaic filth, degenerate and craven lust for killing; particularly Arabs, Muslims and other people of color. The supremacist Jew hates ALL others no matter what color INCLUDING whites; whom are now being used in this insidious move to foment WWIII. I do hope the many White Nationalists reading this post will stop and THINK about WHO is playing them like pawns. Pimping them like whores only to wind up like this POS in the above Article. He raped a 14 year old girl, and participated in the heinous murder of her entire family. The Inmates in any lockup he winds up in will go after him. It is known fact amongst Prison Populations everywhere, Pedophiles are considered the lowest of low and usually wind up like Jeffery Dhamer.

  15. #15 by toboldlygo on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    going to be looking forward to hunting down and executing all american and jewish war criminals
    after the NWO falls

    dont think for one second american filth you are going to walk away, every single last one of you animals will become the hunted

    hope you rot in hell

  16. #16 by Mark Propheter on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    I can’t wait to get our boys back so they can join are local Police Departments!
    My God look what are Military has created this time!

  17. #17 by Terry on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    Enjoy your time in Atlanta, moron. Plenty people of color, along with Muslims there who will not like you, “Hero”. You’ll die prematurely in prison.

  18. #18 by WomanoftheWoods on 05/28/2013 - 9:34

    America was based on lies and genocide. They worship heroes of the birth of their country, forgetting they were murders of women and children. It makes me ill to hear great men founded their nation, while knowing they murdered millions of men, women, and children, stole their land, and proudly gave military awards to those who killed the most.
    They claimed they worked hard clearing the wilderness, when all they were doing was stealing other peoples farms, usually by murdering them with the army.
    Land of the free, my arse! Land of the stolen. They feel completely justified in murdering and stealing from everyone then, and now.

    Raping a child and then murdering her family IS the finest military tradition of America. The rest is just a Disney like fantasy to be purchased with the blood of others, to make the masses happy with the death, theft and rape, cause the bad people have stuff they want.

    American was born in an ocean of blood, and they learn from childhood to see everyone as inferior and non-human. This man in the above article is a murderer, and a child rapist, and a coward boy child. Death would be too easy. Blame the army, the war, the drugs, the proud American guns blazing policies, but you Sir, raped a little girl for fun. At home, or in a war zone, you are a coward, and an animal. You would have done this as soon as you thought you could get away with it, and only felt bad the you were caught. You raped a little girl in front of her family, then burned her body, after murdering them, and are now seeking to get out of punishment on a technicality? Who does this for “Fun”?

    I am sure you own mother is so proud.

    Not a dead Indian, so not a good Indian.

  19. #19 by Jean on 05/29/2013 - 9:34

    This idiot has the same mindset of thousands of ignorant brainwashed Americans. The bubba’s of
    America. They get together and talk it up against who they perceive to be the enemy and the weakest minded of them resort to things like this. They are cowards and the lowest of the low.
    If they were any filthier, they could be in congress or the presidency.

  20. #20 by tomfromtexas on 05/29/2013 - 9:34

    Sounds to me like the military made this guy, “not human”. Wait…I’m wrong…..it’s the other way around. Go figure.

  21. #21 by SEARCHLIGHT on 05/29/2013 - 9:34

    Well to all those trolls that never been in a combat zone, thsi is just an exemple of what many others, have to experince,and how it afects the consiens of an individual that gets to sees dead all aroud them, something that those damn politicians never had to exsperience, specialy all thsoe cowards that become presidents of our once great republic.JOHN KENNEDY AND OLD FART BUSH are probably the only two presidents, since Eisenhower, that actualy got to see combat.but all the other csowards that love to send kids to kill for them are more criminals than this guy steve green.

  22. #22 by Jack on 05/29/2013 - 9:34

    The state is organized violence that claims the exclusive right to use murder as policy. So the “state” trains its attack dogs (soldiers, cops, assassins, spies) to commit murder under the banner of patriotism and national will, etc. These attack dogs are depriving men, women and children and their animals the right to live, so it is a surprise that soldiers who murder also rape.

    Soldiers have always raped. When haven’t soldiers raped? The Bible teaches to kill all except sometimes take the women as concubines and children as slaves. Americans even did this during peacetime, Americans took hostages from Africa and pressed them into slavery, those that tried to be free were hanged or shot dead. Thomas Jefferson had a black concubine/slave.

    The problem isn’t with the raping soldier, it is with the state. The American state is controlled by Zionist/Jews/Israelis/Rothschilds/Rabbis who use Jewish documents as a guidebook for war. When a soldier is caught raping he is punished and made a scapegoat for evil state policy. The problem is the state, the state is guilty for ordering murder.

    The failure of the state is why I believe no person has authority over another. The state is illegitimate, it is controlled by psychopaths and ALWAYS WILL BE CONTROLLED BY PSYCHOPATHS. Why? Manipulative people who want a free ride and want to manipulate others are attracted to power, they always will infiltrate and connive their way into positions of power.

