Janet Yellen Brings Jewish Side to Fed — Again

By Nathan Guttman

President Obama’s nomination of Janet Yellen to be the next chair of the Federal Reserve will, if confirmed by the Senate, make her the first woman to lead the bank since its creation nearly a century ago. But she’ll be far from the first Jew.

Yellen, whose nomination to head America’s central bank was reported Tuesday, will follow her immediate predecessor Ben Bernanke who was Jewish, and Bernanke’s immediate predecessor, Alan Greenspan, who was Jewish, too. There have been two other Jewish fed chairs in the past century. In fact, the other frontrunner for the position, Lawrence Summers, was Jewish too.

Yellen, 67, was born in a working class neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, to Julius Yellen, a family doctor, and Anna Blumenthal, who was a school teacher. A recent profile of Yellen published in the Financial Times described the family as “Jewish, although not particularly observant.”
Yellen studied economics at Brown and Yale and has spent nearly two decades in the academic world before joining president Clinton’s economic team. She served as a Federal Reserve governor, chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, chair of the San Francisco Fed, and until now, vice chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

In these positions, Yellen has established her credentials as a leading economist who was among the first to speak out against the dangers posed by subprime mortgages. As vice chair of the Fed Yellen supported Bernanke’s policy of maintaining low interest rates and has viewed dealing with unemployment as the key challenge facing the Federal Reserve.

In 1978 Yellen married economist George Akerlof, who is also Jewish. Akerlof won the Nobel prize for economics in 2001 with two other Americans. While living in Berkley, Calif., Yellen and Akerlof were members of the Reform Congregation Beth El, where their only son attended pre-school.

Jewish activists involved in the Bay Area community, as well as those from the Jewish community in Washington, where Yellen has been living off and on, could not recall any further involvement by her in Jewish life or in Jewish organizations. An economist friend of Yellen told the Forward that he knows she is Jewish, “but that’s about it.”

While most expect no problems with Yellen’s confirmation in the Senate, her real challenges will begin once she takes the reins of the central bank in January. After an eight-year term of Bernanke, who focused on trying to bring back the American economy from the brink of recession, Yellen will face the need to make key decisions on the way forward and the level of the Federal Reserve’s active involvement in economic policies.

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  1. #1 by amerikagulag on 10/10/2013 - 9:34

    The Rothschilds Piggy Bank (Federal Reserve) has been owned and run by jews since it was illegally opened in 1913. It’s a jew bank. Nothing new here. The IRS is the collection arm of the Federal Reserve and the FED is the collection arm of the Rothschilds. It’s not FEDERAL and it’s not a Reserve. It’s a privately owned jewish bank. Nothing more.

    Eustace Mullins was well aware of that back in the 50’s and published it in his book “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”. Tha, of course was why the jewish media blacklisted him.

  2. #2 by sftx on 10/10/2013 - 9:34

    Bingo amerikagulag! I love Mullins (He is Resting In Peace); it was through Piper’s interviews with Mullins that I came to know about RBN and Glen et al The feral reserve has been corrupting our politicians since its inception. The jews elect our presidents; why I will never vote again until that is altered. 🙂

  3. #3 by Ghazi Al Hind on 10/10/2013 - 9:34


    $200m European-Christian Treasure Under Threat.

    Jewish Dealers’ Heirs Claim Treasure Bought by Goering

    A hoard of medieval gold church treasure in a Berlin museum faces conflicting claims from the heirs of Jewish art dealers who say their forefathers were pressured into selling it in 1935 by the Nazis.

    Known as the Guelph Treasure, the trove is displayed in the Bode Museum on Berlin’s Museum Island and lawyers for the heirs put its value today at more than $200 million. It was purchased in 1935 by the state of Prussia, then under Hermann Goering’s rule, and has been part of Berlin’s art collection ever since.

    The heirs of four of the dealers have marshaled support for their restitution demand from the Israeli government and from Andreas Nachama, a German historian and rabbi.

    “The injustice of this deal is clearly apparent given the obvious power imbalance,” Nachama, director of the Topography of Terror exhibition in Berlin, wrote in a report commissioned by the heirs. “The life-threatening, mounting oppression suffered by Jewish traders after 1933 cannot be denied, neither in general nor in this specific case.”

