Revolt of the Plebs Broadcast May 28, 2013


The ‘Chinese’ spy scandal is more than likely an Israeli one.

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  1. #1 by Deadbeat on 05/29/2013 - 9:34

    Hey Keith,

    Alan Moore got his start in the comic book industry. He wrote a lot of the top selling comic books stories such as V For Vendetta, Watchmen, Superman, Miracleman, etc. I didn’t know the backstory on George Lucas but when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

  2. #2 by Deadbeat on 05/29/2013 - 9:34

    The were a couple of social aspects of the OJ Simpson trial that was memorable to me:

    [1] The Feminists came out in full force assuming OJ’s guilt in order to promote their agenda. White liberal women were very vocal against OJ.

    [2] The Liberal in general after the OJ verdict began to come out in support of changing unanimity of juries to majorities. The OJ Simpson trial was my first indication of the “Left” duplicity. I hadn’t yet scrutinizes the Jews but Ron Goldman’s desire to see OJ fry was over the top and help to exacerbate ill fillings between Blacks and Jews especially (in NYC mainly) having endured 12 years of Ed Koch.

    Keith’s analysis is spot on!

  3. #3 by fez on 05/29/2013 - 9:34

    O.J. Was framed to create a media distraction from the first WTC bombing trials. The trial was a sham, and if had seen light of day, would have been very difficult to pass guilty verdict and thus launch the “Muslim is terrorist” campaign in US.

    O.J. Trial started a couple of days before WTC trial begins, and ended a day or two after WTC trial was over. I doubt, there is anyone who can remember the WTC trial, but the defense attorney Lynn Stewart, who knows what a sham it was and is now languishing in prison and dying of cancer, as ‘that terrorist attorney”.

    This goes to show, the Zionists were behind the whole thing from the start.
    Framing Muslims, via Houdini effects on 911 to full scale film productions as we have witnessed via Boston explosion and London soldier thing, both happening around the Red moons (mid April & end of May), as promised through John Hagee, the Zionist Christian pastor relaying Zionist “prophecies”.

  4. #4 by annebeck58 on 05/29/2013 - 9:34


    “You stink! Why didn’t you die in the holocaust!?!” Haha. Too funny!
    Yada yada yada yada.. and whaaaaah. Why is this a story (to the Jewish newspaper?) Is this to prove that the Germans still owe ALL Jews for the hollow-cause? Or is it news because it hardly ever happens? (I think the latter is the case.) I think this story has a lot more to do with the missive from JTA than most people think, too.

    You’re welcome for that report from JTA. Like I always say, ya gotta read what they have to say if you want to know what they’re up to. Glad you found it useful! I believe some of the family members of the hollow-cause (including children and grandchildren, and on and on) are able to receive payments for caring for (and about) their bubbies. Yes, some of this German money is to pay for them to visit their almost-dead grandparents. And you’re right, the Germans will keep paying it, as long as the rest of the world sees these Germans as evil. As long as our kids and their kids are taught about the, “evil Germans”, these Jews will benefit.

    On the cigarette thing; I have been quitting smoking since Feb, 15th, after years of smoking too much. I’m using electronic cigarettes called Clean-Cig, and it really works! Since Feb, I’ve smoked a few cigarettes. In the past three months, I’ve not smoked at all. Really; try it (get the ones that actually look like cigarettes, though, not the ones shaped like cigars.) After trying all of the different nicotine replacements, this is the only one that does it for me and for others I know, too. If you want, I’ll send you a couple of batteries and cartridges (vaporizers). It’s time we all quit smoking, Keith! One of my docs is thrilled I’m doing this. The other thinks it’s a bad idea because of the nicotine (duh, it’s the tar that’s so bad, anyway.)
    Or, we can keep smoking and find some Jewish lawyers to help us win lawsuits against big-tobacco, hey? (yeah, I don’t think that’ll happen.)

    And, speaking of Jewish lawyers; I raised my kids, mostly on my own, and I didn’t have any problem with anyone accusing me of neglecting or abusing my kids. It seems to me, if Jews are so often accused of injury and abuse of children, maybe there’s something behind it? I do not think going to a rabbi rather than the, “proper authorities”, is the best thing to do. Don’t we read enough about rabbis molesting children to know that’s not the road to go down? But, yeah; if a priest told his parish to not report abuse by any adults to anyone but the rectory? he’d no longer have a parish. In fact, he’d no longer have a place in the Catholic church!

    Abe Foxmann (UGH); who’s he to say who should speak in this forum? We ALL pay for them to hold their forums, so why should anyone be excluded? Foxmann is a piece of garbage that has NO place in the USA. Yet he’s there, in D.C., ordering our congress to pay reparations, too. We don’t call our ‘donations’ to IsraHell that, but it’s basically what it is; we’re paying for not jumping in and on top of Germany fast enough, I believe.

    It’s after one in the morning, now, so I am going to close it down. I subscribe to a certain hacking website so I know a lot about who’s hacking where and whom. It’s interesting stuff. I especially loved how hackers essentially took-down Israhell (twice that I’m aware of) and helped to end the assault on Gaza in November. The funniest part was Bibi getting hacked by Zee Hacking Crew (and I knew it was going to happen as I egged-on one of the crew to do it– haha- from twitter!) I think I will check in and listen to the rest as I get other things done in the morning.
    Good show, thusfar, though!

    If you hadn’t noted, i tend to comment as I’m listening to these shows, and have my little say on almost everything. I’m going to check out the Chinese hacking story in the morning too. Maybe we can talk about it tomorrow?

  5. #5 by Ingrid B on 06/01/2013 - 9:34

    Sounds to me as though China is being accused of hacking in the same way Iraq was accused of harbouring wmd`s, Syria is being accused of “using chemical weapons on her own civilians,” and Iran is being accused of a desire to develop “the bomb”. Tell a lie often enough and it becomes “fact”..

    Was talking to a taxi driver in a nearby town recently. I got onto the subject of the unrest in the middle east, and the guy said, yeah! this has been going on since? I said, since Israel was created, and he agreed. Told me he`d been talking to a guy down the quay, who had served in Lebanon, and had a close “working relationship” with IOF. The military guy told the taxi driver that, at first, the IOF guys seemed OK, but after a while, the Norwegian guys just wanted to throw them in the sea..

    I saw an article in a Norwegian newspaper a couple of days ago, didn`t read it, the headline was enough. The guy who wrote it, a Norwegian, was promoting the notion that the Iranian elections are forcing Islamic dogma, whilst maintaining a thin veneer of “democracy”. I made a note of the e-mail address of the newspaper, as I want to ask, what business it is of anyone, other than Iran, how Iran conducts her elections. I also want to point out that people living in jew controlled western countries, only THINK they are voting in a democracy. btw, I have come to hate that word..

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