    So this Zionist state called America has created an internal police force called DHS which is purchasing billions of rounds of hollow point ammo and training attack dogs that will do exactly as they are told. So what do you think they are planning, or are you in the simulacra of FOX News programming?

    Murder after rape might be a welcome relief from the American nightmare.

  23. #23 by Jack on 05/29/2013 - 9:34

    Rape is bad? Depends on your perspective. If you are gung ho then rape is fun.

    funny scenes from Blazing Saddles:

  24. #24 by 1bigcree Shadowhawk on 05/29/2013 - 9:34

    For the majority of the readership here; you’re stating the obvious, Jack.

  25. #25 by Jone on 05/29/2013 - 9:34

    it’s not story, it’s American army reality! !

  26. #26 by vma on 05/30/2013 - 9:34

    He converted to Catholicism in prison. The name Green is favored by the chosen ones – at least in England – just curious was he and and his coward-in-crime, Spielman who stood guard, jewish by any chance?

  27. #27 by 1bigcree Shadowhawk on 05/30/2013 - 9:34

    That didn’t escape my eyes either , vma. Green, Greene are indeed Jewish surnames. Sometimes cut diced and sliced from longer versions i.e. Greenberg, Greenstein, Greenfein etc
    One good example id Rupert Murdoch’s mother Judith Joy Greene, of which the CEO of FOX News kept secret under the ‘cover’ of being a ‘good Catholic boy’. Since then he has made an admission as to his Jewishness due to Biographers and inquiring minds. Same with Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner. AS Max French of TUT The Victory Hour has said “Yes folks, these freaks are everywhere!”

  28. #28 by The Equalizer on 05/30/2013 - 9:34

    I have read in more places than one that Rupert Murdoch’s mother AND maternal grandmother were Orthodox jooz. However, I have been unable to independently verify this. Makes sense though given his rabid support of IsraHel.

  29. #29 by Ms. Mags on 05/30/2013 - 9:34

    Cut his balls off! Raping a 14 y/o little girl is as despicable as it gets. Throw him into a cell with a big black guy who wants to be called Sherry and thinks he’s got a cute ass.

  30. #30 by 1bigcree Shadowhawk on 05/30/2013 - 9:34

    Ms Mags, he will get his comeuppance soon. The inmates in prisons all over the world especially in what is called ‘General Population’ hate Pedophiles. They hunt them down and do them in in a most bloody way. Payback is indeed a bitch; and she is a most cruel Mistress.

  31. #31 by The Equalizer on 05/30/2013 - 9:34

    Shadowhawk; Methinks this POS is going to suffer the same fate as fellow Army enlistee Jeffrey Dahmer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Dahmer

  32. #32 by 1bigcree Shadowhawk on 05/31/2013 - 9:34

    The Equalizer, me thinks you are right! No doubt about it. Not if; but when.

  33. #33 by Paul Mitford on 06/04/2013 - 9:34

    Steven Green is a national hero because he is American and he did his duty by killing unarmed Iraqis. He is a hero because he raped a 14 years old girl and killed her family. He is a hero because the zionist jews say so. He is a hero-arsehole who needs to be raped and tortured so he can enjoy his fame and fortune the zionists paid him to kill and rape. Well done Steven Green, you are a true hero.

  34. #34 by wildcalgary on 06/12/2013 - 9:34

    rape is terrible and can not be condoned – from anybody – the postulations on this thread are also preposterous – you can NOT condemn a people for the act of an individual that is just prejudice and even more harmful than rape — it is a very unpleasant fact that war and hatred create the conditions for rapes to occur and sadly they are universal and happen on all sides – some are acts of war some are acts of personal crime – grow up and start to stop the blind hatred if you want to stop rapes then stop the hatred and violence – thank you

  35. #35 by bigcree1 on 06/12/2013 - 9:34

    wildcalgary, each individual has the capacity to reason. This is inherent and only becomes clouded as a result of their own complicity with being programmed away from the inner workings of logic and rational thinking. Taking personal responsibility and acting accordingly is only natural. I am sure the person(s) doing the things they do such as Mr green here know deep down their actions are wrong. Why is that so hard to fathom? He knew just as his comrades did, that these actions were in violation of their victims natural laws. Now he will pay the price. How is that in any way being unfair? What about his victims and their feelings? Hmm? What about the angst and turmoil these rapists cause the victims and their families of these assaults, especially when in many cases, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers are made to watch while their relatives are gang raped by these thugs. No I see no one being unfair in their judgements here. It is your misguided ‘liberalism’ which is ill advised.

  36. #36 by viviane on 07/20/2013 - 9:34

    Thank you bigcree1!

  37. #37 by bigcree1 on 07/20/2013 - 9:34

    You’re welcomed Vivianne. I’m only being logical as any reasonable person would.

  38. #38 by murry on 08/27/2013 - 9:34

    Is there any information on how his life is in prison – has he been attacked in Tucson prison as well? How his relationship is with his family or spouse – if he has one? If he would have rather taken the death penalty? Does he has a history of sexual abuse?