    The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, which oversees Berlin’s art collections, is fighting the claims, saying the sale of the treasure was “a unique case” and not the result of Nazi duress. The dispute is further complicated by a rival claim from the descendants of Hermann Netter, a Frankfurt jewelry dealer whose heirs say he owned 25 percent of the treasure.
    Royal Lineage

    The case involves one of Germany’s biggest restitution claims so far. The Guelph trove today comprises 44 pieces dating from the 11th century to the 15th century, primarily precious gem-encrusted reliquaries and crosses. The most valuable piece is a 12th-century domed reliquary, shaped like a church and made of gold, copper and silver with figurines of biblical characters fashioned out of walrus tusk.

    The hoard’s first home was the cathedral in Braunschweig. It was added to over the centuries by the House of Guelph, a royal lineage whose descendants include Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Caroline of Monaco’s husband, Ernst August of Hanover. It entered the royal dynasty’s possession in 1671.

    The Guelph family’s reign over the principality of Braunschweig ended during World War I, and in the 1920s, its members tried to sell the Guelph treasure. They sold 82 items to a consortium of Frankfurt art dealers in 1929.
    Goering’s Support

    In the following years, 40 pieces were sold to museums and private collectors. In 1935 the Prussian state, with Goering’s backing, paid 4.25 million Reichsmarks for the remaining treasure and displayed it in a museum in the Berlin city palace.

    Markus Stoetzel and Mel Urbach, lawyers for the heirs of Zacharias Hackenbroch, Isaac Rosenbaum, Saemy Rosenberg and Julius Falk Goldschmidt, say the dealers were “coerced and forced by Goering to turn over the collection.”

    There is no question that as Jews, the four dealers were victims of Nazi race policies and lost their livelihoods in Germany. Three of them emigrated before World War II. The fourth, Hackenbroch, died in Frankfurt in 1937 — his family fled to Britain.

    Sales of art by Jewish collectors or dealers after 1933 are assumed to have been made under duress and are therefore invalid transactions under laws crafted by the Western Allies that remain valid in Germany. The onus is on the current holder to contradict that assumption.
    Fair Price

    The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation argues that the dealers got a fair price for the treasure and says the state of Prussia was the only interested buyer.

    Including pieces sold in the preceding years, they earned 6.75 million Reichsmarks — approximately 85 percent of the price they paid for it, the foundation says.

    Representatives for the heirs of Netter, who owned an exclusive jewelry store in Frankfurt, say they need more time to investigate the makeup of the consortium. A second jeweler may have owned a further 25 percent of the treasure, according to Sabine Rudolph, a lawyer at Cramer von Clausbruch in Dresden.

    “We entered our claim at the beginning of the year,” Rudolph said by telephone. “We believe this loss was due to persecution. We are still researching it and that requires time. We need to find out who belonged to the consortium.”

    Limor Livnat, the Israeli Minister of Culture and Sport, wrote to German Culture Minister Bernd Neumann saying she is following the matter “with great interest,” according to a copy of the letter obtained by Bloomberg News.

    The case was to be discussed in September by a German government panel headed by Jutta Limbach, a former constitutional judge. That hearing was adjourned to give participants more time to study new reports.

    For the heirs, the wait is frustrating.

    “Originally, it would have gone to the generation older than us,” Alan Philipp, 70, the grandson of Zacharias Hackenbroch and a spokesman for the heirs of the four dealers, said in an interview in Berlin. “My aunt died last year at the age of 100. My father died three years ago. This question has been on the table since 2008.”

    Muse highlights include Manuela Hoelterhoff on arts, Ryan Sutton on New York dining, Frederik Balfour on Hong Kong art and Amanda Gordon’s Scene Last Night.

  4. #4 by NLG on 10/10/2013 - 9:34

    The Fed…a Zio-run private bank in charge of printing the nation’s money, at interest, and next to China is the largest holder of US debt.

  5. #5 by bigcree1 on 10/10/2013 - 9:34

    amerikagulag. You are right on every point. Need I say ‘Bang on the money!’
    The Federal Reserve is not Federal, has NO reserves and is NOT a system. A privately run jew Bank. Nothing to add. The late Eustace Mullins had it all figured out in his book ‘World Order’. The elder Bush (president 41) read Mullins’ book and added the ‘New’ part. The Bush’s were the bagmen for the Harrimans. Another jew family in this mafiya we are all too aware of. It’s time to bring them down. Screw ’em. Their lies and deception$ are now out in the open for all to see. Are they scared? You bet! Just look at the high strangeness and volume of erosion to our very environment at the hands of these freaks. They are pushing the envelope and hard, in an effort to put the genie back in the bottle. I say ‘ah, ah, ah’ little man behind the curtain. The jig is up. Soon we will as a collective, be on the stage, cane in hand with a committee of angry and righteously indignant people. A real mob of seething rage. Yes, racist supremacist jew. The handwriting is on the wall. The very wall you bastards built as a fortress will serve as your very own corral. And no it won’t be us on the inside, but YOU, racist jew and your lackys. YOU will be on the inside looking out and screaming like banshees. But there will be no one to hear you. I’d say 2000 years of Judaic lies, and deceptions have come to their bitter end. Feel the heat……..

  6. #6 by qwerty on 10/10/2013 - 9:34

    Everyone needs to watch these videos to truly understand how we got into this mess and how to get out of it:

    “Banks should only be allowed to lend out money they actually have and nations do not have to run up a ‘National Debt’. Remember: It’s not what backs the money, it’s who controls its quantity.”

    The Secret of Oz – Winner, Best Docu of 2010 v.1.09.11


    The Money Masters (Part 1 of 2) (Rothchilds Exposed)

    The Money Masters (Part 2 of 2) (Rothchilds Exposed)

  7. #7 by Edward on 10/11/2013 - 9:34

    How misleading. It is not America’s central bank – the FED is an independent consortium of banks, most probably led by Goldman Sachs and Rothschild who print bills to lend to the USA at interest. Enjoy that one. It has nothing to do with ‘FEDERAL’ as in the Federal Government and it is not a bank! From Greenspan (before who?) they are ALL jews to defend the jewish’s banks interest. They are helping Loyd Blankfzuck ‘do God’s work’.

  8. #8 by Todd Raine on 10/11/2013 - 9:34

    If you actually watch these videos. Or, if you read Artur Kitson’s writings, or Christopher Hollis’s, “The Two Nations, A financial study of English history”, you will gather all the gold and all the diamonds and all the Jewish speculators, and throw them into the ocean deep. How long will this lie last. How long will the innocent bare this burden that belongs not to them. Will this site even accept this post? If you do not understand this monetary system we have, you will not perceive our enemy. Bill Still, Artur Kitson, Christopher Hollis. Watch Mr Still. Read Mr Kitson and Mr Hollis. Control of money is the Jewish game. This game existed before Zionism. What ever controls the money, controls All. Will this truth even post here?

  9. #9 by nooralhaqiqan on 10/11/2013 - 9:34

    Hey Todd, If it is truth it is posted here. Most of us risk posting such truths daily. We kinda predate this behaviour back to before Christ, way way back before and into the OT. Check into Venice sometime. Ever wonder why Egypt never regained its pharaohonic majesty again after the Jews left? Then they rewrite history every time so that the victims never really get a chance to figure it out… until recently.

  10. #10 by Richard Wilcox on 10/11/2013 - 9:34

    The True Powers Behind Multiculturalism, Globalization And World War

    Predatory Culture And The Liquefaction Of Nature’s Forces

    In 1927, the prolific German journalist, Emil Theodor Fritsch, documented Jewry’s influence on European culture in an extremely prescient, provocative and insightful book (22).

    According to Fritsch, Jews enhance and accelerate “the circulation of Money”; they mobilize “slumbering values” and let “loose balanced and reposed forces”; they practice a form of predatory culture “at the expense of the stored up forces of Nature and Mankind”; their methods also involve secret understandings and “strange Morality” (p. 10).

    Fritsch claims that the Jewish spirit is at the root of artificial demand of unnecessary consumption of resources, planned and perceived obsolescence and the advertising industry. The internal mechanism of our wasteful consumer culture has been analyzed by environmental activists and concerned filmmakers but few make the connection to the Jewish kabbalistic metaphysic (23; 24).

    Jewish sociologist, Max Weber, blamed the “protestant work ethic” for the excesses of capitalism but modern Amish communities lead low-impact, ecologically sustainable lifestyles. Of course, Weber never mentioned the important role of Jews in capitalism’s historic development.

    Under Jewish influence, Fritsch notes that the “extraction of money from the pockets of customers instead of satisfactorily meeting the needs for commodities, now became the main purpose of trade” (Op. cit., p. 12).

    Madison Avenue’s advertising industry preying on the basest needs and greed of consumers; Rothschild Central Banking model and Wall Street’s creation of a Ponzi financial system based on valueless money including multi-trillion dollar hedge funds; Las Vegas gambling casinos to promote greed and decadence; are all overwhelmingly run by Jewish moguls and their ideologues and minions.