    Any documentary or footage on him? I am curious to SEE him since I have read so much about this case. I was so sad when I read about it for the first time and thought of Green and his codefendants as MONSTERS. I am curious to know more about the story and if anyone has any info please send it my way!

  39. #39 by Darwin26 on 08/28/2013 - 9:34

    just google this monster~ he’s monster then and now. lying POS he’ll never get the equal pain and suffering but it’ll be close and it’ll be forever. Also don’t over look the likes of Sgt Calvin Gibbs another typical US soldier from the Warrior Culture.

  40. #40 by michel on 12/28/2013 - 9:34

    Shame on American soldier,american foreign policy……..go to hell……hope your dick will be burn in the hell
    Americans show them they are concern about huminity but its only show-off…..

  41. #41 by The Equalizer on 01/15/2014 - 9:34

    I can not even begin to comprehend how a “soldier” who is “fighting” for “our freedoms”, blah, blah, blah could even begin to get a “hard-on” to have consensual sex, let alone even rape a woman. I mean, WTF?

    Is our military so infested with knuckle-dragging psychopaths that can get an erection to physically violate a another human being and have an orgasm over it?

    I truly do hope this demon is butchered in prison and the executioners start buy cutting off his genitals and stuffing them down his throat and while he is choking to death they cut off his head.

    God, how I hate what this society has become……………………….

  42. #42 by The Equalizer on 02/19/2014 - 9:34

    Wow, it looks like this POS met his just desserts sooner rather than later. Whether he really committed suicide or was “suicided”, I hope the last thoughts/vision in his twisted mind as he died was of the defenseless family he murdered and that he genuinely felt remorse for what he did.

  43. #44 by Dante Ardenz on 02/19/2014 - 9:34

    This ‘Green’is indeed from a Jew background. The pancake ears ,give it away.Like all criminals,or someone with something to hide,he is running to Vatican 2 Catholism for solace. Funny he did not choose TV Preacher BYBUL BS ! ! Maybe the Pope will ask for clemency for him ?He is a typical stupid American. ‘Fighting to protect America? Morons who grew up with Jew Hollywood War Films,think like this.The system needs the ‘Greens’,to survive.I hear this all of time.”American Exceptionalism”. Green,and his comrades ,are the ones who got caught. I am sure there are many more. Speilburg should make a film.’Band Of Killing Rapists. The USA Army=TRASH,and my father was a Lt.Colonel,US Army Corp Of Engineers.

  44. #45 by icareviews on 02/19/2014 - 9:34

    As to the sarcastic note from the editor, it’s true that there are atrocities to go around and that the media is selective in presenting these; but this in no way discredits the views of those who oppose mass immigration from Third World countries – a development which of course is being promoted by the Zionists. The fact remains that non-whites commit violent crimes in greatly disproportionate numbers, and this also applies to the misbehavior of soldiers in war zones. Black American soldiers sent to conquer half of Europe for the Soviets were particularly active rapists of women in the occupied countries. I applaud your continued exposure of the “heroism” of war generally, however.

  45. #46 by William Crain on 02/20/2014 - 9:34

    Is there a source for the African soldiers paid by Russia to commit hostilities in WWII…on whomever. And country of origin ?
    thank you,

    also: Equalizer, your sense of ‘hard-on’ is not the same as in combat ~ Taking what you want, “because i can” Warrior mentality is rife within this and all armies.
    Just look at the women raped in our armed services ~ it’s just a lens on the debauched US soldier.but what a view ~ pure gut wretching nauseu ~
    The Testosterone is a chemical as you know will not be denied unless acted on by another force, Like your brain…knowing right from wrong is superceded by the amt of testosterone and vulnerable resources to lord this M-16 over, and accomplices (those active and those knowing) mix in some hate and lack of the empathy gene vualla ~ US Soldier/marine ~
    As we write the epitath of the needless worthless US Soldier . Who has ‘not kept me safe’ since WWII we have to thank the US State Dept/Pentagon hence US Statagon and the profiteers on Wall St.for the continued needless senseless worthless Wars and near wars that are endless since WWII. This in away is a very old article and who knows what he US Press, Media has been told to wash it out. ‘Nothing to see here folks’ game and it’s old like Colin Powell getting a slap on the wrist for Lt. Calley and Cpt Medina. ~ over the Killing Spree March 16th 1968. i was ground pounder in the Mekong Delta, WIA during the Tet Offensive in early March of ’68.

  46. #47 by icareviews on 02/20/2014 - 9:34

    I didn’t say the soldiers were paid by Russia, but they might just as well have been since the Soviet conquest of half of Europe is what was ultimately accomplished in that theater by the American intervention in the Second World War. This book documents the rampant rapes committed by American GIs in occupied countries: http://www.amazon.com/What-Soldiers-Do-American-France/dp/0226923096/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1392875519&sr=1-1&keywords=what+soldiers+do

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