    Fritsch notes that:

    “It is not disputed that the Jewish method of doing business produces a showy splendour, both in trade and traffic, in which everybody appears to be prospering…. But, — and we labour under no delusion in this respect– this blossom of external life, dazzling in all its splendour, is only produced by heavy sacrifices on the other side (p. 15)…. The Hebrews [Jews] are certainly not the only ones who practise Predatory Culture at the expense of the treasures of the earth, but it can be maintained with justice, that it was that class of men, who introduced the principle of ruthless mobilisation of values and of pitiless money-making into our economic life” (p. 18).

    Is global environmental destruction partly rooted in the values of Jewish culture? Humankind’s destructive nature probably would have accomplished this process on its own had the Jews as a people never existed; but it seems Jewish ideology has helped the process along more speedily. Although Fritsch speaks in generalities and caricatures, his point is powerful and largely irrefutable, and implicates not only Jews, but the Jewish controlled Human Race.

    “The Hebrew is incapable of allowing anything to rest in calm peace, which can be turned to some economic use. Instilled into his mind is the urgent impulse to make everything ‘liquid,’ to convert everything into money, to ‘mobilise’ everything. And, on all sides, we see Hebrewdom, driven by this impulse, hard at work in order to scoop up with greedy hands the treasures of Nature and of Human Life. Certainly existence is enriched and broadened thereby, and civilisation is enlivened. From the common economic point of view it has the appearance of being highly meritorious, when a forest which has been standing for a hundred years in peace, slowly and laboriously growing by virtue of the creative power of Nature, and has become a great potential source of value, that somebody should set to work with axes and circular saws to liquidate the reposing capital…. The wise forester, however, goes to work with care and restraint, and does not fell any timber without making provision for afforestation an area equivalent to that, which has been cleared….The Hebrew obeys an entirely different principle– this true commercial principle: he clears the ground to the last sapling; the afforestation he leaves to others” (p. 15 – 16).

    The 1980s and 1990s so-called “Third World Debt Crisis” was caused by the central banks and International Monetary Fund which forced developing countries to go deep into debt and then barely pay off the interest on their debts by forfeiting natural resources and affordable social services. This policy exacerbated poverty and set-off a global ecological catastrophe in the bargain.

    Fritsch explains the origins of this practice:

    “Loan Capital thus consists of acknowledgment of debt, and of obligation to pay. It takes visible shape in the form of mortgage-deeds, bonds, shares…and similar devices. And, if we boast today that the number of rich people has increased enormously, that millions and thousands of millions are accumulated in the hands of single individuals, we must not forget that the debts and obligations of other people have increased in equal measure…. Whoever speaks of modern Wealth ought, if he is conscientious, to speak at the same time of the monstrous nature of the modern system of creating indebtedness….[which creates] an intolerable burden on the entire national life, produces universal oppression and consequently discontent…without the oppressed people being at all clear as to where the source of the oppression really is” (p. 22 – 24).

    Jewish usury, predatory culture and advanced technology has unleashed and allowed Man’s unquenchable lust to feast on the world’s natural resources– everything is for sale on the chopping block to satisfy the greed of globalized gangster capitalism, the final death blow to the planet (25). As of 2002, biologists estimated that:

    “Humanity Loses $250 Billion a Year in Wild Habitat. The economic value of wild ecosystems far outweighs the value of converting these areas to cropland, housing or other human uses. The research team estimates that a network of global nature reserves would ensure the delivery of goods and services worth at least $400 trillion more each year than the goods and services from their converted counterparts” (26).

    From a Christian perspective, Bishop Richard Williamson, who is an outspoken critic of Zionism, places blame on Humanity’s debacle on our “lack of faith” which includes both Gentiles and Jews who have rejected God’s promise (27).


  11. #11 by Ingrid B on 10/11/2013 - 9:34

    As soon as this woman opened her mouth and spoke, I thought she was jewish.. must be something in the way they speak..

  12. #12 by Ingrid B on 10/11/2013 - 9:34

    Also, isn`t Guttman a jewish name?

  13. #13 by zwf on 10/11/2013 - 9:34

    I can`t eat as much as I want to throw up.

  14. #14 by Todd Raine on 10/12/2013 - 9:34

    Noor, we all risk here. Jews were not slaves in Egypt ever. They were exploiters and were expelled. Exodus was just a movie. If we do not risk anything, what could we gain? Why should I feel for “the jews”? This invented, mythical people. They did not suffer in Egypt. They were a pain in the ass to Rome. They were corruption to Russia. They were the nail in the coffin to Germany and Britain. What will they be to America now that they have shifted her power to this land? Death as before. We all risk Noor. And it is worth it. Isn’t it?

  15. #15 by LILIAN TUDORIN on 10/16/2013 - 9:34


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